Age of Empires II – The Conquers Expansion (walkthrough)

Age of Empires II - The Conquers Expansion



The scenarios in these campaigns give the objectives, hints, and scouting reports before
you begin play which is of a great help. I found some of them to be in error as regards
the troops to be employed by the enemy, but other than that, they should be regarded as
an excellent aid to completing the scenario.

There are also audio and video instructions during play which direct you to do things and
warn when you are not doing things which you should. They also occasionally change the
objectives. When the objective is changed a flashing message will warn you and you can
check the objective icon to verify the change.

At times you will have to travel a great distance to arrive at your field of battle, and
the construction of a forward base near the battle scene, especially for the slow siege
weapons, is desirable, if you have the assets to do so. 

At times you will have to assure that a character will survive. I find that when this is
a requirement, it is best to place him in a Town Center or Castle for protection. If this
is not possible, hide him in the woods away from the scene of possible combat.

As in all of these scenarios, you must watch your soldiers to see that they do what you
wish them to do. You may designate a group of calvary to guard a ram, but all of a sudden
they are not there but halfway across the map chasing one scout, while a mass of enemy
troops are rendering you ram into kindling wood. I think the programmers run these single
troops across to cause confusion in your ranks!

To defeat an opponent, you must destroy his key structures, and eliminate ALL the villagers.
Just one villager left will delay your victory.

Don't forget to save occasionally, and especially before beginning a major attack.

Do not hesitate to use the Polo and Marco commands if you need them. 


Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4 playing on the moderate setting.


You are playing as Attila. You start with 0 resources  in a small village area with a
conversation with "Bleda". After the talk, take Bleda hunting north of the camp. He will
have you scout ahead to find a boar. When you find it, ride away from it and Bleda will
attack it but will get killed "accidently". 

Return to the camp and you will be accused of killing Attila by one faction of the troops
and the other faction will defend you. They fight while you stay out of it. When the fight
is over, you have a group of loyal troops and get wood, food, gold, and rock. Attila must
survive so put him in the woods near the lumber camp for the time being.


You have started in the Dark Age but have all buildings necessary to advance to the
Feudal Age when you get the gold. 
Your site is surrounded by water. There is a lake to the east and streams to the south
and west. The north is the map edge. 
There is an outpost to the north of the camp which is not needed - you can delete it to
make building room.

There is a blacksmith, lumber camp, town hall, mill, barracks, archery range, market,
and stable in your camp. There is an out-post in the middle of the camp which is not
very useful - replace it with a tower when you can if you feel like it. 
There is a stable within a stockade across the river to the west. 
The scenario is written with a full complement of units (125) so you don't have to build
or maintain houses.


In the camp there is a berry patch with 1 villager, a villager standing near the lumber
mill, and in the middle south part of camp is a villager with a rock pile and a gold
deposit. There are ruins of an old Roman Town south of the camp which do not disappear.
On the south edge of the ruins is a berry patch and a gold deposit. South and across
the river is another berry patch but it lies on the path the Persian troops and the
Roman troops use. West and across the river there are berry patches and deer which is
near the path the Scythian use. To the west of the Roman Camp is a glade with berries,
stone, and gold but access to it should be after Romans are whipped.    

To the east of this Roman Ruins area is a wall built by the Persians with a gold deposit,
a Persian Mine, a Persian Tower and access to the lake which allows Persian Ships to shoot
right up to the walls. The tower will shoot at your people if you get too close. Be careful
that your troops don't get through the gate as they are sitting ducks for the Persian ships
if the gate closes. There is a Roman Tower by the bridge to the west. Take it out when you
can, as it interferers with your people when defending the bridge. There are two Roman
Outposts by the bridge to the south. You can take these out if you wish but they are harmless.
In your camp is a stockade with 3 horses. Across the river to the West of this there are 4
more in the woods. All 7 of these will respond to your commands. The rest of the horses on
the map are not yours so ride a scout up to them to make them respond and bring them into
camp. There are 2  horses east of your lumber camp. There is 1 horse in the Roman Ruins
south of camp. There are 3 horses to the west of the Roman Camp. There are 3 horses across
and along the river to the west of your camp. This is a total of 16 horses. You may need
10 later in the game, so collect them early.  I suggest that you take them north of your
camp where you fought the boar. (Kill the boar first) then place Attila up there with them
and build a gate at the turn between the trees and lock it. That should keep them secure
until you need them. Once this is done, you can delete the stockade to give yourself
building room.

YOU WILL BE ATTACKED by Romans, Scythians, and Persians. Fend them off as best as you can.
DO NOT TRY BUILDING WALLS!! You will just end up defending the walls for eternity as the
attacks seem to keep getting heavier and more often when you build defenses. OFFENSE IS

You are required to defeat 2 of your 3 opponents.
You will learn that the Romans are holding some of your people hostage so that pretty much
determines who to attack first.

Before you can mount an attack, you will need to build a siege workshop so you can build a
few onagers and rams. They travel so slowly, taking a villager along and building near the
objective may save some time. Or you could locate the workshop in your camp and trundle
them down when ready. I used 12 cavaliers and 10 mounted archers, 3 onagers and 2 rams.
I attacked through the north gate, which may be the hardest way to go. 
You could go to the left and attack through the west gate or to the right and attack
through the east gate (the prisoners are nearest to this gate).
There are not that many opposing troops if you go early, so battle is over quickly.
While you are there, take out the important units, including the West Tower which is outside
the west gate.

When you come near to the stockade enclosing your villagers, you will learn that a Scythian
Prince is being held in the pen next to your people. If you free him, you will be rewarded.
Do so, but watch your troops and see that he does not get killed; after all, your people
view him as the enemy and they will try to knock him off. 

If he gets killed, the Scythians will remain your enemy and should become your next victim.
This is a long and expensive campaign, as their buildings are spread out, with towers all
over the place and with stockades around the various buildings. They also have a lot of
units to attack you with while you are attacking them. If this is the case, develop the
glade assets with some of the villagers you just liberated, and return to your camp and
build up a large force to attack the Scythian Encampment. You will need at least 6 rams,
20 cavaliers and 20 mounted archers, but leave some troops in camp to defend against attacks
by the Persians while you are away. Go to the west, across the bridge and along the river
to a shallows crossing. Go south a short way then turn west and you will come to the eastern
edge of the Scythian Village. You may want to take 2 or 3 villagers with you and build a
stable and siege shop near to the battle site. A monastery helps as the monks heal your
troops. (I find this amusing, as the Huns didn't believe in any God)

If the Prince does not get killed, Attila is invited to a conference with the Scythian
Leader. Take Attila there (along the rout described above) and you will learn that the
Scythian will become your ally and furnish you with people if you give them 10 horses.
You have 10 little horses back at the camp. Bring them over to the fenced-in arena with
a circle of flags in the center. Place the horses in the center and you receive a bunch
of Mangudai to aid you in your attack on the Persians.

You will need 4 onagers and about 10 or 12 rams for this attack. To crank these out, a
siege workshop near the shallows crossing located east of the south bridge is a must.  
You will need, in addition to the Scythian Troops, about 20 cavaliers and 20 mounted
archers at the beginning of the assault. After the Persians start to react, you will
need about 10 pikemen to combat the elephants they send out. 
The Persian Navy gets into the act with their galleons. They can shoot at you on land
when you are assaulting the gates to the city. Onagers have some luck hitting them, but
the ships will dodge, so they are a pain in the butt. They only have 6 docks, so if you
take out one ship, there is another to take it's place shortly. If you have resources,
you could build a dock or two near your camp and build some ship weapons to keep them
busy and away from your shore troops.

