Original War (šifre)

Original War

Submitted by: john w

To get money from veichels you already made put a 
mechnaic in a veichel (make sure you have a upgraded 
workshop first)tell the guy to recycle the vehicle 
and you get money.

Gameplay Tips:                                                           
By Steven W. Carter

Armories make excellent defensive structures early in the 

Mechanics get a double level bonus inside vehicles, and 
soldiers get a double level bonus inside weapon turrets.

Characters can reach a maximum level of 10 for each class.

The heavier the tread, the better the defense for vehicles.

An upgraded depot gets a wider sphere of influence.

Soldiers are useful early in the campaigns, but mechanics 
are best by the end.

Oil power plants cause a constant drain on your oil reserves, 
but a single oil drilling tower can support three oil power 
plants.  Meanwhile, solar and Siberite power plants only 
require a one-time fee.

During in-game cinematics, you can still use the numpad 
``+'' and ``-'' keys to speed up or slow down the proceedings, 
and you can use the enter key to skip lines of dialogue.

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