Aliens vs Predator II – MHC (walkthrough)

Aliens vs Predator II - MHC

      _    _ _                        ____               _       _
     /   | (_) ___ _ __  __   _____ |  _  _ __ ___  __| | __ _| |_ ___  _ __
    / _  | | |/ _  '_    / / __|| |_) | '__/ _ / _` |/ _` | __/ _ | '__|
   / ___ | | |  __/ | | |  V /__ |  __/| | |  __/ (_| | (_| | || (_) | |
  /_/   __|_|___|_| |_|  _/ |___/|_|   |_|  ___|__,_|__,_|_____/|_|

                                    ___ ___
                                   |_ _|_ _|
                                    | | | |
                                    | | | |

                        __  __            _
                       |  /  | __ _ _ __(_)_ __   ___
                       | |/| |/ _` | '__| | '_  / _ 
                       | |  | | (_| | |  | | | | |  __/
                   _   |_|  |_|__,_|_|_ |_|_| |_|___|
                  | | | | __ _ _ __ __| | ___ ___  _ __ ___
                  | |_| |/ _` | '__/ _` |/ __/ _ | '__/ _ 
                  |  _  | (_| | | | (_| | (_| (_) | | |  __/
                 _|_| |_|__,_|_|  __,_|______/|_|  ___|
                / ___|__ _ _ __ ___  _ __   __ _(_) __ _ _ __
               | |   / _` | '_ ` _ | '_  / _` | |/ _` | '_ 
               | |__| (_| | | | | | | |_) | (_| | | (_| | | | |
                ______,_|_| |_| |_| .__/ __,_|_|__, |_| |_|
                                    |_|            |___/

Walkthrough version: 1.01
Game version used : 

Legal notice:
Copyright 2004 Carlo von Ranzow

This guide may only be published at:

It may not be published anywhere else without my explicit permission. My email:

This guide is unofficial.

About the Author:

I wrote this walkthrough since I couldn't find any for this game at hardcore
difficulty. It's my second walkthrough.
I wrote it while I played the game using the windows-button to switch between
the game and notepad. I wrote literal what I did in the game. First I thought
that the marine campaign would be very hard since you can't heal without any
med-kits. But on the other hand, the marine does have the superior firepower
compared to the alien's and predators.
I tried to make this walkthrough as detailed as possible. I just hope that it
doesn't contain too much details.
If you have any comments or found something that I didn't or maybe a question
because my walkthough wasn't detailed enough somewhere, feel free to email
me at "".

Updates: (version 1.00: 14 September 2004)

Version 1.01 (16 September 2004):
   -Fixed some minor mistakes (mostly layout).
   -More sites have been added to the 'allow publish section'.


-If you want to search for mission 5 then search for "Mission 5" or
 "Loose Ends". Or if you want Mission 3 section 3 then search for "Betrayal
 Section 3/5".

1. General hints/tips
2. Notes
3. Abbreviations
4. Weapons
5. Walkthrough 
        5.1   Mission 1: Unwelcome guests Section 1/4
        5.2   Mission 1: Unwelcome guests Section 2/4
        5.3   Mission 1: Unwelcome guests Section 3/4
        5.4   Mission 1: Unwelcome guests Section 4/4
        5.5   Mission 2: Collateral Damage
        5.6   Mission 3: Betrayal Section 1/5
        5.7   Mission 3: Betrayal Section 2/5
        5.8   Mission 3: Betrayal Section 3/5
        5.9   Mission 3: Betrayal Section 4/5
        5.10  Mission 3: Betrayal Section 5/5
        5.11  Mission 4: A Long Detour Section 1/2
        5.12  Mission 4: A Long Detour Section 2/2
        5.13  Mission 5: Loose Ends
        5.14  Mission 6: Savior Section 1/2
        5.15  Mission 6: Savior Section 2/2
6. Credits

1. General hints/tips
-Always backstep (if possible) while shooting aliens who are coming towards
 you. This will give you more time to kill them.
-You learn every time you restart a level. The first time I play a level I
 probably beat an alien by losing about 10 hp there. The next time probably 0.
 Because then I know exactly where he is plus I can start trying to find a
 good tactic to kill it.
-You will probably face a lot of ammo problems on hardcore unless you aim for
 the heads. This starts between level 1 section 3 - 4.
-backstep-jumping works well vs. alien's who don't jump but just run and then
 try to hit you. It makes most of their hits miss (if not all). (I used this
 tactic vs. the Queen in the predator campaign. There is was even more
-At the start of a level first load all weapons by selecting them.
-Don't step in the APC's line of fire. Also never stand before moving objects
 like a spaceship.
-If you are facing a T-junction. And an alien would come from the left. But he
 is too far away for your shoulder lamp. Then just shoot him as soon as he is
 in front of you (look at your radar, line up so that the center vertical line
 crosses the blip). Now just hope he was walking on the floor hehe.
2. Notes:

-Alien's appear to spawn at random sometimes. So unlike the predator campaign
 the enemies may be at another spot. It seems that there are never more then 3
 places for the same alien to spawn (unless it's an infinite spawn). I try to
 describe as much as possible possibilities for the aliens to spawn and what
 type of alien's it are. But you might get attacked by an alien in an area
 which I described as safe because I didn't had that combination before. I
 restart every level about 2-20 times.
-If I say that you have to charge-up your battery then I mean that you should
 turn off and battery consuming gear and wait till it is full.

3. Abbreviations:

-GL = grenade launcher
-PR = pulse rifle
-Flamer = flamethrower
-PT = pistol
-AP = armour piercing
-SMG = smartgun
-Sniper = sniper rifle
-M-alien or #m alien = medium sized alien. I don't know it's proper name :P.
-S-alien or #s alien = small size alien. I don't know it's proper name :P.
- "+" instead of "-" is a comment/note.

4. Weapons:

1. Knife
   The only good thing about this weapon is that it doesn't use any ammo and
   therefore is excellent for opening air-vent's and stuff. NEVER use this
   in battle (with the exception of Betrayal Section 1/5).

2. Pistol
   I used it a few times for enemie's at long range. But the firepower just
   won't do it vs. alien's on hardcore. Even the secondary fire (AP bullets)
   doesn't do enough damage. Only use it vs. marines (headshots).

3. Shotgun
   I just love this gun. It's primary fire instantly kill the regular alien's
   and marines at close range. At medium range it often cripples alien's.
   I never used the secondary fire, so I can't tell you anything about it

4. Pulse Rifle
   It's primary fire is good for short and medium range. At long range it
   works too but wastes a lot of ammo. Most ammo you find will be for this
   The secondary fire doesn't do any good damage. I only use it vs. VERY tiny
   alien's (mission 4, 'tunnel of random fear'). Also the ammo for this mode
   isn't very common.

5. Grenade launcher
   I never ever used this gun. But the proximity grenades can help you out if
   you know at forehand that some enemies will come from behind or from 2
   places at the same time.

6. Flamethrower
   Well this weapon really kicks some butt. It almost instantly kills regular
   alien's and you can hardly miss.
   It's not very effectiv evs. big alien's, cyborgs and those very tiny
   alien's. Too bad that you won't find much ammo for this gun.

