Alcatraz – Prison Escape (walkthrough)

Alcatraz - Prison Escape

Written by: Linda Shaw and Norma Kuderna
(Linda, or Norma too )

Single Player Walkthrough Mode

Start by talking to all possible inmates. Pick up the pack
of cigarettes near the fence. Give the cigarettes to Chuck
and he will tell you about an exit via one of the toilets
at the rear of the building. Go to the 2nd of 3 toilets and
click on the handle. Crouch down (by default: X key), and
move to the opening. Upon your exit into the yard, you'll
need to use your fists to knock out the guard right in front
of you. Continue crawling across the small area between
barracks and crouch down into the new opening. Crawl forward
until the intersection and turn left. Follow the crawl space
to the next intersection, turn LEFT. Exit the crawl space and
knock out another guard. You'll cross over into another crawl
space. Entering this area, continue forward until you reach a
left turn. Turn left and you'll see an envelop with documents
inside. Pick this up and crawl out to the opening at the other
end. Walk around the barracks to find a Power Supply box (you'll
need a wrench to open it and disable the electric fence).
Continue your way around the barracks until you find a ladder
leading up on top of a barrack. Once you've climbed up, crouch
down and open the small crawl space above the barracks.
Walk/Crawl to the opposite end and pick up the Pick.

Return to the exit and use the pick to open the door to the
barracks in the middle. Get the Guards' Keys from the open
drawer. Use the Pick to open the gate to the inmates. Talk
to Ted. He will want the Guard's Keys for information. He
tells you about a tunnel system. Go to the rear of the
barracks and pick up the Wrench on the sink. Exit the
barracks and head for the Power Supply box. Use the Wrench
to open the box. Disable the electric fence.

Open the gate turn right and knock out a guard. Run up the
ramp and jump over into the next yard. Enter the first
barracks and knock out the guard. Use the pick to open the
gate to the inmates and talk with Frank. He needs a book
and then will let you in on the plan. The middle set of
barracks are locked up and the one on the end has 2 guards
inside. That is the library. If you crawl beneath this
barrack you can hear them talking. Crawl underneath and
come out on the other side. You will see another power supply
box. Use the wrench to open it and turn off the power to the
electric fence around these barracks. Now you can open a gate
and go between the 2 sets of barracks. But it won't do you
much good. LOL You can also open the little latrine and pick
up soap, but I am not sure what that is used for and I can't
locate it in my inventory later. Frank doesn't want it, he
still wants that lousy book. This is how you can get that
book. Go to the door of that last barrack where the 2 guards
are. As soon as you open the door, turn around and quickly
run under the crawl space until the little red light stops
blinking. Come out the far side next to the wall and carefully
sneak up the one of the guards that came outside. Knock him
out and then enter the library and knock out the other guard.
Pick up the Penal System Handbook vol 7. and go back to give
it to Frank. He tells you to try giving the fireplace a shove.
Move the fireplace and drop down to the tunnel below. This
will take you to the next section.


Walk up to Buffy. He is the guy standing in front of a door
to the tower. He wants "smokes" in exchange for the tower key.
Menthol ones. Turn around and walk over to the bleachers to
pick up the cigs. Give them to Buffy and he will give you the
security card. Use it on the door behind Buffy and go up to
the tower. You will be captured right away and put in Solitary
confinement. But you will be safe there for a while. Hmmm..
how are you going to get out?

Crouch down and open the drain grate beneath the shower.
Crawl under and you will come to another grate. Open that
and you will be in the sewer draining area. Turn right and
as you approach the first ladder you will see laser beams
and hear guards talking. This is a maze.

When you get out to where the sewer is and turn right go to
the intersection where you see your first ladder. crouch down
and walk forward all the way to the end, turn left and walk/
croching if you need to all the way to another dead end where
you will see another ladder. Climb up and click on the grate.
It opens into shower stalls. Pick up your bonus bar of soap
and then open the door. You will walk into an old collapsing
cell block.


Walk up the ramp. Turn right and go to the end. Cross over.
Make your way to the end and walk across the 2 boards to the
other side. The idea in the Old Cell Block area is to make
your way to Rosco sitting in the chair on the 3rd level. Don't
fall into the water, or you'll die. You can go all the way to
the end on the 2nd floor, where the water is down below and
jump across the broken walkway to the other side. Once you
speak to Rocco, he tells you that he's been trapped in this
area since the sewer broke and the electricity has electrified
the water.

