Army Men – Air Tactics (walkthrough)

Army Men - Air Tactics


WRITTEN BY: Corpse Milk Man (In real life, call me Val)
E-mail: demonfury [at] freemail [dot] hu (replace them with @ and . 

Welcome to my Army Men - Air Tactics FAQ/Walkthrough. This guide was 
designed to help you complete the single-player mode, and to give you 
useful tips in general for both the single- and multi-player mode of the 
game. Enjoy!

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1. Story [STRYX]
2. General Tips [GTIPX]
3. Walkthrough [WTHRX]
-3.1: Sandbox [SANDX]
-3.2: Flower Garden [FLWRX]
-3.3: Bathroom [BATHX]
-3.4: Foothills [HILLX]
-3.5: Polymer Village [VILLX]
-3.6: Living Room [LVNGX]
-3.7: Playroom [PLAYX]
-3.8: Tropical Island [TISLX]
-3.9: Secret Entrance [SCRTX]
-3.10: Plastro's Hidden Base [HBASX]
4. Items [ITEMX]
5. Multiplayer Tips [MULTX]
6. Legal Stuff [DISCX]

And now, let's get to the point! 

1. Story [STRYX]

You are Captain William Blade, a Green plastic guy who is a skilled 'Copter 
pilot. There's a war going on, between the Greens and their arch enemies, 
the Tans, and your help is required against the masses of Tan soldiers. 
Their leader is Plastro, a power-hungry leader who has some evil plans, 
even recruiting representators of other colors too... can the Green stop 
this menace? 
2. General Tips [GTIPX]

Don't stand still. Doing so makes you easier to hit in basically every 
occasion. This is especially important in Multiplayer: a bottle rocket is 
still strong and the only way to avoid it is KEEP MOVING! 
Guided missiles will follow you even if you dodge them for the first. Some 
may fly past, but if one is persistent, it is quite simple to avoid them: 
just go in circles and eventually it will stop.

Against Insects, combine weapons: Use food, and when a large amount 
gathers, drop a Cluster Bomb (or a firecracker, napalm etc.) on them. 
Especially so against Fleas and Roaches, the tougher ones.

If you have allied soldiers in the battle, they may look like useless, but 
they aren't. Especially if they have more advanced weapons. A flamethrower 
for example is very good at eliminating at close range. A hand grenadier is 
powerful too, and the bazookas... guess what? They fire heatseeker 
missiles! Simple gunners aren't that effective, but sending them to just 
die is a waste.

Do the tutorial. It will help you for the first time, definitely.

To drop a beacon for Sarge only, press Shift+D. This is useful for single 
player for a big reason: You ALWAYS have to keep him alive. The rest are 
disposable sometimes, but he is not much harder to kill than anyone else, 
and a tank can just as well run over him. If you really don't have enough 
space, drop him in a lonely corner, but that rarely happens.

This is more of an enjoyment tip than a real thing that helps your 
gameplay: if you are playing the Single-Player mode, switch your difficulty 
from the Options menu to Special Forces. Recruit and Veteran is no 
challenge. A bit sad, but oh well... also, you could try switching 
Unlimited Lives off too.

About the Special Forces mode: this time, other than the fact that 
everything is harder, copter faults are introduced. This means that your 
copter will suffer a serious injury from a hard hit (As far as I know, a 
bazooka shot is the lightest thing that can cause it). The faults are: 
Steering faults: it will be MUCH harder to steer to either the left or 
right. Workaround: if you want to steer 90 degrees right, for example, spin 
270 degrees left instead.
Stabilization fault: your copter will spin around while you stand still. 
Workaround: Keep moving! (This is a good habit to get into without this 
fault too, though, so this is quite a mild fault.)
Engine fire: Your copter will be harder to control in general. Same effect 
as being injured in the "red" stage, just that it will always affect you as 
long as the fault stands. Workaround: don't stop too much, once you get 
going, your copter will go relatively well even with the engine fire.
Inventory select jammed: Your selected weapon will be the only one you can 
use until you fix this. If your mouse has a scrolling wheel, don't use it, 
you may get glitched so that you can't use ANY weapon. Workaround: None, 
just repair it ASAP.
Winch fault: Your winch will madly jump up and down. It is quite mild 
though since there are few cases where this affects you much. However, 
there is one exception: In the foothills mission, with the logs. Your 
copter will keep dropping it. Workaround: none, just fix it.
Weapon jammed: Your selected weapon will keep firing until the ammo runs 
out or until you fix it, thus your ammo may be wasted. Workaround: Switch 
to the forward gun, it has infinite ammo.
Unable to land: Obviously, while you have it, you can't land at an LZ. 
Sometimes this may lose you valuable time. Once I got a defeat (death of 
president) in Polymer Village while trying to find an armor repair.
That is all I remember right now. If you have any more, just email me or 
let me know somehow!

