Dungeon Siege II (walkthrough)

Dungeon Siege II


[3.1] Chapter 1: The Siege of Greilyn Beach

“Having left your hometown to find fortune and glory and to see the world,
you and your best friend Drevin have been fighting as mercenaries in Valdis’
army for the last few years.

“You have been transported to Greilyn beach via Dragon flight, and ordered to
travel through the trenches the landing force has prepared to help Valdis
secure a powerful artifact. Not much is known about the artifact other than
that it lies within a temple nearby called the Temple of the Coast and that
the island’s Dryad inhabitants currently protect it.”

Primary Tasks:
* Get your orders from Morden Lieutenant Jerind
* Destroy the training dummy using a melee weapon
* Destroy the training dummy using a ranged weapon
* Destroy the training dummy using a Nature Magic or a Combat Magic spell
* Get your orders from Morden Lieutenant Kargack
* Destroy the bracken shell
* Make your way to the front lines
* Reinforce the troops on the other side of the tunnel

Secondary Quests:
* None

Not much to talk about here. This is the main tutorial stage and the primary
purpose is to get you used to the game interface and controls. Most of the
creatures you will encounter during this chapter are weak to fire, so you
should either use a fire spell yourself or have Drevin use it. Follow the
trenches and the instructions given by the game.

Make sure you keep an eye out for barrels that can be opened. And, when you
reach a makeshift hospital, there’s a bookcase that holds items.

Once you start encountering ketril, you can switch away from the fire spell
and concentrate on whatever class you want to be. When you finally reach the
tunnel entrance, you’ll want to have a hero power or two available to use on
the Infused Ketril that’s right inside. He’s pretty tough. When you reach the
end of the tunnel, there will be an extended cutscene and Chapter 2 will

[3.2] Chapter 2: Prisoner of War

“After securing the Temple of the Coast at Greilyn beach, Valdis, rather than
giving a reward for his success, savagely attacked all of the mercenaries.

“You were knocked unconscious and, had it not been for your best friend
Drevin stepping in front of you at the last moment, you probably wouldn’t
even be alive.

“You were discovered by the Dryads who took you back to the treetop village
of Eirulan as a prisoner where you overheard an Elf known as Amren asking
your warden to treat you kindly, but you do not know why.”

Primary Tasks:
* Go to the merchant shops and ask for the basket of sharpening stones
* Bring the sharpening stones to the Dryad outpost

Secondary Quests:
* Armorer’s Apprentice
* Lumilla’s Salve

Once you are free, take the lift across to the merchant platform. If you want
to take a little break, you can wander around and talk to everyone. The main
person you need to see is Telinu, the armorer’s apprentice. She has the
sharpening stones, and a secondary quest for you. Choose the #1 conversation
options to get her quest, which is to find the recipe for Dryad armor in a
book that is in the great hall.

You can also get a quest from Lumilla, the enchantress. She wants four nettle
clusters to make some of her famous salve. You can’t do anything about either
of these quests now, so note them and continue on your way. You can’t go
anywhere in town except the Inn, but there’s really nothing you can do there
yet (unless you have somehow made 500 gold, in which case you could add a
third party member slot).

You can have one companion with you, and there are two hanging around just
inside the North Gate: Lothar, a half-giant fighter; and, Deru, a Dryad
ranger. If you take one at this early stage of the game, you can switch their
class focus; and, in fact, Lothar already has one level of combat mage and
Deru one of nature mage. Pick one up depending on your needs. Talk to the
Dryad guard to open the gate and take the lift to the Northern Greilyn Jungle.

Once down on the ground you’ll find out about health and mana bushes. If your
character is a Dryad, or you brought Deru with you, you’ll get some mana
potions from the mana bush. You won’t be able to harvest health potions until
someone in your party reaches level 5 ranged and takes the Survival skill.

You’ll also learn about incantation shrines because there’s one right here.
The Dryad who teaches you about shrines will also teach you a chant, the
Lesser Chant of Fortification.

Due north of the shrine is a tower. Enter it and throw the lever to ride a
lift down to the basement where you will learn all about sanctuary doors and
find four sanctuary doors (one for each class). You’ll need a character with
at least level 3 in a class to open these doors. There’s also a lectern with
another chant on it (Lesser Chant of Dexterity).

Take what you can and ride the lift back up and head west for a little
looting side trip through some Hak’u caves. Once you’ve cleaned them out,
follow the Dryad guard a short distance east of the shrine to the Dryad
outpost. Dispose of the Morden, free the Dryads and start the next chapter.

[3.3] Chapter 3: The Morden Towers

“Freeing the captured Dryads has gained you more respect than is usually
given to a prisoner, but to earn full trust and freedom you must burn down
the four known Morden watchtowers in the jungles surrounding Eirulan.”

Primary Tasks:
* Find the first Morden tower.
* Burn down the first Morden tower.
* Find and burn down the second Morden tower.
* Find and burn down the third Morden tower.
* Find and burn down the fourth Morden tower.
* Return to Warden Celia in the Eirulan prisoner’s terrace.
* Speak with Taar in the Eirulan great hall.

Secondary Quests:
* Lumilla’s Salve
* The Hak’u

Now would be a good time to head back to Eirulan and sell some of your excess
loot. Check the reagent merchant near the North Gate (he has an emerald
floating over his head) to see if he has any nettle clusters you can buy and
buy whatever you can afford. Head back to the Dryad outpost and continue
through the gate to the north.

After you cross the bridge, you’ll see some Hak’u fighting a boarbeast.
Interrupt their hunt and dispose of the Hak’u, then follow the boarbeast west.
After everything’s dead, LEFT-CLICK the statue to reveal a hidden treasure
chest. You should receive the Vigilant Gloves, part of the Nature’s Vigilance

Continue north. When you reach the stairs, head west to find another statue
and another hidden chest, though with less treasure. Then go up the stairs to
a gate guarded by some Morden. You can choose to lie about rejoining the army,
which will get you a pass through this gate, or you can be belligerent and
kill all the Morden and still get through the gate.

Before passing through the gate, go east and up to a series of plateaus where
you can find some more Hak’u and loot. Continue through the gate, then head
west to another plateau and a Hak’u encampment with some nice loot. Then back
to the main path and north a little more to the first Morden tower.
Regardless of which conversation path you followed before, this time you end
up in a fight.

Once the Morden are dead, break the cage and talk to the Dryad. Then LEFT-
CLICK the wreckage of the cage, which should produce a cage fragment. Pick it
up (pressing ‘Z’ is the easiest way), equip it and LEFT-CLICK the campfire
and then LEFT-CLICK the tower. You get a satisfying explosion and you now
know how to take out the other three Morden towers.

Continue northward, through the wreckage of the tower, and you’ll soon come
to a teleporter. Across the path from the teleporter is a platform with two
books that will teach you the Lesser Chant of Strength and Lesser Chant of

Just north of the teleporter the path branches west and east. You can’t go
east now because the way is blocked by a wall you cannot pass, so follow the
path west. At the top of the first ridge, enter the tower and find the
interactive brick on the east wall. Left-click it to raise the treasure chest.

Continue following the path west and up until you see a cutscene of a Dryad
fighting a Hak’u. Afterwards, make sure the area is clear of hostiles and
then talk to the Dryad, Morain, to get the first Hak’u quest: you must rescue
Morain’s niece, Tanzi. After talking to Morain, head back the way you came
and go north, past the health shrine and over a bridge. You’ll find a Hak’u
ritual camp. Try to take out the shamans first, to keep them from summoning
lots of other beasties.

Now would probably be a good time to use the Summon Teleporter spell (or walk
back to the teleporter you recently passed) and head back to Eirulan to sell
off some loot. You should have enough gold to buy as many nettle clusters as
you need from the reagent merchant.

Take four nettle clusters to Lumilla and she’ll give you a jar of Lumilla’s
Salve, which is a pretty good reagent. Hang on to it until you get an
enchantable item. (You might want to stick it in the storage vault, for

Return to the main path and continue west. Soon the path will turn south and
you will find the second Morden tower. Burn it down as you did the first and
continue south.

Look for a small Hak’u camp to your left (east) just past the tower. After
clearing it, go the opposite direction (west) to a waterfall and walk through
the falls into a small cave. There’s nothing to fight in here, and you can’t
talk to the ghost (yet); but you can pick up a Mysterious Chant from the
lectern and some high-quality swag from the treasure chest–including the
Vigilant Hauberk, armor from the Nature’s Vigilance set.

Head back to the main path and continue south. The path will turn east and
you will soon come to the third Morden tower. This one is guarded by a
Morden-Viir Grunt Captain, who is pretty tough, but weak to ranged attacks.
Take him out first before dealing with the peons. Then burn down the tower.

If you go north from the tower, you’ll complete the circuit, arriving back at
the broken bridge where you met Morain. There’s some looting opportunities
around the bridge, then continue through the ruined tower.

The path turns south. Just past the tower is a path leading east that takes
you to a small plateau with a little loot. Continue on the main path until it
heads up and you enter the Western Greilyn Jungle. Soon after you reach the
top of the ramp, there will be a place to turn west and venture into the

Here you will find the back entrance to the Hak’u caves and Tanzi held
prisoner. Clear the Hak’u from the cave and watch as Tanzi sort of frees
herself and runs back to Eirulan. If you explore the cave, you’ll find a
partial bridge you may have noticed earlier when you were in the Hak’u caves
near the North Gate. Pull the lever to open a shortcut between the Western
Greilyn Jungle and Eirulan’s North Gate.

You can’t complete the Hak’u quest until you’ve finished with the Morden
towers, of which you have one more to burn. Leave the cave and continue south
along the main path.

There’s nothing particularly exciting until you reach the fourth Morden tower,
which is guarded by a Morden-Viir Recruit Captain, who is a very tough ranger,
but weak to melee. After the fourth tower is burned, continue west until you
reach the teleporter.

Teleport back to Eirulan and take the lift over to the prison. Speak to
Warden Celia and she will tell you to go to the great hall and Taar will
remove your Ring of Submission. Do so. When you talk to Taar, your Chapter 3
quests will end and Chapter 4 begins.

[3.4] Chapter 4: The Plague

“Burning down the Morden watchtowers has gained you the respect of the Dryads.

“Taar removed the prisoner’s Ring of Submission from your neck, but the
Dryads believe that you were infected with a deadly plague. From what you’ve
been told, your only hope for a cure is to reach the Elven Shrine at the top
of the ridge in the western Greilyn jungle and drink from the fountain

Primary Tasks:
* Find the ancient Elven shrine.
* Locate the Elven fountain.
* Fill the empty vial with water from the Elven fountain.
* Report back to Taar in the Eirulan great hall.

Secondary Quests:
* The Hak’u
* The Hak’u Part II
* The Armorer’s Apprentice
* Lelani’s Sorrow
* Secrets of the Elven Shrine
* Kithraya Hive
* Secrets of Xeria’s Temple

Across the room from Taar is the elf, Tellendril. He can tell you all about
war pedestals (and the entry will be added to your Handbook). Nearby, on a
shelf, is the Tome of Smithing that will tell you how to make Dryad armor.
Near the ramp to the lower level is Anerith, an elf who will instruct you in
how to obtain quests.

In the lower level you can pick up a book called “The Mothers of Eirulan”.
Historian Arisu can tell you many tales of the history of Greilyn Island and
Aranna. Leave the hall and go to the infirmary next door. Speak to Hesla,
Morain and Tanzi to end the Hak’u quest and begin the Hak’u Part II quest.

Take the lift back to the merchant’s area and talk to Telinu. Give her the
correct formula for making Dryad armor (conversation option #3). You’ll
complete the Armorer’s Apprentice quest and get a suit of magical Dryad armor
and another magic item.

You may be infected with plague, but all areas of Eirulan are now open to you.
Go to the pet shop and walk counter-clockwise around behind the pet shop to
find a ramp leading up to Laenne’s house. Talk to her about a “Lost Sapphire
of the Elves” hidden in the Elven Shrine. Since you’re going there anyway…

You might want to buy a pet: the local pet store currently has a pack mule
(300 gold), ice elemental (500 gold) and scorpion queen (350 gold).
Next to the pet shop is a house where you meet Lelani. Talk to her to begin
the Lelani’s Sorrow trading quest. This quest will span much of the game, but
you can make the first trade now. Take the child’s doll Lelani gives you and
head for the Falls, which you can reach using a lift from the Inn.

In the first house, talk to Fenella and give her the doll. She’ll give you a
flask of Elven ale in return. Walk through the back door of Fenella’s house
and take the elevator down. Follow the path to another elevator, go up and
enter the house to talk to Tamari. She’ll give you the Kithraya Hive quest.

Outside Tamari’s house, activate the lever to lower the bridge for a shortcut
back. Head to the Inn and stop inside for a chat with the grizzled bar patron,
who is sitting, amazingly, at the bar. Keep choosing conversation option #1
to get a quest for the future, Secrets of Xeria’s Temple.

If you want to add another companion slot to your party, speak to the
Innkeeper. Adding a companion slot costs 500 gold. While at the Inn, go into
the room behind the bar to pick up a book, The Hak’u.

Once you’re done in town, teleport back to the Western Greilyn Jungle. From
the teleporter, head west, off the path, to find an incantation shrine and a
lectern with the Lesser Chant of Mage Health. Continue exploring westward to
find a Hak’u encampment that includes the house of the Hak’u usurper. You
can’t do anything about him now, but you can loot the environs, picking up
some good magical items, the Lesser Chant of Casting and the Lesser Chant of
Ranger Health.

At the far west end of the map, you’ll find a ghost (part of a later quest)
and the Vigilant Boots, part of the Nature’s Vigilance set. Make your way
back to the main path and continue south. You’ll come to a Dryad outpost.
They give you permission to loot them, so do so–don’t miss the armor stand
in the corner or the Lesser Chant of Fighter Health on the lectern. Now all
you have left to do is follow the gray dirt road to the Elven Shrine.

In the first level of the shrine, you can find a sanctuary door that requires
ranged level 6 or better to open. Clear out a couple of rooms to find the
lift down to level 2. At the bottom of the lift, search for a button on the
west wall, near the lift, to open a secret room and begin your search for the
Lost Sapphire of the Elves.

Loot the room, then left-click the Green Life Cube pile to pick up a cube,
then left-click the Green Life Cube Socket to place the cube in the socket. A
lever is revealed. Activate the lever to be taken down a level. Find the
button on the north wall to open a secret room to the south. Get two cubes
from the Yellow Sight Cube pile and place one in the Yellow Sight Cube Socket
in the south room.

Grab two Red Blindness Cubes from the pile in the south room, then activate
the revealed lever in the north room to go down one more level. Activate the
button in the east wall to open the room with the Red Blindness Cube Socket.
Place one cube there, then grab two Purple Death Cubes and put one in the
appropriate socket in the other room.

Another secret room opens. Put your remaining cubes in the appropriate
sockets in this order: Yellow – Red – Purple. Activate the lever to be taken
to the sapphire, as well as three chant books: Lesser Chant of Fighter Power,
Lesser Chant of Ranger Power and Lesser Chant of Mage Power.

You’ll come back out in the lift room of level 2. Make your way south,
looting the side rooms. One side room has a sanctuary door that requires a
level 6 or higher nature mage to open.

Once you descend a flight of steps, prepare for a boss fight. There are three
very tough Hak’u in the next room, one of which keeps reviving as long as the
other two are alive. Once the three boss Hak’u are dead, the door to the
south opens and you can enter the fountain.