Go down to the end of the row where Rocco is sitting and
get the lock pick from the open cell door. Walk back past
Rocco, to the end and walk across the boards. Make your way
back down to the bottom floor at the end with no water. Use
the pick and open the door (remove the wood piece). Inside
this tiny hallway, you'll see a door to your left and one
to your right. Don't bother with either one of those doors.
They won't open. Instead, use the pick on the grate directly
opposite the door you just entered. Crawl through the grate
opening. You'll see a HIGH VOLTAGE sign on your left. Ignore
that for a minute and walk down the crated floor and around
to see the electric chair. Now return to the High Voltage
sign. Use the pick to open the grate. Crawl and RUN through
the hole. Don't stop or you'll lose energy, and possibly die.
Once through the other side, walk around and open the door.
You'll see some guys fighting on the new cell block as they
attempt to over take a guard. Talk to the two guys standing
right in front of you. Ezekiel will ask for cigarettes, and
he'll trade you a BATON for a pack. There's an open cell.
Go in there and grab the chips on the bed. Take the chips
to the guy at the end of the bottom floor, sitting on a crate.
He tells you that you'll need 3 keycards. Go up one flight and
take the cigarettes laying on the floor next to the guard.
DO NOT talk to Ernie, or you'll die. Walk around him and go
to the open cell. Get the other key card. There are cigarettes
on the floor next to Ernie. Get those, too. Now return to the
bottom floor and give the cigarettes to get the baton. You'll
need to restore power in order to use the keycards. Exit
through the same way you entered.

Go around to the rear of the Control Room and hit the
window 3 times with the baton or your fists to break the
glass. Go into the Control Room, pick up the BLUE Keycard,
and turn on the power using the Power Switch. Exit through
the window you came in. Use the BLUE Keycard on the keyboard
next to the door. Open the door, look at the guard and RUN
around the Control Room. You must get the guard to chase you
into the outer area of the Control Room. When he does, run OUT
the door you just opened and to the right. Use the PICK to open
the vent to your left. Enter the narrow passageway, and at the
first intersection, turn LEFT. Open the vent and walk up to the
OPEN DOOR. Close the door, carefully. The Guard will stay in
that room. Walk to the end of the hallway, turn left and open
the vent. Go up the ladder and crawl to the next vent. Open
the vent and drop down into the Cell Block.

Hit the guard & get the ORANGE Keycard. Deactivate the laser
using the newly acquired Orange Keycard. Reactivate ALL laser
beams after you turn them off. You will need FULL HIGH VOLTAGE
POWER in order to escape. Crouch as you walk past the guard
and to Doc Ross's cell. He has nothing important to say, and
there's nothing in his cell you can collect for trading.
Crouch as you walk back to the crosswalk where you knocked
out the guard. Crouch across the catwalk, go UP one flight
and turn RIGHT and open the cell door to talk with Kamui.
For cigarettes, he'll give you the keys to the Utility Room
doors in the Yard that lead into the sewers. Exit his cell,
CROUCH and turn right. Crouching all the way down to the steps
leading down one flight, WALK down the flight of stairs and
knock out the Guard. Walk, Crouched, to the RIGHT. Duck your
way to the laser beam and turn it off. Make your way slowly to
the Middle level and talk to Odin. He'll give you a Flashlight
in exchange for Potato Chips. On the middle catwalk (when the
guard on the floor isn't facing you), use the green button on
the lift and lower yourself to the bottom floor. Walk up to
the Guard and knock him out. Now you can turn off the laser
beam [using the Orange Keycard], and open the bottom cell.
Inside you'll find the cigarettes for Kamui. After getting
the cigarettes, and before going up to exchange with Kamui,
go around the lift and open the door. Knock out the Guard
and get the Potato Chips for Odin. Go up the lift and to Odin.
Odin gives you a Flashlight in exchange for the chips. (We
never found a use for the Flashlight) Make your way up to
Kamui, give him the cigarettes and he'll give you the keys
to the Utility Room.

Exit the Cell Block, but turn ON the bottom laswer beam before
you leave. Make your way slowly and carefully back to the small
steel vent that leads to the Control Room. Enter the Control
Room, and walk around to the right corner where the High Voltage
Sign is posted. If it is ON, turn it OFF, so you can make it
through without losing any life. Once through that small door,
walk down to the Electric Chair and all the way around to the
last window. Jump up and into the Electric Chair area. The
Electric Chair will be sizzling. Go to the two red control
switches and move the left one UP. This turns off the power
to the chair. Get the Bonus Reader magazine from the Chair.
Then turn the chair back on. Lights should be blinking on and
off at this point. Make sure that BOTH switches are turned ON.
If the lights aren't blinking, flip the other switch. Go back
up to the High Voltage Sign. IF the High Voltage is sizzling,
then go back down to the chair and flip the other switch. Turn
ON the High Voltage gate after you enter the Control Room. Make
your way to the Old Cell Block. The power should be OFF on the
bottom floor level where the water had been electrified earlier.
Go into the water and into the Open Cell. Get the Wrench on the
bed. Exit the Old Cell Block and return to the area outside the
Control Room and in the hallway. Use one of the vents to exit
into the courtyard. It would be best to use the vent where you
exit closest to the men standing there.