Your troops disappear rather quickly while the Scythian seem to lead charmed lives. 
(NOTE: the Scythian troops are on loan, so you CAN NOT CONTROL THEM. If they are in a gate,
you can not make them move until their target is eliminated and you CAN NOT DIRECT THEIR
FIRE. This is frustrating, but you probably could not beat the Persians without them.)
Once you are inside, clear out the area to the right of the gate and build a stable to
replace your cavaliers. You should concentrate on getting the Towers first and then get
the town center in the eastern section of town. When you take that out, all the ships
and towers go away and you win this campaign!!!


You are to raid small villages to acquire resources. You start with a limit of 75 units.
You lave 0 wood, 0 food, 0 gold, and 200 rock. Your forces consist of two groups of 10 riders;
7 tarkens and 3 calvary archers in one group, and 5 tarkens and 5 calvary archers in the other.

Counting the Roman Empire City, there are 7 tribes on the map. 
The Romans are in the extreme east corner. To the southeast of your start point in red is
Sofia, South of that in cyan is Dyrrhachium, to the immediate west of your start point in
green is Nassius, south of Nassius, in the middle of the map in orange are your only "ally",
the Scythians.
In white at the south east corner of the map is Adrianople, and in the southern center of
the map in magenta, is Thessalonica.

Raid Sofia first. They only have a small force of infantry. You are to take out their Town
Center for which you receive approx. 500 food. (Depends on how long you take before your raid).

Now turn around and raid Naissus. They have no army. Destroy their Lumber Camps and receive
900 wood.

Swing to the east a little and travel south to the break in the trees opposite the second
gate for the Roman City. You will know it by the orange poles in the center. The trail wind
around and up to the Scythian Encampment. There you will be asked to turn over 6 villagers
to receive a reward.
You don't have even 1 villager, so turn around and proceed to the southeast to the town of

Do not approach directly from the North!! Swing to the west before you reach the limits of
the Tower which is on the north edge of the village. Go around the town and approach from
the south. There is a second Tower at the south edge of town. Take it out as this will
benefit you later. Forget the North Tower, as it poses no danger, and you don't want to
deplete your forces unnecessarily. Destroy the gold mines and you will receive 550 gold.

Now proceed to the west to the town of Thessalonica and destroy all the houses.
CAUTION - start at the south end of the town and work north saving the northernmost house
until last.
When it is destroyed, the villagers working at the lumber camp and 1 at the mill will change
to your color - yellow and you will have the services of 5 villagers. If you destroy the
houses from north to south, you only get 1 villager.

Proceed west toward Dyrrhachium. You will come to a gold deposit. Drop your villagers and
have them build a gold mine. Now you can proceed to the town. It is surrounded by a stone wall.

The wall encloses several houses, 2 barracks, a town center, and at the far west end is a
castle with an enclosed stockade containing the Hun Prisoners. Stay on the east end. Break
through the wall. Kill the 5 or so pikemen when they attack you and then proceed to the
castle and break through the stockade, freeing the prisoners, who will join you. (You only
need a few men to break into the stockade and you will be under fire from the castle while
you are doing so. Pick out five or so Healthy, Unwounded Cavaliers from your force to do
the rescue. If you use wounded, they will perish during the attack.) When you are leaving,
destroy the 2 barracks and the Town Center so the town doesn't come back to life. 

North of the town is a stockade with 6 archers and 1 onager. The stockade has no gate, so
the only way to get at the archers is to break through the stockade and the onager will
raise cain with your troops in the process. By now most of your troops are wounded and
the attrition rate would be too high, so leave them for now. You can come back later.

Pick up two of your villagers at the gold mine and proceed north to the Sophia Village Site.
This is as good a place as any to build your camp. There is plenty of lumber, lots of flat
land and there is a gold deposit at the southeast edge of the area. It is also far enough
away from the Romans so that you can see an attacking convoy on the mini-map before they
can get too close.
(De-activate the fog of war so you can see them coming unless you like surprises. You could
also build outposts away from your camp to see them if you leave the fog on.)

Build a Town Center so you can make more villagers, a lumber camp for wood to build farms,
and proceed making wood, food and gold to build the facilities you need to make war.
Build a Monastery and a Monk early. He can cure your sick troops as the need arises.

During your build-up of your village and troops, you will be attacked occasionally by Roman
Troops. Their force usually will consist of 4 calvary, 6 infantry, 3 onagers, and 3 or 4
rams. Have your defensive force take out the onagers first, then go after the infantry and

200 rock is not enough. There is a rock deposit west of the armed stockade which you bypassed
at Dyrrhachium. It is within range of the archers so when you have established some forces
and have some healthy troops go down and take out the armed stockade. You can then send
three villagers down to get the rock.

When the gold mine runs out down at Dyrrhachium, send the villagers over to Andrianople to
mine gold at those deposits.  When the rock quarry runs out, send these villagers over to
the north of Andrianople where there is a large field of rock but don't forget to give the
North Tower at Andrianople a wide berth.

When convenient, take 3 calvary and escort 6 villagers to the Scythian Village. You will get
14 hunting wolves and 12 petards. (If you wait until you have built up your offensive army
to the full 75 units, you can exceed your maximum (to 95!!) When you pick up these additional

When you have built up your resources and army attack the Romans. This is a tough attack.
I tried going through the north gate and then through the south gate and then through the
north gate again. (This is Three Separate Trys) You will need several waves of troops and
rams regardless of which gate you attack.

Bring 3 villagers over and build a castle, stable and siege workshop near to the city to
replenish your forces.

Your opponent will build a barracks at the back edge of the area when you begin to destroy
his facilities. 

Use your Petards to open up the gates and take out the towers. You will need 2 Petards for
a gate and 3 for a tower. Use rams for the buildings. When you send in your Petards, the
Romans will rush to the scene. So do one gate and they will go there. Do the other gate
and they will go there.
While that is going on get the towers at the first gate, and so on.

The wolves are great for attacking infantry and calvary. Keep them and your mounted forces
away from the city and lure the romans out. You can take them out a few at a time. Keep
three or so calvary to the side to send in after onagers when they attack.

When the flow of troops from the city slows. Then send in the rams with protecting troops.
Take out the barracks, castle, stable, and the Town Center, and this scenario is done.


Your goal is to stockpile 10,000 in gold in tribute from the Romans.
Your town is right outside the gates to Marcanopolis and they are not friendly!!
You have a Town Center, stable, barracks, blacksmith, and a mill.
Population consists of 3 villagers, 1 Monk, and 3 Tarkans.

The Marcianopolis (green) will not let you rest. You are attacked almost immediately by 2
calvary and 2 men-at-arms and while you are fighting them, another calvary steals 2 of your
sheep. Then 2 more men-at-arms show up. You should be able to defeat these enemies with
the three calvary you start with. 


Build some reinforcements as soon as you can and beat down the town gate. Eliminate the
green forces and then take out the barracks, town center, and dock and other buildings.
You may have progressed enough with your supplies to build a siege workshop, so build a
couple of rams to assist. The area where the green town is - or was is nice and flat, a
good place for support structures such as the university.  In the north end of the green
area is a rock deposit.

