The Sims 2: Nightlife – Retail patch v1.2.0.355

Sims 2: NightlifeMaxis u saradnji sa Electronic Arts-om je izbacio patch za njihov posledji expanzion pack za igru Sims 2 poz nazivom NightLife. Ovaj patch podiže postojeću verziju igre na v1.2.0.355 i time ispravlja par bugova koji su kvarili uzitak igre. Ovaj patch (18Mb) možete preuzeti sa ove adrese, a više informacija o listi ispravki na kraju teksta.The Sims 2 Nightlife retail patch v1.2.0.355

The Sims 2 Nightlife CD Patch

Instructions: Save the file to disk and then run it to install the patch.

Please make sure you have your copy of The Sims 2 available during patch installation.

Note: This patch is compatible for all languages

Complete list of changes in v1.2.0.355:

– Fixed an issue where NPC Mrs. Crumplebottom was causing objects.package to be corrupt.
– Fixed an issue where Custom Terrain paint was being uploaded with packaged lots and spread to other users’ machine unintentionally.
– Addressed an issue where cell phones could not be placed in a Sims inventory before making a phone call on it first.
– Electro Dance Spheres can now be used at all skill levels properly.
– Fixed a rare issue where when a Sim was juggling would cause random objects to be deleted.
– Dorm Cooks will no longer duplicate on previously played lots after installing Nightlife.
– Cowplants will no longer have their faces squished after eating Nightlife’s NPC’s.
– Sims will no longer get a memory of making out with themselves in the hot tub under certain conditions.
– The Mad Scientist career track will no longer have a conflicting message about missing a day of work and having the day off.
– Moving lots with University Graduates into the Sim Bin and back into the neighborhood will no longer cause all of the diplomas to belong to one Sim, instead the will belong to their original owners.
– Sims will now be able to use Cell Phones and MP3 players if placed on tables.
– Young Adult Male Sims can no longer get pregnant and give birth by using the Electro Dance Sphere.
– Vampire NPC’s can now be influenced to drink Vamprocillin-D properly.
– Pollination Technician 9 family tree is now showing all correct branches.
– Sims can now work out if there is a rug in front of the TV.
– Many multi-tile objects can now be placed against walls after being placed into a Sims inventory and then the Sim changes lots.
– Fixed an issue where Sims were randomly getting stuck playing poker indefinitely.
– Addressed an issue where using the eyedropper tool allowed players to place objects on a lot beyond the amount of money they currently have.
– Computers are no longer able to be placed in a Sims inventory if the computers are turned on.
– Sims playing the hand held games will no longer get a memory about meeting themselves.
– The NPC Gypsy Matchmaker will only come by to initially greet new Sims in a neighborhood once per neighborhood instead of every new lot created.
– Fixed an issue where University Sims were randomly getting taken back to their original neighborhood during their Freshman year.
– Fixed a rare occurring of an issue where Sims could not move off of a University lot after graduating.
– Flaming Bags of Poo should not be delivered indefinitely after a bad date.
– Teen Sims age transitioning directly to an Adult Sim that has chosen not to go to college will no longer receive a memory that they have completed their Freshman year.
– Having a Family Reunion will no longer overrun the memories panel of a Sim with a memory for every interaction during the Family Reunion party.
– Fixed an issue so that dorm rooms will be hidden again when Nightlife is installed.
– The want ‘Stay Home From Class’ can now be fulfilled by Pleasure Aspiration Sims that Skip class.
– Downtown NPC Sims now have ReNuYu Porta-Chug in their inventories so now they can all change their Turn On’s and Turn Off’s when they become controllable Sims.

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