Sim Golf (šifre)

Sim Golf

Type [Ctrl]+S. 
Release both keys and type 
bombsheep to enable cheat mode.

Sid Meier's Sim Golf Cheats:
Money Cheat + Landmarks
Simply press the "Shift" and "=" ("+") key on your keyboard to gain more 
money and access to landmarks. Note that you can continue to hold it 
down for some really obscene amounts of money.

Cheat Codes:
During gameplay press control+shift+alt & type the cheats below (case 

Code            Result
Tigerwoodsrules Makes your pro 990% on all skills
happysmile  Makes happy rating the best.
moolahmore  Gives you 9 billion dollars
sgarequest  Makes the best sga rating
99beersonthewall Turns all snackbars into a superstore which gives 
max thirst

Cheat mode:
Press [Ctrl] + S. Release both keys and type bombsheep.

simgolf demo - the ultimate golfer
To create a golfer with all stats on 100%, do the following:
1. create a new game, doesn't matter what theme you choose
2. create a new hole, doens't matter what size, just create one.
3. Open that hole (press 'h'), and choose to play a practise round.
4. now you can distribute points to your golfers skills, just add them 
the way you like it.
5. now, save your golfer (go to golferdetails, and press the disk 
button) and exit the game.
6. start a new game, go to your golfers details and load your saved 
golfer (press the folder icon and select the name of the golfer)
7. again, create and open a hole, play a practice round
8. you can now add 10 or more extra points to your golfer
9. again, save (overwrite) and exit.
10. repeat steps 6 through 9 until your golfer has every single stat on 100%

During gameplay Press Ctrl + S then type in bombsheep

All statistics for characters

Once you have made your golf course you'll be able to make your 
statistics. save player. keep making golf courses but before you finish 
making them load your saved player and then complete your golf course 
and you will be able to add another 13-16 points to your player. keep 
repeating to get full points!

More $$$

Press Shift + =

Getting Celebrities

In order to get celebrities, you must play well in tournaments and buy 
all of the shops and hotels. You must have a lot of visitors and 
members. If the golfers like you well enough you are likely to have 
celebrities come.

10,000 simoleans and landmarks cheat in Standard mode
Of course, if you want to play with unlimited simoleans you can always 
choose to play in Sandbox mode. But for those of you who are playing in 
Standard mode and are a bit strapped for cash, you can always use this 
cheat as your savour. It's your decision whether you want to cheat or 
not, but remember it is not a crime.

To get 10,000 simoleans and make all the landmarks available press and 
Hold the "Shift" key and the "=" key together.

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