3D Pinball (šifre)

3D Pinball

Cheat mode:
Type hidden test during game play. You can now click on the ball and 
move it around freely. The ball will follow your mouse, as long as you 
hold the mouse button down. Press R to increase your rank in the game. 
Press H for a very high score.

While "Cheat mode" is active, press [F3] to pause game play, then press 
all the letter keys on the keyboard. Then [F3] again. You can now see the 
path of your ball in pink throughout the whole game. 
This will not go away until the end of the game or you exit out. 

Get to the Launch Pad:
Launch the ball on the Hyperspace. After launching, the ball will hit the 
left flipper (do not move any flipper) then bounce into the right "rebound". 
After the ball hits the right "rebound" press X. This works about 70% of 
the time.

Do the skill shot then do not touch the flippers. Just let the ball fall, 
and the game will give you a re-deploy. You can shoot it up and then 
attack bumpers.

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