1701 A.D. Gold Edition Patch v1.04 izašao

1701 A.D. Gold EditionIz Ubisofta nam stiže patch Anno 1701 igre, sa kojim se verzija iste podiže na 1.04 i time se isrpravljaju uočeni propusti, kompletnu listu ispravki možete pogledajte u nastavku teksta.

1701 AD Gold Edition v1.04 Patch (185Mb)

1701 AD Patch 1.04 Changelog

This update will bring 1701 AD up to version 1.04.
This update also includes the 1.03 patch.
It is recommended for all users.

Patch 1.03

General enhancements:

– New quest reward: Ships
A new (rare) Trader assignment has been implemented, whereby the player
can now receive an Asian War junk as a reward.

– In the menu area a "Custom content" feature has been added which
allows players to load and play Maps that have been created using the

– Various changes have been made to allow owners of the add on (who also
own the main game) to still play multiplayer mode matches with players
who do not own the add on.

Patch 1.04

General enhancements:

– Fixed a bug within the multiplayer-connections

– New Menu "User Content". Using this menu, players can e.g. play maps
created with the editor (provided with the AddOn)

– ANNOpedia-Updates for:
a. The 4 new characters (Diego, Finn, Grace, Horatio)
b. The new catastrophe (Meteor)
c. The 2 new Questtypes

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