Serious Sam II demo patch

 Serious Sam II Serious Sam II 
 Serious Sam II Serious Sam II 
Izasao je patch za Croteamov Serious Sam II koji ispravlja i menja niz stvari u demou:

  • Customize keys menu screen is now more mouse friendly.

  • Mouse movement is ignored during key binding process (customize keys menu screen).

  • Mouse buttons 4 and 5 are now supported (through the customize keys menu screen).

  • Cheats button will no more appear on the main menu screen when the user is advised to adjust video settings for the first time.

  • Questionable picture has been removed from the multiplayer menu screen.

  • Virtual keyboard has been removed from the enter text (enter name) menu screen.

  • If a profile is created after clicking on the ‘Internet’ button, the user is now correctly taken to the GameSpy menu screen.

  • Quick saved game will now appear at the top of the saved games list (both for load and save game menu screens).

  • Fixed problems with connecting to game servers over the internet.

  • Internet server sorting now works correctly (through the ‘Find match’ menu screen).

  • Popup menus used to enter server IP address now have button bars at the bottom to provide mouse functionality.

  • Selected row in a list doesn’t change any more if mouse is moved over the list while a popup menu is displayed.

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