There is also a rock deposit at the southwestern extremity of your area. This is close to
the red zone but until you venture further south, the red do not seem to bother you. The
location of your Town Center and Mill will allow the development of lots of good farms
and the proximity of the forest to the northeast will yield lots of wood. 
The only gold deposit "accessible" by your forces is to the extreme south on the bank of
the stream or lake. The only problem is that not only is it being mined by the blue forces,
it is also in range of fire boats which blister your villagers and mine structure.

Phillippopolis (red) lies to the south west. While you have been taking care of the green
and developing your resources, they have been building archers and pikemen. Your attack
forces should be made up of a number of pikemen (say 10) and twice as many men at arms.
Take along three rams. You will come to a mill (bypass it) then a Tower (raze it), and
then a market which you should destroy. If your force is still in good shape, take out
the Town Center, then the rest of the town. There is a bridge at the southeast. Across
the bridge is a second Town Center. Get it too. As usual - eliminate all the villagers.
NOTE:-- while you are administering your attack, keep an eye on your installations. The
red or the blue may sneak in and try building in your community or converting your military
buildings for their use.

Constantinople (blue) has a double stone wall around it with Towers outside and Towers
inside the wall. There are three entrance gates, North, Northwest, and West. I took out
both the West and the Northwest gates. This allows a two pronged attack with rams, calvary,
pikemen, and men at arms. You will need a lot of rams. The troops are used primarily in
defense of your rams. I used onagers to take out the outside Towers, and also one outside
gate, but found that rams would do a better job on the gates and then could move in when
the gates were gone to get the inside Towers. Work your way through the city, getting the
castle, the wonder, and the docks then other structures. You will have difficulty eliminating
the blue navy, because they have fire ships and burn you if you attack from shore -- this
interferes with the destruction of the docks. You will have to build a dock and 5 or 6 gun
ships before you will be able to eliminate this threat. 

I found that although the scenario says that when you have tribute paid to you in the amount
of 10,000 gold, you win; that is not necessarily so. In the final statistics, I found that I
had received 18,500 gold in tribute, but was not victorious until I eliminated the last dock.


This could be called "The Programmer's Betrayal !"
You begin by trying to defeat three opposing villages: Burgundy (Purple and located to the
south), Metz (Red and located to the north west), and Orleans (Cyan and located to the
Develop your resources and build a town. Upgrade to Imperial as soon as you can. Acquire as
much gold as you can.  You only get 75 units

You will be attacked by a small force from Burgundy first. Easy to defeat. Burgundy will
offer to become your ally if you pay them 500 gold a nd build a castle in their town. If
you don't do this and attack them, you can defeat them relatively easily, but before you
can get your forces back in shape, the other two opponents will levy strong attacks which
you will not be able to fend off.
It costs a lot of stone and gold but it is better to give in to their demands. The other
towns still attack, but not as often and not with as large a force.

The next town should be Metz. This is a challenging attack, especially if you have not
advanced to the Imperial Age and don't have trebuchets. Just keep slugging away, and expect
to reinforce your forces at least once.

The Town of Orleans is surrounded by walls, has 4 towers, 2 castles, 2 barracks, and 3
Before you can defeat this town, you are out of gold, and if you have kept your farmers
busy, you have not been paying attention to your attacks. You will therefore probably be
short of food.
This is why I call this "The Programmer's Betrayal", because it seems the only way to win
this is by using cheats. The town of Orleans does not start with as much gold as you do
and they are still mining gold when you have run out. They also pump out the military units
faster than you believe possible even though they have multiple barracks and stables. If you
stop outside the walls beyond the range of the towers and castles, they don't come after you.
You have to go close enough to engage, and when you do, you come under fire from the castles
and towers. You lose people very quickly and have to build new forces constantly. You will
run out of resources.

After you finally overcome the Orleans forces, to add insult to injury, the objectives
change and you have to defeat the ROMAN ARMY. They come pouring out of the west edge of
the map and there are 120 units in their "little" battle group. - .
I found this scenario to be a pain in the butt, and not much fun.

Played on the standard setting with 100 units

Defeat the Alans, Romans, and Visigoths
You have an ally in the Goths, but don't look to them for much assistance.
The Franks also have houses and units nearby, but are neutral.

The Romans are the toughest. Color is blue and location is to the west. They have infantry,
elite cataphracts, and scorpions.
The Alans are second toughest. Color is cyan and location is to the south west. They have
spearmen and archers.
The Visigoths are the easiest. Color is green and location is to the south. They have
Huskars and Calvary.

Build up your forces quickly. Develop villagers and farm and mine both gold and rock to
allow a fast build-up of structures and units. When you begin, there is a nice herd of
sheep in your starting window. Get them to the edge of the forest to the east right away.
If you don't, wandering horsemen come along and convert them to anothers possession. Even
your ally will steal them!

There is a bunch of berry bushes to the east of the start point on the edge of the forest.
Put your town center just to the north of these leaving room for farms. There are several
gold deposits in the immediate area and one rock deposit. There is another rock deposit a
little way to the west on the way to the adjacent Frankish Village. Build a castle on the
western edge of your town for protection and so that you can go Imperial quickly. You will
be attacked early by the Visigoths and possibly by the other two opponents. Keep your forces
available, they have a tendency to chase other's scout calvary, and when you need them, they
are 6 miles away.

The key to subduing these opposing forces is to annihilate your opponent's villagers. If you
don't, they will migrate to a new location and rebuild. I even had the Alans build inside my
town limits while I was moping up after attacking their town.

Once you have sufficient force, go after the Visigoths to the south. Not only are they easy
to beat, they have gold, rock, and berry deposits that you can use if you take them over
fast enough.

I then went after the Alans, and then the Romans.
It may be easier to reverse that order, as by the time I attacked the Romans, they had 4
castles and were pumping out Cataphract Units faster than I could subdue them.

The Alans are not too hard to subdue militarily. The biggest problem is getting all the
villagers as they have a bunch of them and they scatter all over the place, building new

The Romans also have a lot of villagers to subdue, but the biggest problem is the wave
after wave of Elite Cataphracts, scorpions and infantry they throw at you. If you can 
get trebuchets in position and knock down the castles, Their demise will follow shortly.
If you save them till last, you are running short on funds, but so are they. If you manage
efficiently, they will go bankrupt before you and that will simplify your battle.

Once all three have surrendered, you have won this scenario.

Played as Standard with 125 units

To defeat 4 towns and then parlay with Rome.
Attila must survive.

Perdua  - Purple  - has long bowmen, long swordsmen, trebouchets  - to immediate southeast
by east. 
Aquileia - Red - has knights, swordsmen, scorpions and a navy - to the northeast
Milan  - Green  - has paladins and champions  - to the west
Verona - Orange - has hussars, archers, and throw axemen  - to the southeast
Rome  - Blue  - IS NOT ENEMY - to the southwest.

At the beginning, you have a field of stone with a mine to the north of your troops, a
castle in the hills to the north, a town center at the top left of your troops and a field
of gold with a mine to the southwest of your troops. Your assets are 2400 wood, 1600 food,
1200 gold, and 1000 rock. You have 7 villagers to start. Your army consists of 12 calvary
archers, 8 tarkans, and 4 trebouchets. The area in which you begin is very cramped and
hilly so you have very little space in which to place your structures.


Start by parking Attila in the Castle (he has to survive). Make a few more tarkans at your
castle and move against the walled town of Perdua. After you have defeated them, clean out
the remaining structures and use this area to build your village. Be sure to build a
university so you can get the atheist technology. Don't forget to replace the gates with
gates of your own, else enemy troops can walk right in and you can't get out !

