50 Cent – Bulletproof (šifre)

50 Cent - Bulletproof

Submitted by: RM

During Game Play Go to Menue Options then Cheats and 
enter one of the following codes:

Cheat code                 Result
ny'sfinestyo             - Unlimited Health
the hub is broken        - More powerful guns
yayoshome                - Tony Yayo So Seductive Video
workout                  - Empty n' Clips counter Kill
sayhellotomylittlefriend - Unlock the My Buddy video
gotthemrachets           - Unlock all weapons
gunrunner                - Unlock the blood hound counter kill
orangejuice              - Action 26 unlocked
graballthat50            - All songs unlocked
50bpexclusives           - I'm A Rider, Maybe We Crazy songs unlocked
HookMeUp50               - All Music Videos
GrizzSpecial             - Infinite Ammo
TimeToSmokeEm            - Double Damage
GoodDieYoung             - "G'd Up" Counter-Kill
TimetoThrowDown          - "Mountain Climber" Counter-Kill
AintGotNothin            - "Wanksta" Counter-Kill
GettingDropped           - "Guillotine" Counter-Kill
HardcoreG$hit            - "Southside" Counter-Kill

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