Arabian Nights (walkthrough)

Arabian Nights

Submitted by: weider

Arabian Nights, by Silmarils

ARABIAN NIGHTS, by SILMARILS WALKTHROUGH - only; I wont tell about getting
coins and other items unless they are required for gameplay advance. And
I'll tell the only necessary.
For better gameplay, I recommend you guys get ahold of a little program
which search RAM for values and modifies them (memoryfinder). this is
extremely valuable for this game (and also for a lot of others).
an example of it is SEAL 2; (
If you do not find it on the net, email me ( asking for
the program.


You probably wont have any problems on doing the first level:
Just dont forget to hit the tomb just straight ahead from where you start to
get the fire spell.
I dont know what's up with the owl; if somebody does, please email me.
Going left through the door, after you fight with the lady, the level
continues through the big window on the left, which is reached by jumping,
at the end of the corridor where you meet the lady you just killed.
Once In, go to the other room to the left and push the water-bowl-pillar
until it blocks the door to the left, and BEFORE the swordswoman breaks through
Now, Search the previous room for a key (push a pillar just like the one you
did) and open the boxes. To go foward, push the arms of the two big statues.
Do not take long to go up the stairs.
Next, you find yourself in a kind'a maze. The key is near one of the
faucets, near one of the corners. Do not drink the orange, yellow, black,
green or blue fountains.
Then go through the locked door. Now you find yourself in an open area. Look
for a "vegetal" ladder (looks like a lot of leaves going up) in one of the
walls of the rightmost building. Climb it. Then go through the wires;
Dont forget to push the block (in the final building) to uncover the hole
you should fall into.


Watch out for the cloaked enemies. Their spit is poisonous.
OK, go left; on the dead-end, push the wall just to the right of the sarcophage
straight from where you came; get the Architet's note; read it; kill the guys and
take note of the 4 symbols in the thingies the guy was cleaning; get ahold of the
TOMB KEY, too; now, there are two ways:
TOMB right:
Watch it. Do not get hit by the fan. the sequence is from DARK to
BRIGHT(full moon);
The sarcophages to be opened are the rightmost of the RIGHT wall, and the
rightmost of the left wall; close them;
TOMB left:
go to the other side (climb it, watch for the arrows);
rightmost of the LEFT wall and from the FRONT wall are the tombs you should
open. Go back to the bong room (center room). put the gems on their receptacles in
the center room; get your ring; now, jump back and go to the start of the stage;
go the other way(the one you didnt come - duh!)
keep going until you see a sarcophage with a chain above it near a illusion
fountain; now that you got the "tomb key", open it, climb it and climb the chain.
kill the first guard whith sneaking(dble shift); the other 2 are better
dealt whith a knife each.
To kill the big guy (to the left, after the gate), 3 nice placed bombs will
do. To pass this part, you must have at least 2 knives; you can get some by
pushing the big box to the side across the door you DID NOT come from (main door)
and opening the vase.
Go to the main door. (left). There is a elevated door which is raised; to
get past this, cut the ropes that hold it up(right below).(with the knives!)
Go foward, killing as usual. To get past the door near the bell, ring it
once and hide yourself to the left (you will see what I mean) and wait for the guy
indoors to open it. Once done, kill him and his buddies.
now, you should get ahold of 5 puzzle pieces. (but you only find that out
way farther in the
stage). You should spend time exploring this place. Well, they are:
? to the left of the bell door, in a vase;
? in the top of the first corner (it turns to the left)(where the archer
was, straight ahead of
the bell door; you will need to climb).
? in the plataform with the 2 palm trees, just after the first 'bridge';
? in the plataform 30

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