7. Smartgun
   This guns automatically aim's at it's target (unless the target is too far
   away. It uses A LOT of ammo. In the first few levels you will almost not
   find any ammo for it. But later on you just keep finding ammo for this gun.
   Effective vs. everything.

8. Rocket launcher
   The damage on enemies is not so good. But it is on you! I only used it vs
   that 'exo-suit human' (and maybe the predator).

9. Minigun
   With this weapon you are practically unbeatable. In the last few levels you
   will find lot's and lot's of ammo for this gun. And you will need it. It
   really kills everything pretty fast including the Queen.

0. Sniper rifle
   Bad weapon. Does an incredibly lot of damage. But it reloads slow. And you
   will only find it in the last few levels of the game. By that time you have
   the SMG, flamer, minigun, etc. So forget about this weapon.

x. Exo-suit
   Weapon 1 primary fire is a flamer.
   weapon 1 secondary fire is a gun, uses energy instead of ammo.
   weapon 2 primary fire is a minigun.
   weapon 2 secondary fire is a rocket.
   Your ammo is displayed at the bottom. Jumping drains energy and you can jump
   from higher levels without taking fall damage. You can also jump a little
   higher. You regain energy by standing still. If you are low on energy then
   you will also walk slower.

5. Walkthrough:
Mission 1: Unwelcome Guests Section 1/4
total kills: 0  
level difficulty: very easy
New weaponry: knife, pistol, pulse rifle

-This level is just meant to scare you. At easier difficulties it acts as a
 basic tutorial.
-Bypass the panel to the right of the door.
-Proceed trough the tunnel, take the left door, go left again.
-Go trough this door, open the shutter and go down.
-Open the only unlocked door (if you jumped down facing the wall it will be the
 door in front of you) and proceed trough it.
-Turn left and pickup the pistol bullets in front of the 3 'W' boxes with a
 note on it.
-Walk to the bridge but don't step on it yet. Wait for a predator to blow up
 the bridge a little (2nd explosion). Cross the bridge and go right.
-Watch out for a 'flying' burning truck. Go to where the truck 'came' from and
 proceed to a bunker.
-Bypass the panel to the right of the bunker entrance and exit the level trough
 the opening doors.

Mission 1: Unwelcome Guests Section 2/4
total kills: 0
level difficulty: very easy
New weaponry: Grenade launcher

-Go forward and a little left and jump down (or use the ladder) (by the board
 with "notice, authorized personal - only -" written on it).
-Turn left into the tunnel and follow it all the way till you reach a dead-end
 with a switch with "system charge" written on it.
-Switch the switch (duh) and go back. Somewhere on the way a pipe with steam
 will come down from the ceiling. Just go right around it. Then go back to the
-Climb the ladder and take the first door on your left.
-Follow the only way you can take until you reach a broken door. Use the
 panel to open the door and enter the next room.
-In this room is a box with flares to the left of the elevator and some pulse
 rifle bullets on a rack. (Note that the emergency button here doesn't really
 help you out in an emergency)
-Use the panel to call the elevator. Then ride it up.
-Get out to the left and open the cupboard under the desk for some shotgun
 shells. Then go to the huge terminal to activate the "landing beacon 
-Take the elevator down and go back outside.
-When you get outside pickup the grenade launcher (in the ammo box to the
 right of the officer standing in front of the doors you came from).
-Turn left and walk to the APC to end this level.

Mission 1: Unwelcome Guests Section 3/4
total kills: 22-24 aliens
level difficulty: medium
New weaponry: Shotgun
+You should not need the next 2 ammo boxes since you are supposed to have full
 pulse rifle bullets. But I describe how to get it anyway.
-Enter the door on the right, go left trough the broken door (you can go trough
 it without using the panel if you prefer). Pickup the ammo box in front of
-The ramp should fall down a little. Now if you want the ammo box up there for
 some reason then you could either jump just before the floor collapses (jump
 on the barrel abd then quickly to the ammo box).
 You can also walk underneath it and then jump up the boxes to get it.
-Proceed and take the first door on the right.
-This room contains a med kit and some flares. Enter then door on the opposite
 side of the room.
-Enter the first door on the left.
-There is a desk a little to your left which has once again some shotgun
 shells. Pickup up the body armor and go down the hole (jump on the
 refrigerator to avoid fall damage).
-This floor has some flares if you need. Then jump down the hole once more.
-Exit this room by taking the door. Go right to pickup some pistol bullets.
-Then turn around an go passed the steam (walk near the left wall to avoid
 any damage). Follow this tunnel until you reach a dead-end with a corpse and
 a shotgun in front of it.
-Go back and take the 2nd door on the right (just before the steam).
-Charge-up your battery, turn on your shoulder-lamp and bypass the panel in
 front of you. Then quickly switch to PR and go to the corner to your left.
 Now there are 2 possibilities for an alien to drop into your room. He can
 either drop from the ceiling on the other side of the 'computer-wall'. Or
 he will enter the room from the ceiling near the door where you came from
 (he drops on the ground). PR it the best you can.

- If you walk towards the PR on the ground then an alien will try to bash
 trough the floor. Ignore it and wait for an alien to come trough the
 air-vent. PR it as soon as the fence breaks.

-Enter the air-vent. Go left. Just before you get to the corner 2 aliens will
 attack you from front. Kill them with the PR and proceed around the corner.
 (NOTE: sometimes just one will come from front and the other from behind.
 This sucks big time. Either use the shotgun for fast killing or the PR)
-Go right around the next 3 corners (including the one the aliens came from).
 Proceed to the 4th corner. Once you reach the 4th corner 2 aliens will come
 from behind (if you turn around one of them is walking on the right wall).
 PR them (backstep around the 4th corner if necessary). 
-Proceed the U-turn air-vent (corners 4 and 5). Just before you reach a
 dead-end an alien will bash trough the floor (in front of you at the dead-
 end). He is slow, PR him. Then jump down from where he came.
-Proceed until you reach a T-junction. To the right are some flares (and
 an alien will get you from behind). To the left is a med kit with a ladder.
 Just go up the ladder to avoid the last alien.
-Once you are up, PR the alien on the upper right corner of the next room
 (before you go into the room of course duh). Then pickup the PR bullets and
 bypass the 3rd locker from the left for a body armor.
-Proceed trough the corridor. You may notice some movement. That's a dumb
 alien waiting behind some crates in front of you (near the unlocked door).
 He is facing left. So jump up the crates (as much right as possible) to get
 behind/above him hehe. PR him. To his left are some shotgun shells. Pick
 them up and go trough the door.
-Go up the ladder and go left. Near the door is a med kit.
-Go up the next ladder to level 2 and go left to pickup the PR bullets.