There are only a few weak Hak’u in this room. Kill them, then left-click the
fountain to fill your vial. Grab the Chant of Lesser Prosperity from the
north wall. Use the teleporter to the east to return to Eirulan. Go see
Laenne above the pet shop and give her the sapphire, then return to Taar to
complete Chapter 4.

[3.5] Chapter 5: The Dryad Exile Colony

“After drinking from the fountain in the Elven Shrine, you filled your vial
with the last of the curative water. You have been asked to bring it to a
colony of exiled Dryads who have the plague.”

Primary Tasks:
* Find the Dryad Exile Colony
* Save the old man

Secondary Quests:
* Dire Wolf
* Taar’s Investigation

Add Taar to your party. If all your slots are filled, disband a henchman or
go purchase a fourth slot from the Innkeeper (cost is 1,500 gold). With Taar
in your party and the active character, go to the house next to the great
hall and speak to Arianne. She tells of a great beast said to be controlled
by the Hak’u. Agree to track down this beast–if it exists.

Go over to the pet shop and talk to the merchant. Select conversation option
#2 about wanting something stronger. She will tell you about dire wolves.
Rokhar, a mage who hangs about in the great hall, knows quite a bit about
them. Go back to the great hall and speak to Rokhar. Agree to meet him in the
Southern Jungle.

Teleport from Eirulan to the Northern Greilyn Jungle. Remember the Hak’u
ritual camp you cleared out earlier? Time to visit there again. Go north and
then west from the Northern Jungle teleporter until you reach the health
shrine. Then go north over the bridge to the ritual camp.

Clear the Hak’u, then click the carcass on the top of the altar. The Hak’u
Ceremonial Blade should drop on the ground. Pick it up and teleport back to
Eirulan. Go to the pet shop terrace and leave through the South Gate.

When the trail turns east, go south and pass through a gap in the rocks.
Enter a small cave and have it out with the garganturax–the “formidable”
creature that scared Arianne. The garganturax can’t be hurt by melee weapons
other than the Ceremonial Blade, so equip that to your fighter. However, the
Blade doesn’t do much damage against this little monster. Pepper it with
spells and ranged weapons–which do damage it–and try to keep it occupied
with the Blade wielder.

You can wait to finish Arianne’s quest until you’ve finished the Dire Wolf
quest, so get back on the main path and continue east. Along the way you
should find Some Abandoned Ruins (yes, that’s what they’re called). Find the
interactive chalice on the north wall (it’s the left of the two center cups)
to open a secret room with some decent loot in it. Just east of the ruins is
a cave with an elder Hak’u witch doctor. He has good loot as well.

Continue east until you reach the Southern Greilyn Jungle teleporter and,
just beyond that, Razka’s Ruins. There’s a mini-boss here, a Morden-Viir
Spearman Captain who is weak to ranged attacks. Clear out the monsters and
continue east; don’t go down in the ruins as you’ll need a key to fully
explore them and you won’t get the key for quite some time yet. Just past
Razka’s Ruins, turn north and cross the bridge and enter the cave that’s to
your right as you come over the bridge.

Fight your way through the cave to enter Rokhar’s Rift Site. Talk to Rokhar
and he’ll start summoning a dire wolf, while a horde of nawl beasts come
through the rift. Go into Rampage Party mode and lay into the nawl beasts
until Rokhar manages to bring the dire wolf through the rift. Then talk to
him and he will travel back to Eirulan to deliver the wolf to the pet

Loot the rift area. About this time you can expect your first encounter
with ???. ??? is a mysterious, level 100 humanoid thief that teleports in
randomly when you discover valuable loot. He steals a few items and teleports
out. You can attack him, but, at this point in the game, you won’t be able to
kill him. However, attacking him will keep him from stealing your stuff and
make him drop an item or two of his own.

You may see ??? at this point, you my not see him until later. Always keep
your eyes open for him and your weapons ready. Teleport back to town. Go see
Arianne and complete Taar’s Investigation, then head over to the pet shop and
talk to the pet seller to conclude the Dire Wolf quest. Buy a puppy if you

Teleport back to the Southern Greilyn Jungle and head east once more; you’re
now entering the Eastern Greilyn Jungle. Just past the point you turned north
to find Rokhar, look for a cave entrance to the south–there should be two
vulk in front of it. Inside you can score the final piece of Nature’s
Vigilance–the Vigilant Crest (helmet). Opposite the cave, to the north, is a
plateau with a circle of mushrooms on it. This is part of a later quest.

Keep following the main path, which will soon turn south. Look for a small
tower to the east (your left) and go down into it to get some good loot. You
are now just outside the Dryad Exile Camp.



There’s a glitch just ahead; so don’t save over your game until you complete
this chapter. Continue to the Dryad camp. Inside, an old man is being
attacked by plagued Dryads. Wait a moment while they beat up on him a bit–
this should trigger his scripts so you can complete the quest. Kill the
plagued Dryads, then talk to the old man, who turns out to be an Azunite
scholar who will fill you in on what Valdis is up to (assuming you haven’t
already figured it out).

Sometimes the scholar’s scripts won’t work and he’ll keep calling for help
even after you’ve killed all the Dryads. If that happens to you, reload and
try again.

Thus ends Chapter 5…

[3.6] Chapter 6: Leaving Greilyn Isle

“The old man you saved is interested in all things Azunite, and calls himself
the Azunite Scholar.

“He confirmed what Taar told you: there is a portal to the mainland on the
eastern shore of Greilyn Isle that leads off the island. He also warned you
that you must pass through the Kithraya Caverns to reach it.”

Primary Tasks:
* Locate the Kithraya Caverns
* Look for survivors from Vix’s squad
* Investigate Eastern Greilyn Beach
* Destroy the shard
* Use the portal to leave Greilyn Isle
* Talk to Captain Suzor

Secondary Quests:
* The Hak’u, Part II
* Feldwyr the Blacksmith
* The Kithraya Hive

After the history lesson, talk to the Azunite scholar again and he will open
the path east. Loot the camp, then take the west path (yes, that’s west, not
east). Near the incantation shrine, find a small cave where you can locate
Hrawn, the Hak’u. Talk to him to open the remainder of the Hak’u, Part II

Leave Hrawn and his father and return to the Dryad camp. This time take the
newly opened east path and then turn south and find the Eastern Greilyn
Jungle teleporter. Teleport to the Western Jungle.

From the Western Greilyn Jungle teleporter, go due west to find the usurper’s
house. (You may remember having explored this area earlier, during your trip
to the Elven Shrine.) Knock on the door of the house. The usurper will let
you in and try to kill you. Do unto him before he does unto you.

Teleport to the Eastern Jungle and make your way to Hrawn’s cave. Talk to his
father to receive your reward. Now teleport back to Eirulan and visit Hesla
in the infirmary to receive even more reward, including a bonus skill point
for all members of your party.

It’s about time to sell off some loot; once you’ve done that, teleport to the
Eastern Greilyn Jungle. Continue along the main path. You will soon reach
some ruins and the path will turn south, over a bridge. Enter the ruins, kill
some Hak’u and find Feldwyr the blacksmith. Talk to him to initiate his quest.

In the room south of Feldwyr is a lift that will take you up into a locked
tower on the cliff above the ruins. You can unlock the door from the inside,
creating a little shortcut back down to Feldwyr. After talking to the
blacksmith, the door to the east opens and you can go down into the depths of
the ruins.

Before heading down the stairs, in the room just east of Feldwyr, look on the
north side of the north, central column. Pull the lever to open a secret room.
In the secret room, find the button on the west wall to open another secret
room. There’s yet a third room (not hidden) beyond this second room. Once you
are finished looting, go downstairs.

At the bottom of the second stairway, you can turn either left (north) or
right (south). Go north and fight your way through a bunch of relatively low-
level Hak’u until you find the mini-boss and get Feldwyr’s anvil. In the
eastern-most room of this set of rooms, look for a lever on the wall that
opens the center room and find a treasure chest.

Back at the fork in the path, going south presents you with a level 24 mini-
boss guarding a room full of level 22 mobs. Not only would it be almost
impossible to defeat this mini-boss (your characters are probably about level
14, unless you’ve been doing some farming); but, you won’t get much XP from
the encounters since they are so much higher in level than you. Best to wait
until you’re about 20th level, then return here and clear out the southern
portion of the ruins.

Leave Feldwyr’s sanctuary and continue south over the bridge. You will soon
enter a narrow cavern which leads to a ridge above the path you’ve been
traveling. You’ll find a tower here, inside of which is Vix, a human ranger
who offers to join you for your trip through the caverns. If you tell Vix to
take a hike, he will–but only as far as the Eirulan Inn. Also inside the
tower are two chants, the Lesser Chants of Magic Awareness and Ranged

After passing through Vix’s tower, you’ll enter the Upper Kithraya Caverns.
Fight your way through them. About 3/4 of the way you’ll find a large chamber
with two exits: a wide one in the southeastern corner and a narrow one in the
southwestern corner. There’s also a broken elevator, but you can’t fix it
until you’ve got someone named Finala with you–and you won’t meet her until
Act II.

Take the narrow, southwest passage to a dead end with a mini-boss and a
little loot. Then take the wider passage to the southeast to find a
teleporter and the entrance to the Lower Kithraya Caverns.

Fight your way through the caverns until you encounter one of Vix’s soldiers,
who is quite possessed. Soon after leaving the zombified remains of the
soldiers behind, you’ll come to a fork in the path. Take the right (south)
path to find and kill the hive queen and get her head.

Head back the other way to enter Eastern Greilyn Beach. Fight the spirits and
destroy the shard, then head down to the beach and talk to the scholar. After
your conversation, the portal off the island is open. Step through to a small
desert camp and talk to Captain Suzor.

[3.7] Chapter 7: Secret of the Azunite Desert

“A Human battalion from Windstone Fortress has been searching for a powerful
Azunite weapon. They tell you that the keys to finding the weapon are guarded
by the Skath, a fierce desert race.”

Primary Tasks:
* Find the Stela of Blindness
* Find the Stela of Life
* Find the Stela of Death
* Find the Stela of Sight
* Place the four stelae and learn the location of the Lost Vault
  of the Azunites

Secondary Quests:
* The Kithraya Hive
* Lelani’s Sorrow
* A Family Heirloom

After talking to Captain Suzor, step into the house behind her and talk to
soldier Balamar. He wants something to drink and you should still have that
flask of Elven Ale you got back in Chapter 4. Trade him the Ale for some
skath cat ribs. If you did a lot of talking to people in Eirulan, you may
remember someone who wants some meat…Yeah, time to make a trip to Eirulan
and finish the Kithraya Hive quest and take another step on Lelani’s Sorrow.
Fortunately, there’s a teleporter nearby.

Travel back to Eirulan and go see Tamari at the falls for your reward. On the
way back, stop at the Inn and go upstairs and talk to soldier Jordhan. He’s
craving meat, so give him the skath cat ribs and receive a statuette of Xeria
in return. Might as well put it in the storage vault, you won’t find someone
who wants it until near the end of Act II.

Sell your unwanted gear and teleport back to the Azunite Desert. Don’t bother
with the stuff south of camp just yet, you’ll be coming back to that area
later. Leave the camp to the northeast and go down to the first Skath
Guardian. Kill him for the Stela of Blindness.

Go west, under the bridge, to find the Skath Guardian with the Stela of Life.
Go back to where you killed the first Guardian, and go north, up the slope to
a tower. Enter the tower and take the elevator down to speak with Master
Thestrin. Ask him about his duty and about the riddle needed to pass a
guardian statue in his family’s crypt. After talking to Thestrin, find the
button in the alcove on the west wall to open a secret treasure room.

Leave Thestrin and continue north past the tower and turn back south toward
the bridge to kill the Skath Guardian with the Stela of Death. Turn and go
north; before you go through the archway, turn left (west) and go down the
stairs to face the final Guardian and get the Stela of Sight.

Go north into the Azunite cavern and clear it. Then head back up the stairs
and through the archway you approached earlier. Clear out this main cavern,
the cavern to the west and the small canyon to the north. Then take the east
path from the cavern to the Azunite Shrine.

In the first room of the shrine, find the interactive block on the south wall
and press it to open a secret room. Collect the loot, which includes the
Lesser Chant of Purity.

Go through the east door and follow the hallways of the shrine. You will soon
reach an octagonal treasure room with four chests in each corner and one in
the center. The chest in the southeast corner is a mimic, which is a very
tough foe; but, drops a lot of loot.

The other three corner chests open one of a set of side doors with level 16
creatures. The center chest opens all four doors. It’s up to you whether you
want a gang war or a little 4-on-1 monster killing. Be sure to loot the small
side rooms for more loot, including a Chant. Continue south to a series of
two elevators that take you to the Inner Chamber of the shrine.

Right next to you is a sanctuary door that requires ranged 13 or better to
open. On the east wall is a lectern with the Lesser Chant of Melee Awareness.
After taking the treasure, place the Stelae in their sockets. A Map of the
Lost Vault of the Azunites and a silver mirror appear on the central pedestal.
Collect them, the door to the west opens, and Chapter 7 comes to an end.

[3.8] Chapter 8: The Lost Azunite Artifact

“Placing the four Stelae revealed the location of a lost Azunite vault. Find
it and retrieve the weapon inside.”

Primary Tasks:
* Find the Lost Vault of the Azunites
* Retrieve the Azunite Weapon
* Talk to the Elven spirit in the Lost Vault of the Azunites

Secondary Quests:
* None

This is a fairly short and linear chapter, though it may feel long and
wandering due to the amount of combat, and twists the path takes–get used to
it, it only gets worse from here. When you leave the Ancient Azunite Shrine,
you’ll come out into the Valley of the Azunites. To the south is the Cavern
of the Phoenix, but there’s nothing there for you…yet. Head north. You’ll
soon come to a teleporter, which will provide a welcome respite in Eirulan–
as well as a chance to unload some of your loot.

Teleport back to the Valley. Due east of the teleporter are some ruins.
Careful searching will reveal an elevator. This leads to some Lost Elven
Ruins; but, you’re going to have to come back here again later, so leave it
for now. Continue north, pass through another Azunite Cavern and come out on
the cliff ledges above the small canyon in the Azunite Desert.

There’s a bridge to cross to the other side and another Azunite Cavern. Fight
your way through the cavern. Take note of the “broken” bridge to the
northwest–this is, again, part of a later quest. Continue until you come to
a mirror-and-light puzzle.

Gotta love those.

The statue in the southeast is missing its mirror, you can use the silver one
you got from the shrine. Starting with the mirrorless statue, turn the
statues in the numerical order listed below so the light is shining in the
pattern shown:

   6———————7  3—————–2


8———–9        |

A new path will open up, so take the long and winding stair to the Lost Vault
of the Azunites. Retrieve the Azunite Artifact, which turns out to be an
empty bowl.

Yes, that’s right, an empty bowl.

Ah! But Mr. Plot Exposition Elven Spirit has popped up out of nowhere and a
conversation with him will reveal–well, not all, but a good deal and set you
up on your next quest.

[3.9] Chapter 9: Windstone Fortress

“The Azunite Ancestor within the Lost Vault of the Azunites has revealed much
— evidently you are a direct descendant of the great Azunai himself, which
explains how you were able to wield the Azunite bowl without harm.

“You must now travel to Windstone Fortress to unlock the bowl’s power and aid
those stationed there.”