3. Walkthrough [WTHRX] (The walkthrough was written on Special Forces 

3.1. Sandbox [SANDX]

The first mission. It is not very hard if you did the tutorial, of course. 
But you know, I have to write a walkthrough for it too... First, fly ahead 
and explore the immediate area. Kill a few Tan guys, and collect bottle 
rockets and armor boosts. You have to rescue two men here. One is Sarge. Go 
up to the sandbox. Here you will see lots of Tan. They will pop out from 
the sand and fire. There are some, though, who don't: they appear to be 
guarding a bucket, which is "locked" by a ball.
Kill the guards (don't bother with the ones in the sand jumping in and 
out), and then pull up that ball. Then fly above a hole, or just go 
somewhere else and drop it by lowering the winch (NOT ON SARGE!) Sarge will 
come out. Guide him to the LZ (landing zone, I will call it LZ from now on, 
like the game does) and land on it, then use a beacon to get him. Simple 
enough, no?
He will tell that his other guy is near the plants with the mosquitoes. Go 
there now. Kill a few mosquitoes if you want, with your forward gun, they 
drop bottle rockets. Now equip the bottle rocket and shoot at the wooden 
fence. But not anywhere! See the crack in the fence? That is instable; fire 
there and it will crumble. Now guide your soldier to the LZ (north from 
this place). Get both guys aboard and mission complete! 
3.2. Flower Garden [FLWRX]

Now you are getting inside. First you will see a truck as you come in. 
There is an optional game you could do here. Fire on the front of the 
truck. That thing on it will lift up (I don't know the name in English) and 
a Grey bazooka soldier will attack you. Kill him, fire on the front and it 
will close. Now open it again, and repeat a few times. Eventually, you will 
start getting Firecrackers. Collect it and leave. 
Now go up the stairs. There are a few clusters of Tan here; drop 
firecrackers on them (use the shadow of your 'copter to guess where it will 
drop). Now there is a red box near the iron bars that lead to the flower 
garden. Launch bottle rockets or drop firecrackers at it. The iron bars 
will blow open, and a couple of bottle rockets and firecrackers will 
appear. Pick them up and go in.
Watch out with the Venus Fly Traps here. They cause lots of damage! The key 
is that you must maneuver between the fly traps. Or you could fly in at the 
center of a plant, it will only hurt you if you fly out at a fly trap. 
Confusing? Sorry, I can't explain it better.
There is side gun ammo in here. Fly in between the plants and pick it up. 
You should have found the Green trooper by now. By the side of the iron 
fence, there are green leafy plants here. Blow them up with bottle rockets 
or firecrackers. Then guide the green trooper out to the LZ. Pick him up 
Now you must go up to that window. If you have noticed a hose already, 
good; there is this "switch" (again, help me with the English name), fire 
on it with the forward gun and the sprinkler will start sprinkling in the 
garden. Fly above it and let it elevate you until you come up to a certain 
level, then fly out at the window. There is a cutscene here.

