Painkiller – Overdose (šifre)

Painkiller - Overdose

Submitted by: boneK 
Start game as usual, in game - bring up the console with ~ and 
input the following codes (NOT CaSe SeNsItIvE): 

Result                          Code
Full ammunition               - pkammo 
Full ammunition and health    - pkpower 
All weapons                   - pkweapons 
Extra gold                    - pkgold 
Toggle disappearing bodies    - pkkeepbodies 
Toggle disappearing decals    - pkkeepdecals 
Toggle demon morph            - pkdemon 
Toggle weak enemies           - pkweakenemies 
Toggle excessive gibs         - pkalwaysgib 
Toggle God mode               - pkgod 
Toggle haste                  - pkhaste 
Toggle weapon modifier mode   - pkweaponmodifier

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