Primary Tasks
* Begin the journey to Windstone Fortress by speaking to the Azunite Ancestor
* Take the Azunite Artifact to Windstone Fortress
* Find the person in command
* Enter the Windstone Fortress Outer Vault
* Activate the Azunite Artifact
* Enter the Temple of Xeria

Secondary Quests:
* The Imprisoned Half-Giant
* The Missing Squadron

While it was really nice of the Elven spirit to leave you a treasure chest,
it would have been nicer for him to leave you a quick exit out of the Vault.
Hoof it back up the stairs to the light puzzle room and talk to the Elven
Spirit again. He’ll open a path to the north that takes you to the Western
Cliffs of Azunai.

There’s a teleporter right here, but it’s best to keep moving for now. Go
east until the path ends, then search for a cave entrance to the south. Enter
Isteru’s Caverns. To the southwest you can find the entrance to some ruins
that lead to an Ancient Elven Reliquary. But, you can’t do anything down
there right now, so ignore it. Work your way through the caverns, back out on
to the cliffs, and back into the caverns again.

Keep following the caverns and cliffs until you reach a bridge. Cross the
bridge, and to the east you can find a mini-boss and some loot. To the west,
from the bridge, is the Eastern Cliffs of Azunai teleporter. Continue west
and then north to enter the Windstone Tunnels. Once you get through the
Windstone Tunnels, you’ll be at the entrance to Windstone Fortress, which is
not a very friendly place right now–if you haven’t already figured that out.

Continue down the path, until you get the cutscene showing that Valdis has
been here. Gee, that’s a shock. At the locked door into the fortress, take
the entrance to your right into the Eastern Gatehouse. Clear the gatehouse,
then head down the hall.

There are three side-rooms here. The one to the north contains a little loot.
The one to the southwest is where you’ll meet Private Banos. Go ahead and
talk to him and agree to take him to Squadron Leader Taarth. You’ll get a new
quest entry, Secondary Quest #13, The Missing Squadron–even though you
haven’t met Taarth yet. It’s easier this way.

The room at the southeast corner of the hall contains another mimic. Beat it
down with hero powers, then run back to the war pedestal in the gatehouse for
a recharge and come back and beat on it some more. They do drop a lot of loot,
so they’re worth the trouble. Continue north, then west along the hall.

Off this northern hall are two side rooms. The one to the north has a mini-
boss and a treasure room to the east. The treasure room has the Lesser Chant
of Magic Skill, and, behind the statue, a button to open another treasure
room. The side room to the south is found by turning the statue set into a
nook in the wall.

Head west again to enter Windstone Fortress proper. Before going north to
activate the teleporter, head straight across into the Western Gatehouse.
Clear it out to find Private Caiden (break the pots surrounding him or he
won’t follow you), the Lesser Chant of Melee Skill and a book: Vol. 7, The
Deeds of Xeria. The book is part of a later quest.

Head back out into Windstone Fortress and go north. Enter the next west-
leading hallway to enter the barracks and work your way to the west-most room,
where you’ll find Private Nolan. Pick up the Lesser Chant of Ranged Skill in
the same room. Along the northern hall of the barracks, look for a secret
door switch on the north wall. There’s another secret room off the first
secret room. Return to the Fortress proper and talk to Squadron Leader Taarth,
who will be delighted to see his men and will reward you with the Dusty Key.

Just west of Taarth is a half-giant in a hole. Speak to Sartan to open the
Imprisoned Half-Giant quest and prepare the way for another possible henchman.
Past Sartan is Captain Dathry, the man in charge. Speak to him to continue
the main quest in this chapter.

Enter the eastern hall and push the button on the wall to open the Outer
Vault. The next room contains a Yellow Sight socket and some Yellow Sight
cubes. You know what to do. Beyond are two Green Life sockets; the green
cubes are in the room to the right (south).

Next are two Red Blindness sockets and the zombiefied Lieutenant Namyek, who
will cough up the Inner Vault Key if you give him a permanent Heimlich. Open
the Red Blindness door and enter the Inner Vault. After the zombies are dead
(re-dead?), thoroughly loot the room and then click on the blue flame to
activate your Azunite artifact.

Grab four Purple Death cubes from the corner of the room and open the door
that is just north and east of the blue flame. Inside is the White Vault door,
which requires the Dusty Key to open. Lucky you did that quest for Taarth,
right? Open the vault, place your four purple cubes and collect copious
amounts of treasure.

Return to Captain Dathry with your artifact. He’ll blow open the way
northward. Then talk to Soldier Orayne to free Sartan and talk to Sartan to
complete the Imprisoned Half-Giant quest. Go north and fight your way through
the big bugs, which shouldn’t be too hard if you’ve been doing all the
sidequests so far. Enter the Temple of Xeria…

[3.10] Chapter 10: The Temple of Xeria

“Valdis and his Archmage have entered the Temple of Xeria at the heart of
Windstone Fortress. Hopefully the Azunite artifact is as powerful as they say
because you’re going to need all the power you can get to help save Windstone

Primary Tasks
* Clear out the Temple of Xeria
* Place the Azunite Artifact on the Azunite statue
* Find the shard
* Destroy the giant trilisk in the temple courtyard
* Destroy the shard
* Go through the portal to the town of Aman’lu

Secondary Quests:
* Feldwyr the Blacksmith
* A Family Heirloom
* The Secrets of Xeria’s Temple

Fight more bugs until you get to a large room with a pit in the center. In
the pit are two (rapidly becoming familiar) sockets: green and yellow. Pick
up three green stones from the southeast corner of the room and place one in
the green socket. This opens a door on the west wall. Go in there and get
three yellow stones. Place one on the yellow socket in the pit.

A door on the south wall opens. Enter and place a yellow and a green stone.
Two more doors open up. Go to one of those rooms and collect three red stones.
Then enter the other newly opened room and place one of your red stones in
the socket with one red symbol, and then a second red stone in the socket
with two red symbols. Grab three purple cubes from the one side room and
place one in the purple socket in the other side room.

This opens another side room with another purple socket. Place your stone and
then you’re back in the room with all four color sockets. Place a stone in
each. Collect your booty, including the Chant of Scholars.

Oh, yeah! Main quest. Back to the pit room and open the north doors. Kill all
the zombies and loot the side rooms. There’s a secret room on the west side,
make sure you find it and take out the zombie trash. Once all the zombies are
immobile, click the big, glowing statue to blow up all the zombies in the
Fortress. Enter the north room and loot it thoroughly, including two books:
Vol. 8, The Death of Xeria; and, Vol. 9, The War of Legions.

In the southeast corner of the room you’ll find a moveable statue on the
stair landing. This leads to an elevator, which takes you to a little bit of
loot. To the north, next to the incantation shrine, is another moveable
statue that leads to the Cavern of Earth–but, there’s nothing you can do
there now.

Back in the large room, take the east door to find the teleporter. Now’s a
good time to wrap up a couple of quests. Teleport to the Eastern Greilyn
Jungle and travel east until you reach Feldwyr’s underground shelter. Head
downstairs from Feldwyr’s room.

If you haven’t retrieved Feldwyr’s anvil yet, head north and rampage through
the Hak’u until you get the anvil from the level 16 mini-boss. Now go to the
south set of rooms, which are guarded by a level 24 mini-boss and full of
level 22 creatures (and another mini-boss with the mithril ore). You should
now be able to take these monsters. Once you have both the anvil and mithril
ore, going up the stairs to see Feldwyr results in a cutscene in which his
hammer is stolen.

Follow the newly opened path north of Feldwyr’s room and kill more level 22
creatures and another level 24 mini-boss. Return to Feldwyr with his hammer
and he rewards you with a fantastic weapon…Which will take a few days to
make. When you finally reach Aman’lu at the beginning of Act II, you can
search out the blacksmith and speak to his apprentice, who happens to be
Feldwyr’s brother, Fyrndolf. He’ll give you the reward.

Teleport to the Azunite Desert and go southeast to find a Ruined Crypt. Talk
to the statue and answer its riddle with Azunai, Xeria, Elandir and Zaramoth
(conversation options 3, 3, 1 and 1). You should be able to handle the level
28 and 30 enemies in the treasure room; but, your main objective is the
glowing sword lying on the crypt.

Grab the sword and head back to Thestrin’s tower. He’ll reward you with a
bogus Mysterious Chant (don’t ever use it). You can either give him the sword,
which will net you another Chant (this one useful), or keep the sword if you
find his story a bit fishy.

Teleport to Eirulan and go talk to the grizzled bar patron to end the Secrets
of Xeria’s Temple quest. Refit your party as needed and teleport back to
Xeria’s Temple. Head north for the Act I boss battle.

The Giant Trilisk looks quite fearsome, but it’s pretty easy. The middle head,
Vitalus, is the problem child–it will heal the other two, but not itself.
The snake only uses area-of-effect attacks that don’t seem to hurt fighters
that are up close. So go beat on the middle head, use your powers (they’ll
recharge quickly enough whacking off 15,000 health) and kill Vitalus. Once
it’s been chunked, the other two go down quickly enough.

Destroy the shard, talk to Captain Dathry and then enter the portal to


[3.11] Chapter 1: The Town of Aman’lu

“Your hometown has suffered a devastating attack. Find out what happened.”

Primary Tasks:
* Speak with Celeb’hel the Elder in Alt’orn Hall in the town of Aman’lu

Secondary Quests:
* Mythrilhorn
* Mark of the Assassin
* Deru’s Treasure Hunt
* Arinth’s Legendary Staff
* Viperclaw
* Tywlis’ Broken Staff
* Feldwyr the Blacksmith
* A Family Heirloom, Part II
* Aman’lu Arena
* Lothar’s Innocence
* A Dark Ohm

All you need do to complete this chapter is head straight for the building in
the center of town and talk to Celeb’hel. Takes about a minute. However, as
you can tell from the Secondary Quests list, there’s a lot of talking that
can be done in Aman’lu.

So, before going to see the Elder, wander about town and talk to people.
Here’s the brief rundown:

In the pet shop in the southeast corner of town, talk to the pet seller and
ask about special animals. He’ll refer you to Khartos the Wise, who’s hiding
in a tavern some where. (No wonder they call him wise.) This opens the
Mythrilhorn quest, which will net you another pet choice once you reach Act

Just southwest of the pet shop, enter the abandoned house and note the bling-
bling on the table. Pick up this intriguing stone and get killed…almost.
After the near miss, talk to Danadel to launch the Mark of the Assassin quest.

Southeast of the pet shop you can find Prospector Albain. Talk to him with
Deru in your party to open Deru’s Treasure Hunt.

North of the prospector, along the east side of town, is Eolanda’s house.
Talk to her about Arinth to get a quest to find the pieces of Arinth’s
Legendary Staff. She’ll also give you Lore book: Vol. 10, The Legend of
Arinth the Mad. Vol. 11, The Dryads and their Customs is on her table and Vol.
14, Fables of Ancient Artifacts is on the floor.

Directly behind Eolanda’s house is a ranger named Eumenidie. Talk to her
about reagents to get the Viperclaw quest. Reagents are random drops and you
might even have one or two right now. If you don’t have what she needs, there
are specific places in Act II where you can pick them up. These are noted
later in the walkthrough.

Along the north side of town, just west of the incantation shrine, is Tywlis’
house. Talk to her about her grandfather’s staff to get her quest. The
reagent she needs is a rainbow trinket. Check your pockets, you might already
have one. You can also visit Tywlis’ basement, but there’s nothing you can do
down there…yet.

Near Tywlis’ house is the house of a fletcher named Ithir’renne. She has an
Aman’lu orchid, a well-known symbol of Aman’lu. Think that might make Lelani
back in Eirulan happy? Yeah, but you’ve got a long way to go before you can
trade Ithir’renne for her orchid.

Also on the north side of town is the house of Drianjul, Drevin’s sister.
Talk to her to learn news of your family and receive a letter from Drevin.

In the burnt-out blacksmith shop on the west side of town is Feldwyr’s
brother, Fyrndolf. Talk to him to get your special weapon and officially
close that quest.

On to the Inn, which is just full of people to talk to and things to do.

Athelas is hanging out near the Innkeeper. You may recognize his name from
your talk with Thestrin. Regardless of whether or not you kept the heirloom
sword, talk to Athelas to initiate the second part of this quest.

Amren is hanging out at the bar; you can add him to your party if you’re
lacking a ranger. He’s currently a level 20 ranged character, with a bunch of
unspent skill points waiting for you to specialize him.

The barkeep, Drudwyn, has heard of you–so he thinks. Talk to him and deny
everything he thinks you’ve done. He’ll eventually admit there’s a little
challenge for adventurers down below his wine cellar. When you decide to go
down there, you will officially open the Aman’lu Arena quest.

On the second floor of the Inn, pick up a Lore book: Vol. 13, Elandir’s Life
and Teachings. There’s also a ghostly spirit up here on a balcony, note it
for later.

On the ground floor, find Roland and talk to him with Lothar and open
Lothar’s Innocence in your quest log.

South of the Inn is the mage shop. Lyssanore sells magic supplies and is also
interested in communicating with spirits. Talk to her about that and get the
quest, A Dark Ohm, to retrieve the necessary chant. Go up to the second floor
of Lyssanore’s shop to pick up two Lore books: Volumes 12 and 15.

Well, that’s it. You’ve made a circuit of the town and your quest cup runneth
over. Go to the central building and talk to Celeb’hel to begin the next
chapter. Before leaving town hall, grab the Lore book: Vol. 5, Turmanar and
its Aftermath, from the table.

[3.12] Chapter 2: Finala and the Broken Bridge

“Celeb’hel the Elder told you that Princess Evangeline of the Northern
Reaches took the Aegis of Death away by caravan to Snowbrook Haven. Valdis
arrived not long after and demanded the Aegis. When he discovered that it was
gone, Valdis commanded his Archmage to take vengeance on the town of Aman’lu.
In the resulting destruction, the town’s bridge was broken. If you have any
chance of catching up to the caravan, you must convince Finala, the town
engineer, to repair the bridge. This will be easier said than done — Finala
is a childhood friend of yours, but she harbors some resentment surrounding
your decision to leave Aman’lu and join Valdis’ army. You’ll definitely have
some explaining to do.”

Primary Tasks:
* Find Finala, the town’s engineer, in the hills north of Aman’lu
* Convince Finala to return to Aman’lu and repair the broken bridge

Secondary Quests:
* Viperclaw

Head to the north gate of Aman’lu and talk to the guard to open it. Follow
the path up into the hills. When you reach the bridge over the swamp, search
down in the swamp in the southernmost corners to find a jagged arrowhead for
Eumenidie. There are no side areas, except some minor treasure in the
basement of one of the houses. It’s the house just east of the health shrine
at the top of the first line of hills.

You will eventually reach Finala. You’ll find it a simple matter to convince
her to head back to Aman’lu to fix the broken bridge while you are tasked
with going to the Elen’lu Isles.

[3.13] Chapter 3: The Elen’lu Isles

“Finala had been on her way to activate the Prism of the Elves, an ancient
protective device that should put out the magical flames in town. You
convinced her to return to Aman’lu to work on repairing the bridge, so now it
is up to you to activate the Prism of the Elves.”

