Nascar Heat (šifre)

Nascar Heat

Submitted by: rickHH
In Heat's arcade-oriented Normal mode, there is no 
substitute for raw speed. On the ovals, don't even 
worry about slowing down for corners if there's a car 
ahead of you, because he'll make a convenient brake. 
In fact, finding yourself absolutely surrounded by cars 
in a turn is actually a good thing, as they'll essentially 
carry you through the turn. And finally, get down low on 
the apron for passing, as your car won't bounce about over 
the track angle transition point nearly as much as it will 
in Expert mode. 

If you've overshot a turn in Expert mode, don't feel you 
must keep the brake pedal crushed until you've slowed to a 
stop. Instead, apply the brakes as you would in a real car, 
then let up on them and slowly accelerate through the final 
stages of the corner. Not many games allow you to drive your 
way out of trouble, but this one does and it's just a great 

Take care to avoid instances of quarter-panel contact. 
If you're tapped there in this game, there's a strong 
likelihood you'll spin or temporarily lose control. 

Use the whole track. Unlike much of its competition, 
NASCAR Heat opens up several passing lanes on each of 
its oval circuits, allowing you to pass up high and in 
other spots with which you may not be accustomed. 

Remember, your AI opponents will slow considerably when 
they have to deal with back markers. You, on the other 
hand, can smoothly sail on by. 

Shoot into the air:
At the end of pit road at Las Vegas Motor Speedway are three 
asphalt lanes that go right to the infield wall. Hit the middle 
lane directly in the center of it, your car will sink into the 
ground, then get shot up in the air doing flips. Note: You must 
be driving faster than 90 mph.

Go to the Sears Point track and go up the first hill. When you 
are at the top, turn left and go through the small gap in the wall. 
Then turn right, go to the big hill, and hit it as fast as you can. 
You will be bounce all over the place when you are going through the 
field. Your damage will be very high (press [F7] two times).

Ghost car:
Select the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Come off pit road and follow 
the inside road and two roads down. At the second road, turn left 
and drive slowly (under 90 mph). You will fall into nothing, appear 
back on the course as a ghost, and slowly change back to your original 

Vortex Damage (Edit File):
Just go to your files folders and open options.txt and 
find the line that says vortex damage then change from 
no to yes and it should work.
NOTE: May take longer to load tracks with vortex on.

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