+ (The next aliens are fast and do a lot of damage. Once they get close to
 you they also jump very fast towards you. So strafe a lot and keep a
 big distance if possible).
-Open this door, but don't go trough it. An alien will come towards the
 door. Let it close and open it again. Run back a little and the alien will
 come for you. He can be easily killed since he just uses the floor.
-Open the door again, run to the T-junction, then run back before the doors
 closes. 2 aliens should come after you. PR them (if you walk back far
 enough then sometimes an alien will fall down all the way ha-ha).
 Be careful when opening this door. Sometimes those 2 aliens got already
 alerted when you killed the 1st one. In that case they will be waiting
 just behind the door. So don't just open it and run in it like I did once.
+If you need health/armor then you can go back to level 3 for the armor and
 back to the room with the lockers for the armor and some PR bullets near
 the dead body (unless you already completely used them). Then go back to
 level 2.
!Sometimes 2 more aliens will come. These are 2 out of the 3 aliens from
 the next step.
-Open the door, go right. As soon as you stand in the corner 3 medium sized
 aliens (on the floor and in front of you) will run towards you. PR the
 first one, then backstep around the corner to kill the other 2 more
 safely (note: you cannot go back to the room you came from, the panel is
-Go to where the 3 aliens came from. Then go to the next corner. As soon
 as you stand in that corner immediately go back around the corner again
 to PR 2 more aliens coming from front.
-Proceed around the corner again and walk a little forward. Another alien
 will drop from the ceiling. PR him.
-Walk to the place from where the last alien dropped on the ground. Then
 turn 180 degrees to PR another one (he tried to get you from behind).

[way 1: healthkit + flares, 1 extra alien kill ]
-Take the door in front of you. There is 1 alien inside it. Try to lure
 it out for some easier shooting (He is hiding behind the big box in the
 center of the room). Then go in for a med kit. Take the other door out and
 go right for some pistol bullets. Then turn around and go to the corner.
-There will be one alien coming for you here and another one a little later
 (both from front). Go back around the corner and PR both (sometimes one of
 them gets stuck by a barrel on the ground. In that case just headshot him
 with the pistol to safe PR ammo).

[way 2]
 Instead of taking the door go left. An alien will come from the right. Just
 walk passed him and walk towards the corner with the trashcan. PR him from
 Then another one will come. You may have to walk a little to the broken door
 in the corridor the last alien came from. (You could also pickup the pistol
 bullet at the end of this corridor (see Way1).

-Proceed to the broken door on the right (Way2 door = left). There should be
 2 aliens from there coming for you. PR them the usual way.
 (Don't try to run past the last alien to safe bullets. He will most likely
 kill you. Even if you are on full health. I tried it.)
-Proceed trough the broken door, pickup the flares from the ammo box if you
 need some. Then go to the APC to end the level.

Mission 1: Unwelcome Guests Section 4/4
total kills: several alien's
level difficulty: very easy
Note: You start with 100hp and 50 armor. No matter how much you had in the
      previous level.
New weaponry: none

Figure 1.4.1:


"-" or "|" is passageway.
"[ ]" is big passageway or room.

    ----|_|-----|[ ]
    |             |
    |   |-|       |
APC[ ]--- --------|
    |             |
    |            [ ]

2 notes:
+You may see some alien's on the walls sometimes. But I won't describe them
 since it would be a waste of ammo trying to shoot them at that moment from
 that distance. But if you do manage to shoot one from off the wall and he
 survives it then he will still try to get to his destination instead of
 going after you.
+You start the next level with full ammo. Although I describe using the
 PR all the time you could use the shotgun instead. It's excellent in this
 level since you should have enough ammo for it at the moment plus there
 is a lot of shotgun ammo in this level. Close headshot = kill.

-You start near the APC facing north (I call it north at this figure.).

[way 1: the good way with armor and a shotgun]
-Turn right and take the left path at the T-junction. You will see a alien
 'crouched-running' from the left to the right. A little later 2 m-alien's
 will come from front and the S-alien a little later. Just start back-stepping
 and open fire when possible (1 alien will escape, so 3 in total)
-To the left are some crates you can jump, but first pickup the armor near it
 and the shotgun near the door on the opposite side. Then jump to the other
 side of the fence.

[way 2: the shorter way w/o armor and 1 extra alien]

-Proceed forward and around the corner. When you get about in front of the
 locked door an S-alien will bash the barrels to the right and come for you. A
 little later 1s alien from behind and 1s 1m alien will attack you from front.
 Just try to shoot your way out, it's not that easy.

-Near the fence (where you jumped over in Way 1) and behind the boxes is a PR
 ammo box. Grab it. Then (facing the opposite side of the fence) go right.
-Proceed. When you are near the T-junction either an M-alien will come from
 the right or 1 or 2 S-alien's from behind-left (always different).
 After you kill him proceed left (#1 in fig. 1.4.1).

Figure 1.4.2:

  _|    _   
  |     |
  |     |   

-Go right. As soon as you get passed the board with "EAST GATE" written on it
 3 M-alien's will come from front (sometimes 2s and 1m will come from the left
 wall before you even get near the sign, in that case there won't be coming
 3m alien's from the right but 2m and 1s instead).
-When they are dead go to where they came from. There is a med kit, armor and
 a shotgun.
-Then go back and take the door to the right (D1 on fig. 1.4.2) and go trough
 the next door (note that as soon as you open the next door the door behind
 you will close. This note his handy for the way back). Then proceed to the
 alien's lair.
-Go right trough the broken/open door, right again and then pickup some Pr
 ammo on the right.
-Proceed. Go left at the dead-end with a locked door. Open the door here.
-As soon as you go trough it 2m alien's will come for you. A third one will
 be stuck somewhere near you. Kill the 3rd one too after you did some PR
 work on the first 2. (Hint: as soon as you open the door crouch and walk
 back into the main corridor. This way only 1m alien will come for you at
 a time (instead of the 2) plus there is more distance between you and him)
-This room contains a med kit near the wall to the right of the deep hole with a
 fence around it. Proceed and take the elevator to the left. Recharge/reload.
-Walk out of the elevator by either going left or right around the steam (no
 crouching needed). Then take the PR-ammo box to the right. Then proceed to
 the water area.
-As soon as you enter a facehugger will try to get you. Shoot it with either
 the pistol or PR.
-Then walk near the marine on the wall. Before speaking to her pick up the
 PR ammo, PR, and body armor. Then reload/recharge.
-Speak to her and run back to the elevator as soon as you hit the use button on
-Before you walk into the elevator shoot the 2m alien's from the left and right
 who will spawn there (out of nowhere) just before you get there. A little
 later a 3rd M-alien will drop down there. You can either PR him or if you are
 fast enough just run to the elevator and hit the button to close the doors.

-Turn right. As soon as you enter the 'med kit-room' an m-alien will come from
 behind. (take the med kit on the way unless you already completely used it)
-Now just go back to the APC. As soon as your team-mate says "Frosty get outta
 there" infinite waves of alien's will come from behind. So start running to
 the APC while shooting the alien's who get to close to you.

-You can recharge/reload between the 2 doors if you hit the first switch.
 If you hit the 2nd one then the door #2 will close but door #1 will open.
 Now just keep on running, those 2 closed doors won't stop the waves of
 alien's. (Now the waves contain more alien's. They will most likely get
 in range to hit you. To avoid about 90% of the hits backstep-jump-shoot them.
-Now comes the hard/fun part. You will have to run back all the way you came
 from to the APC with infinite waves of alien's behind you.

Mission 2: Collateral Damage
total kills: 13 S-alien's; 19-20 M-alien's
level difficulty: easy (very easy if you waste the good ammo too)
Note: You start this level with full ammo, 100 hp and 50 armor.
New weaponry: Torch (yes it does damage)
Bug/exploit: Killing alien's trough a door.

