Soldiers of Anarchy (šifre)

Soldiers of Anarchy

Submitted by: Grufle

To activate the cheats press ENTER during a mission to bring up the dialog 
box and type in the code To de-activate the cheat simply enter the cheat again. 
if you typed it correctly a message will appear saying "xxx activated" 

winmission - win the current level 

CTRL  + click left mouse button - Damage to the clicked object 
SHIFT + click left mouse button - "Repairing" the clicked object 

Use the keys T + Z to speed up or slow down the gamespeed 

immortalone     - god mode 
endlessmunition - unlimited ammo 
quitter         - lose mission? 

3 new codes thanks to PRiME 

in bunker: 
showtrader   - seeker has all equipment/vehicles/weapons 
allvehicles  - you get one of each vehicle 
soldierspawn - spawn a new soldier, but not sure exactly how this works 

Note: type the codes exactly as they are, no spaces.

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