Primary Tasks:
* Travel to the Elen’lu Isles
* Find and replace the prism’s four small refractor crystals
* Find the prism’s large refractor crystal and activate the prism
* Return to Aman’lu and speak with Finala

Secondary Quests:
* Viperclaw

Once Finala leaves, continue on the path, eventually entering the Northern
Vai’lutra Forest. When you reach the incantation shrine, keep going northwest
to find a damp cave, which has a lot of taclaks and a bit of loot. Due east
of the cave is a ramp leading down into a cul-de-sac. Here you can find an
elevator that leads to an Ancient Elven Reliquary. You’ll return here later,
when you can talk to ghosts.

Return to the main path, which heads south. When the path turns east,
continue south to find a hollow tree. On the east inside wall is a button
that will bring up a treasure chest. Continue east and you’ll soon find a
teleporter. Turn north into the swamp to find another hollow tree with some
loot. Then proceed east, through the ruined temple to reach the Elen’lu Isles.

Now you get a new task. The taclak have stolen the refractor crystals that
collect the diffuse light in the Isles and focus it on the main prism. You
must find four crystals and replace them in the refractors and aim the
refractors at the prism.


Some have been unable to complete this quest as the game does not recognize
they have crystals to place in the refractors. This apparently is caused by
accidentally double-clicking a refractor. The game allows the player to place
two crystals in the refractor. You can either be really, really careful to
not double-click a refractor, or only collect and place one crystal at a time.
Since the crystals go in your Quest Items log, not your actual Inventory, you
have to be real careful here and have a backup save from before you started
the quest.

On the first island, kill the taclak and collect the first crystal. Then go
east by clicking the arch over the bridge to extend it. Watch out for taclak,
who have the ability to jump from island to island.

At the next island, turn north, then go east, north and west. Find the
elevator that leads to a flooded chamber and work your way through the rooms
to another elevator. This brings you out on an island north of your starting
point. There’s a griffon feather on the ground for the Viperclaw quest.

Now go south, east, north, east and east again and kill the taclak for your
second crystal. Go south three islands, then take the other north bridge (the
one to the east) to find the first refractor. Click it to place a crystal,
then click it again to turn it so it shines west toward the prism.

Go back south, then head west two islands to pick up your third crystal. Go
north, then to the north end of the island to reach the second refractor.
Turn it once to point east. Go back to the south end of the island and take
the southeast bridge, then go east to the third refractor. Turn it three
times to point north.

Backtrack past the second refractor and go north to pick up crystal #4. Then
go north and then east to refractor #4. Turn it three times to point south.

Now you have to find the big crystal that goes in the prism. Go back to
refractor #2 island and take the east bridge to the main island. Kill the
mini-boss for the prism crystal. Put it in the top of the pyramid and watch
the cutscene. Then kill the horde of taclak, including mini-boss, that
surround you.

From the north end of pyramid island, you can open a westward bridge that’s a
shortcut back to the teleporter. Or just use a summon teleporter spell to get
back to Aman’lu. Head to the south end of town and talk to Finala, who has
fixed the bridge and wants to come with you. She’s an accomplished combat
mage, so take her along if you like.

[3.14] Chapter 4: The Royal Caravan

“Now that Finala has repaired the bridge, you can attempt to catch up to
Princess Evangeline’s caravan and ensure that the Aegis of Death doesn’t fall
into the hands of Valdis.”

Primary Tasks:
* Locate the Caravan
* Find the Vai’kesh sanctuary
* Find the leader of the Vai’kesh

Secondary Quests:
* Finala’s Contempt
* Lothar’s Innocence
* Amren’s Vision

Before haring after the caravan, add Finala to your party and teleport to
Eirulan and thence to the Kithraya Valley. Take Finala north into the Upper
Kithraya Caverns and find the broken elevator. With Finala as the active
character, click the broken mechanism and ride the elevator down into a
Morden intelligence camp. Have Finala open the treasure chest to get a map to
four hidden Morden towers.

Teleport to the Southern Greilyn Jungle and head west to the Abandoned Ruins.
Finala will find a secret door inside the ruins and you can follow the path
to an elevator that takes you up to a plateau with the first Morden tower.
Destroy it as you did the towers in Act I.

Teleport to the Northern Greilyn Jungle and go to the impassable wall just
north of the teleporter. You know, the one that’s been bugging you since Act
I, Chapter 3. Finala will find the secret entrance. Pass through and destroy
three Morden towers. After the final tower is destroyed, Finala finds another
map and an elevator gear. That’s all you can do until Act III, so teleport
back to Aman’lu and head south.

As you leave town, there’s a house to the west where you can pick up a Lore
book, Vol. 3: Downfall of the Manu Ostar. You can also talk to Alar’ithil,
who is one of the later links in Lelani’s MLM scheme. Enter the house to the
east and talk to Eldoriath to start the Servant’s Haunt quest. You can’t
continue it until you’ve completed A Dark Ohm, but might as well get it in
the quest log.

Continue south and enter the Southern Vai’lutra Forest. Look for a burned-out
farmstead to the east. You can get the Chant of Strength from inside the
house. As you continue south, look for a set of steps back to the northwest.
The house on top of the plateau has the Chant of Dexterity and Chant of

Further south, look for a narrow valley leading to a cul-de-sac to the east.
This is Magrus’ house, which you can’t enter right now. Note it for later. A
bit further down the trail, you can find a hollow tree off to the right
(west). The button to raise the chest is on the east wall.

You’ll soon reach the teleporter, which is for the Southern Vai’lutra Forest
(North). Ah! Egregious apostrophes and contradicting directions! It must be a
fantasy RPG! Anyway…just west of the Southern North teleporter is another
mushroom circle.

These circles mean something special to Amren. Add him to your party, if
necessary, and take him to the mushrooms. He’ll have a vision. (That happens
to lots of people when they have too many mushrooms.) Afterward, one of the
mushrooms will be glowing. Click the mushroom to activate an elevator to a
secret shrine.

This is the Shrine of Sight. Find the altar and have Amren click it to
activate the shrine. You can also pick up a Lore book, Vol. 18: The Path of
Sight. You may remember the mushroom circle in the Eastern Greilyn Jungle. At
some point, take Amren to the Southern Greilyn Jungle teleporter and go
northeast to that circle, which leads to the Shrine of Sight and contains
Lore book, Vol. 17, The Path of Life.

For now, your quest continues south, over a bridge. Before crossing the
bridge, go east into a little grotto to get the XP from killing a mini-boss
and collect a nice haul. After crossing the bridge, look for a cave entrance
to the west.

This is a Watery Cave and filled with level 24 mobs and a level 26 mini-boss.
Make sure Lothar is in your party. Defeat the monsters and then find a half-
giant mushroom farmer named Magrus. Talk to him and you’ll find the thief who
stole Roland’s cloak. He’ll flee to his house, but drop his key.

How conveeeeeenient!

Take a quick side-trip back north to Magrus’ house, enter and beat Magrus
down. He’ll surrender and go back to town. Follow him, speak to Roland and
Magrus at the Inn and receive your reward for Lothar’s Innocence.

Back to the main quest. The Watery Cave has two entrances/exits. Due east of
the southern entrance is A Small Cave(tm) filled with mini-boss level mobs
that drop a lot of loot. Be sure to stop in and pay them a visit during your

Continue on the main path. You will soon reach what looks like a shrine, but
is, in fact, the entrance to the Levreth Estate, which is underground.
There’s really not much you can do down there now, so pass it by and continue
on your way. You’ll reach your first objective: the caravan. Which is lying
in pieces next to a teleporter (the Southern South one, in case you were

Talk to the wounded elf on the ground to update your journal, then continue
on your way. Look for a plateau to the east not far beyond the wrecked
caravan. There’s a hollow tree with an elevator that drops you right on top
of a mini-boss.

Back on the main path, you will soon enter the Vai’kesh Forest and find
yourself at a set of gates. You can’t get through, so turn left and follow
the trail to the Vai’kesh sanctuary. You can choose to be nice to the guards
at the door or pick a fight. Either way, they’re eventually going to end up
dead, so do as you please and enter the Sanctuary.

When you talk to the Prophet, he takes the Aegis of Death and runs away.
Leaving you to slaughter his minions, but only after you start…

[3.15] Chapter 5: The Vai’kesh and the Aegis of Death

“You confronted the Vai’kesh Prophet about the Aegis and the princess. You
learned that he has the Aegis — but instead of giving it to you, he fled.
Catch him and recover the Aegis of Death.”

Primary Tasks:
* Follow the Vai’kesh Prophet
* Continue following the Vai’kesh Prophet
* Follow the Vai’kesh Prophet along Arinth’s Ravine
* Defeat the Vai’kesh Prophet and his followers
* Find the Aegis of Death
* Defeat the Knotted Shambler
* Claim the Aegis of Death
* Talk to the Azunite Scholar

Secondary Quests:
* A Family Heirloom, Part II
* A Dark Ohm
* Viperclaw

Clean up the Vai’kesh mess in the auditorium, then start looting the place.
There’s a sanctuary door (nature mage level 22) on the south wall. On the
east wall, find a button to open a secret door and collect the Chant of
Fighter Power. Then find the button on the wall right next to the door to
open another secret room that has a mimic.

Back in the main room, find another button along the east wall–this one on
the steps behind a pillar. In the secret room revealed you can collect the
Chant of Mage Power. Click the pedestal along the north wall of this room to
open yet another secret room with some minor loot.

Finally, on the north wall of the auditorium is a sanctuary door (ranger
level 22) that has a treasure chest and the Chant of Ranger Power. Now that
the swag is safely stored in your pockets, follow the Prophet through the
door in the center of the room.

Fight your way out of the sanctuary–look for Lore book: Vol. 2, The Dark
Wizards on a table on one stairway–and emerge into the Vai’kesh Forest.
You’re now south of the gates you passed earlier, so turn north and open them
before continuing on the path. You’ll quickly reach the Vai’kesh Forest
(North) teleporter and the entrance to a Large Vai’kesh Cavern.

Fight your way through the cavern until you reach the Vai’kesh Forest (South)
teleporter. You can find one secret room in the cavern, along the north wall
after the third large Vai’kesh fight. Search for the secret lever to the left
of the door.

Now, if you kept the heirloom sword from Thestrin’s quest in Act I, make sure
it’s in your Inventory. From the Forest (South) teleporter, go south to find
a Small Vai’kesh Prison. Enter and speak to Athelas. There’s a demon encased
in a force field.

If you earlier gave Thestrin the heirloom sword, he’ll use it to break the
demon’s prison, then go hide in the corner. If you kept the sword, equip it
to any character and use it to break the prison. (You do not need to keep the
sword equipped to fight the demon.) Once the demon is destroyed, Thestrin
will flee. Speak to Athelas to get your final reward and conclude the quest.


Some people have experienced difficulty getting the Prophet to continue
moving if they skip the cutscenes during this next segment of the game. Don’t
skip through the cutscenes!

Head north from the prison to find the Prophet. He’ll run away (again),
leaving some minions to die for his cause. Help them fulfill their destiny,
then enter the cave from whence they came.

After defeating the Vai’kesh in the outer cave, open the door to witness a
Vai’kesh ritual. Kill the Vai’kesh, then return to Lyssanore in Aman’lu and
teach her the chant. You’ll get the Chant of the Dead added to your Lore
entries and you can now speak to all those uncommunicative spirits throughout
the land.

Head after the Prophet. After crossing the second bridge, turn right (west)
to find a Small Vai’kesh Cave and loot it. You can’t get through the door
here until later, so don’t worry about it. Continue south after the path
turns east, to find another cave with more loot. You should find an onyx
fragment for Eumenidie in one of these caves. Next time you’re in Aman’lu,
talk to her to finish the quest and get the viperclaw reagent. On to the next
teleporter, which is at the western end of Arinth’s Ravine.

Pass through the ravine. Look for another Vai’kesh cavern along the north
side of the ravine. There’s another locked door you can’t yet pass, but some
nice loot on the outside of the door. After passing over a bridge, you’ll
find a frozen cavern to the south. This is part of Deru’s Treasure Hunt, so
don’t bother with it unless she’s in your party and you’ve finished the first
part of the Hunt.

Shortly after the frozen cavern, you’ll see the Prophet again…briefly. Kill
his minions and follow after him over the bridge. (Going due east just leads
to a cavern you can’t enter.) You’ll soon reach the Eastern Arinth’s Ravine
teleporter. From here there are two paths that lead to the same place–the
final confrontation with the Prophet.

The Prophet calls out a horde of minions, and has a powerful attack of his
own. Your best bet is to run back towards the teleporter and draw the minions
after you; the Prophet won’t follow. Once all the Vai’kesh are down, the
Prophet is fairly easy.

Too easy.

He’s not the boss fight for this chapter. After the Prophet is down, explore
the cave to the north for some loot, then enter the eastern cave to face the
Knotted Shambler. The Shambler regenerates health from the leaves produced by
the Leaf Generators scattered around. Ignore the Shambler until you’ve
destroyed the generators. There are about six generators and they only show
themselves one at a time.

Once you are sure you’ve destroyed the generators, concentrate on the
Shambler. Hopefully, you’ve got a combat mage with some fire spells, because
it’s quite vulnerable to those. Avoid its pounding, overhead attacks and keep
at it until it’s defeated. Then take the Aegis of Death and speak to the
Azunite Scholar to begin the next chapter.

[3.16] Chapter 6: Princess Evangeline

“After defeating the Vai’kesh’s Knotted Shambler, the Azunite Scholar
informed you that Princess Evangeline of the Northern Reaches has been
captured by Valdis’ Dark Wizards. You must find her, before it is too late.”

Primary Tasks:
* Find the Azunite burial grounds
* Look for the Death Masks of Champion Rahvan’s brothers
* Enter the Azunite catacombs
* Find Princess Evangeline
* Rescue Princess Evangeline

Secondary Quests:
* Spirits of Aranna
* A Servant’s Haunt
* A Servant’s Haunt II
* Arinth’s Legendary Staff
* Deru’s Treasure Hunt
* Amren’s Vision
* Rahvan’s Curse

Yes, the Azunite Scholar tells you to hurry, but there are no actual time
limits in this game. So, take a break and go do some side quests. Now that
you can chat up the neighborhood spirits, you can start in on a number of
side quests. First, explore the grotto. The door the scholar just opened for
you leads to a portal that takes you to the Snowbrook area; however, there
are several more “rooms” in this cave.

In one room you’ll find a ghost. Well, equipped with your fancy new Chant of
the Dead, run outside and into the northern cave where you can find an
incantation shrine. Incant and run back to the ghost and have a chat. Thus
begins the world-spanning Spirits of Aranna quest. It makes even Lelani’s
little trading scam seem tame.

There are 18 woeful ghosts spread all over Aranna; you may recall seeing
several already. You’ve just taken care of #9 on the list and there are nine
more you can reach right now. While you’re on your spiritual journey, you can
also stop at the two Elven Reliquaries you’ve found thus far and pick up
pieces of Arinth’s Legendary Staff. And you can enter the Levreth Estate and
take care of the Servant’s Haunt quest. Finally, since you’re making a world
tour, might as well pick up Deru and do a bit of treasure hunting.

So get hopping! There’s so much time and so little to do.

Wait. Reverse that. Thank you.

From the Eastern Arinth’s Ravine teleporter, jump to the Southern Vai’lutra
Forest (South) teleporter. There’s an incantation shrine behind you on the
hill. Incant and run east to the elevator down into the Levreth Estate.
There’s a second elevator to get down to the estate proper, where the spirit
of Threnith Wilwarin awaits.