+In the next level you will lose all your weapons before you encounter any
 enemies. So just use all weaponry and ammo in this level. Makes life a lot
 easier here. Especially since you can waste a lot of SMG ammo in this level

-Walk to the giant red pipe and enter it.
-Go trough the next 2 doors and up the ladder. Go trough the door in front
 of you.
-Head inside the first control station and flip the switch to open the doors.
 (You can skip the animations. But never go stand in front of an moving APC.
 It will just drive over you and you die.)
-Go trough the door at the opposite side of the control station and enter it.
 Go right and trough the next door. The door behind you will close and an
 M-alien is on it's way (trough the door you came from) for you. In the mean
 time bypass the panel right of the switch. Then just wait till the door
 burst's open and blow his head off with a shotgun (don't wait in front of it
 since the m-alien will jump to you then, wait from the left side of the door.
 And don't wait too close to the door since you take damage from the
 bursting door).
-Flip the switch and continue trough the next door.
-There is 1m on the left and 1m on the right. So show yourself for a 1/10 of
 a second and then backstep and shoot them.
-Flip the switch. Immediately strafe left or right since a M-alien will come
 from the air-vent on the ceiling and will jump towards your current position.
 Then kill him (I prefer PR). Then kill the 2s alien's who are coming from an
 air-vent near the door you came from.
 (hint: Go stand to the right of the 'switch-panel'. Flip it from there, turn
 a little to your left and PR the M-alien that drops down right away)

-Go trough the next door (ignore the alien trying to bash trough the floor)
 and take the corner right. Here 3s alien's will come for you. You get some
 help from the APC. But will most likely have to deal the 'finishing tough'
-Now open the door from the next control station to the right of the APC.
 Walk inside, then immediately walk out again and close the door. Then wait
 for the 2s alien's inside to walk to the door. They will try to kill you
 trough it. Just stand back and blow their heads off with any ranged weapon
 (Their heads can be seen trough the door).
-Open the door, jump over their acid bodies and pickup the med kit, smartgun
 ammo and the smartgun itself in front of the switch (yeah).
-Close the control station door, flip the switch, and exploit the bug again
 on the 3s alien's. It doesn't work on the 4th S-alien. So open the door and
 blast his head off with any weapon (backstep in case you miss).
-Go back up the stairs and take the door on the right. Pickup the torch from
 the ammo box.
-Walk back and 'torch' those 'brown things' off the shutter on the ground.
 Then jump in facing the door to the room that contained the torch.
-An M-alien will come from front. Kill it.
-Proceed forward. Pickup the med kit in front of the ladder. 

[optional: PR bullets, flares, 1 extra M-alien]
-Then turn around (180 degrees) and take the right way. There is an M-alien on
 the ceiling to the end of this room on the left corner. Watch out for the
 steam and Kill it. Then pickup the flares and PR bullets. Then head back to
 the ladder.

-Climb the ladder, pickup the ammo box (PR+SMG). Then go trough the only
 unlocked door.
-The moving blip on your radar is an insect. proceed into the next room.
-Step inside it a little. 2m alien's will come from the bursting shutter (not
 at the same time). There will also an S-alien coming from the left. Kill all.
-Go to the left and pickup the armor. As soon as you pick it up an S-alien
 will come from the air-vent (previously known as a shutter). PR it.
-Enter the air-vent. Jump down. An M-alien will come from front. Shotgun or
 PR him.
-Proceed out of the air-vent and go up the ladder. Take the next ladder up.
-Proceed. Notice on open shutter to your right and a closed one to your left.
 As soon as you get passed it by a certain distance an S-alien will come from
 behind (from the broken shutter). PR/shotgun it. Then proceed and fall down
 into the room with a dead body.
-Kill the M-alien (Don't use a PR gun, he will be close to you, I prefer a
-Pickup the med kit, armor and ammo box. Flip the switch.
-Get out of the room and follow the street to the position the APC went.
 In front of the first sign on the wall with "Section 3" written on it, is a
 big opening on the ceiling. An M-alien there is waiting for you and will drop
 down. Kill it. Same for the next sign.
-Take the door to the right of the APC. Go trough the next door (open one).
 Walk a little further and an M-alien will drop behind you. 2 more M-alien's
 will drop down near the ladder. I just used my SMG on all 3.

[optional: flares]
-If you go up the ladder and jump to the left air-vent you will find some

-Proceed trough the next (open) door. There is an M-alien below the stairs.
 It's possible to shoot him from above since he mostly has some trouble
 finding his way up (so dumb). If he comes up just kill him the usual way.
-Pickup the SMG ammo box (150 bullets) below the stairs. Then proceed to the
 next room.
-Go into the next control station at opposite side. Pickup the ammo and armor
 next to the tunnel entrance. Then enter the tunnel.
-Go trough the door, go right. Go trough the next door and backstep
 immediately. Shoot the 2 (or 3 since one of them sometimes comes a little
 later. If not lure him out) M-alien's coming from front. Use the SMG for total
 safe passage or the shotgun to safe SMG ammo.
-Reload/recharge. Then take the left and walk all the way to the dead-end. Then
 walk back, take the right and turn around 180 degrees to shoot the M-alien
 who will drop down near the ladder.
-There is another M-alien. But he never came down by me. He is always stuck
 above the ladder. Shoot him from below.
-Go up the ladder and shoot the explosive barrels near the control station
 door. Enter it.
-Bypass the security at the end of this control station. Then flip the switch
 at the other side of the room.

Mission 3: Betrayal Section 1/5
total kills: 2 marines, 1 facehugger.
level difficulty: very easy
Note: You start this level with 100 hp and 50 armor. And you will lose your
      weapons pretty soon.
New weaponry: (You lose all first) Knife, torch, pistol
Bug: Shoulder lamp.

-Take the door to your right, right again and take the left path. Open the door
 and enter the room. (Bug: if you enter this room with your shoulder lamp
 turned on then you will have it turned on in the next part even tough you
 don't even have it. You also won't be able to turn it off then)
-Run forward and press the fire button. This will hopefully kill the guard
 without any life loss. Pickup his PT and go up the elevator (if it doesn't
 go up just walk till you hit the wall to trigger the elevator).
-Shoot the guard and pickup the ammo box (flares + PT bullets).
-Open the unlocked door and walk up the ladder opening the 'doors' as you go.
 But be fast. A marine will spawn below you once you reach a certain height.
 So just keep climbing the ladder fast.
-Once up go in the tunnel and left. Open another 'door' and wait for an
 elevator to stop in front of you. Get in.
-Wait for it to go up and open the 'door' there. Go in and go right. There
 should be a facehugger there hugging a marine's face. Knife the facehugger.
-Pickup the torch in the next room. You can use the torch to produce some
 light instead of using flares all the time.
-Go back a little to where the facehugger was. Use the torch to open a
 shutter on the ceiling. Climb it.
-Follow the air-vent till you can drop down. Drop down to end the level.

Mission 3: Betrayal Section 2/5
total kills: 1 predalien
level difficulty: very easy
Note: You start this level with the same stuff as the previous level. That
      includes your health. But you find a med kit before you find enemies.
New weaponry:
Bug: Ceiling is not always solid.