Move against the village of Aquileia as they have started a Wonder. The best route is at
the upper end of the village where there is a monastery just behind the wall and a tower
outside.  The Wonder is just behind the monastery. Use trebouchets to remove the tower and
monastery and make a hole in the wall. Move them in and destroy the Wonder before the time
expires. You can now work your way south destroying the key structures and defeating this
town. Watch the southeast corner - there are naval gunships at the docks which will fire on
your troops.

While you are busy with Aquileia, Milan will begin to build a Wonder. This dictates your
next victim. A head-on attack with troops, followed by an assault with trebouchets will
put you inside the walls and enable you to destroy the Wonder in time.

The only opponent left is Verona. Move southwest from your village at the Perdua location
and approach the west gate for your attack. A feint with a small body of troops at the
north gate at the same time will draw some of the defensive forces away from the west
gate and make your attack a little easier. Take out the castle first, then breech the
walls and you can proceed to put an end to this town. 

Once you have defeated all four villages, get Attila out of the castle and bring him down
to Rome where he will meet with the Pope at the North Gate and conclude this scenario and
the Attila Campaign.


All scenarios played as standard


You begin this scenario alone in the character of El Cid (red) in the east corner of the map.
As you progress, some of King Sancho's Subjects (yellow) will join you and in this fashion
you can enlist and build an army to cary out the objective; to subdue King Alfonso (blue)
for King Sancho.

In the beginning you come to an open courtyard where you are required to demonstrate your
fighting abilities for King Sancho. First by sword combat on foot and next as a mounted
calvaryman. You will of course win both contests and as a consequence win the favor of
King Sancho who enjoins upon you the quest of defeating King Alfonso.

One requirement of this scenario is that El Cid must Survive. I parked him within the
yellow town and ordered him to stand ground. You will meet a mass of forces who will
become your army when you leave the courtyard, along with a few villagers. Proceed to
the west to an open area across the bridge and past the yellow farms. Here you will buid
your village and enlarge your army.

From time to time, some of the blue forces will come through your settlement. Use your
forces to eliminate these units. You will start with 300 wood, 200 food, 200 gold, and
300 stone. These are meager supplies as you will be required to build houses to allow
you your maximum of 100 units.

There are rock and gold deposits in the area which you can mine. The amount of trees is
meager but sufficient to carry you through the construction of farms and buildings. You
will have to construct your housing first to allow development of added villagers and units.

Build a few rams, 3 or 4 petards (quick way to remove gate), a few more troops and attack
the city of King Alfonso through the gate which lies to the northeast of your village.
The fight should be quick and Alfonso will surrender once you destroy his barracks which
are right inside the gates. 
You must bring El Cid down and escort Alfonso to Sancho who is waiting in the courtyard
where you started the scenario. This will bring you victory.


800 wood, 200 food, 300 gold, and 200 rock - 5 villagers, Army of Knights, Archers, & Men
at arms. El Cid who must survive. You can have up to 100 units, but have to build additional
houses to obtain this limit; you start with a limit of 60. Your color is RED.

Stop the rebellion in Toledo. Seek the IMAM for guidance.

Spanish Rebels - orange - has Infantry, Knights, Rams, and Monks
Moorish Rebels - green - has Archers, Camels, Mangonels, and Monks
Neutrals are: Motamid - Cyan and IMAM - purple.

You start with your forces grouped at the mid-point of the map on the north side. There
is a gold field and forest to the west near the map edge beyond a cliff line. There is
also a flat space for a Town Center and farms.
To the east beyond the line of trees to the right is the location of the Motamid. If you
go there, they will tell you that the IMAM is on an island in the lake. Journey further
west and a little to the south and you will find a transport which will take you west to
the island of the IMAM. Speak to him and your objective will be changed to "collect 4
relics being held by the rebels and return them to the IMAM".

Build up your town and forces in the starting area. There is an additional gold deposit
to the south east beyond the river and mountains. To the southeast of this gold is a small
rock deposit.  There is a larger rock deposit to the south of this one, with a Moorish Mine
adjacent to it. Move some defensive forces over to protect your villagers and take over the
larger rock mine after depleting the smaller one.

The location of the relics will be shown by light spots in the fog of war. If you have sent
out scouts, you may know that the road south to Toledo from your start point is guarded by
a series of  Moorish Towers. The western approach is walled off with stone walls and a gate.
Your best approach to the city is a wide circle to the east, past the second gold deposit
and the small rock deposit to a point just north of the large rock deposit, then proceed
west to a ramp which goes up into the city.

As you travel west, you will notice a large contingent of Moorish Villagers to the south,
cutting trees and farming. A brief sojurn with a few troops to eliminate these villagers
is advisable, as this is the major portion of the Moorish Population. 
The ramp to the city leads to an open gateway, and just inside is a stockade protecting a
monk with a relic. Take it from him. There are three Monasteries to the west by north of
the stockade.

Two of these contain 1 relic each. The fourth relic is on the ground in front of a castle
across a river. The castle is protected by a stockade fence. If you travel by land, there
is a Stone wall and gate to go through, as well as some additional enemy forces who do not
bother you if you stay away from them. The easiest way to storm the castle is to build a
dock and take 3 rams and a monk across the river. Keep the monk on the bank while the rams
take out the stockade and castle then obtain the relic and return by boat to your dock.
You should now have all four relics in the hands of four monks. Take them up to the IMAM's
island and you are victorias.

(If you construct Military Structures near the large Rock Mine as a forward base, reinforcement
of your troops and rams is greatly facilitated.)


To Start - 0 wood, 0 food, 0 gold, 0 rock
No army - only El Cid

Count Berenguer of Barcelona - Purple - has Swordsman, Knights, Scorpions, and Rams
King Alfonso - Blue - really an annoyance - not a threat
Montamid - Green - Ally as well as other moors

El Cid must find a new city in which to live and a new Lord to serve.

You start in the extreme west corner of the map where you are exiled by Alfonso. Get your
horse and leave - go south in the city and you will pick up 2 calvary and 6 pikemen who
will travel with you south through the mountain pass (this is only way to go - the way east
is blocked by a lake).
After you pass the forces guarding the pass you will meet 4 camels who will join you and
suggest you go to Montamid's City which is to the southeast. Travel directly south where
you will come to a settlement which becomes yours and you receive 950 wood, 800 food, and
1200 gold. This will allow you to add to your forces as there is a siege shop, barracks,
archery, and stable as well as 1 trebouchet.

You are required to destroy a castle belonging to Alfonso to travel east to Montamid's
City, which you can do with your enlarged force.
When you arrive in the City, Montamid asks you to quell the attack by the Count''s Forces
which is going on at the City's East Gate. This is duck soup for you with your new forces.
As a reward Montamid gives the services of 4 villagers and some camel riders.
Build a village east of the City, including enough houses to bring your allowable strength
to 75 units.

There is a gold deposit in this area, and groves of trees to harvest lumber. It is best to
get your lumber at the south side of the area, else you expose your north face to attacks
from the Count's forces. There is a deposit of rock to the northwest of this area which
is near one of the Count's Castles. Build up your forces for attack and siege.


To the northeast is a stone walled city belonging to the Count. The main gate is north of
your location on the west wall of the enclosure. There is another gate in the south wall.
Make your entry at this point and move north, destroying buildings as you go. The second
castle is just to the north of the main gate. When you come to, and destroy it, the game
should be won.


To Start - no wood, 275 food, 200 gold, 200 rock
El Cid only - Red - bunch of mounted and unmounted Soldiers.

