American Chopper (šifre)

American Chopper

Submitted by: RM

Defeating Iron Horse:
When you are racing against Iron Horse, try to get close to as many cars as possible. 
This will earn 75 style points for each car you get close to without hitting. 
This will allow you to get more style points than Iron Horse. Remember you must 
stay ahead of him in speed. 

Avoid losing style points:
When delivering a bike and Cass and his gang appear, they will try to knock you off 
your bike by swerving in front of you. This causes you to wipe out, losing 200 style 
points and a large amount of your bike's health. To avoid losing style points, wiping 
out, and damaging your chopper, press [Front Brake]. Cass or one of his friends will 
hit you, but they will fall off their bike and you will receive 150 style points.

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