Nosferatu – the Wrath of Malachi (šifre)

Nosferatu - the Wrath of Malachi

Submitted by: srijit

How to kill last boss easily
When you get to him it is important to use the surroundings. He is almost 
invincible: only cross is making some damage. But he have a weakness. You 
should do the following: Put your self on a high position (above the 
ground), the highest place possible, then when he charges on you jump 
toward him, and try to jump into him. You won't be able to do this in your 
first try so keep trying. Once inside of him just sprinkle him with some 
holy water and he will be instantly killed ;).

Submitted by: redhead

The game is completely randomized to the point that you should save 
constantly esp after you locate a family member to save. If you don't and 
you die, when you go back to that room to save them they will most likely 
not be there but somewhere else. A good idea if this happens is to reload 
the last start point and keep going back to that room .Reloading each 
time.  On average every third time or so they will reappear so don't 
stress to much.

Submitted by: leu_radu92

Sometimes you find yourself surounded by all kind of cretures and you need 
to reload. You don't necesarily need to reload. In the game you usualy find 
more than one of those flintlock guns. For this cheat you need more than one 
flintlock gun. All you have to do, instead of reloading, is to select the 
flintlock again and you will change to another flintlock. 
This way you could shoot more creatures much faster than before.

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