Age of Empires 3 v1.06 patch

Age of Empires 3 Ensemble Studios je izbacio novi patch za Age of Empires 3. Zakrpa nosi oznaku 1.06 i donosi razna nova poboljšanja. Kompletnu listu promena možete videti u nastavku teksta, ukoliko želite da preuzmete patch možete to učiniti sa donjeg linka.

Age of Empires 3 v1.06 English Patch 14.32MB



Chat Member List can now be sorted by Clan Name
Added server maintenance notification that will display when the servers are down


Added checking that prevents players from joining game rooms which are in a bad state and can not launch, fixing the source of a crash
Several Home City Card tooltip updates

Hispaniola water flags and whale placement fixed
Hispaniola now displays correct thumbnail
Sonora herds now balanced for both sides of the map
Advanced Market Card effects now get applied when shipped
Fixed ‘This game is not rated’ message that was popping up in rated games
Number on Home City Cards now displays the correct number of units to be sent
All ranged cavalry units now do double damage vs. artillery
Mercenary shipments now cost 1000g and have fewer units
Military shipments from the homecity decreased for 3rd age shipments and increased for 4th age shipments
Numerous balance changes


Quick Search now displays the correct number players during search

Custom Games List sorting fixed for sorting by Rank
Fixed exploit that allowed more then 20 cards in ESO decksustom game setup now shows if a game is rated, not rated, no XP

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