Speak with him and he will open the south door. Before following the ghost,
go to the north room and pick up the Chant of Fighter Health and some
treasure. To the west is another room with a mini-boss (level 27) and the
Chants of Mage Health and Ranger Health.

Go back to the south room and pick up the portrait of Lady Levreth. Then talk
to Threnith again. (Don’t worry if the Chant wears off, once you’ve used it
on a spirit, you can continue to talk to that spirit thereafter.) Threnith
will open another door leading to a room with a lock of golden hair.

Pick up the hair and talk to Threnith to be led to a burned letter. Then talk
to him once more to be shown the room with the family jewels. Now leave the
estate and teleport back to Aman’lu. Head south to Eldoriath’s house. Speak
to him to close this quest; then speak to Threnith to open Part Deux.

Well, you needed to go to Eirulan anyway. While you’re in Aman’lu, go to the
basement of Tywlis’ house and find the hidden button to open a secret room.
Ride the elevator down to a hidden cellar. Cross the bridge and find the
hidden button in the west passage to open the path to the ghost. There’s an
incantation shrine right here.

After speaking to the ghost, check your remaining Chant time (hover the mouse
cursor over your character). You only need a couple of minutes to hoof it
over to the Inn and speak to the ghost on the second floor balcony. If you
can’t make it, use the shrine in the northeast corner of Aman’lu. Now
teleport to Eirulan.

Go to the Inn and confront Lady Levreth. She’ll confess and tell you the name
of the true murderer. Go to the Falls, use the incantation shrine at the
bottom of the lift, then take either elevator down to the bottom of the Falls
and speak to the ghost on the bridge. Leave Eirulan by the North Gate.

Head northwest to the Hak’u caves. There’s both a shrine and a spirit here.
Leave the caves by the back entrance to the Western Greilyn Jungle, turn
north and head for the Tranquil Cave behind the waterfall. You should be able
to reach it before your Chant wears off. If it does, continue north past the
waterfall to find another shrine.

Head south to the Western Jungle teleporter and then go west to the Hak’u
usurper’s house to find a shrine and a spirit. Now teleport to the Azunite
Desert and use the portal to get to the Eastern Beach. If you’re quick enough,
you don’t even need to use the shrine here, just talk to the ghost that’s
only a short way up the path.

Take the portal back to the Desert and then teleport to the Lost Valley of
the Azunites. The ghost and incantation shrine are at the south end of the
valley, near the Cavern of the Phoenix. Teleport to the Western Cliffs of

Go into Isteru’s Caverns and find the ruins in the southwest corner. Climb
the stairs to an elevator–the button for the elevator is hidden on the steps
next to it. Incant the Chant of the Dead at the nearby shrine, then take the
elevator down to an Elven Reliquary. Speak to the spirit to open the chest
and get Arinth’s Focusing Stone, part of Arinth’s Legendary Staff.

Return to the teleporter and go to the Temple of Xeria. North of the big room
where you killed all the zombies, next to the incantation shrine, is a switch
that opens a secret passage. Incant, head up the secret stairs and take the
south passage to find the spirit. That’s ten down, only eight more to go, but
they’ll have to wait.

Finally, before returning to Aman’lu, add Deru to your party at the Eirulan
Inn (if she’s not already a member) and teleport to the South Greilyn Jungle.
You’ll be right next to Razka’s Ruins. Ride the elevator down and clear out
the rooms. Deru will be able to open the chained door, which leads to some
swag and a key with a riddle.

The riddle leads to the Frozen Cave in the Vai’kesh Forest, so teleport back
to Aman’lu and then to either the Western or Eastern Arinth’s Ravine
teleporter. The Frozen Cave is halfway along the ravine, on the south side.
Deru can collect another riddle here, as well as some treasure. The new
riddle points to the Plain of Tears, which you won’t reach until Act III.

Return to town and replace Deru if she’s not one of your regulars. Enter the
central building and confront the murderer of Lord Levreth: Guardian
Commander Wethril. This can only end in violence. Once he’s dead, talk to
Celeb’hel to close the quest and receive your reward.

One more stop. Teleport to the Elen’lu Isles and go west to an incantation
shrine. Use the Chant of the Dead and bash your way quickly to the north.
Look for a ramp that leads down into a grotto. There’s an elevator at the
northeast tip of the grotto. Take it down into an Elven Reliquary and obtain
Arinth’s Carved Rod.

Time to get back on the main quest. Teleport to Eastern Arinth’s Ravine, go
back to the grotto and take the portal to the Garden of the Ancients. As you
exit the portal, directly to your east is a frozen crypt. Inside the crypt,
in the southeast corner, is a statue that opens a secret room with the Chant
of Master Self Awareness.

Follow the path until you reach the teleporter. Now, if you continue on the
path, you will eventually reach the Azunite Burial Grounds, through which you
must pass. You’ll find the burial grounds guarded by Rahvan. He’ll offer to
let you pass if you bring him news of his three brothers. So, to get past
Rahvan you’re going to need the Death Masks of his brothers.

Rather than go all the way to the burial grounds and then backtrack to this
area for the Death Masks, might as well get them now. There are actually four,
one for each of Rahvan’s brothers and one for Rahvan himself.

You’ll find these Death Masks in Frozen Crypts scattered around the area.
Each crypt has a bunch of mobs, a mini-boss (level 30) and three secret rooms
on the non-entrance sides of the crypt. For example, if the entrance to the
crypt is on the north side, the secret rooms will be on the south, east and
west sides.

One crypt is directly south of the teleporter, another is a short distance
east and a third is further east. The fourth crypt is west of the teleporter,
on your way to the burial grounds.

Further west, just before you reach the second teleporter, is the third
mushroom circle for Amren’s Vision quest. If Amren is not in your party,
summon a teleporter and go back and get him. This is the Shrine of Death. In
it you can find the Lore book: Vol. 19, The Path of Death.

After finishing with Amren’s magic mushrooms, continue south, past the
teleporter, to reach the entrance to the burial grounds. Talk to Champion
Rahvan to open the door to the grounds and begin Rahvan’s Curse secondary

In the entrance chamber of the burial grounds, you will see four symbols on
the floor. In order they are Death (purple tree), Blindness (red eye), Sight
(yellow eye) and Life (green tree). Memorize the order. Well, since you’re
reading this guide, you don’t actually need to memorize the order…Well,
anyway, the order is important.

The door leading down into the burial grounds is to the right of the floor
symbols. Follow the halls until you reach a large cavern where the ice is
falling from the ceiling. Explore the area thoroughly. In the western part of
the room you’ll find a chasm with a natural bridge across. On the north side
of the chasm, to the east of the bridge is a group of stalagmites hiding the
Chaotic Chant of Might.

Take the west path that up and out of the cavern area to another plateau of
the Garden of the Ancients. To the west is an incantation shrine that you can
use to talk to the ghost that is on the eastern peninsula of the plateau.
This is Spirit of Aranna #12.

In the north of the plateau is a tower with an elevator that leads to some
treasure, including the Chants of Melee and Ranged Awareness. And, of course,
there are lots and lots and lots of monsters to give up some XP for your
party. Not to mention graves to rob and dropped loot to collect.

Once you’ve had your fun, return to the burial grounds and continue south to
reach another teleporter. Once you go over the bridge south of the teleporter,
you are in the Azunite Catacombs. From the first platform, take either bridge
to the second platform. Rotate the obelisks so they read, from left to right,
as the symbols in the first room did: purple tree, red eye, yellow eye, green
tree. Take the elevator down into the lower catacombs.

When you reach a fork in the path, go south to enter a shrine. Take out all
the mobs, then find the purple tree symbol on the east side of the shrine.
Incant the Lich’s name given you by Champion Rahvan. A door will open to the
Lich’s tomb and you should be able to take him out pretty quickly. Loot the
tomb, including a Chant. At some later point, be sure to return to Champion
Rahvan to complete his quest and receive your reward.

Take the west path through the catacombs. You will soon pass over a long
bridge and enter a large room full of columns. There’s a small room to the
west with a little loot. To the north lies your main goal: Princess
Evangeline guarded by a Dark Wizard of Valdis.

The Wizard is actually pretty easy once you figure out his defenses and
pattern. Using Drown on him will make him weak to lightning and ice, so both
combat and nature mages can have their way with him. Having a nature mage
cast Spirit Embrace on the party to immunize against the wizard’s curses
would also be helpful. There are some war pedestals scattered around the room
to quickly recharge powers.

The Dark Wizard will summon some giant undead to guard him, but they’re not
too difficult. The wizard sticks to the center platform, so draw his summons
away from him and destroy them. The wizard protects himself with three
revolving crystal shards. Destroy the shards (not too hard) before unloading
on the wizard with everything you’ve got.

He teleports around the platform, but it’s not large so your melee fighters
never have to run far to get back to him. Still, ranged attacks are better,
so a fighter-heavy party might have some difficulty.

His main attack is a large, electrical explosion. Fortunately, you can see it
coming when some sparking circles show up under your characters’ feet. When
they appear…run. Get away or you’re going to take massive amounts of
lightning damage. Once you learn how to avoid that attack, the wizard is a
pushover–though it will take a while to drain his health.

After he’s dead, talk to Princess Evangeline. Then talk to her again after
she opens the north door. If you don’t have room for her in your party right
now, she’ll go to the Inn of Aman’lu.

Onward and upward.

[3.17] Chapter 7: The Siege of Snowbrook Haven

“After defeating one of Valdis’ Dark Wizards, you were able to release
Princess Evangeline. Now you must journey to Snowbrook Haven and ensure the
protection of the Aegis of Blindness (another piece of the legendary Shield
of Azunai). Snowbrook Haven is under siege by Valdis’ armies, so you will
have to use an alternate entrance.”

Primary Tasks:
* Enter Snowbrook Haven through the servant’s quarters
* Find the throne room and acquire the display case key
* Locate the Snowbrook Haven Commander

Secondary Quests:
* Evangeline’s Folly
* The Spirits of Aranna
* Arinth’s Legendary Staff
* Arinth the Mad
* Lelani’s Sorrow

The room Evangeline opens is full of enemies, but none that are particularly
tough. Clear them out, then take the elevator up to a series of crypts. Fight
your way through, looting as you go, until you exit into Snowbrook Valley.
Quickly fight your way to the nearby teleporter and return to Aman’lu. Time
for a side quest.

Add Princess Evangeline (Eva) to your party and equip her appropriately.
Teleport to the Southern Vai’lutra Forest (South) teleporter and talk to the
wounded caravan guard. He’ll open Evangeline’s Folly quest.

Teleport to the Western End of Arinth’s Ravine. Go west, south, west and
north to reach a bridge. Before the bridge, turn left (west) and go along the
edge of the gap to reach a small cave. You may remember the password-
protected door from Chapter 5.

This time you’ll be able to get through and pick a fight with the Vai’kesh in
the room and the room beyond, which contains the jailor, who is mini-boss
level. After killing all the Vai’kesh, speak with Eva’s soldier in the jail

The next cavern in your quest is along the north side of Arinth’s Ravine, so
hoof it back the way you came and fight your way along the ravine to the
large cavern on the north side. Enter the cave, find the door and repeat the
process of killing the jailor and talking to the soldier.

The third, and final, cave is further along the ravine, so head east. When
you get to the second bridge, instead of crossing, continue east to find the
entrance to the cave. Enter, kill the jailor and talk to Jessic to end the

Now, reform your party, refit everyone and teleport back to Snowbrook Valley.
There’s nothing much to see here except snow and a lot of monsters, until you
get to the bridge. After crossing the bridge, turn south to enter a Frigid
Cave, where you can pick up a rainbow trinket for Tywlis in Aman’lu. Go north
from the bridge and ride the elevator up to the top of the tower to get the
Chant of Magic Awareness.

To the east of the tower is a set of stairs leading down to an elevator that
will take you to an Elven Reliquary. Use the incantation shrine to the west,
then descend and talk to the spirit to get the Jeweled Shaft. Continue
following the path.

When you reach the incantation shrine, you have to turn south and start
climbing. You’ll soon enter the Snowbrook Foothills. If you turn east once
you get into the foothills, you can climb up and find the upper part of the
Frigid Cave.

Take the elevator down and thoroughly search the rooms. There’s the elevator
to the lower half of the cave, which exits to the Valley. There are also two
secret rooms, opened by switches on the walls. They should be easy to find.

To the west of the Frigid Cave is an entrance to the Snowbrook Grotto. The
Grotto is a huge cavern filled with mobs and loot, but nothing particularly
special now. You’ll have to come back here during Act III, so skip it for now.
Continue south into the foothills to reach the area teleporter.

Side quest time again. Return to Aman’lu and go see Eolanda to get Arinth’s
Legendary Staff put back together. If your combat mage doesn’t have the Chaos
Grips, the staff is pretty good. Make sure you have a combat mage of
sufficient level to use Arinth’s Staff, then teleport to Eirulan and on to
the Lost Valley of the Azunites.

East, and just a bit north from the teleporter, you can find–if you search
carefully–an elevator among some broken-down walls. Ride it down to Some
Lost Elven Ruins.

The room in which you arrive has a single door on the north side. In the next
room, search for a hidden switch on the wall opposite the door (north wall),
to open a door to the south.

In the newly revealed room, there’s another hidden switch on the wall near
the door. This opens another room to the south. The hidden switch in this new
room is also near the door. This opens a room to the east. Find the hidden
switch in this room along the south wall.

   _|  |_
  |    A |
  |_    _|
   _|  |_
  |      |__
  |  S      |
  |       __|
   |    B|
   |     |____
   |          |
   |______2___|              |   |___
         |   C|______________|       |
         |____________|______D       |
|    ___|

S) Start
A) Switch opens door #1
B) Switch opens door #2
C) Switch opens door #3
D) Switch opens door #4

You’ll now be able to go down some stairs to the east, eventually arriving at
an Elven Prison, where you find Arinth the Mad. Have your combat mage equip
Arinth’s Staff and use it to break the central pillar in Arinth’s cell wall.
Arinth will flee to the Temple of Istaura & Isteru in the Northern Vai’lutra

Before pursuing Arinth, turn and look at the door going back to the stairs.
You can click the lamp on the wall to the left and open a secret door halfway
back up the stairs. Enter the room to get the Mysterious Bucket, part of the
Mysterious Mystery Quest.

Summon a teleporter back to Eirulan, jump to Aman’lu and thence to the
Elen’lu Isles. Enter the ruined temple and have it out with Arinth. You don’t
have to use his staff against him, he’s vulnerable to normal attacks. He has
a lot of health, but is only level 25, which, by this point in the game,
should be cake for you.

In addition to some tasty loot, defeating Arinth gives all your characters
two bonus skill points. That was worth the trouble, right? Even though the
quest is closed, head back to Eolanda and tell her you killed Arinth and
you’ll get even more filthy lucre. After a rest and refit, teleport back to
the Snowbrook Foothills.

Head west, following the path. There’s a square tower along the way, inside
of which is the Chant of Ranged Skill. Eventually the path will turn north
over a stone bridge and you’ll reach Snowbrook Mountain. There’s nothing to
do, really, except fight your way over the mountain, through the Morden lines,
until you reach the entrance to the Snowbrook Haven Servant’s Quarters.

Fight through to the large room with the columns. At the north end of the
room are two doors. The west door leads to an incantation shrine. Incant the
Chant of the Dead and then go to the east door. Go up the stairs and through
the south door. (The north door leads to the Cavern of Frost, to which you
will return later.) Go in the east room to find Spirit of Aranna #8 and a
Mysterious Chant.

