Ancient Wars – Sparta (šifre)

Ancient Wars - Sparta

Submitted by: RM

Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of 
the file before proceeding.
Use a text editor to edit the "local.ini" file.

Change the following:
g_cheats 1
gui_enable_menu_shortcuts 1
d_conosle 1

During the Game  press the keys Ctrl + ^  then the console opens:

Code                           Result
ch_fast_produce 1            - fast Build, Upgrades etc.
ch_starvation_disable 1      - Goods
ch_add_item_to_curr_player   - All Weapons
ch_all_missions_available 1  - All Misions unlocked
giveme_all                   - Gold and Wood unlimeted
giveme_food                  - food for player
giveme_gold                  - Gold
giveme_wood                  - Wood
r_fog_of_war 0               - Fog of War

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