3.3. Bathroom [BATHX]

Your first mission objective is to drop off your guys in the middle of the 
bathroom, near a Tan medical tent and escort them off the map. However, 
first it is time for something else. As Sarge says, go up to the top of the 
toilet, and land on the LZ, then eject your troops. Watch out with the 
turret though, destroy it in some way before you land. They will throw in a 
few grenades first, then after counting down, will detonate the "bunker". 
Pick up the weapon upgrade here, it helps quite well. Also, a little 
secret: you can see a non-mutant, normal roach in this mission only, along 
with a few bottle rockets and stuff, by destroying that plug near the 
cracks on the wall, before flying up to the toilet. This is the non-mutant 
roach in the whole game.
Now fly down after collecting the men and drop them at the LZ near that 
tent. The tent contains a box of Napalm, pick it up after you eject the 
soldiers. You can use this well against a group of enemies.
Watch out for possible flamethrowers or jeeps. After the soldiers and Sarge 
get out, you get a new mission objective - the Blue spy. Go up the toilet, 
then fly off on that table-like thing. Kill a few Tan here. 
Now, if you try to fly through at that narrow passage, you will be blown 
off. The secret is, there is a hair-dryer (IIRC) switched on. Fire at the 
switch so that it will turn off. Now fly through. I'd recommend using the 
napalm on the bunch of Tan troops in here - don't kill the blue spy though.
After he gives out some information, fly to the bath. The guards will be 
soldiers (a few bazookas here), a jeep and a boat which is the only of its 
kind in the game and is quite easy to sink. You will have to lower the 
water level to pass through that hole in the bath - to do so, fire 
something more powerful than the forward gun at the handle near the sunken 
Tan boat (like a bottle rocket). Now use a bottle rocket to blow open that 
hole and fly out in the portal.

3.4. Foothills [HILLX]

This mission can be nasty. You will often be ambushed by those mutated 
flies which will shoot at you with some gray stuff that hurts somewhat. The 
abundance of Tan bazookas and AA guns is however a bigger problem.
You will see a cutscene about the bridge blown up. First you have to 
rebuild it. See those tall trees marked on the minimap? You have to use 
these. Fire bottle rockets (warning, don't use firecrackers and other stuff 
that will burn the tree, bottle rockets are good) at it until you get a 
single log. Now raise it with the winch and carry it above the bridge. 
Lower the winch and repeat with the other two. If you have problems facing 
Tan defenses in this mission, don't hesitate to drop out the strike team 
you get at the beginning (those soldiers at the first LZ) at LZs guarded 
heavily. Also, AA guns won't fire at you while you are on a landing zone.
After you get three logs, comes the second part. A tank and 3 jeeps, plus 
infantry escort will come in from the starting site. At this point, Air 
Blast missiles will also be available in varying spots on the ground, use 
them against the flies especially, or drop them if you want to save space 
for infantry.
You must not let all three jeeps to be destroyed. Therefore, you will have 
to clear the immediate area the vehicles will dock down at each time. Don't 
forget to use beacons to guide the infantry escort along the way. After 
that, move on to the objectives: kill the Tan units and vehicles marked on 
the minimap. Here you may get a few faults, as lots of bazooka rockets WILL 
collide with you, most likely. And believe me, you would not want a "winch 
failure" while trying to pick up a full armor repair.
Eventually your team will arrive at the exit point.
IMPORTANT! You will lose all your collected items and will start again with 
only a forward gun in the next mission, and this will happen at the end of 
each mission from now. So feel free to use up your stuff.

