Age of Empires III 1.01 patch

Age of Empires 3Izasao je prvi patch za Age of Empires III. Ispravlja niz problemcica, dodaje bolju podrsku za formacije jedinica, ispravlja dijaloge, zvuke itd. Listu ispravki mozete procitati u nastavku texta.

 6.3mb veliki patch mozete preuzeti odavde.


– Fixed a bug in the command manager that caused slow performance when CPAIs were in the game
– Fixed a bug that caused sound effects (and sometimes music) to stop playing
– Fixed a problem where unplayed dialogue lines made the Campaign scenarios stop working
– Fixed a bug on the Postgame screen that allowed players’ names to be edited
– Fixed a bug where all players would hear the selection sound for HC cards played
– Fixed a bug that kept the ESO connection problem dialog box from closing
– Fixed a bug in the Portuguese tech TEAM Early Dragoons that kept some civilizations from training their anti-cavalry units until the Industrial age
– Fixed a bug that made abundant resources available in the single-player Campaign
– Fixed a bug that did not let the host launch the game once the number of players was reduced below the number that had clicked ready
– Tweaked movement code to improve the responsiveness of units
– Changed formations so that unit types keep their setting even when grouped with different types


– Fixed a bug in the Unresponsive Player dialog box so that it closes once consensus is reached

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