Head west over the bridge and pick up the Lore book, Vol. 1: The Kings and
Queens of the Northern Reaches. Continue west through the door and take the
elevator down to the Living Quarters. Go through the door to the east and
then either the north or south door to go down into the throne room.

Click the throne, take the display case key that is revealed, then fight off
the rustguards that come to life around you. Head through the eastern door.
Two rooms to the east you’ll find a teleporter. South from the teleporter is
an elevator. To the west of the elevator is a series of treasure rooms, one
of which contains a mimic. Be sure to loot thoroughly before taking the up

The elevator leads up to the Snowbrook Haven Courtyard. Before heading up to
the ramparts, enter the dining hall next to the stairs. Soldier Kiernan
inside has a lovely Morden Head on a Pike, which he will be willing to trade
you for your Statuette of Xeria. Finally, you can make a little progress in
Lelani’s Sorrow.

Go up top and speak to the Commander to begin the next (and final) chapter of
Act II.

[3.18] Chapter 8: The Siege of Snowbrook Haven, Part II

“The Aegis of Blindness, another piece of the Shield of Azunai, is safely
locked away within Snowbrook Haven. However, the castle is under heavy siege
and the commander needs every bit of help she can get. Aid the forces to
ensure the Aegis remains in safe hands.”

Primary Tasks:
* Destroy the brall on top of the Snowbrook Haven Inner keep
* Meet the Commander at the North Gate
* Destroy the Morden enemies that have broken through the North Gate
* Speak to the Commander at the North Gate
* Defeat the dragon
* Report to the Commander
* Retrieve the Aegis of Blindness
* Finish off the dragon
* Escape from Snowbrook Haven
* Travel to the town of Kalrathia and speak with the town lord there

Secondary Quests:
* None

Go down and around behind the dining hall to find the door leading into the
eastern keep. What follows is from the Dungeon Crawls for Dummies instruction
manual. Just keep going until you reach the upper ramparts of the keep and
destroy the monsters hurling rocks. Then take the elevator down to see the

A horde of Morden will break through the gates and you must beat them off.
Speak to the Commander again. Oh look! A humongous dragon! The Act II boss
fight has finally arrived.

Send your party back up the elevator to the Inner keep. There’s a circular
platform to the south with a ballista. The only way to kill the dragon is to
hit it with the ballista. Take your best-armored, highest health character
and use Wait mode to send him/her solo to the ballista.

You can only hit Talon (the dragon) with the ballista. And you can only do
this when he’s perched atop the castle walls. There are five positions in
which he lands, like so:




You can rotate the ballista (B) left and right using the cranks to either
side of the device. Click the ballista itself to fire. Each time you hit
Talon, he’ll jump into the air and fire-bomb the platform for a bit.

While he’s in the air, rotate the ballista to the #3 spot, so you can quickly
reposition it to any landing spot when Talon alights once more. Once you’ve
hit Talon a couple of times, the Morden will start catapulting Durvla up to
the battlements.

Switch to the Mirror party order and press R to call your party to you to
help deal with the Durvla; but, don’t miss a chance to take a pot shot at the
dragon while you’re at it.

It takes about 8 hits to kill the dragon, so this fight mostly takes a lot of
patience. Once it’s over, head back to the Commander and speak to her.

Ah, well, so much for Snowbrook Haven. Head up the east side of the ramparts
to the Reliquary door, which you can now unlock with the Commander’s key.
Grab the Aegis of Blindness. Before making good on your escape, remember
there is always time for some constructive looting. Exit to the northeast.

Yeah…didn’t see that one coming…

This time, Talon’s a lot tougher. He may have less than a third of his health,
but you’re going to have to chop that off yourself, without a huge piece of
medieval artillery to help. There’s little room to avoid his fiery blasts,
just don’t stand in them when they hit. Keep your ranged characters moving
side-to-side and keep hitting him with powers.

Once Talon is finally, actually dead, speak to that blasted Azunite Scholar
who keeps popping up after you could have used his help. Take the southeast
door to the teleporter room. Grab the Greater Chants of Dexterity,
Intelligence and Strength before using the teleporter to travel to Kalrathia.

Looks like the Morden got here first, but, amazingly, they aren’t hostile.
Head across the plaza to town hall and talk with the kid who’s been thrust
into the leadership role.


[3.19] Chapter 1: Restore Kalrathia’s Water

“The occupying Morden army has disabled the system of aqueducts bringing
water to Kalrathia. The town’s water jars are nearly empty, and the
townspeople’s thirst is sapping their strength and hope. You must find a way
to restore the Kalrathian water supply.”

Primary Tasks:
* Follow the aqueduct to its source
* Defeat the Ganth
* Restore Kalrathia’s water
* Return to Lord Kalrathia in the great hall

Secondary Quests:
* Dwarven Song of Ore
* Mark of the Assassin
* The Mage’s Apprentice
* Lost Jewels of Soranith
* Sartan’s Suspicion
* Mythrilhorn
* The Kalrathian Nexus
* The Spirits of Aranna
* Lelani’s Sorrow
* Aman’lu Arena
* Deru’s Treasure Hunt

Time to take a breather and make some progress on some side quests. In the
same room as Lord Kalrathia is Historian Leontia. Speak to her to open the
Dwarven Song of Ore quest.

Next, go to the potions/magic shop and speak to Enchantress Valeria to
continue the Mark of the Assassin quest from the previous Act. Speak to Mage
Boden next to her to open the Mage’s Apprentice secondary quest. Head through
the weapons and armor shop to the tavern and speak to Kevarre the Explorer to
begin the Lost Jewels of Soranith quest.

Next to Kevarre is Feltan the drunkard, who will open Sartan’s personal quest,
Sartan’s Suspicion–if you have Sartan with you. Just beyond is Khartos the
Strong. Speak to him to continue the quest for the Mythrilhorn. He wants you
to prove yourself by dueling him. Agree to do so, then hit him a couple of
times to end the “duel”. He’ll give you directions on where to reach the rift
where he will summon a mythrilhorn.

Near the North Gate, speak to Nora the Nature Mage about the Kalrathian Nexus.
Do those caverns sound familiar? They should. Now exit the North Gate to find
an incantation shrine. Incant the Chant of the Dead. Head for the southwest
corner of the battlements to find Spirit of Aranna #14.

Search the rooms along the north wall of Kalrathia for the Lore book: Vol. 16,
The Legacy of Azunai. You’ll also pick up Elves and Elven Culture. Near these
rooms is Berseba, who will hook you up with the Legendary Mace of Agarrus

Go up the steps along the east wall and into a room to the north. You’ll find
Telgrey the Scholar, who will send you questing for those Lore books you’ve
been picking up along the way. There are 20, all identified as Lore of Aranna
books with a volume number. To the west of Telgrey’s house is a plank that
you can use to get over to the North Wall, where you’ll find a later link in
Lelani’s Sorrow.

Now that your quest book is full once more, time take care of some of the
tasks. Teleport to Aman’lu and take the south road out of town. After the
bridge, turn right into Alar’ithil’s house and give him the Morden head on a
pike in exchange for his bottle of Elven Water.

Go to the Inn and speak to Explorer Tai’esse about the Legendary Mace of
Agarrus. Teleport to the Eastern Face of Snowbrook Mountain and enter the
Servant’s Quarters. When you reach the point where you turn south to go over
the crosswalk, go north instead to enter the Cavern of Frost. Head down to
the center of the cavern, equip the Soul Staff you received from Nora, and
recite the chant she taught you (Arcesso Arcanum).

Go back to the teleporter and jump to the Snowbrook Foothills. The closest
entrance to the Snowbrook Grotto is due east, though you have to go a bit
north and then south to get to it. Inside the grotto, you’re looking for a
set of man-made steps leading down to a pair of locked doors. From the
entrance nearest the Foothills teleporter, go south, then west and look for
the stairs right after crossing the small bridge.

Pick up the Chants of Ranged and Magic Skill from in front of the doors, then
enter the small room and pick up the stone tablet fragment. If you want to
loot the Grotto, go ahead, there’s plenty of swag to be had. Then teleport
back to Aman’lu and go see Tai’esse again.

Now, use the portal next to the Inn (not the teleporter) to return to the
Courtyard of the Temple of Xeria. Head for the secret passage you should have
opened earlier as part of the Spirits of Aranna quest. The Cavern of Earth is
at the end of the secret passage. Imbue the Soul Staff, then teleport to the
Western Cliffs of Azunai.

Enter the Azunite Cavern to the south where you obtained the Azunite Artifact.
The little island leading to the tomb of Agarrus is in the northwest corner
of the cavern. If you have not previously extended the bridge, look for the
switch to the south of the island. It’s on the north wall of a small ruin
near the bridge.

Descend into the tomb and have a talk with Guardian Magentus. You’ll get
quite a lengthy treatise on the Agallans and Half-giants. Once the
conversation is finished, collect your reward. (Yeah, no fighting. You’re
probably quite disappointed.)

From here you can either hoof it to the Lost Valley of the Azunites or use
the teleporter. There’s not much difference in distance. Go to the south end
of the Valley into the Cavern of the Phoenix and imbue your staff. Return to
Kalrathia and leave through the North Gate.

Just before you reach the teleporter, look for a ruined tower to your left
(west). Push the button on the west wall of the ruins to lower the elevator
and descend into Some Crumbled Ruins. Inside, trade your bottle of Elven
water for Prospector Gareth’s Agallan relic. Behind Gareth is a hidden switch
that opens a treasure room containing the Greater Chant of Purity.

Go east from the ruined tower to a round tower with a bit of treasure on the
roof. Continuing east past that tower, you will go down to a lower plateau.
Keep going east and step into the lake at the end of the plateau. Turns out
it’s just an illusion and you’ll be able to go down into a Magical Oasis.

This is the final part of Deru’s Treasure Hunt. You’ll need her in your party
to open the chest beyond the door. Pick up the Chant of Health from beside
the door, get your treasure and end Deru’s quest.

Enter the square tower on the south side of the plateau and descend into a
Mysterious Vault. This is the location of the Lost Jewels of Soranith. Fight
your way through to the second vault and clear the room.

Great! More light puzzles.

There are five obelisks in the room, each connected by channels like so
(north orientation):
|         |
    __________A____     |_____
|          |
   |          |    |____      |
|     |
|     |
   |     _____B_________C     |
   |    |    
|     |
   |    |     |____     D_____|
   |    |          |    |
   E____|          |____|

The channels are initially dark, they must be lit. When you click an obelisk,
all other obelisks connected by an unlit channel start to glow. Click one of
those obelisks and the channel lights up and the other obelisk becomes active.
So on and so forth. Once a channel between two obelisks is lit, you can’t
“connect” those two obelisks again. The statue on the south side of the room
resets the puzzle if you get stuck.

There’s probably several solutions to this, but here’s one:

D – A – C – D – B – A – E – B – C

Two doors to the south will open. In the next room get Soranith’s Silver Ring
from a treasure chest behind the west door, then go through the south door,
down the stairs and into a more complicated light puzzle.

This time there are nine obelisks like so (north orientation):

   _____A_______________B     C_____
|     |     |
  |     |     __________|     |     |
  |     |   
|     |
  |     |    |     ___________|     |
  |     |   
  |     |   
  |     D    |____E___________      |
|     |
|     |
  |     |         |      _____F_____|
|     |     |
|     |     |
  |_____G_________|     |     |_____
|           |
|           |

Again, there are probably several solutions, here is one:

H – F – I – H – G – A – D – G – E – F – C – E – B – A

The door to the south opens, collect a Mysterious Chant (Rando Conjurum Ix)
and Soranith’s Gold Ring. Head back up to the Northern Plain of Tears. As you
work your way back to the main path, look for a separate downward path going
north-northeast (to the right of the main path with the teleporter).

Head down this path to find Khartos, who will open a rift and summon a
mythrilhorn while you bash monster brains. Afterwards, speak to Khartos again
to send the mythrilhorn to Aman’lu.

Back to the main path, head to the Water Temple. Inside, fight the Ganth,
which is resistant to fire, lightning and death damage (you know, everything
your combat mage can dish out). The Ganth also has a weapon with health steal
ability, so staying out of range of him is your best bet to a quick ending.
Once the Ganth is dead, head up the stairs to the Temple Courtyard, where a
cruise ship full of Morden await. This is a much tougher fight than the Ganth,
and very chaotic. Area-of-effect powers come in quite handy.

Once everything is dead, click the glowing button on the wall to send water
to Kalrathia. Jump back to town using the nearby teleporter and speak to Lord
Kalrathia to begin the next quest.

[3.20] Chapter 2: The Morden Chief

“The Morden leaders will not be pleased that Kalrathia is no longer thirsty.
You must travel to the Morden city of Darthrul to head off the attack that
will surely come when the Morden Chief learns of what has transpired.
Hopefully, you can distract the Morden long enough for the townspeople to
organize a rebellion.”

Primary Tasks:
* Enter the Morden city of Darthrul
* Speak to the Morden Chief
* Defeat the Morden Chief
* Bring the head of the Morden Chief back to Lord Kalrathia

Secondary Quests:
* Mythrilhorn
* Lost Jewels of Soranith
* Lelani’s Sorrow
* The Kalrathian Nexus
* Spirits of Aranna
* Sartan’s Suspicion
* Amren’s Vision
* The Lore of Aranna
* The Mage’s Apprentice
* Finala’s Contempt
* The Morden Riders

Secondary questing time again. Go up to the North Wall (follow the plank past
Telgrey’s house) and speak to Nalus. He’ll give you harpy feathers in
exchange for your Agallan relic. Go to the tavern and talk to Kevarre, who
will give you Soranith’s Amulet to complete your set.

Teleport to Aman’lu. Go see the pet seller, who will now sell you a
mythrilhorn, if you so desire. In the extreme north of Aman’lu, find the
fletcher Ithir’renne and give her the harpy feathers in exchange for an
Aman’lu orchid. That ought to cheer Lelani up!

Teleport back to Eirulan, head for Lelani’s house next to the pet shop and
give her the orchid. Lelani’s chain letter is finally finished and you get a
rather large pile of loot. It makes one wonder, if Lelani has that much money,
why couldn’t she at least rent herself a little happiness?

Now your only holdovers from earlier acts are Amren’s Vision, Finala’s
Contempt, Spirits of Aranna and the Mark of the Assassin. You’ll be taking
care of the first of those pretty soon. Return to Kalrathia and leave through
the East Gate.

You’ll soon come to a chasm where there are three paths to choose. South
leads to a dead end, but there’s a hidden treasure chest. Look for the lever
sticking up out of a rock. North is the Kalrathian Nexus. Enter the cavern
and descend to the center. Equip the Soul Staff and beat on the big, blocky
seal until it’s removed.

Go ahead and run back to town and talk to Nora. She’ll give you the Soulstaff
of the Nexus, which is a good staff for nature mages. Head back through the
Eastern Plain of Tears, aiming, this time, for the teleporter. As you pass
the chasm, enter the square tower to pick up the Greater Chant of Mage Health.

Just past the teleporter is Spirit of Aranna #13, there is an incantation
shrine further along the path. Continuing past the ghost, if you keep on due
east rather than turn north toward the shrine, you’ll enter A Mysterious

This is a step in Sartan’s personal quest, so add him to your party before
you go any further. Enter the cavern and loot the treasure rooms north and
south. Knock on the east door and Sartan and Osric have a little sword-to-
heart chat.

