Archimedean Dynasty (walkthrough)

Archimedean Dynasty

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Walk Through

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Argentine Basin
In the beginning you will receive a message from Perry LaSalle,
telling you that El Topo,your boss, will be calling in a few minutes.
Talk to a few other people around the station until El Topo calls.
He will tell you to go to Vespucci and pick up Perry Lasalle and bring
him to El Topo's Asylum.

Go to Vespucci, pick up Perry; while you are here, talk to all the people
you can. It is important to note that how you treat people will reflect
on you later in the game. If you anger someone, they may tell a friend and
cost you a commission later on. Before going to El Topo's Asylum go to the
Arms Dealer and upgrade your sensors, your current sensor can not tell the
difference between friend or foe, until they fire at you!

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