NHL 2001 (šifre)

NHL 2001

Submitted by: rickHH

Unlimited Creating Points:
Enter the names of people in the credits as your 
player and get full in every attribute

Super Players:
Enter the names of the programmers from the game's
credits when creating a player to set all their
attributes to the maximum. 

Press V after winning a fight, scoring a goal, or when 
the opposing team gets a penalty. 

Cheat Codes:
Enter one of the following case-sensitive codes at the 
indicated screen to activate the corresponding cheat 

Players bleed
Credits - Broken tomato 

Do all dekes with any player
Credits - Starsrus 

Loose puck flies to goalie if manual goalie is set
Credits - Magnet 

Home team awarded a goal
During a game - HOMEGOAL 

Away team awarded a goal
During a game - AWAYGOAL 

Don't overuse the speed burst--passing is key, and if 
you run too far ahead you will find your formation 
lagging behind you. 

When you find yourself in a fight, mixing up the 
punches doesn't matter. After all, this isn't a 
fighting game; the goal is to knock the other guy 
down before he puts your lights out. 

Skating backwards is a good way to throw off your 
opponent. Although it may not seem effective at first, 
once you are comfortable with the controls you can use 
this move to maneuver away from defense.

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