3.5. Polymer Village [VILLX]

We have just entered the second part of the game! The missions are getting 
tougher now. You are presented with your strike team, pick 'em up. Now 
equip the whisper blades they offer you (an optimal thing, but helps and 
won't get as many Tan on your back) and fly through the village to the 
You will see an LZ, drop off the team. Escort them: They will break open a 
house and rescue the president, who looks like just any other soldier. Pick 
them up at the LZ again, go back east and drop them. Sounds easy enough? 
Well, it isn't THAT easy. If you have whisper blades, that will be very 
good for the first part of the thing, but after it expires, you will get 
literally a dozen of bazooka rockets on your back and they are bound to 
cause a fault. If this fault is "unable to land", you will be forced to 
look for a repair boost, while your president can get killed. Therefore, I 
recommend saving the armor boost near the LZ until you get up the troops. 
It is also a good idea to attack the Tan facility behind the ice bridge 
(read below) and kill the Tan inside, they can drop Counter Measures which 
will automatically destroy bazooka missiles. Pick it up quickly, then pick 
up the whisper blades near the starting LZ, go to the LZ at the northwest, 
and do the rest of the first part as written above. Along the mission, if 
you ever see a mutant wasp, destroy it, it may drop a weapon upgrade.
Now comes the liberation! First, if you haven't already, fly up on the 
mountains around the north and the east until you come to a lone Tan guard 
and an icy "bridge"-like thing. Destroy it with stuff like bottle rockets, 
or even the forward gun if you can wait 10 seconds (fire at the crack) it 
will crush down upon the guard and kill him, and it also gives you entrance 
to a secret Tan base! Kill the Tan here to get some nice bonuses and 
complete a part of the mission. At the house to the south, there is a wasp, 
he may just be the one to drop the weapon upgrade.
Let's go west now! Come out; then in the village. If you have green paint, 
go north and drop it on the large mass of soldiers, then fly away quick. 
They will kill each other largely, then you can get the rest.
With the reinforcements, this is going to be easy now. Just kill all on 
sight, don't forget anyone though.

3.6. Living Room [LVNGX]

First you'll get a scene about a balloon tank destroying a Green sentry. 
First of all, quickly land on the LZ and drop a beacon to invite your guys 
in. Then shoot the balloon to pieces - your forward gun is enough.
You'll get four objectives now. You can't destroy the tanks yet, only a 
few, and the capturing of the Blue spy will trigger a large-scale Tan 
invasion, so you have two good options now: the artillery or the balloon 
machine. I'll write it here in the way that was the easiest for me.
The balloon machine. It is just north: you have to target the place where 
the balloons themselves spawn at. The first hit will screw up the machine a 
bit, but it's not enough. Use bottle rockets and other powerful weapons to 
destroy it: two hints though - the balloon guys drop bottle rockets often 
after their deaths, and the Heatwave, obtainable by cutting the wire and 
plug near the big box with bottle rockets, can easily destroy it (actually 
3DO seemed to put it there for destroying the machine. Just stand above the 
place where the balloons are spawned, switch on Heatwave once and wait).
Now, let's go south. Before the artillery, let's get rid of a nuisance. Fly 
down, close to the cupboard. You see that ventilator? Ride behind it and 
use your Heatwave. It will stop operating. Now you can conveniently fly 
around in the map. (Note: You can drop off your soldiers at various LZs to 
give yourself an edge. Don't drop out Sarge though, he mustn't die.)
For the artillery, you need to go near the starting point. Then climb up at 
the sofa. Use a few bottle rockets or other such weapons to blow up the 
ones on the sofa (they leave Napalms). Then fly through to the table and 
destroy the other two. This is a chaotic place but you can manage if you 
fly around a lot.
Now comes the Blue spy. This is a tricky puzzle. Remember the word your 
allies said? "The blue spy is joyriding somewhere around here." Or 
something. There are two cars on the tracks, but does a blue spy like red? 
I think you got it now. You have to capture the spy with his vehicle 
Carry it to the starting point. A jeep will take the Blue away. See what I 
told you earlier? This place will be swarmed by Tan. You have to destroy 
the tanks now. Be careful, there is a chopper around south. Other than 
that, there is no advice - just go through the place and destroy all in 

