Age of Empires III retail patches v1.07

Age of Empires IIIKompanija Ensemble Studios je izbacila novi najavljeni retail patch za svoje mezimče Age of Empires III. Patch podiže postojeću verziju igre na v1.7 i time dodaje jednu mapu, isparavlja par bugova oko klijenta, i ispravlja bugove uopšte (pogledati spisak ispravki na kraju teksta), a njega možete preuzeti sa ove adrese.


Age of Empires III retail patches v1.07
Patch 1.07 – New Random map, and bug fixes


Added a new random map, The Unknown
Added ability to see if a friend on ESO is playing a game
Moderators now have blue chat in chat channels


Fixed an issue that let military units in Cover Mode do extra siege damage
Fixed an issue where the German A.I. would not build houses or collect resources when they started with just Settler Wagons
Fixed some rollover text issues
Hispaniola map added to the Standard Maps set


Fixed an issue where the host would appear invisible in the game setup room
Chat channels' player lists are now alphabetized
Fixed an issue where non-rated games were counting toward Power Rating

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