Blackguard Army - Cyan - Camels & Siege Weapons
Blackguard Navy - Yellow - Galleys, Transports, Spearmen
Yusef's Elite Guard - Green - Camels & Siege Weapons
Alfonso is Ally - Blue - Gives you Villagers

El Cid MUST Survive
Alfonso MUST Survive
Follow the Knight to rescue Alfonso

Follow the knight from your start point to the west and rescue Alfonso.
Proceed west to the stone wall enclosed city of Alfonso.
The city will become red when you enter and your wood will increase from 0 to 330.
Build up your town and forces. Build houses to allow a total unit count of 100. Advance to
the Imperial Age as soon as you can.

There are gold, rock and wood deposits within your very crowded city, but they are meager
and you will have to venture outside the walls to obtain additional assets.
There are gold and rock deposits in many locations, also berries can be found on the
hillside east of town. Enemy forces roam the country side so outlying mines will have to
be protected. Scouts are needed in this scenario to reveal the location of these assets
and that of the enemy forces.

When you send a scout near the large mosque, located to the southwest of the city, near to
the edge of the map, you will be invited to send El Cid there for a parlay. Do so, and send
a Monk there as requested afterward. Return El Cid to the safety of your city.

When you have accumulated additional forces and trebouchets and performed all the upgrades
that you desire, mount an attack on the cities of your enemies. I did not encounter a lot
if difficulty with my attack on the Blackguard Navy City first, with the Blackguard Army
second and the Yusef City last, so did not try any other strategy.

Build a dock on the edge of the sea to make battleships to destroy enemy ships and docks
across the sea; use your trebouchets to destroy the ones on your side and you should have
no trouble achieving victory.


0 wood, 300 food, 300 gold, 400 rock
El Cid - alone

Count Berenguer - Purple - has archers, infantry, knights, & siege weapons.
Allies - Denie - Green;  Lerdia - Orange;  Valencia - Yellow

El Cid must find new city with which to ally.

Travel south by east to Devie. Pick up some men at war, wood, and some villagers. When told
to do so - get out of town to the south taking all of these forces with you. When you laeve
town and cross the bridge, you come to Lerida, where you pick up 4 camels. Go southeast to
Valencia. Enter the town and prepare to defend the city.

The Valencians are building a Wonder in the northwest section of the city. You can not assist
in it's construction. Count Berenguer will mount several attacks against the city.
You must build and maintain defensive forces and possess the city until the Wonder is
finished. If you can do so, you are victorius.


500 wood, 500 food, 600 gold, 600 rock
8 swordsmen, 4 pikemen, 6 cavaliers, 6 camels, 2 rams, 6 war galleys, & 6 villagers.
1 town center, i castle, 1 blacksmith, 2 barracks, 2 stables, 1 archery, & 1 dock
1 DEAD EL CID - His body must survice.  Color: Red

Blackguard Army - Cyan - camels, calvary, & archers - west by north of the city
Blackguard Navy - Yellow - calvary & monks - south west of city 
Yusef Elite Guard - Green - camels, calvary archers, monks, fire ships, & cannon galleons.
- Base across the Sea - Attacks by sea and land.

Defeat all Enemy Forces

You will have to go outside the walls of your town to restock your resources, especially
wood. Attack and defeat the Blackguard Army first. Then regroup and attack and defeat the
Blackguard Navy Land Forces. You should be able to do this before you have to start
obtaining resources outside the gates.

Build up a Naval Fleet and attack the forces and installations of Yusef across the Sea.
You should upgrade to cannon galleons before you do. Also upgrade your transports for
maximum capacity, as you will have to transport some troops across to finish the defeat
of Yusef's land based forces.
Once you have defeated all three enemy forces, you obtain victory.


All scenarios played on the standard setting.


200 each of wood, food, gold, & rock
3 villagers, 3 eagle warriors - color: Yellow
Town Center, Barracks, 3 towers, and 3 houses for total of 20 units
You have to build additional houses to achieve the maximum of 75 units.

Tlatiluco - Red - Swordsmen & Eagle Warriors - to west
Tepanach - Orange - Archers & Eagle Warriors - to north - walled city
Xochimilco - Purple - Archers & Scorpions - in far north 

Capture 4 Monasteries or Temples - Place a Relic in each Temple.

Berry bushes, rock, gold, trees, & turkeys are within close proximity to your village.
There are ample deposits of gold and rock nearby in addition to that which is very close.
The Aztecs have no mounted forces. Build up your town and forces and attack your enemies.


Travel southwest first and secure the first Temple. The Relic is sitting in front of the
Temple. Only a Monk or Priest can deposit the Relic, so you will have to click on the Temple
and make one. He can then deposit the Relic. You can take him with you to make deposits at
your future Temples, or you can simply make new Priests at each Temple. 
Swing more to the west from there and attack the Tlatiluco. Then continuing in a clockwise
circle, attack the Xochimilco and then the Tipanach. Secure 2 more temples while you are
on this campaign.

The fourth and last Temple is in the far West Corner and across a river. You will have to
build a dock and transport to get there. Take a full complement of Eagle Warriors across,
as there are several cougars guarding the approach to the Temple. When it has been secured
- You achieve victory!


2000 Wood, 1000 food, 1000 gold, 500 rock
4 Eagle Warriors - Color: Green

Tlaxacala - Red - Archers, Infantry, & Mad Shaman - Northwest Corner
Tlacopan - Yellow - ALLY - Swordsmen & Eagle Warriors - South Corner
Texcoco - Purple - ALLY - Archers & Mangonels - East Corner

Destroy 4 Town Centers belonging to the Tlaxacala 
Enlist the aid of the Tlacopan and the Texcoco 

Consider Mini-Map Corners as north, south, east and west with the top corner being north.
The hard part of this scenario is deciding where to place your village.
You have to build houses and your maximum units is 75.
You start near the south corner. The Tlacopan T.C. is in the southern section just west of
the North-South Centerline. Follow the road you are on. At the end head due west. You will
leave dry ground and slosh through shallows until you can see land ahead of you. Turn North
and up the hill is the T.C. Enlist their aid and then travel to the Texcoco T.C. Leave the
Tlacopan and travel east to a body of water. Turn North and go around the water to the East.

Travel East until you come to a river. Just across the water is an Island which we will
discuss later. Turn north and follow the river to a point just about in the center of the
map. There are shallows here which will allow you to go north or east.
Let us call this Crossing X. Cross the river to the east. When you reach the bank turn
north, go past the trees to your left until you come to water. Turn right and head due East.
You will pass an archery and then come to the Texcoco T.C. Recruit them and then you are
ready to establish your own village.

When you have enlisted both allies, a transport will appear on the river near where you
started and will travel north with 4 villagers aboard. Offload the villagers where you
want and you will be ready to begin your village construction.
There are three locations to consider. Wood is not a problem, as there are trees all over
the place. One is to the North of the Texcoco (I keep wanting to type Texaco) Village. It
is along a river and there is a lake at the north end with lots of fish. There is a gold
deposit at the south end of the location which you have to share with the Texcoco Tribe,
but no rock deposits close by.  There are two Relics within the perimeter of this town
location and another nearby in the Texcoco Village.