3.7. Playroom [PLAYX]

First of all, you must rescue your Green guys. Obviously, Sarge mustn't 
die. How can you go up there though? Easy enough: use the toy house for a 
lift. You will see a small Tan guard group at the LZ. They are of little 
threat, but be warned, as one of them uses a flamethrower and it burns 
through anything. And that includes good old Sarge! (It's one of the Tan 
which can't attack you when you fly above them.)
Don't pick up a lot of things. Instead, load all your guys in the 'copter 
and float to the table. Watch out with the electric posts! You can switch 
it off by dropping stuff on those things on the table until they explode.
Destroy everything on the table, but try not dropping stuff on the books. 
The toughest thing is probably a matchbox artillery unit on the shelf, but 
you can destroy it easily by using the heatwave from the far side of the 
Drop off all units here. Sarge will get you a cutscene with a Grey spy. See 
that chemical drum (white) on the desk? Pick it up and fly above the 
container, then lower the winch. 
You must go down now. Do not fly above the colored rug (a puzzle) yet; 
what's more, stay the hell away from it. (For your information, if you ever 
wanted to drop soldiers on the rug other than Sarge for the chemical drum, 
stepping on red tiles makes them explode.) 
You could fly far from the rug to the north, and play a game of Go (shoot 
stones at the board; start the game by picking up a stone. Complete the 
game and you'll be rewarded with a bottle rocket if you lose, I dunno what 
happens if you win. Could anyone tip me on this?) Don't worry about Radio 
Sam screwing around, there is no time limit. 
If you want to concentrate on your objective, or completed a game of Go, 
drop the stones if you have completed it then fly around the puzzle to the 
shoe. Kill some tan and drop out Sarge only. He will get Grey and advance 
in the tent. When he starts talking, fly to the other LZ a bit north, 
destroy the guards and pick him up. You can now drop him off at the LZ on 
the desk, unless you want to use him in the rest of the mission of course. 
Now fly in the puzzle, destroy the tent, and pick up the chemical drum. Go 
up to the desk and drop it in the container.
The third is attached to a pattern recognition toy. Guess what you have to 
do? Shoot a button, then it will show you what you must shoot. Shoot them 
in the correct order six times and you will get the loot. I recommend you 
to kill all Tan around here before you start to do it, for convenience.
Winch up the drum and drop it in the container.
Now you will get something in the container. Pick it up and give it to 
Sarge. (Just select it in your inventory and click it) The soldiers will 
spot a convoy.
You will have to do this fast. Fly south and break the trucks open. All 
kinds of insects will swarm out, but ignore them, destroying the trucks 
quickly instead. After they're destroyed, you will have probably a 
gazillion insects on your back (beware the faults!!!) but just fly north 
quickly, destroy the blue wall quickly (if it isn't already) and fly 
through. "Nice flying, Captain!"

3.8. Tropical Island [TISLX]

The chase for Plastro continues! However your soldiers are stranded on a 
little island this time. Colonel Grimm & co. will tell you the objective. 
The soldiers will come out in groups of 3. Your copter won't be endangered 
a lot though, and if you somehow get a fault, there are a few partial armor 
recharges south of the ziggurat.
There are two things to watch out here for. The first is easy enough to 
handle. It is the insects. Fireants, mutant flies, wasps and fleas (a new 
enemy, it jumps on the ground, on your green soldiers and tries to slay 
them) will try to stop your troops. This is easy enough to handle: in one 
of the bushes, there is some food hidden. Drop a piece in the sandy area. 
The insects will all go there while you can slay them. If you want a bigger 
challenge, of course, you could forgo the food - but this is quite hard. 
The fireants are especially nasty, as they are like flamethrowers. They are 
easy to rip into shreds though.
The other source of danger is another Grey threat - submarines. As the 
Colonel says, you have two destroyers: these will transport your troops. 
(Don't forget, their sterns act as LZs.) They are also powerful vs. land 
and air enemies, as they tend to shoot dozens of guided missiles at them, 
so this is an easy way to get rid of the nasty buggers (no pun intended). 
However, the Grey side employs subs. These will shoot powerful torpedoes at 
your destroyers, and so they take out their guns... if one destroyer is 
destroyed :), the mission ends in failure. 
Take out the submarines this way: first drop a Sonar Buoy near the 
destroyers, then drop a Depth Charge down at the subs. Do this by following 
your own dot on the radar - when it is above a hollow grey box, drop a 
depth charge.
You have to survive until Sarge comes out too. Then drop him on a 
destroyer, and the mission will be complete!