If Half-giants want to change the perception they are stupid oafs, they’ve
got to stop acting like stupid oafs. So, Sartan is now tasked with freeing
some prisoners, which will take place later in this chapter. Back to the main

West of the incantation shrine is a square tower with the Greater Chant of
Ranger Health. As you continue north, you’ll enter the Ruins of Okaym. As you
do, another square tower yields the Greater Chant of Fighter Health.

Just north of this tower is the fourth mushroom circle, leading to the Shrine
of Blindness. Take Amren down, pick up the Lore book: Vol. 20, The Path of
Blindness. If you’ve activated the other shrines already, activating this one
opens a portal in the center.

Go through the portal to another Mysterious Shrine with a big treasure chest.
Amren opens it to reveal Virtuous Rebellion–a powerful longbow that will
look nice on your primary ranger. And, of course, lots of other loot. Step
back through the portal to the Shrine of Blindness and return to the surface.

You now have the last of the Lore of Aranna books, so if you’ve been
collecting them diligently, you can complete this quest. The next time you
are in Kalrathia, pay a visit to Telgrey. Be sure to talk to him again after
completing the quest. He won’t dole out your true reward the first time you
talk with him. Part of the real reward is the Mysterious Book from the
Mysterious Mystery Quest.

From Amren’s mushroom circle, work your way east toward the next teleporter.
As the path turns north, you’ll pass an entrance to A Large Abandoned Shelter.
This is a puzzle/treasure room with plenty of loot and XP, but no special
quest significance.

Take the elevator down and go through either door into the next room. Grab a
green life stone (familiar?) and go through the door and down the stairs into
the main “puzzle” room, though what needs be done is not that puzzling. There
are four lit pillars and four unlit pillars. Each unlit pillar has one of the
four Azunite symbols on it.

So, you know what to do. Grab one of each color stone and put it on the
proper pillar. You already have the green stone so you can light the green
tree column. All you have to do is find the other three color stones.

Take the door on the north side of the light room and follow the passages
around until you find a golden chalice. Picking up the chalice opens two
secret doors to the east, allowing you to enter a set of hidden passages.
Follow these around until you find the purple death stones and pick one up.

This will open a door back into the light room, so place your purple stone on
the purple tree column and head through the south door. You’ll quickly come
to some caverns that run east and west. Go east first, which soon dead-ends,
but contains a pile of yellow sight stones.

Go back west and follow the caverns to some more man-made rooms and follow
these until you find the red blindness stones. Picking one up opens a
shortcut back into the room of light.

Place your stones and a secret door opens to the main treasure room to the
east. Collect your reward, which includes the Greater Chants of Mage and
Ranger Power.

Back to the surface, there’s a tower just ahead guarded by a nature mage
sanctuary door and the Ruins of Okaym teleporter is just to the west of the
tower. After the teleporter, the path turns north, but keep going west and
climb the hill to find the entrance to the Morden Arsenal that is part of
Sartan’s quest.

With Sartan in your party, enter the Arsenal. From the first room, take the
north door for a little treasure, including a secret room. Then take the
south door and go west to a larger room. The south door here leads to an
empty jail cell guarded by a horde of Morden.

The main path lies west, to a large jail room. Note the spiked, metal
canisters in front of the cells. Hit them with a ranged weapon or spell to
blow them up and blow open the doors of the cells. Remember this technique,
you will use it again.

Search the cells for a large treasure chest (Sartan has to open it). Teleport
to the Eastern Plain of Tears and run to the Mysterious Cavern. Talk to
Orayne to close Sartan’s quest. Then teleport back to the Ruins of Okaym.

Follow the path north to the main gate of Darthrul. Right before you reach
the bridge to the gate, turn left (west) and go around the guard tower and
down into the dry canal. Follow the canal west and then up some stairs and
then down into Some Ancient Ruins.

Oh boy! Another light puzzle!

The statue on the north side of the room is missing its mirror; the golden
one Mage Boden gave you fits quite nicely and starts the beam of light. There
are two doors, to the north and west, and you must shine the light on each to
open it. There are 17 statues in all, scattered about the room.

The north door is simple, direct the light south one statue, west one statue,
south one statue, east one statue and then north to unlock the door.

                    |  1
                    |  |
         |          |
         |          |
         |          |
         |          |
         |          |
         |          |

The west door is a bit more complicated.

Direct the light all the way to the south end of the room, to the fourth
statue. **NOTE** You will have to turn statues out of the way to let the
light pass. Send the light east one statue, then north one statue, then west
three statues. Now direct the beam south one statue, east two statues, south
one statue then west and move all the intervening statues out of the way
until the light hits the west door.

X         |X
|   |
X  X        X|  
|           X
|   |
|   |

X = Statues that must be turned out of the way to let the light beam pass.

Beyond the west door is a treasure room. Behind the north door is Mage
Boden’s apprentice, Darek. Turns out Boden is a nasty guy.

Gee, what a surprise.

Grab the Greater Chant of Casting and Greater Chant of Fighter Power and head
back to the main gate into Darthrul. Talk to the gate guard to be allowed

You didn’t really think it was going to be that easy, did you?

Well, you’ve got a whole city to chunk, might as well get started. The first
Morden you’ll meet in the city is the Patrol Leader from back in Kalrathia.
He already has a bone to pick with you, so give him what he deserves. He’ll
drop a Key to the District of the Sword.

Ah! So that’s how it works. There are five districts: Sword, Crossbow, Lance,
Shield and Chief. You’ll have to slaughter your way through each one to get
the key to the next. You can also continue Finala’s Contempt while in
Darthrul, and receive and complete The Morden Riders side quest.

Lots to do. Lots to do.

In the main square you’ll see a ghost, but you can’t talk to it until you
unlock the District of the Crossbow and its incantation shrine. The main
square also has the city’s teleporter, so take a refit break in Aman’lu
before you begin depopulating Darthrul. While back in town, go ahead and
confront Boden and kill him, then speak to Darek who mysteriously appears to
wrap up The Mage’s Apprentice quest.

Back in Darthrul, with Finala in your party, head east from the main square
toward the white star on your map. Finala will find a secret door that leads
to the Durvla hatchery. Clear the joint. When you reach the end, there are
three (count ’em, 3) mini-bosses. In the corner is a cage with a treasure
chest. Note the spiked ball–you have to blow the cage open.

Let Finala loot the chest to earn a Morden Wrench, which, she supposes, could
be used to fix an elevator somewhere. You won’t find that elevator in
Darthrul, so you can send Finala back to the Inn now if she isn’t normally a
member of your party.

You have the key to the District of the Sword, which is located in the
northeast quadrant of the city. Enter and kill the City Lieutenant for the
key to the District of the Crossbow.

That district is the southwest quadrant. Once again, enter and kill the City
Lieutenant, who drops the key to the District of the Lance. Note the supply
vault with a door you cannot open. Use the incantation shrine to talk to the
ghost in the town square; this is Spirit of Aranna #16.

The District of the Lance is in the northwest and the City Lieutenant drops
the key to the District of the Chief. Aha! What about the District of the
Shield? Search the small rooms along the north side of the district for a
hidden switch that lowers you to a cellar. There’s another Lieutenant down
here with the key to the District of the Shield.

The District of the Shield is to the southeast. Enter it and clear it out.
There’s a room along the west side with a mimic, so be careful opening chests.
Along the south side of the district is a pit. Look for a hidden switch on
the west wall that lowers an elevator and allows you entrance to the eastern
end of the dry canal.

Head east and climb up to an area outside the city walls. Fight your way to
the eastern end of this area and talk to the Morden riders Nordax and Nellioc.
This is, probably, the most humorous conversation in the entire game. Play
along with these guys. Finally, you will discover they are deserters in need
of supplies. Agree to help them to open the Morden Riders quest.

Head back to the city and raid the supply vaults in the Districts of the
Crossbow, Lance and Shield. This gives you the supplies you need for the
Riders, so return to them. Rather than give you a reward directly, their pet
Klask bashes open the east wall, giving you access to an Ancient Vault. Get
your reward from there; it includes the Greater Chant of Fortification.

Return to Darthrul and enter the District of the Chief to the north. Fight
your way to the Chief, speak to him, then kill him. Return to Kalrathia and
talk to Lord Kalrathia to start Chapter 3.

[3.21] Chapter 3: The Kalrathian Rebellion

“Your victory within the Morden city of Darthrul has inspired the townspeople
of Kalrathia to take up arms against the Morden occupiers. You must help
Kalrathia overthrow the Morden oppressors.”

Primary Tasks:
* Defeat all the Morden in the town of Kalrathia
* Report to Tehruth

Secondary Quests:
* None

Well, this is pretty simple. You just wiped out a whole city of Morden, now
all you have to do is clear them out of Kalrathia. There are 30 Morden, and
the game will count them down for you. Zoom in on your map to find the little
red dots, and don’t forget about the North Wall, where there are about six
Morden. Once they are all dead (you’ll get a task entry in your Quest log),
return to the great hall and speak to Tehruth.

[3.22] Chapter 4: The Mines of Kaderak

“Now that you have helped the Kalrathian rebellion defeat the occupying
Morden army, you must turn your will on acquiring the Aegis of Life, the
final piece of Azunai’s Shield — the very fragment you helped Valdis acquire
during the Siege of Greilyn Beach. With the majority of Valdis’ forces
committed to his campaign on Snowbrook Haven, there are only the Dark Wizards
to stand in your way. And that means you must gain entrance to the Mines of
Kaderak, an ancient network of caverns riddled with ley lines. This is the
source of Valdis’ supply of shards, and the area is heavily mined for this

Primary Tasks:
* Travel to the Desert of Kaderak
* Destroy the first protective statue
* Destroy the second protective statue
* Destroy the third protective statue
* Destroy the fourth protective statue
* Enter the Mines of Kaderak

Secondary Quests:
* Finala’s Contempt

Lord Kalrathia gives you the Aegis of Sight and tells you where to go look
for the Aegis of Life–you know, the one Valdis stole at the beginning of the
game. Tehruth gives you a teleporter activation stone that allows you to
teleport to the desert near the Mines of Kaderak.

Refit your party and teleport to the Southern Desert of Kaderak. You’ll soon
arrive at a large plateau with a stone fort in the center guarding the
entrance to the mines. In order to gain entrance to the mines you have to
destroy the four statues maintaining a mystical shield. They are easy enough
to destroy, though the numerous mobs surrounding them may prove a bit more

There are three paths off the plateau. The east path leads to a dead end with
nothing but some mobs to fight. The west path leads to some ruins on two
levels. Search the corners of the first, upper, set of ruins for the Greater
Chant of Melee Awareness. Search the corners of the second, lower, set of
ruins for the Greater Chant of Ranged Awareness. Both chants are hard to see.
At the extreme western edge of the plateau, find the rock with a lever on it
to reveal a hidden chest.

From the Mines entrance, take the north path and you’ll eventually find an
unmarked teleporter and a broken elevator. Use the teleporter to add Finala
to your party, if necessary, and have her fix the elevator and take it down
to a Large Morden Intelligence Camp. Clear out the camp and let Finala loot
the treasure chest to end her quest.

Use the teleporter outside to jump back to the Southern Desert, break the
statues and enter the Mines of Kaderak. When you reach the bottom of the
stairs, you’ll see a long cutscene showing the miners in action…

[3.23] Chapter 5: The Mines of Kaderak, Part II

“You have entered the Mines of Kaderak where the Dark Wizards live and where
the evil crystal shards that produce the Shard Souls are mined. You must
destroy the giant shard clusters and locate the Dark Wizards.”

Primary Tasks:
* Destroy the giant shard cluster
* Find the Dark Wizards
* Destroy the Dark Wizards
* Recover the Aegis of Life
* Return to Lord Kalrathia with the Aegis of Life

Secondary Quests:
* Mark of the Assassin
* Dwarven Song of Ore
* Vix’s Vengeance
* Spirits of Aranna

Your primary job is to roll the cart of explosives into the shard. Of course,
there are a number of side quests to complete while you’re at it. Beware of
all the red barrels around the mines. They’re explosive. Send a bow/crossbow
ranger, solo, ahead to shoot at them. Do NOT attempt to fight anywhere near

Your first order of business is to cross the bridge and head up the stairs.
At the top, enter the first door and clear the room. Look for the lever along
the back wall to open a secret room. You’ll find the Dwarven Mythril Ring in
the gold chest. Clear out the rest of the rooms on the upper level, then go
back down to the “main floor”.

Head east and cross the next bridge. Pull the lever to move the mine cart.
Continue east, past the teleporter–Upper Mines of Kaderak (West)–and over
the bridge. Pull the next lever. (The side rooms here all contain little bits
of loot, nothing exciting yet.) East again, over the bridge and pull the
third lever.

The side room here has a health shrine, and the next one along the path has a
gold chest with the Silver stanza of the Dwarven Song of Ore. East some more,
over the bridge, pull the lever, through the door and pull the fifth lever.

Go up the stairs. There are a couple of treasure rooms up here, one of which
contains the Greater Chant of Magic Awareness. Go down the stairs and across
the bridge to the second teleporter–Upper Mines of Kaderak (East).

Pull the lever next to the teleporter and head up the stairs. Through the
doors, head up the stairs to your left (west) and you’ll find Spririt of
Aranna #15 and a gold chest with the Iron stanza of the Dwarven Song of Ore.
There’s an incantation shrine across the flying bridge to the east.

Go back down and follow the main path east. After crossing the bridge, pull
the next two levers and the mine cart finally runs into the large shard and
everything goes boom. Pass through to the area with the partial bridge, which
has an elevator at the end.

To the right (south) is a set of three rooms. Go into the west room and pull
the lever to reveal a hidden room with a gold chest that contains the Gold
stanza of the Dwarven Song of Ore. To the east of the bridge is a small area
with some loot. Once you’ve cleared all the rooms, ride the elevator down,
then climb the ramps at the north end and enter the Lower Mines.

When you reach the first large open area, there are paths to the north and
east. The path to the east leads to Vix’s personal quest, so add him to your
party, if necessary, and go east. Vix will break through the door and you’ll
enter a series of mining tunnels and caverns.

The objective is simple: destroy three shards by rolling mine carts into them.
At each mine cart, pull a lever to re-orient the tracks, then pull another
lever to send the cart on its way. There are a lot of mobs to kill, lots of
loot to be gained and several side areas that deserve exploration, though
they don’t contain anything special. Don’t forget the main treasure chest
after the last shard is destroyed.

Head back to the Lower Mines and continue north until you reach the
teleporter. Go south from the teleporter to find a treasure chest with the
lost Mythril stanza of the Dwarven Song of Ore. Return to Kalrathia and speak
to Historian Leontia and receive your reward, which will include both the
Chant of Prosperity and the Greater Chant of Prosperity.

(If you had previously gone to see Leontia after finding the first three
stanzas, you can still go back and give her the Mythril stanza and get the
additional rewards.)

While you’re in town, go see enchantress Valeria, who will turn your Dwarven
Mythril Ring into the Dwarven Mythril Ring of Sight. Equip the ring and go to
the room behind the Innkeeper. Talk to Merchant Kendril, and Luun, the
assassin, will appear and attack. Kill him and take his Deathblades, which
are a nice set for your dual-wielder. Talk to Kendril again to get a little
extra reward.

