Nancy Drew The Final Scene (šifre)

Nancy Drew The Final Scene

Submitted by:  Ishtehar Hussain

If you have already made the projector housing key by the key maker and 
after you open the projector and when you take the slide inside it the 
police come in. The police will come to the projector room sooner or later. 
So you gotta hide in the steel closet. 

Submitted by: rickHH

After Maya has been kidnapped, go into Brady's Room 
and answer the phone. The phone will also ring again 
a second time after you have completed your first 
conversation and backed away from the phone.

Open the dresser and take the magic wand which will 
be used later in the game.

Find the handle to the secret doorway behind Houdini's 
picture on the wall. The secret passageway itself is 
behind the hanging clothing in the corner of the room. 
Take the secret passageway until you reach the ladies 
dressing room and speak with Simone.

Continue on until you reach the hints to the puzzles 
listed below:

J.J Panel Puzzle: The object of this puzzle is to have all 
5 objects to be Spades.

Picture Tile Puzzle: Puzzles pieces can be moved and also 
rotated while solving this puzzle.

Creating a Key: Be sure to draw on paper a sketch of the 
Projector Key as it will help in creating a new one.
Should you make a key which does not work, place the 
unusable projector key into the "Discard key" slot in 
the keymaker to make another one.

Submitted by:renee

After you hear Maya's scream,go into the room.Answer the ringing phone.....
TWICE!One call is from the kidnapper, the other from the caretaker.After that, 
converse with Brady. Then, look into the closet and grab the magic wand. Next, 
go to the black and white picture of Harry Houdini on the wall and click on it. 
It should open up. Pull the lever. Now, go to the coat-rack and push the clothes 
aside.Go through the open door. 

Walk along the passage and open the door at the end of it. You should find yourself 
in a wardrobe. Open it up, and walk into the room.A woman named "Simone" is sitting 
and talking on the phone. After searching the room, EXIT THROUGH THE DOOR!You will 
find yourself in a dark "hallway".Notice a big wooden box.Walk all the way down it 
until you come to a bunch of metal rods and ropes.Untie the selected rope.
Then re-tie it.Walk back to where the box USED to be! Look at the floor. 
Open the trap-door and walk through it.

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