MTX Mototrax (šifre)

MTX Mototrax

MTX Cheat Passwords:
Update by: Sub-Zero 
Submitted by: Jonnyo

Start game, go into "options", choose "cheats" and enter one of the codes for cheating: 

Result                       Code
Race as a Slipknot Maggot  - 86657457
Unlock ALL FMV'S           - 23F7IC5 
Super-fast acceleration    - JIH345
All tracks                 - BA7H 
Maximum air                - BFB0020 
Left Field gear            - 12345 
Sobe gear                  - 50B3 
Butterfinger gear          - B77393 
Sky camera                 - HIC 
Nokia trickbot             - HA79000 
Officer Dick               - BADG3 
Speed Demon                - 773H999 
Unlocks everything         - 2468G0A7

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