From the Courtyard, you'll need to creep your way along the
side, until they notice you. Go slowly, in small steps, pause,
then go a little farther. When the red siren goes off, RUN to
the Utility door, and use the keys from Rocco. Inside the Utility
Room, you can access the sewers. Down in the Sewers, make your
way all the way to the end, like before. Turn LEFT at the ladder
and use the WRENCH to turn off the three steam valves. And the
next intersection, turn RIGHT. At the end, you'll see a gate and
three keycard slots. Use the corresponding keycard colors on the
3 panels. Open the gate, and you're home free! NOT!!!


Section 1:

Exit your cell door by just clicking on it. Turn left and
head down the hallway. Turn left again, but be careful because
there is a guard on the right and another one around the other
corner on the left at the next intersection. Remember to WALK,
not run, because running attracts the guards. As you round the
corner, crouch along the RIGHT wall. Stop about mid-way down
the short hallway, and wait for the guard to pass you. Walk
up to him and knock him out. Turn and walk in the direction he
came from (right) and head all the way around your cellblock.
You'll see one more guard walking slowly in front of you. Walk
up to him, and knock him out. Exit your "cell block area"
through the red striped door. Immediately run back and then
slowly creep up to knock out the guard. Turn RIGHT and enter
the Cafeteria. Knock out a guard or two, then move further
down the hallway to the Recreation Room. Meet up with the
Probation Officer who is watching TV. He gives you an Orange
Security Card. Exit the Recreation Room and head BACK THE WAY
you came. If you turn LEFT out of the Recreation Room, you'll
meet up with the Cell Block - Blue, and there's nothing in there
but guards! As you're headed back down the main hallway where you
first entered, and turn the corner, you'll see two guards walking
together towards the end. They will turn around quickly, but you
can sneak past them and cut through the hallway on the left.


Using the Orange Keycard, make your way through the doors and
find the STAIRS. Up the stairs you'll encounter another guard
standing in front of a soda machine. Walk up and knock him out.
Turn through the doorway that says: SECURITY STATION. Turn the
Power to the Electric Fence OFF. Exit and go back down the
stairs. You can go into the Locker Room, but there's nothing
in there but a guard behind the last set of lockers.

Return to YOUR cell block area and out to the Recreation
Yard. Turn left and look at the fence. Up above, and about
1/3 of the way along the fence you'll see bobbed wire that
has been cut. Climb up and over the fence. See the Padlock
on the door? Turn right and follow the side of the building
to the end. Instead of turning immediately at the end of the
building, crouch and walk to the wall that faces you. Now
crawl slowly to the left PAST the open door. Swing back
around to the opened door, walk in and knock out the guard.
Pick up the CLIPPERS, the WRENCH, and the FLASHLIGHT. Now
head back to the door with the Padlock on it. Use the Clippers
to open the door. Walk in, down the stairs and knock out the
guard. Turning LEFT at the intersection will cause a guard to
pop out from an intersection midway between that hallway and
the next turn. Instead, head PAST this intersection. Walk past
the intersection and all the way down the hall. Go UNDER the
steam pipes and go up the ladder. Get the Blue Security Card.
Go back down the ladder and turn the corner at the intersection
you passed earlier. Knock out the Guard and follow the hallway
all the way around. Knock out another Guard farther down and run
past the steam vent. Get the Warden's Keys laying at the end of
that corridor. Return all the way to the Red Striped wall area
and to the Warden & Deputy Warden's Offices. Enter the Deputy's
office and get the bag of Chips.

Blue Cell Block:

Up on the 2nd floor (to your left when you enter the main
area), talk to Lenny, The Squid. Give him the Potato Chips,
and he tells you you need the Warden's Keys & to use the
drain pipe. He gives you the Red Keycard. Go to the Warden's
Office, use the Red Keycard and pick up the Grey Keycard.
Exit his office and go all the way out to the Recreation
Yard, over the fence and into the other area. Turn LEFT at
the Intersection, then right at the next one. Go to the Huge
Red Doors, and use the Grey Keycard to open them. Enter the
Sewer Pipe. Follow the sewer pipe all the around and through
the many turns. Eventually, you'll come to a vent in the
floor. RUN PAST that vent, and run even faster past the 2nd
vent. In a little while, you'll reach the end of the drain
pipe. Facing you is a Lighthouse. To your RIGHT is the dock
for the Ferry at Alcatraz. Hopefully, you haven't lost too
much life from the steam pipes, so give it a go! Head for
the LIGHTHOUSE. Use your JUMP key and keep you head above
water. Once on land at the Lighthouse, get the Envelop at
the door. Now you have to head BACK to the Dock.

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