Nascar Racing 3 (šifre)

Nascar Racing 3

Things have changed since NASCAR Racing 1999 Edition. Now, 
drafting past and outbraking a competitor into a turn is 
no longer a guarantee that he won't stay with you or attempt 
to regain his position in the midst of that turn. Be certain 
beforehand that your setup can handle all aspects of a given 
track's corners, and adjust your approach to ensure that a 
fast entry doesn't result in a slow exit. 

As always, a fast frame rate is absolutely essential to 
properly monitor your car's position and attitude. 
If the frame rate isn't totally smooth, especially in 
the midst of traffic, go to the graphics options area 
and prepare to sacrifice pretty pictures for fast frame 

NASCAR 3 is one of the very few racing titles in which a 
force-feedback wheel is actually a driving aid, not just 
a frivolous perk. If you have the bucks, take the plunge-just 
check the reviews of the wheel first and make sure you're 
getting a good one. 

If you're tinkering with your car, make sure your new setup 
can survive the grind of the race distance you choose. 
There were many times when I'd settled on a given setup 
that flew for the first few dozen laps, only to die later 
as rubber burned off the right front tire. Don't make the 
same mistake. 

If you can handle the pitfalls of short, low-banked circuits, 
chances are you can handle higher-banked and longer tracks 
where the driving isn't quite so frightening. I personally 
feel that Memphis, a three-quarter-mile facility with 11-degree 
banking, is a great baptism by fire. 

You would do well to adopt the "Five P" approach: Preparation, 
patience, perseverance, pacing, and last but surely not least, 

No Restricter Plates At Talladega:
Note: This involves editing a game file; create a backup copy 
of the file before proceeding. Enter the game directory and 
find the "tracks/taladega/taladega.txt" file. Use a text editor 
to edit this file. Locate the line that starts with "SPDWY" and 
change the first number from "1" to "0". Speeds over 230 miles an 
hour may now be obtained.

Ultimate Win:
To win easy just turn off damage then put the laps way down and 
put the cars way down.  then you can go backwards and take out the 
rest of the field then just finish the race and have no worries.

Competetive races without having to change OPPS(Opponent strength)

Are you tired of having to change the opposition strength in the race 
menu every time you race at a different track?

Here's what to do:
First, set the opps within the game to 100%
say were racing at Atlanta.  Go to the Atlanta Track 
directory(/nascar3/tracks/atlanta)Create copies of ATLANTA.TXT
(or whatever the track name is) and RECORDS.TXT in the same directory. 
open the Atlanta.TXT Scroll down the arcane Capital letter words like 
TNAME, SPEEDW, LENGT.  There are only a couple linesw you can change 
without inviting Armaggedon.   LAPS:how many laps are in a full length 

QUAL:how many qualifying laps there are. DONT CHANGE THE FIRST NUMBER. 
THERE SHOULD BE TWO. the first number is only a place-holder.

BLAP:The average qualifying time for the computer cars, x 1000(so if 
the times are 23.456 secoonds, they would show up as 23456)Find your 
average qual time and enter this in to be able to qualify near the 
middle of the pack.

RELS:Same as opposition strength(if you had both RELS and OPPS at 97%, 
the cars would travel at 97% of 97%, or 94% at that track)

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