-Use the torch on the plate below the sign "Do not enter" hehe. Enter the room.
-Go left (right door is broken) and pickup the PT near the dead body here. Go 
trough the broken door and up the ladder on the right. On the opposite of the
 door is a med kit. Take it and go down again.
-Proceed into the corridor (right from the ladder). Take the right intersection
 for some PT bullets at the end (right side, near the panel). Then go back and
 take the other way. Go trough the door.
-Watch the scientist disappear nicely. Take the ladder down and proceed trough
 the only unlocked door.
-Take the left path and switch to AP bullets. As soon as you get to the next
 intersection backstep and shoot the predalien that drops down. Don't worry. He
 has no weapons, just claws. So shoot all AP bullets in his head. Then some
 regular bullets.
-Once he is dead go to where he came from and take the right path. (You cannot
 go back to the med kit. The door is locked for some reason.) Torch the plate
 on the floor (left of the door).
-Climb down the ladder and go into another tunnel. Follow this tunnel to the
 next level.

Mission 3: Betrayal Section 3/5
total kills: 1 - 5 marines, 0 - 2 flamers, 0 - ? facehuggers.
level difficulty: easy
Note: You start this level with the same stuff as the previous level. That
      includes your health.
New weaponry: Flamer.

-Hit the switch to the right. Then jump down behind the predator.
-Open the door. There will be 3 marines coming from the door next to your door
 on the left. So quickly proceed to the air-vent near the ceiling (above the
 explosive barrels). Pickup the PT ammo in front of it. Then knife/torch the
 air-vent plate and enter it.

[optional: extra PT, AP PT, napalm ammo, 3 extra easy marine kills]
 Wait for the 3 marines to enter and PT them with headshots.
 Then enter the room where they came from. Pickup the ammo box with napalm en
 PT ammo at the end of this room.
-Go back to the previous room and enter the air-vent again.

-Go up the ladder, watch out for that rotating 'thing' and torch the plate open.
-Torch the shutter open. exactly underneath you is a marine waiting for you.
 Shoot him trough the torched plate. Jump off to the right and take the first
 right. Shoot or ignore the next marine and go right again. Turn left and climb
 up the ladder into the 'control room'.
-Use the ammo box on the floor (med kit + flares) and the PT and napalm ammo
 from those 2 little shutters on the right.
-Use the belt relay to set the belt in front of you running (on the wall
 outside your 'control room').

[way 2: flamers die easily but the facehuggers are annoying]
-Turn the specimen stasis off. Exit the 'control room'. Shoot the first
 flamer. Pickup his weapon and kill the 2nd one. Pickup his weapon too and
 backstep to the belt to get out of this room.

[way 3: no flamer weapon]
-Turn the specimen stasis off. It will keep the flamers busy. Then just run
 to the belt.
-Jump down the ladder and kill the 2 flamers. Be careful! If they hit you then
 you will burn to dead. And you will burn from 100hp to 0 hp.

[way 1: hard]
-Kill the flamers on a distance with your PT. Pickup their ammo and use the
 belt to leave this room. This requires great aiming skill. You must headshot
 them both or else they will get too close and you will burn till you die.

-Get off the belt and into the water. In the far back-left of the room is an
 underwater tunnel. Take it. Torch the lock and go left up the ladder for
 some fresh air and to use a "system charge" switch.
-Go back in the water, go right, torch the fence and proceed until you
 get out of the water again. (If you run out of air then you are doing
 something wrong. You are not supposed to take any damage here).
-Walk diagonal right-forward to take the ladder out of the water. Then take the
 right (open) door. Take the first door on the left and up the ladder before
 a marines comes to you.
-Open the door. Go left and go left into the elevator and take it up.

Mission 3: Betrayal Section 4/5
total kills:
level difficulty: if you can handle a pistol: very easy, if not: medium.
Note: You start this level with the same stuff as the previous level. That
      includes your health.
New weaponry: Shotgun
Bug: marine can shoot you trough the elevator.

+By now I suppose that you can handle a pistol. Always aim for the head.
 I mostly try to run towards them while shooting. This way my 2nd shot
 is almost always a headshot. Unless of course the first shot was perfect.
 And on hardcore the AI aims so well that not running towards a single
 guards hardly reduces the chance that you get hit. Unless of course you
 was hiding behind something and shooting from there.

-Open the elevator door. Open the next door on the left and climb down the
-Open the only unlocked door.
 +If you was fast then you can shoot the guard when he comes out of the 2nd
 door from the right.
 +If you was slow, then he will be in the big room to the left.
-Anyway, if you entered the big room, go left trough the 2 doors.
-Shoot the guy on the bridge. If you did everything fast before then he won't
 be facing you. So headshot him.
-Go trough the next 2 doors. Kill the guard coming from the left door.
-Then take the door at the opposite of the 2 doors you came from. (If you took
 this door before you shot the guard then he would have attacked you from
-Kill the 2 guards in this room (left and right). Be careful, a guard will
 spawn near the locked door to the left from the 2 doors you first came from.
 So shoot a bullet at a guard in the room, go back to kill the newly spawned
 guard. Then finish off the other 2 (or 1 if you made a nice shot).
-Pickup the shotgun shells from the ammo box and the PT bullets from the
 'console' shutter near the wall.

-Go back to the 2 doors and go right. Climb up the ladder.
-Kill the 2 marines coming from the left corridor.
-Go in that corridor, open the door on the right. Face the way you came from
 and shoot the marine. Then go in the room you just opened and pickup your
 'hack-tool'. Notice the 2 guards on the bridge coming to your direction).
-Go down the ladder and into the corridor with the 'famous' '2 doors'. To the
 left is a marine. From the bridge 2 more will come a little later. Kill them.
-Go back across the bridge into the big room. Go left. Kill the guard bypass
 the panel on the left. This will open some doors.
-The first newly opened room contains a PT ammo box. Then take the door at the
 opposite of the bypassed panel.
-Open/Bypass the lockers #1, #4, #6 (from theleft to the right) for PT ammo
 (2X) and a shotgun.
-Bypass the lockers on the other side starting from the left: #1, #7, #8  for
 shotgun shells, med kit and some napalm.
-Leave the room trough the other door. (Don't go to the toilets, if you do then
 2 guards will spawn and come into the room)
-Bypass the panel in front of you. Then take the 2nd newly opened door for a
-Go to the big room again, shoot the new guards in front of the double doors
 that lead to the bridge. Proceed to over the bridge and trough the 2 doors.
-2 marines will come from the left. Kill him and go forward into the room. An
 elevator will come down to the right here. Take it the elevator down. (You
 can't ignore the marine from the left. He will shoot you trough the
-Go up and pickup the Disk on the 'table'. Then take the elevator down again.
 If you didn't kill the 2 marines before then you can shoot them now.
-Go right and up the ladder. Take the door to the right, shoot the marine and
 go left into the elevator.
-Take the elevator down, wait till they hold the elevator. Then hack the panel.
-Open the tunnel door and enter. Open the next one and proceed to the next

Mission 3: Betrayal Section 5/5
total kills: 13(+1)-14(+1), 1 'ass'  (+1 = the one you kill by bypassing the
             'sentrygun panel'.
level difficulty: hard
Note: You start this level with the same stuff as the previous level. That
      includes your health.
New weaponry: Rocket launcher
Bug: Door crushes you while it is opening.
Lol: 'Skybox' + flare in final room.