NOTE: Rock is very scarce on this map. There is a deposit at the north side of the Tlacopan
Village which is being mined by them. There is a deposit north of one of the Tlaxcala Enemy
villages which is being mined by them and which you can not reach without defeating them.
There are one small and one medium deposit in the village of the Texcoco. There is another
medium size deposit southwest of the Texcoco T.C. just outside their town limits which we
will designate deposit AA. In addition there are two deposits on the Island mentioned
earlier along with a gold deposit. This Island is west of the 2nd village location described

The second village location can be found directly south of the Texcoco T.C. There are berry
bushes and a gold deposit at opposite sides of a clearing. Deposit AA lies just to the West
by North and the Island is to the west. This location is pretty far from the enemy villages,
but has the best resources. (The island access may be attacked by enemy boats as they ply
the rivers frequently) The location should also save you from too many land attacks by the

There is a third location which is quite close to the Tlaxcala Villages. It has a nice gold
deposit and area enough for Military structures. The problem is, it is too close to the
enemy, has no rock, and will attract many attacks while you are building your town. However,
it is great for a forward base during attack operations. It is located north of Crossing X,
almost to the top of the map.
Choose either the Northern or Southern location and get started building a town. Get to the
Imperial Age A.S.A.P. and build a castle so you can get Jaguar Warriors.

Unlike other scenarios, your allies do fight and conquer town centers. They will announce
when they have eliminated one. As soon as you are able, you should begin your own campaign
to eliminate T.C.s. 
There are four of these, all north of the river that is located just north of the east-west
centerline, and all west of the north-south centerline. 
When all four are eliminated, your friendly forces have a change of heart and decide to
attack you. Your objective then becomes the defeat of the Texcoco and the Tlacopan.

There is a Temple located to the east of the yellow village and to the north of the body
of water you went around when you were traveling between villages at the beginning of the
scenario. When you uncover this temple, you are told to bring ten Jaguar Warriors to this
Temple. This is why you should build a castle, and why I stressed getting access to rock

When you have defeated your friends you achieve victory in this scenario. 


200 Each of wood, food, gold, and rock.
6 villagers in fields, 1 Eagle Warrior - Color: Green
T.C., Blacksmith, 2 Barracks, 2 Archerys, Market, 3 Mills, 8 Houses = 45 units
Small Gold Deposit, Lumbercamp, and Stockade Enclosed Rocks to the west.
There is a fair sized rock deposit to the north of the village.
There is a fair sized gold deposit beyond the trees north of the village.
Need to build Houses for 75 units.    Village is located in South.

Tlaxcala - Red - to the East  ---- Spanish - Blue - to the West
ALLY - Tabasco - Orange - above cliffs to the north.

Defeat the Tlaxcala

Build up your village. Develop some men-at-arms A.S.A.P. There will be a few attacks and some
wandering enemy forces passing through, both Tlaxcala and Spanish.
Build a tower at the valleys giving access to your village to occupy attacking forces. 
There will be a message concerning the animals that the Spanish use. That we should secure
some of these animals.
This adds to the Objectives: Defeat the Spanish, or as an alternative, Secure 20 horses from
the Spanish and bring them back to the stockade in your town. (The rocks magic-ally disappear
from within the stockade to the west).

There are four different stockades in the Spanish area, one has no gate and is open and is
located north by east of your village. Take the road north of the rock deposit with a few
men-at-arms and raid this stockade. Don't engage the enemy troops - just sneak past them
to the stockade. Go inside and you will gain control of the 7 horses. When you do, the
enemy will attack. Send the horses to the stockade. Make your forces retreat, fight only
if you have to. No sense in wasting manpower. You can make this raid before you gear up
for the attack on the Tlaxcala.

The other stock raids should wait until after the Tlaxcala attack. They are located more
to the east of your village and are solid stockades which will require breaking into. One
contains 7 horses, one has 4 horses, and the other contains 6. This will makes a total of
24. You need 20. If you lose 5, you will have to defeat the Spanish.
Raid the Tlaxcala before you do anymore with the Spanish. Build a castle so you can get
some Trebuchets and Jaguar Warriors, then go get the Tlaxcala Encampment.
When you have completed this task, prepare an army for the raids on the Spanish.

Go through the pass that is closest to the south map border. There is a large pen directly
ahead, and the pen with 4 horses to the right. The other pen is across a river to the north
(there is a shallows crossing). Raid the pens and take the horses back to your stockade and
you achieve victory.


900 wood, 900 food, 900 gold, 600 rock
1 Jaguar Warrior  - Green -  no unit capacity

Tlaxcaca - Orange - Eagle Warriors and a few Monks - Along north shore of lake and along the
Spanish - Blue - Conquistadors, Missionaries, and Mangonels - Occupy the City

Destroy the Spanish Wonder.

Starting near the south to west border, go south and find a group of warriors who will
join you (6 Skirmishers, 5 Pikemen, & 5 Eagle Warriors = 16) Then turn around and go
northwest till you pick up 4 more Eagle Warriors and a Monk. Proceed northwest, near
the edge of the map, and meet up with 3 enemy who are guarding 2 transports. Take out
the enemy and use the transports to ferry your people across the water. Take the pikemen
first, as there are 2 Conquistadors waiting on shore to greet you. Now go on in a northwest
direction, staying near the map edge. You will come to a stockade contain-ing 5 jaguars.

The voice will inform you that there is a Tlaxcaca Priest nearby and will say "Wonder what
would happen if we released the jaguars?". To find out, take one Warrior and sneak around the
front of the stockade toward the east. When you have gone past the stockade, you will spot
an onanger ahead. IMMEDIATELY click on it and place it in "No Attack" status. Now lead it
back to the west side of the stockade where you should command it to "Attack Ground " on
the short section of fence at the corner.

The fence will be destroyed, the jaguars will come out and go to the enemy priest.
Take your band of troops, along with the onanger, and travel around the stockade to the
Northeast. Just beyond the outpost, there are 6 enemy in the way. Take them out and proceed
on your way in a northeast direction. Again, staying near the map edge.

You will soon come across 9 Eagle Warriors who will join you. Proceed in the same direction,
take out 3 enemy troops that you meet, and after place your troops in Non-Attack Mode. You
will pass through a village where there are several villagers working. Use your Monk to
convert as many as you can and take them along. Swing out into the shallows, so that you
won't lose anyone to the tower, then swing back to land and make a hole in the stockade
where the prisoners are being kept. This will swell your forces with 7 Skirmishers, 8 Jaguar
Warriors, and 4 Eagle Warriors.  

You will be attacked by a few enemy troops at this time and you will have to control your
people so that they do not start to tear down everything in sight. 
Now proceed south across the bridge that is south of the stockade. Put your troops in
non-attack mode again as there is a warship next to the bridge. If you don't bother it,
it won't bother you! At the end of this bridge, turn east and cross the next bridge to
an area where 2 of your Fire Ships are burning down an enemy dock.

There are enemy troops here to be disposed of, and 4 transports to take you to the land
in the east corner. If you have not lost a lot of troops, you will have to make two trips.
However, there is the small matter of 2 Enemy Galleons between you and your destination,
but that is what the Fire Ships are for!

Run them down first and take out those two enemy ships, but keep away from shore, as there
are 2 Enemy Castles that you have to pass. Do the same with your transports. Then while the
transports are doing their job, there are 2 enemy gun ships at the southeast corner of the
City Island, so use the Fire Ships to get rid of them too.

Then take them up and scuttle that one gun ship up by the bridge that the troops crossed.
This renders this side of the lake, ship free. Use the Fire Ships to make sure that the
enemy docks cease to exist and so that they will not build more.

