Spec Ops II – Green Berets (šifre)

Spec Ops II - Green Berets

Make your squad members REALLY useful:
Vlad, Submitted the following Information:
Email: vladvo@hotpop.com

/improves response time,accuracy etc./
Every soldier is General of Army :
offset    value to set 
000000F0   1A
000000F4   1A
000000F8   1A
000000FC   1A
1A = General of Army (highest)

write it any time when playing the game [only in pakistan]

Code                Result
master of specops - godmode

No enemies:
After starting the game, select the "Fixed Enemies" selection 
at the options screen and set it to "No". Then, select 
the "Random Enemies" option and set it to "No". 

Terrorists can be hard to spot in the jungle. But who 
says you need to see them? Pop some rifle grenades into 
the bushes, then fill the terrorists with lead when they 

Night-vision goggles are not the end all of after-dark 
operations. Frequently the goggles turn the jungle into 
an indiscriminate green mush. Try instead to use the 
infrared sniper scope to find your enemies. 

Use the DEF (defend this position) command, coupled with 
a waypoint close to the enemy's position, to induce your 
squad mates to lead the attack on the enemy. If this is 
done properly, the AI soldiers will attempt to move to 
the highlighted position and engage any hostiles that 
they see. This will draw the enemy's fire, and allow you 
to creep close to the bad guys without being spotted.

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