+General note: watch out for shotgun marines. They hurt A LOT.
-Open the door and kill the guard who is on patrol on the other side of your
 door. Another one will come trough the door from the right a little later,
 kill him too.
-Enter the next room. The 2nd 'computer thing' near the wall on the right has
 some shotgun shells behind it's 2nd shutter. The 4th has some napalm behind
 it's 2ns shutter.
-Press "Use" on the 5th/last 'computer thing' on the right wall to reveal
 the 'hidden' passage behind it.
-Enter it and jump over the hole for a med kit. Then jump down the hole.
-Bypass the sentrygun access panel and go down.
-Go trough the nearest big doors. (Note: jumping trough doors like this
 may cost you your life because it can crush you (don't know why) while
 it is still opening.

-Kill the 2 marines inside (the shotgun marine may be just behind the door
 when you open it. This is the case of you was very fast till now). Then go
 trough the next door.
-Kill the marine to the left. Then kill the marine coming from the other side.
-Go to where that last marine came from and go trough the doors. Then go
 trough another door.
-Kill the 2 marines standing near the door. Then go trough the door, pickup
 the PT+Shotgun sludge ammo from the ammo box and go up the ladder before the
 marine on the bridge gets near you. Sometimes he simply is near you when you
 open the door. In that case just kill him.
-Walk to the other side of the bridge and go right. Jump on the roof of an
 elevator and go inside using the opening hatch.
-Go out of the elevator and go trough the doors on the left. Take the right
 door and kill the marine who is coming from the left.
-Walk forward and pick up the GL ammo box. Go back to where the marine
 probably died. Open the door there (on the center) and ride the elevator

-Then take the yellow ladder all the way down to the floor level. DON'T shoot
 the 3 marines that are patrolling there. I don't even think it are marines
 since they are tough and once they see you they always know where you are.
 They shoot very accurate and very painful. So just go down the ladder fast
 and grab your gear at the box near it.
 Now if you got down the ladder fast enough then the 3 marines aren't in place
 yet (on the other side of the room facing your equipment). That means that
 you could get your stuff without being shot.
-Walk to the left side of the elevator and crouch left of the yellow 'thing'.
 Show yourself to the 3 marines. Then crouch again. Once they come (mostly in
 turns) just blast their heads off with the shotgun or the flamer.
 (If you was really fast the you could have shot the most left one from behind
 while he was still walking to his position. Just don't forget to pickup their
 weapons or you will start the next level (with alien's) without a PR gun.
-Equip the rocket launcher. Stand near one of the cranes and wait for the
 elevator doors to open. As soon at is does shoot him once. Then take cover.
 You can't go back up the ladder since they locked it. And his rockets kill
 you instantly on direct hit or close impact.
 Remember that the med kit is still there. So if he loses you then that will
 give you some time to grab the med kit. Unless of course you completely used
 it already.
 For more info see fig. 3.5.1

Figure 3.5.1 : Ground plan

#1: med kit, rocket launcher, your suit (+50 armor).
#2: there the 3 marines will eventually form a horizontal line (unless you
    kill them first).
#3: I was hiding there while the human was at position #4. He could not get
    to me since the crane blocked him. So he waits there. And every time you
    hit him he walks a little and then comes back waiting for you to shoot him
    again hehe. (Flamer works on him too)
#4: The place you want him to be.
#5: From (approximately) here a marine will walk to a #2. (I forgot where the
    3rd on started.
+ : large box.
. : small box.
cc: crane.
L : ladder where you came from
R : Rocket ammo (1 normal + 1 guided rocked) box.

                  -  outside   -
                  |          /|
                  | --------/ |
                  |            |
                  |            |
                  |            |
                  |+           |
               /    #2  #2  #2    
--------------/                    --------------
|                                               +|
||                                              ||
|                                                |
|               ===|----------|===               |
|+                 |          |                  |
|.               CC| elevator |CC                |
|        #5        |          |  #4              |
|                  |          #3++               |
||              ===|----------|===              ||
              +                                /
              +                               /
       #5                                    /
                        #1                  /
                       #1.     L           /
                       .+                 /

-Pickup the rocket ammo (if not already done before) and exit the level by
 walking onto the elevator the where the frigging last human came from. (You
 can't exit the level before you kill that exo-suit human)
 (Throw a flare outside. Watch it fall down. Note that it reached the bottom
 way too soon. This is because I think that the game creators made a 'skybox'
 there which is not deep at all. It's fake)

Mission 4: A Long Detour Section 1/2
total kills: 5(+1) + 1 + ????1+1+2 (+1) M; 2 - 3 little aliens,
             invite m-alien's
level difficulty: very hard
Note: You start this level with the same stuff as the previous level. But you
      start with 100 life and 50 armor. It is to my opinion the most scary
New weaponry: SMG
Bug: Crippled alien's can jump.

+Save some (about 100) flamer ammo for later in this level.
+Note: Don't ever speak to the 'semi-'dead people on the walls. Some of them
 release a small alien.
+If you blow an alien his leg off and he is in a room with water on the floor
 then have to crouch to see him.

-Finally you get to use the PR once again. Pickup the ammo box to your left
 (flares, SMG (2), napalm) and some flares to the right of the dead body.
-Walk to the forward and a little to the left is a plate. Aliens will shatter
 it. First 3 or 2 aliens will come out. The others come out once you get near
 the shattered plate again (5 in total, sometimes 6. If it are only 5, don't
 worry. You will never meet the 6th one then). They always jump out at the same
 place. Either PR/shotgun them. Just don't waste flamer ammo on them unless you
 have too much of it. You will find a med kit soon so don't worry too much about
 health lose.
 (Once I only had 3 alien's here. I guess it is all about luck)

-Go down the ladder and go trough the door. An M-alien will come from a tunnel
 on the right. Backstep a little and PR him as soon as he shows himself. Or
 go into the room, turn right and blow his head off.
-Pickup the ammo box in front of you (SMG + PR ammo). Then take the tunnel on
 the right (where the alien came from). (Ignore the eggs, they are 'dead')
-2m alien's will come from behind and one from front. Run forward and open fire
 on the single M-alien. Then turn around and backstep kill the other 2. You can
 backstep trough this corridor without encountering any other alien's.
 (If you ran towards the 1st alien and picked-up the goods fast enough then you
 can try just running on till the near-exit of the tunnel. The 2m alien's
 behind you may not come after you then)

-Proceed. Pickup the SMG ammo and the med kit in the corner (unless you already
 did while back-stepping in the previous step). Then proceed to the end of
 this corridor, but don't drop down in this room yet.
-As you probably noticed there is blip on your radar. It is another dumb
 M-alien. He can't get to you. So look down and shoot him.
-Enter the room and climb the ladder on the left. As soon as you are on the
 little platform an alien will jump down from the opposite side from where you
 entered the room. He will jump to your platform. Backstep into the tunnel and
 finish him off quickly. Another M-alien will come from the tunnel (behind you
 if you was back-stepping). So turn around and fire at him while back-stepping
 towards the room again. (Sometimes 2 will come. If not, then have fun looking
 for the other one)
 (Note: If you cripple the alien from the room and he is in the water then
 finish him off! For some reason he can't walk. But he can still jump up the
 platform somehow. I guess that this is a little bug)
-Recharge your battery. Enter the tunnel and go right. An M-alien will come
 from the room you just came from. So turn around and backstep kill him.