Meanwhile, You have landed your troops on the southern coast and moving inland, you will
find a temple. The voice says "Make some Priests and convert some enemy villagers." This
is very hard to do. You only have a short time to knock out that Wonder that the Spanish
have built. If you were successful in converting a villager on your way here, you can
build a Town Center and begin your village.

You will have to build some houses to obtain the 75 unit limit that you are allowed.
Build a Blacksmith and University to get upgrades in Technology. Build a Dock so you can
increase the capacity of transports and build a couple with the higher capacity.
There are gold and rock deposits to be mined and berry bushes for food, so you don't have
to fool with farms. Build a castle and maybe a barracks.

Make about 5 trebouchets and fill out your forces with Jaguar Warriors. 
You should have plenty of the other warrior classes. As soon as you are ready, load
everything onto transports and sail up to the place where you boarded your troops to
come down here. (Don't forget about those castles on the Island!)
When you get your transports off shore of the landing zone, send in some warriors to take
care of the enemy troops that are ashore.

Then land your trebouchets. The Wonder is just south of the landing area and in range. Target
3 of your trebouchets on it. Target the other two on the Castle that is next to it.
When the Wonder is gone, You have won!!


ASSETS - Green
500 wood, 1000 food, 1000 gold, 400 rock.  Imperial Age.  46 units of 105 available
Maximum Available = 150.  Have 15 Eagle Warriors, 11 Jaguar Warriors, 10 Arbalests, 4
Villagers, 2 Fireships, and 4 War Galleys.

At the southeast side of the map, toward the east corner is a peninsula with a Castle,
4 Barracks, 2 Archeries, 1 temple, and 7 houses. In front of the Castle or Pyramid, is a
court bordered by flags. This is the conversion area.

To the west of this location is another peninsula with a Town Center, some farms, 3 docks,
and 9 houses.

In the western corner are 3 Aztec Towers, berry bushes, gold deposits, and rock deposits as
well as ample forest for wood. There is also a Spanish Bombard Tower at the rear of this area.
Tlexcalans - Red - Forces same as part 4
Spanish - Blue - Forces same as part 4 plus cannon & war galleons.

Defeat the Tlexcalans and the Spanish.

To begin the scenario, there are 6 Spanish Conquistadors, 5 Archers, and 3 Champions to the
north of the castle in the shallows. You take them out with your armed forces,
When you do this, there is a change in your objectives. You are to acquire Spanish Horses
and Gunpowder Carts, bring them to your palace conversion area, and you will acquire Horsemen
and Bombards.

Proceed with development of your community, harvesting wood from the peninsula around your
T.C. and food from the farms. Build additional houses to up your unit count to 150. (Some
can be placed in west corner later)  When you have a fair amount of wood, build a transport
and take some villagers to the west corner and begin harvesting resources. 
Build a couple of trebouchets and take them along with a few supporting troops to the west
corner and destroy the Bombard Tower. 

When you arrive at the battle area the fog rolls back and exposes a stone wall with gate at
the west corner. Behind the wall are 5 horses. After disposing of the tower, take out the
gate and capture the horses. Send them to the conversion area. 
Move to the left a bit in the woods and you will find a stockade fence enclosing 4 more horses.
Get them too.

To the north of this area is another deposit of rocks and also 5 carts of gunpowder. Send
the carts to the conversion area when you capture them. 

In the Sea, to the northwest of the town center, is an island with lots of gold and a lot
of unfriendly cougars. The gold deposits mentioned above are not sufficient to complete
this scenario, so you will have to occupy the island and mine the gold for a successful
finish, Or else you will have to mine gold at a location directly north of your palace,
and across the water. This is in foreign territory.

In the area directly north of your palace is also a stone wall protecting 4 horses and
northeast is a wall protecting 5 horses. You shold also acquire these and send them to the
conversion area.

During the time when you are building up your army, and acquiring horses and carts, you will
be attacked occasionally by enemy troops and ships. You should maintain a small defense force
at each peninsula to combat this. The warships you have at the beginning should be sufficient
to ward off Naval Attacks with proper management.

When you have built enough forces, move against the Tlaxcalan walls and buildings on the
mainland, starting in the east and moving west. When you have obliterated their major
buildings and villagers, move to the north, through the mountain pass located in the North
Corner and deal with the Spanish Installations.

PART 6 - 

ASSETS - Green
2000 wood, 500 food, 500 gold, 600 stone.  28 units of 75 available.
2 priests, 8 jaguar warriors, 12 eagle warriors, 9 villagers various locations
Rock and trees within your City, Gold to the northeast, across water & on an island.

Tlaxcalan - Red - Village is located in south with 2 barracks at end of bridge from your city.
- Forces same as before.
Spanish Navy - Blue - City located in east corner - Have Cannon Galleons & some ground troops
- Bombard Towers along lake shore
Spanish Army - Purple - City located in the west corner - have Knights, Conquistadors,
Missionaries, Bombard Cannons, and Transports.

Defeat the Enemy Forces - Tlaxcalan, Spanish Army, and Spanish Navy.

Begin by taking your forces south across the bridge and defeating the 14 eagle warriors of
the Tlaxcalan. Take out their two barracks and their gold mine.
Send villagers to Island to the North to mine gold. Send villagers across the bridge to
mine the Tlaxcalan Gold. Put your people to work on the rock and gold deposits in your
village. Cut down the trees on the southeast side of your village. 
Build up your attack forces. Check out the sea to the left of the gold Island. You will
find 3 Elite Turtle Ships there that belong to you. Use them wisely, as that is all you get.

You will receive attacks from all of the opposing forces, sometimes only one force, sometimes
groups from all your opponents. 

You might build a stone wall and gate on each side of the gold area which you took from the
Tlaxcalan to keep the Spanish Army and the Tlaxcalan away.
To attack the Tlaxcalan, go to the extreme right of their village area with your troops
aboard transports. Land and attack from right to left or east to west. 
To attack the Spanish Army, land near the northernmost area of their land and move from
North to West. 
To attack the Spanish Navy, land near the Easternmost part of their area and move from
east to south.
When all three opponents are vanquished, This scenario and Campaign are done. 


This campaign is different from the others, in that there is no one central character. Each
part is a different famous battle which was fought by various forces at various times during
the early years of the 1st and 2nd Centuries.


300 wood, 200 food, 500 gold, 600 rock, 35 of 75 maximum units
color = Red - Start in North in Tours with 7 villagers
Army of Martel - south of Tours - 11 throwing axemen, 16 knights, and Charles

Berbers - Yellow - west edge - light calvary, swordsmen, rams
Moors - Green - southwest in Potiers - camels, knights, scorpions, marmelukes

Prevent the Moslem forces from destroying any of your 3 town centers.
Capture 6 moorish trade carts and take them to your cathedral in Tours.

Move Charles Army into your City and use them to fend off enemy attacks.
Reinforce and upgrade to Imperial Age. 
Build up forces and get ready to attack.
Don't worry with the Berbers, you don't need their city.
Go South and attack the Moors in the South Corner. 
Capture the supply carts and bring them to Tours Cathedral. 
That's it!!


200 wood, 300 food, 200 gold, 300 rock, 6 of 15 units, (75 max units after houses)
Start in Dark Age with 3 Berbers and 3 Villagers in the East Corner

Vikings of Greenland - Green - North Corner
British - Blue - Midway in the East-South Edge
Wildmen (Celts) - Purple - West Corner 

Transport Eric The Red to the New World and he must survive.