That should close out every secondary quest in your logs except the Spirits
of Aranna. So, main questing time! Teleport back to the Lower Mines and head
east. A short bit of hack-n-slash later, you reach the elevator that takes
you to another elevator that takes you to your boss fight against the Dark

These guys are more powerful versions of the one you faced when rescuing
Evangeline–and there are three of them. Make sure you have a Nature Mage
with the Resurrection spell or lots of Resurrection scrolls available.

Tactics are roughly the same. Take out the crystals that defend the wizards,
then unload on them with powers. When you see circles (of lightning, death or
fire) surrounding your characters, run! Concentrate on one wizard at a time.
Fortunately, these guys don’t summon anything, and they don’t do a lot to
help each other out.

Stick to one like glue until he’s toast, then move on to the next one. Keep
an eye out for those circles of doom at your feet and be patient. They are
susceptible to curses, so having a combat mage with a decent curse or two
will be helpful. And you can have your nature mage cast Spirit Embrace to
make your party immune to the wizards’ curses.

When all three are dead, take the Aegis of Life and return to the Lower Mines
and teleport back to town. Lord Kalrathia is ill and in bed in his room on
the west side of the great hall. Speak to him to learn how, now that you have
the four pieces, you can reforge the Shield of Azunai.

[3.24] Chapter 6: The Agallan Trial

“Now that you have all four fragments of Azunai’s legendary shield, you must
make your way to the fabled Agallan Giants to persuade them to reforge the
Shield. Lord Kalrathia believes that they can be reached if you are able to
get through an ancient chamber beneath the town known as the Agallan Trial.”

Primary Tasks:
* Speak to Advisor Kynos
* Defeat Advisor Kynos
* Take the Kalrathian Crystal to the fountain in the center of the town of
* Enter the ancient chamber underneath the town of Kalrathia
* Speak to the Azunite Ancestor
* Restore water to the western waterway
* Restore water to the northern waterway
* Restore water to the southern waterway
* Restore water to the eastern waterway
* Go through the portal to the Agallan Peaks

Secondary Quests:
* Spirits of Aranna

Your first task is to speak to Advisor Kynos, who no one in their right mind
would like. Fortunately, you get to kill him. You’ll get the Kalrathian
Crystal that unlocks the Agallan Trial under the city. You also get Kynos’
house key; he lives in the north section of town if you want to help yourself
to his things. He won’t be needing them any longer.

From this point, it is a long time until you see your next teleporter–about
a quarter of the way through Chapter 8. You can use the town portal spell
(Summon Teleporter), but those don’t last through a reload. So don’t start
this next section unless you have some time to play. If you quit any time
before the next teleporter, you’re going to have a long, long trek in front
of you.

Use the crystal on the glowing corner of the fountain, then press any of the
buttons to ride down into the Agallan Trial area. Down the steps you go until
you reach a large room and get a cutscene with your instructions. Talk to the
Azunite Ancestor, then head through the west door.

Down more stairs…and more…and some more. When you finally hit bottom, go
down into the water trough and pull the lever to open the sluice gate. Then
turn the valve to start the water in the western waterway. Go through the
broken wall into a tunnel.

The tunnel soon branches north and south. You can go either way, but, since
the Quest Log lists the northern waterway next, head north. When you get back
into the man-made section, look for a Mysterious Chant in the corner.

Note the three large stone controllers at the edge of the platform. These
control floodgate doors down below. You have to activate them in various
combinations to enable your party to get through to unblock the waterway and
turn on the water. Each of the floodgate controllers has a center “button”
that is either up or down.

The easiest thing to do is to enter Wait mode and send one character down and
keep the others next to the controllers. It’s easier to move one character
around in the small rooms.

For the northern puzzle, set the controllers so the Center controller button
is down and the other two are up. Go down into the waterway, open the gate
and turn on the water. Go into the northwest room and around to the northeast
room. Hit the switch in here so it is up and open the way to the south room.
Push the switch in the south room down to open the way to the east platform.

On the platform, push the button on the east wall to open part of a shortcut
to the southern/eastern waterway. Then go to the south end of the platform,
enter the waterway and open the gate. This is actually for the eastern
waterway, but might as well do it now.

Then go back into the northern waterway and open the second gate. The water
should be running freely now. Go up onto the northern platform, reform your
party (if you went solo), enter the room to the west and push the button on
the wall to open a door back to the west waterway. Enter the tunnel and go

Along the way you’ll encounter Spirit of Aranna #17. The incantation shrine
is just to the east of the ghost. When you reach the southern waterway, open
two gates and then turn on the water.

Go up on the platform and push each controller down, enter Wait mode and send
your PC down into the waterway and open the gate. Enter the southeast corner
room and thence into the southwest corner. Set this switch down and exit the
room to open the last two gates to let the water run through.

Go back into the southwestern corner room and set the switch up to open the
door north. Push this next switch down to open the north door and go through
and open the gate. Return to the northwest room.

Here’s where it get’s much easier to do this in Wait mode. You have to turn
the two switches up on the platform to the up position. This opens the way to
get from the northwest room over to the northeast section of the waterway and
open the last two gates and turn on the water. So you just change to another
character, hit the two switches on the platform and you’re home free.

If you haven’t used the solo trick, here’s what you have to do. Hit the
switch in the northwest room to get to the southwest room. Hit the switch to
open the door into the southern waterway. Go up to the platform and hit both
switches. Go back to the southwest room, hit the switch, enter the northwest
room and hit the switch and now you can get through.

For the record, to the north of the eastern water valve is a platform with a
mana shrine (and a Mysterious Chant behind the shrine). At the west end of
this platform is the button on the wall that opens the shortcut to the north
platform, which you’ll need to use if you did not previously open that last
east gate.

To quickly get back to the stairs leading up, return through the south
waterway and enter a room to the north and push the button on the wall to
open a shortcut to the western waterway. Head up the stairs, through the big
door, collect your loot and go through the portal.

[3.25] Chapter 7: The Agallan Giants

“The Shield of Azunai must be reforged if Valdis is to be defeated. The only
beings who have the power to do this are the Agallan Giants, if they truly

Primary Tasks:
* Investigate the Agallan Peaks
* Use the portal to travel to Zaramoth’s Horns

Secondary Quests:
* None

Nothing to do here but go talk to the giants. You can pick up a book, “The
Meaning of the Obelisks” in the first long hall. After your chat, step
through the new portal and get ready to start fighting again…

[3.26] Chapter 8: Zaramoth’s Horns

“Valdis and his Archmage are leading the armies from within Zaramoth’s Horns,
one of the most secure fortresses built by the followers of Zaramoth before
the great cataclysm. If the Agallans are correct, you should find Valdis and
his Archmage at the top of the mountain.”

Primary Tasks:
* Ascend to the top of the mountain
* Defeat the Archmage

Secondary Quests:
* Spirits of Aranna

Enter the hall to the east and fight your way to an elevator. You may note
some Eyes of Zaramoth statues scattered about. Hitting them causes them to
shoot a highly damaging beam of light. This technique is not important now,
but will be later.

The elevator takes you down into a prison, where you quickly come to another
elevator that takes you up to a platform with three other elevators. The
Agallan Obelisk in the center of the platform grants 30 seconds of
invulneratiblity when used. Your party must be close by to be affected, so
Regroup around the obelisk before clicking.

The southwest elevator leads to a treasure room with the Chant of Power. The
northeast elevator leads to ranged and melee sanctuary doors and an
incantation shrine where you can use your shiny new Chant. The northwest
elevator takes you to nature and combat mage sanctuary doors and another
elevator that puts you back on the main path, right at the Lower Zaramoth’s
Horns teleporter.


You can now quit and take a potty break. When you’re ready to continue, head
north from the teleporter. After the long bridge is a room with three doors.
North and west are small treasure rooms. Go east and keep fighting your way
until you get outside. Just past the bridge, to the south, is the final
Spirit of Aranna. An incantation shrine is just a little way to the west.

In this area there’s a secret room with a mimic in the southeast. Look for
the lever on the back side of a nearby column. There’s another secret room to
the south side of the incantation platform shrine, find the button on the
wall and collect the Chant of Chaotic Skill inside.

That’s it. There are no more side areas. No more side quests. Take the
southern door and begin a long (and possibly arduous) slaughterfest until you
reach the archmage. There’s a teleporter right before you enter the
Archmage’s Chamber. This is the last teleporter in the game. If you quit the
game, or your entire party dies, after this point, you will have to return
here and do everything again (except for the Archmage fight).

The archmage fight takes place on a platform surrounded by obelisks. You can
use the obelisks yourself, but the archmage uses them too and therein lies
the problem. On his own, the archmage is not that difficult. He’s got 90,000
health, but he won’t do much damage to your party.

The missiles he summons out of the obelisks are something else entirely.
Every so often, the archmage will “convert” an obelisk to his own use and it
will start firing out missiles. These missiles are instant death for any
character they touch. They move slowly, so you can dodge them, but if the
archmage converts a lot of obelisks, you’re in big trouble.

Make sure you have a nature mage with a resurrection spell and some rez
scrolls for the other characters in case the nature mage bites the dust. You
can “redeem” an obelisk the archmage has converted by attacking the obelisk.
However, in the long run, you are better off simply unloading every power in
your book on the archmage himself.

This is likely to be the longest, most difficult battle yet. Once he’s
defeated, the final battle is waiting at the top of the stairs.

[3.27] Chapter 9: The Final Ascent

“It has been a long and challenging journey and you can honestly say you are
no longer the same person as you were when you fought for Valdis as a
mercenary. Ever since you were taken prisoner by the Dryads of Eirulan, the
course of your life has brought you ever closer to this moment. You have
achieved the impossible — found and re-united the fragments of the legendary
Shield of Azunai and convinced the Agallan Giants to reforge it using
Drevin’s medallion as a centerpiece. You now have the power to defeat Valdis
and free Aranna from his tyranny if you are ready to face the challenge.”

Primary Tasks:
* Locate the Temple of Valdis
* Destroy Valdis
* Go through the portal

But wait! First you have to battle through another horde of minions. At this
point, you’re probably wondering, “What’s the point?” Persevere, the end is

But not that near. You’ve got a lot of stairs to climb, and every inch is
contested–many times by groups of mini-bosses. If you’ve been following this
guide and done every sidequest, you’re probably running four to five levels
above everything you encounter, so this is mostly tedious.

On the other hand, if you’re hovering around level 40, you’re in for a long
night. You would be better served, before attempting this ascent, going back
to town and finding some good respawn areas to gain a few levels. Make sure
you’ve wrapped up all the secondary quests. Do whatever needs be done to get
yourself a few more levels and some additional gear.

You’ll need it.

**NOTE** It cannot be stressed enough that if you quit or die here, you have
to make this ascent again and *all* the mobs respawn.

It ain’t pretty. Don’t die and don’t quit.

When you finally reach the Temple of Valdis, it is remarkably (and
comfortingly clear). Open a town portal and hie thee back to Kalrathia for a
refit. Make sure you have rez scrolls for everybody. Lots of potions. Etc.

Continue into the temple until you meet Valdis. Don’t try to attack him, he’s
invulnerable. The only way to hurt him is to lure him in front of one of the
Eyes of Zaramoth placed on the edges of the room, then beat on the eye to
open it (and they don’t have great range). Conversely, Valdis can kill you
quite easily. No matter how well you’ve outfitted your party, one sword combo
from Valdis and they all turn into grave markers.

The best way to handle Valdis is to get beyond an Eye in a straight line from
Valdis, so that he is forced to walk directly past the Eye you’re near. Time
it so your ranger starts attacking the Eye when Valdis is about three to four
steps away (or two or five, depending on the damage your ranger can do). If
you time it right, Valdis will get zapped before he even gets close enough to
you to start swinging.

For example:



             X – start shooting the Eye when Valdis is here



It will take patience and practice, but once perfected, you can take Valdis
out pretty easily. You have to hit him three times to advance to the next
stage of the fight. After the first hit, Valids summons a horde of Qatall
Minions. Take them out while staying away from Valdis, then re-commence the
luring/zapping project.

After the third hit, you get the Fantasy RPG Plot Twists for Idiots cutscene
and the fight against Valdis takes on a more traditional flavor. Valdis is
now, essentially, just another boss character. He’s got 90,000 health and he
can regenerate, so you don’t want to leave him alone for a long time.

Don’t worry about falling into the lava, if your characters are reasonably
well-equipped, you won’t get hurt (much). Just don’t go swimming in it. Lay
into Valdis with everything you’ve got.

Valdis has four main attacks:

1) A shockwave that will throw your characters back. Not a huge problem, even
if you fall in the lava. However, if your party is melee-heavy, it will push
the fighters off Valdis for a few seconds, during which he can regenerate.
Don’t worry about the shockwave and just keep at him

2) He will bring rocks crashing down. This is (or should be) a non-issue. A
few rocks shouldn’t hurt you, but, if they’re giving you fits, just watch for
the enlarging shadows and run away.

3) A gigantic fireball. This one’s dangerous. Fortunately, Valdis starts to
glow yellow before releasing it, and he won’t change his orientation once he
starts the spell. So, as soon as Valdis begins to glow yellow, run behind him
and attack his back while he blasts empty air with pretty lights.

4) More a defensive maneuver than an attack, Valdis will clone himself,
giving himself time to regenerate while you attack a clone. However, the
clones don’t react to attacks–they don’t physically react and they don’t
make any noise. So if you hit a Valdis and it doesn’t do anything, go attack
another one.

Once you take off one-third of his health, he summons a horde of Qatall
Minions. By this point, Qatall Minions should be little more trouble than
flies. Don’t worry about them and concentrate on Valdis.

When Valdis reaches 0 health, he revives and summons a shield around himself.
(So, why didn’t he do this earlier?) You can’t penetrate the shield, but the
great big Eye of Zaramoth that was just revealed, can. This one’s easy
because Valdis doesn’t have his sword. Stand in front of the eye, wait for
Valdis to get close, then whack it. Brutal Strike or Take Aim (or some other
high-damage, single strike power) works very well.

After the cutscenes you can return to Kalrathia and finish up whatever you’ve
left hanging. This would be a good time to do The Mysterious Mystery Quest.
You can also arrange your companions and equipment for playing at the next
difficulty level. One thing you might want to do now is visit a store and buy
some 0-level bows, swords and spells. If you want to do a little multi-
classing at the higher difficulty levels, you won’t be able to buy any 0-
level gear to get you started. So buy it now and stick it in your Storage
Vault or on a pet at the Inn.

[3.28] Veteran and Elite Difficulty

Once you have completed Act III, Chapter 9 and saved your game, you can begin
a new game at a higher difficulty level. Exit to the main menu, choose Single
Player, choose the hero who has completed the game and click Next. Choose
your difficulty level (Veteran after finishing Mercenary, Elite after
finishing Veteran).

You start in the Dryad prison cell–you don’t play Act I, Chapter 1 again.
You have all your equipment and all your party with you in the cell. Any pets
or henchmen disbanded to the Inn are still in your party inventory. Anything
placed in your Storage Vault is still there.

Your Quest Log, Quest Items, Maps and Books inventories are empty and have to
be re-filled. Any Chants discovered in the previous diffculty are still
available and can be used normally. This means you can, for example, start
the Spirits of Aranna quest immediately by talking with the ghost in the
Hak’u caves.

The only real difference in Vet and Elite is the strength of the mobs and the
level of the gear you collect. Everything else plays the same. If you want to
hire the new Vet/Elite versions of your henchmen rather than use the ones you
carried over, you have to Release the old henchmen. See Party-a-go-go to find
out how to release henchmen.

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