 [I call this the: tunnel of random fear]
-turn around again and proceed until you reach a door. Use your torch on one
 of the 'brown things' on the door. Then quickly equip a weapon and run back.
 2 (sometimes 3) little alien's. They do a lot of damage and are incredibly
 hard to hit with regular bullets. But if you jump and run all the time then
 they almost can't hit you. Even if you jump over them. I prefer the PR gun's
 2nd fire. (flamer doesn't have much effect on them, but it does work)
 (Tip: Throw 1 or 2 flares behind you before using your torch. This makes it
 a lot easier to spot those little %#$%#)
 (Sometimes an M-alien spawns behind you after using the torch the first time.
 This is completely random (I think). If it does then kill him. Torch another
 'brown thing' and then the little alien's will come. Sometimes the order is
 reversed. So first the little alien's and with the 2nd torch the M-alien)

-Torch off the remaining 'brown things on the door' and go trough it.
-An alien's will jump down from the opposite side of you. PR/shotgun him. Then
 climb the ladder where he came from for an ammo box (flares + PR + PT).
-Climb down the ladder and go right trough the door.
-Climb the ladder, a little to the left is an ammo box (PR + napalm). If you
 are low on health then I advise using your flamer. And if you are not then
 you will soon if you don't use the flamer. You should have saved about 100
 napalm. +50 from the ammo box makes 150.
-Then proceed walking (counter clockwise) around the hole you came from to
 find a ramp that you can go down. On the way fry all alien's you encounter.
 They come from the ramp and from the hole on the ceiling.
-Go down the ramp and burn all resistance. Watchout for explosive barrels
 and drop some flares for more visibility if you need some. Continue doing
 this until you reach a switch (dead-end). Pickup the ammo box for 100 armor
 and 100 health and a SMG! Now use the switch and shoot your way back up the
 ramp and trough the door at the other side of the room. Use the SMG or flamer
 or just something to go berserk with. Don't worry about health/armor loss. You
 will find a med kit and armor at the start of the next level.

Mission 4: A Long Detour Section 2/2
total kills: 8 - 10 M, 5 S
level difficulty: very easy
Note: You start this level with the same stuff as the previous level. That
      includes your health.
New weaponry:

-Proceed, take the med kit and ammo box (SMG + PR) from the left. Then go
 trough the door.
-Fall to your left down to level 2 (DON'T jump). Then turn around and walk
 to the right of the ramp you came down and enter the first door.
-Walk to the fence, torch the lock and switch the system charge.
-Go out of the 'fenced area' and go left. Pickup the ammo box (shotgun + flares
 + SMG) in the corner to your right. Then turn around and jump onto the metal
 construction with the yellow beams. From here jump onto the boxes and jump up
 again to another metal construction with 4 lockers. Locker #2 has napalm and
 locker #4 an armor (2nd locker can be smashed). Then proceed and pickup the
 ammo box (SMG) in the corner.
-Use the crane sequence switch. Now RUN back passed the lockers and jump onto
 the other metal construction (top floor). Run around the 2 giant boxes to your
 right and hide between them and the wall. There will spawn about 4-5
 M-alien's. They can't get you there. But you can shoot them for free. So a
 weapon with 'cheap' ammo on them. Watchout for their 'corpse-poison'. 5
 bodies at one place produce enough to kill you. So jump over it or wait but
 don't walk over it like I did the first time. Even if you can't see it.
-Go down and enter the door below the crane (sometimes there is a M-alien
 behind the door. Kill him)

-Go around the corner. Once you are at about half-way of the 2nd 'red area'
 an M-alien will drop in front of you (very close) and one behind you. I prefer
 the shotgun here since the range is so incredibly short.
-Walk close to the door at the end of the hall. You get a message and shortly
 after 3s alien's will come from near the other door you came from. So turn
 around and PR them.
-Eventually the door will open. Go trough it and pickup the ammo box (shotgun +
 napalm + SMG) to your left. Go up the little stairs and use the "security
 station" console. Go down again and use the switch to turn on the automatic
-Go back to the room with the metal construction. Jump up to the body armor and
 pick it up (if it is still there). Then go trough the broken door.
-2m alien's will come from the right. So go left to increase the distance
 between them and you and PR them.
-Go down to level 2. Jump down to level 3. Then walk down to the bottom level
 and trough the newly opened door.
-Go left. Try to use the panel. It will brake. Bypass it and go trough the
-Open the next door (don't wait to long with opening it hehe) and kill the 2s
 alien's coming from the right. Then torch the lock at the end of this hall
 and go trough.

Mission 4: Price of admission
total kills: 1 predator, 2m alien's
level difficulty: If you kill the predator using 'Way 1': hard.
                  If you kill the predator using 'Way 2': very easy.
Note: You start this level with the same stuff as the previous level. That
      includes your health.
New weaponry: none

-Climb up the ladder, jump on the elevator and take it up. Go stand near or on
 top the 'W'-box.
-As soon as the elevator stops jump off forwards. Go left and up the ladder.
 (A predator shot the elevator when you was on level 2)
-Go outside and walk close to the wall on your right. Don't go around the
 corner. Wait for the predator to shoot at you (he will hit the wall). Then
 go around the corner and enter the 2nd door.
-Proceed. After 2 corners is a med kit to your left (if you run trough the
 corridor fast then you will see the predator cloaking himself and then running
 off. You can wound him at this point. Use the PT (AP) or SMG). Then enter the
 door on the opposite side.
-Take the first door on the left. YES, an ammo depot! There is an armor, some
 minigun ammo (under the desk), some flares in locker #1 (lockers on the left
 from the door), timed grenades in locker #4 and an ammo box (SMG + PR (2X)
 + PR grenades + minigun + napalm) on a box behind the desk.
-Use the "offline checkstation" switch (I don't know what it does), go out and
 go left.
-Go right, up the stairs and right into a room and use the "power drain"
 switch. (From here on you have to be fast in order to get safe passage
 outside. You want the predator to be busy shooting the other marines and not
-Go out, right and trough the door outside.

[Way 1: best]
-Turn right and trough the door at the end. If you was fast enough then the
 predator didn't even shoot you.

[Way 2]
-Walk a little to the right. Then turn around and backstep until you see a
 red light above you in the corner. Shoot it with the PT (AP) or PR. He will
 shoot back. Strafe towards the wall and prey he doesn't hit you. Repeat this
 until he leaves.

-Go trough the next door and then take the ladder down. Go right towards the
 door. To the left of the door is an ammo box (PT (+AP) bullets 2(X) ).
-Turn around and walk outside and all the way to the other side and go trough
 the big wide doors and open the next big wide doors.
 (If the predator is still here then you wasn't fast enough before. He will
 now just shoot at you once. If he is not cloaked then you can easily spot him
 by his red light)
-The predator is cloaked on a higher level in front of you. Walk to the right
 of the open door and just close enough to the new area until you see a blip
 on your radar. Then quickly go back and hide near the small locked door.
 (The predator will shoot 0 - 2 times depending on your walking).
-Then walk outside and go right.