3.9. Secret Entrance [SCRTX]

As you advance, Colonel Grimm notices there are a lot of subs in this area: 
this will be the entrance to Plastro's base! This is a tough mission, 
especially at first. The key is to work fast, as it is impossible to hold 
out against the Tan and Grey forces for long.
First, drop buoys around the map, advancing from close to the destroyers. 
These buoys are your only ones in the mission, conserve them! As their 
range is quite big, you can spread them out, try to experiment with their 
range if you want.
In the first minute, your only enemies will be the Grey subs. Destroy them 
with depth charges at first: but then hurry, put down buoys everywhere. If 
you spot subs disappearing from the radar large-scale in the mission, drop 
a depth charge there! If you are lucky, that will be the portal and the 
mission will be complete.
What happens if you are slow? First, insects will come. These are more of 
warnings though, as 10 seconds later, two Tan choppers will come in from 
the north-west (usually) and will head to your destroyers. These are your 
most dangerous enemies, as their torpedoes will demolish your ships at a 
whim! Try attacking them before they get close. They drop a lot of stuff 
though if you annihilate them. 
This chopper attack will repeat every so often now. Just try to find the 
entrance, and the mission will be complete.
"But Corpse, can't you tell us the exact location instead?" you may ask. 
No. Not because I'm mean, but the location is randomised each time you try. 
All I know, it seems to be at the side of the map at any rate.

3.10. Plastro's Hidden Base [HBASX]

The last mission! And it is a toughie indeed. In the first part of the 
mission, you have to clear everything from the small island. You only have 
a limited time though now. First, have a go at the island quickly and 
destroy the AA gun. It may drop something like a rocket cluster or other 
powerful bonus, so if it does, use it to destroy the rest around here, 
including a Tan attack copter.
You will notice Tan trucks arriving, full of insects. These can be 
destroyed, but I don't think you have to. And unless you find no other way 
to complete this part of the mission, do not do so either: if the insect 
break free, even if you have dropped a cake down, some may fly away. Then 
you have to chase it down, and this may result in the time limit expiring. 
That being said, do not call upon Wingmen either (a bonus item), they will 
screw up by destroying the trucks. Later you can use them.
Just destroy everything except the trucks on the island now. Though 
sometimes it is bugged and the Colonel won't accept a mission completion. 
Just repeat a few times and it will be complete eventually.
The second part of the mission has less bugs... well, gameplay bugs. But 
you will definitely receive more of the Grey Doctor's bugs. The big, mean, 
black mutant roaches will make an appearance, and their missiles (about as 
strong as an air blast missile) can level you easily. Also, don't forget 
that you can definitely receive a lot of faults here! 
However, first, pick up Sarge by dropping a beacon for Sarge only. Then 
proceed through the bridge. If you have found a Wingmen bonus in the 
mission, use it here: destroy a Tan tank, a chopper and a group of suicide 
Now try to complete the mission quickly. How to? Advance up at the volcano. 
Beware: there are a couple of pillboxes, a bazooka unit and even a SAM 
soldier (this guy shoots missiles that are like the air blast missiles, and 
they are quite strong. They are located on the volcano's side). Fly up 
quick: at the top of the map you will see a little "bridge"-like thing that 
will let you fly above the volcano's fire. Did you pick up the plastic 
volcano powder earlier, when your green allies landed? Use it now! 
Congratulations! Enjoy the final cutscene!

4. Items [ITEMX]

Alright, this section was intended to give you advice on items, and their 
usage (how and where to use it, or how and where not to). Only the weapons 
are listed, the rest don't need explanation (hopefully?)

Forward Gun/Weapon upgrade:
This gun is obviously always available (unless you got an Inventory Select 
Jammed). It has no splash damage, so it's best used against lone targets or 
small groups. You shouldn't use it against large masses, as it is too 
ineffective at taking such masses out.

Bottle rockets: 
An improvement over the basic weapon, the bottle rocket is a good weapon 
for taking out lone heavier targets like AA guns, vehicles, and Tan 
helicopters. Its slow firerate doesn't make it ideal against insects.

Side Guns: 
Why wouldn't you want to pick it up? The side guns have infinite armor and 
work without your intervention as long as you have troops on board. Besides 
keeping him alive, this is another reason for picking up and holding Sarge 
on board.

These toys appear in the second mission: available from the yellow truck. 
They are good against small groups of enemies. Therefore, they can be used 
as you get them, as there are some Tan crowds guarding the flower garden.

Now this is a powerful thing. The Napalm has a larger splash than the 
Firecracker and is deadlier too. Their rarity means that you should 
conserve them though, so don't needlessly waste them. Ideal against 
infantry as it kills them very quickly.