Slow going, as you can not build farms. Food has to come from hunting and fishing.
You have a rock deposit in your area, but no gold. You will have to raid the British to
obtain gold by destroying their Marketplace.

The Green forces will attack you quite often.

Build up some ground forces and some naval components along with transports.
Sail to Greenland and cross the island to the far shore.
You can not sail around the southern tip of the Island, through the Worm Sea, as the worms
will eat your boats.

Build a dock on the west coast of Greenland, build some transports and travel on to the new
world.  Land on the eastern shore close to the map edge and build settlement.
The Wildmen will attack singly and in pairs, so they are not a lot of trouble.
Build a couple of towers to guard the approaches to your settlement, They will take care
of most attackers.

Build the structures as required and you win the scenario.


300 wood, 400 food, 300 gold, 250 rock, 9 of 45 units, (maximum=75 w/ houses)
Start in southeast in village with stockade fence - 5 villagers, 2 knights, 1 calvary and

Harold's Raiders - Yellow
Harold's Army - Orange
Saxon Navy (Harold's) - Red
Vikings - Cyan - At war with Harold - may be enemy ??

Destroy Castle of Harold the Saxon
William must survive.

Harold Hardraade, the Viking Leader, suggests an alliance - take it !!
He will ask for transports. Give them to him when you can, and you will get 20+ Elite
Berserkers and 5 Viking Longboats.

You can eliminate the Saxon Navy and Docks with these forces.
Prepare an invasion force and head west across the channel.
Land North of Harold's Castle and then swing down to the southwest and destroy the castle.
This is the goal and end of the scenario.


500 wood, 1000 food, 1000 gold, 0 rock, Maximum 75 Units
13 light calvary, 6 calvary archers, 6 long swordsmen, and 4 camels.
You have no villagers, Start in south corner, your color is Purple.

Byzantines - Blue - Located in East Corner

Capture the Town Centers at Coppadocia - Red; Pisidia - Green; and Galatia - Yellow to
receive tributes.
Defeat the Byzantines

You can train additional units but can not build a base.
When you send a scout out through the gates, you gain 2000 wood, 2000 food, and 2000
gold along with 2 trebouchets.

Proceed to the northwest, and you will reach the gates of Coppadoccia 
Turn north, take out the gates and capture Coppadocia.
Now proceed to the Northwest and capture Pisidia.

Then go to the North to capture Galatia. 
Now you can go to the East Corner and defeat the Byzantines. 
You do not have to conquer them, just defeat them.


80 wood, 0 food, 85 gold, 0 rock, 10 of 0 units, (These forces plus any you may convert
are all you get !! - Start in Southwest Corner - Color is Red - You have 20 archers,
12 swordsmen, 3 monks, 3 rams, 3 knights, and Henry. 

Town of Harfluer - Purple - in southwest - has calvary
Town of Amiens - Cyan - Atop Plateau in South - has pikemen 
Town of Voyeni - Green - In Center of map - few swordsmen
French Forces - Blue - In the North - has calvary + swordsmen

Henry must Survive and end up in England.
Objectives will be spelled out as you go.

Calvary from Harfluer will attack at beginning of scenario. Defeat them, but don't bother
with the town.
Go north, take out the gates to Voyeni, go east thru the town, remove the University and
the Castle.

Go to the southeast after defeating the Castle, and enter the town of Amiens through the
East Double Gate. Destroy the town center, as it is in the way, and then the blacksmith shop.
Now turn around, go back through Voyeni and across a bridge at the northeast corner of town.
Proceed north until you come to the French Garrison. Defeat the French Forces and then
proceed North to a road intersection.

Turn left and you will come to the french village of Calais. Have Henry board the Transport
which is in the harbor' and send him to England,


800 wood, 600 food, 1000 gold, 400 rock, 45 of 100 units, (maximum=100 )
16 villagers, 7 onangers, 6 Hvy Demolition Ships, 5 cannon galleon, 4 war galleys,
4 fireships, and 2 transports

Turks - Purple - from East to South along Edge of Map - Lots of Navy + pikemen, calvary, and
Greeks - Green - In West Corner - possible ally

Complete and Defend a Wonder for 200 years.

This is a tough Scenario. You get a lot of Naval Forces to start, but they will prove
in-adequate. There is one large and one small gold deposit outside your west gate which
you can mine. You have fields to farm for food, but you have no rock immediately available.
There is a rock deposit and gold deposit on a Greek Island to the South of the Wonder.

The Greeks will offer an alliance, which when gained will give you access to this Island.
You should build some land troops as defenders. The Turks will send transports with troops
to invade you shortly after the scenario begins.

You should also construct some additional naval forces with upgrades as soon as you can, as
the attacks by the Turkish Navy will not let up until you have won the scenario or
eliminated all the Turkish Navy and Docks. 
Good Luck !!


2000 wood, 800 food, 200 gold, 200 rock, 6 of 0 units, (maximum=75 w/ houses)
color - Cyan - have 3 transports, 2 fireships
Osaka - small city - small army - in east edge of map
Hyogo - Village - Infantry, archers, Samurai 
Kyoto - Green - large city - spearmen, samurai, Knights, rebel monks who want relics and
small navy

free Nobunaga (objective will change)

Start in South Corner - send fireships to northeast to shore; wall of Osaka will be seen
at edge of fog of war. Send 2 transports to shore and unload troops.

You will now be able to send the third ship to shore and unload two petards who will blow
a hole in the wall, allowing you to take your forces in and capture Osaka by advancing to
the second section of town and going to the town center.

Once this is accomplished. You gain the use of the villagers who are left.
There is a gold deposit inside the town and a rock deposit outside the walls west of the

Improve your town, build additional troops (especially some trebouchets) and you will be
ready to proceed with the rest of the scenario.

Travel to the Northwest, across a shallows crossing and you will come to Hyogo. Capture
this town soon enough and you will gain access to additional  gold and rock deposits.
Now, you should build a dock, manufacture some transports, and sail North East with troops
and attack Kyoto, eliminating the three castles to win the scenario.


1000 wood, 1000 food, 1000 gold, 1000 rock, 27 of 75 units, (maximum=75 )
color = Red - 18 villagers, 5 galleons, 2 cannon galleons, 2 fireships.
There are also three Turtle Ships belonging to Admiral Yi at his harbor northwest of your city.

Japan - Yellow - along map edge from south to east - has large navy consisting of 15 galleons,
8 cannon galleons, 2 fast fireships, 2 transports, 18 fishing boats, and 9 elite samurai.
These are supported by 7 docks and 4 castles.
Japanese Raiders - Purple - North of your village - have 10 crossbow, 5 samurai, and 1

Chinese - Orange - on an island to the west of your city - Possible Ally

Defend Korea and do not allow Wonder to be destroyed.

When the scenario begins, your wonder is being attacked by the 8 Japanese Cannon Galleons.
Get your navy up there as soon as possible and take out these ships.
You can win this scenario strictly by Naval Actions.

Use 1 dock for upgrades and manufacture additional ships at the other.
After you take care of the galleons at your Wonder, go after all other warships belonging
to Japan.

Enlist the aid of Admiral Yi's Turtle Ships (when you do, you gain the ability to build more)
to attack the docks and shipping at the Japanese coast.
Use your ships also in this endeavor, and you should be able to remove all the docks and
Japanese Ships.

You are offered an alliance with the Chinese. If you send transports to their Island, you
will gain the services of bombards and other troops which will allow the elimination of
shore based facilities.
When the Docks and Ships of Japan are destroyed, They are defeated.

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