Nox Quest (šifre)

Nox Quest

Duplicate items:
Gather valuable items, especially diamonds, for your 
inventory. Press [Esc] and exit to save your items. 
Join the game again, find a poor Nox player, and dump 
all your items. Press [F1] to display the console and 
type exit to quit without saving. When you return to 
the game, all your items from your previous save will 
still be in your inventory. 

Submitted by: rickHH

Save your gold and silver keys for the later levels, when 
they'll unlock more valuable treasures. 

It's easy to clear the lower levels by taking off on your 
own, but stick with a party of characters during the higher 
levels to increase your odds for survival. 

Once you've found the exit, there's no hurry to leave a 
level. Since you can carry so much stuff, look for hidden 
areas to increase your score and find more spells and magic 

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