Air Blast Missiles: 
These missiles are quick and powerful. They can't be fired on the ground, 
and since Tan copters are actually easier to kill with other weapons, use 
this against insects. It does have surprising power, and it instakills 
flies at the very least! 
Green Paint Blast: 
The paint only paints infantry: however, it paints all kinds of it. So use 
it to paint large clusters of infantry. It has a big radius, bigger than 
you'd expect, and it does work on the suicide troopers in the last mission 

Guided Missiles: 
These missiles have all you would need: accuracy, power and quantity. They 
shouldn't be wasted on infantry nonetheless, but they can be very well used 
against vehicles and copters, or even insects: just spam a lot at once.

The food lures insects to it. Once an insect gets nearby, it will go on the 
food and eat it until you shoot it to shreds! I've never seen its effects 
stop. So drop it down to several places in the map and you will no longer 
have to fear insects!

Air Mines: 
These mines are kinda awkward. They only appear twice in the game: in the 
Living Room and in the Secret Entrance mission (get them by destroying Tan 
choppers) You could put them to the left side of the map in the Living 
Room, and you could scatter some around the destroyers in the Secret 
Entrance mission, but warning: Captain Blade has a tendency to put them so 
they explode instantly and cause damage to your copter. I don't know how to 
fix this, so just try to change positions.

Heat Wave: 
You rarely get this weapon. When you do, however, it is very powerful and 
can destroy anything in one shot if you just keep close to it. Except 
submarines, of course. A full inventory lets you have 4 shots.

Cluster Bomb: 
Like the napalm, just more powerful. Destroys tanks in one shot, so use it 
against them. You could also drop it down on mutant roaches (the big black 
insects in the last mission) who have been lured to Food: apart from 
insecticide, it is the fastest way to kill them.

Rocket Cluster: 
Now this is very powerful: it fires five guided missiles with each shot. 
Like the lone missile, this is good for spamming too. Just conserve it, and 
only fire it against large groups of enemies. Note: In the living room, you 
can get one by shooting at Eject, then Power on the disc player.

A weapon hard to master, the Insecticide is an effective way of getting rid 
of bugs. You use it by flying in the way of insects, then you fire it and 
fly on. As far as I know, the insecticide stays after dropping down and 
still kills most insects for a small time. This is not 100% though.

This can be only gotten in one mission: the Secret Entrance one. Get it by 
destroying Tan choppers. It has infinite ammo, and may be good for killing 
subs, but then again, I had no luck with it. You will see it mostly fired 
by Grey subs and it cannot be destroyed just by having Counter Measures.

Sonar Buoys and Depth Charges: 
This is the combination which you can use to kill submarines. First you 
drop a buoy: then the subs will show up on the radar as empty grey boxes. 
Then you fly above it using the radar and drop a depth charge. The Depth 
Charge can also be used as an emergency land weapon, it is similar to a 

Only available in the last mission, this powerup (one-use) summons two 
allied Green copters to help you. In a big battle, this can help you focus 
fire on one target as these helicopters have a tendency of shooting the 
same target as you. They will fly away after about 30 seconds or 1 minute.

5. Multiplayer Tips [MULTX]

Since I have little experience in Multiplayer, there are only a few tips I 
can give.

First, about the bazookas: don't bother guiding them with a beacon in 
Savage Scavenge, as it slows you down and time is key in that one. However, 
in Death Match, you may want to send them to a popular spawn (guided 
missile, rocket cluster, weapon upgrade etc.) to damage - if not kill - 
those who seek them.

Also, in Bug Hunt, as there is no food, and since the only ground insects, 
the mutant fleas, jump around a lot, you may want to hunt wasps and the 
like and skip picking up Cluster Bomb. If you have a spare slot, of course, 
feel free to.

Unfortunately this is all for now. If you have more, email me at the email 

6. Legal Stuff [DISCX]

Well, I don't have much to say here... this guide is written by me (Corpse 
Milk Man) and therefore you mustn't make money from it. If you wanna use 
parts of it, feel free to, but don't claim it as your own.

Written on 11/04/07.

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