Adrenalin Extreme Show (šifre)

Adrenalin Extreme Show

Submitted by: RM

Press [Shift] + ~ during game play to display the console window. 
Enter one of the following codes, then press [Shift] + ~ 

Note: Press [Up] or [Down] at the console window to cycle through the 
previously entered codes. Press [Tab] at the console window to list 
its commands. 
Enter one or more letters then press [Tab] at the console window to display 
all commands that begin with those characters. 

Result                                                    Code 
Break the windows on your vehicle                       - breakwin  
Display value of current "World Timescale"              - timescale 

Change the "World Timescale" (game speed; 1 is default,
.5 for slow motion, 2 for fast motion)                  - timescale  

Toggle enemy driver                                     - AI ai_enable <0/1>  

Teleport vehicle to another track location              - transport 
Toggle unlimited adrenalin for Nitro Boost and 

Adrenalin Devices                                       - givemethepower 
Toggle all Adrenalin devices mode                       - devilsmachine  
Enemies enforced                                        - nightmare  
Tracks unlocked                                         - keymaster  
Invinciibilty                                           - elixir  
Ignored by enemies                                      - ghostintheshelter  
Toggle maximum speed allowed in speed limited races     - lightspeed 
1 million gold                                          - makemerich  
Get indicated amount of gold                            - makemerich   
1 million gold                                          - pl_addmoney  
Get indicated amount of gold                            - pl_addmoney   
Players received or lost some money                     - robinhood  
No effect                                               - skipstage  
Toggle sidelights and rear lights                       - sidelights <0/1>  

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