[Way 1: The hardcore way]
-Shoot the predator (he is on the ground level and if not then he jumps from
 the right wall to the left wall and a little later he will walk to you)
 using the auto-aim from the SMG. If the predator shoots then you strafe behind
 the box with the pillar in the center (2nd one). Strafe a little further to
 shoot him more. Repeat this. If he gets close switch to flamer and run around
 a box.
 (1 hit from him costs 100 armor and 84 health. Also both of you cannot shoot
 trough the pillar. If he tries to do so just let him shoot it. Then you shoot
 him in his 'cool down time')
 By the way, if you have some rockets left then shoot them too.

[way 3: The pussy way (maybe a bug)]
-Wait near the pillar (2nd one) with the box. Once the predator gets close make
 sure that you will be standing on the other side of the pillar. The predator
 will start shooting at the pillar. But he can't hurt you. But guess what? You
 can shoot trough the pillar! When you shoot trough the pillar you hear your
 bullets hitting the pillar. But the bullets go trough. Very weird. Anyway,
 just use any weapon on him except the rocket launcher and the flamer (duh).
 (I shot 8 PT, 2 PR and 1 shotgun clip/sludge in his head before it died)

-If you used any PR ammo then you can go back through the big wide doors into
 the big open area. There should be 2 PR's on the ground from marines that got
 shot earlier. Then go back to where you shot the predator.

-Proceed until you see an open door. 2m alien's will run towards you from
 there. PR them. Then go trough the door.

Mission 5: Loose Ends
total kills: 3 M
level difficulty: VERY easy
Note: You start this level with the same stuff as the previous level. That
      includes your health.
New weaponry: sniper, minigun, grenade launcher

-Now this level is really a joke. If you beat the previous level the 'pussy
 way' then you have most likely all the good ammo like SMG, flamer, etc. I
 suppose you still have some SMG ammo. And if not, don't worry. You can still
 easily PR them since most of the alien's are busy with killing other marines.
+Don't try to save and marines. They die even if you kill the alien before it
 get's near the marine.

 Anyway, go trough the door and pickup the ammo box to the left (napalm + PT).
-Go right and kill the 3m alien's (be careful not to kill any marines).
-Proceed and kill the next 2m alien's.
-Go up the stairs and trough the door. Now there are 3 marines in front of you.
 Don't walk towards them because alien's will come and kill them. So just take
 the ladder down to your right.
-Proceed and kill 1 S-alien who is attacking a marine. Proceed and go trough
 the 2nd door on the left.
-Proceed and take the first right. Go up the ladder and smash the plate.
-Once outside turn around and walk to the 2 marines. They will open the next
 door for you. Go in and use the elevator.
-Go right and trough the door. Kill the 3m alien's who come from the left
 (they will jump towards you as soon as you enter, so open fire right away).
-Pickup the rocket launcher in front of the stairs. Then pickup the minigun
 and the ammo box (PT + SMG). Then use the "guidance system" console.
-Equip your minigun and get it spinning. Then go back towards the door and
 kill the praetorian who comes trough the floor in front of you.
-Fall down, bypass the door in front of you and go do some heavenly shopping!
 There is a grenade launcher and a sniper. But who cares, you have a minigun.
-Go out and take the first door on the left (you went trough this one before).
-At the T-junction go right. After the next corner comes a M-alien. Chose a
 funny weapon and blast him beyond heaven.
-Another 3m alien's will come. Kill them.
-Take the first right, kill the M-alien and go up the ladder (again).
-Equip the minigun and have it spinning. Turn around and shoot the praetorian
 in the center of the open area. Then wait for the ship to land and enter.

Mission 6: Savior Section 1/2
total kills: Lot's of alien's
level difficulty: easy
Note: You start this level in an exo-suit. All previous weapons are gone.
New weaponry: exo-suit (temporary)

+It's really a shame that you lost all your godlike equipment. But in return
 you have a nice suit that protects you pretty good. Especially vs. alien's.
-Jump down the hole from platform to platform until you are on the bridge.
-Follow it, kill 3 or 4 poor M-alien's on the way. Use the "system charge"
 switch to the right of the elevator. Then take the elevator down.
-Kill the cyborg and the alien's around him (if you don't then he may shoot you
 later in the back. Use the minigun or rocket launcher on him)
-Take the tunnel on the right, kill some alien's that are in your way.
-Now there is an alien reactor in the center. If you look up you should see
 that it is connected with the walls with small 'connectors'. Shoot all of them
 in order to destroy it. If you can't see them then turn on night vision. Shoot
 them with weapon1 primary fire to save ammo.
-Go back to the main room and enter the tunnel at the opposite side (killing
 alien's on the way). Do the same here.
-Go back into the main room again and take the first tunnel to the left.
-Jump down in the hole there and shoot the floor to get further down. Oh, you
 also get a few praetorians on the way here.

Mission 6: Savior Section 2/2
total kills: 1 Queen, several alien's.
level difficulty: easy
Note: You start this level with 100 health and 50 armor
New weaponry: Pistol (sad)

-Go into the tunnel and into the next room. Then enter the next tunnel.
-Go in the room, go left and collect the ammo box. Then pickup the minigun and
 the minigun bullets. Then the SMG and some ammo for it. If you just keep
 running then the Queen can't get close enough to hit you. So collect 750
 minigun ammo and then shoot it all in his tiny brains. See fig. 6.2.1
 The SMG and minigun together should do the job.

Figure 6.2.1. (global sketch)

1: PR
2: PR ammo
3: ammo box (ammo for: PT, minigun, SMG)
4: rocket launcher
5: SMG ammo
6: minigun ammo
7: SMG
8: minigun
9: an unknown alien standing still and refuses to go after you.
10: LOT's of SMG ammo

          |    9      |
          |           |
          |           |
      ----|           |----
 /         6    5        5     
/          /--------- 6        
|         /          7         |
|        /                     |
|        |             |        |
|        |      ++4    |        |
|        |     ++      |        |
|        |    ++       | 1      |
|        |8            |        |
|                     /        |
|        3           /   2     |
          ---------/          /
      ---------| |---------
               | |

-Head towards the big opening (made by an explosion) and go trough it. Pickup
 the SMG ammo and keep running uphill.
-Pickup the sniper. Wait for the ship to pick you up and snipe/SMG the alien's
 that are coming for you.
-Jump on the ship as soon as it is 'ready'.

       _|_|_|_|_|  _|                      _|_|_|_|                  _|
           _|      _|_|_|      _|_|        _|        _|_|_|      _|_|_|
           _|      _|    _|  _|_|_|_|      _|_|_|    _|    _|  _|    _|
           _|      _|    _|  _|            _|        _|    _|  _|    _|
           _|      _|    _|    _|_|_|      _|_|_|_|  _|    _|    _|_|_|

6. Credits:
-Carlo von Ranzow: for writing this walkthrough.
-The creators of FigWin (related to Figlet): for the program to create ASCII
-Monolith Productions, Inc. : for developing this great game.

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