MotoCross Madness (šifre)

MotoCross Madness

New Honda Bike:
Submitted by: andrew berridge (AJ)

type HONDAISACE as a name. (it is red with gold wheels and black strikes on it)

Submitted by: utarman

When you make it to the top of the big hill and the cannon shot 
goes off keep hitting tab it will move you forward slowley and 
then it will put you into a blue space. To get out drive back to 
where you see the mountians and it will shoot you back out. It 
works on the stunt quary practice. You have to hit the tab key 
alot of times as fast as you can

Easter Egg
Choose any Stunt Quarry Track. Keep riding in any 
direction until you reach a high wall. Speed up and 
try to get on top of the wall. After a few tries, 
you should succeed. Then, keep driving on top of the 
wall. After a while, you hear a cannon shot and you 
get thrown in the air while you hear a falling sound.
This gives nice camera views and it sure seems to 

Choose a national race. If you have a 5 bumps or so after each 
other and you always get stuck somewhere between them, drive on 
the right or the left edge of the track next to the bumps. You 
will drive as fast as on flat ground and you will be able to leave 
opponents behind.

When you jump, press the PRINT SCREEN key several 
times to get lots of points. When you are in stunt 
quarry mode select the T-rific Track and then go to 
the end of the map where there is a BIG hill that 
goes straight up. 
Go a fair distance back and race full speed towards
the hill. You should be able to make it up the hill. 

Once you're up, keep going forward and eventually you 
will be blown REALLY HIGH up in the sky. 

Can't get up the hill? 
Try the TAB button when you are halfway up! 

This is a really funny trick tbat might take a while. First, 
get on a wellrounded bike that has a good bit of traction. 
Then, go to any level except a super-cross, preferably a Baja 
level.  Go all the way to the end of the level until you reach 
a big wall that stops you from going any further. Although, it
might take a few tries, you can actually drive up the wall. 
The best way to do it is to make sure you get enough speed and 
hit it straight on. DO NOT HIT IT AT AN ANGLE OR YOU'LL NEVER 
GET IT. After you're up there, if you want you can take a little 
look at the view and how high you are. When you're finished go 
on and go straight ahead farther into the track where are. 

After about a sec. you will hear a big explosion and find 
yourself flying into the air about a mile high. Its really 
cool to see what the guy and the bike does. Make sure you 
try it with the thrill cam on.  

Extra stunt points:
Repeatedly press [Print Screen] when jumping for 
extra points. 

Extra boost:
Press [Tab] when riding up a hill. 

Super air:
Find the large hill that slopes straight up at the 
end of any track, except for the supercross tracks. 
Start back at an ample distance and race at full 
speed up the hill. If needed, press [Tab] while riding 
up for more power. Once at the top, your bike will catch 
an incredible amount of air. 

Super speed:
Note: This trick requires a Microsoft Sidewinder 3d Pro 
controller. Set the throttle to control the acceleration. 
Then, while playing any event or mode, move the throttle 
to around 3/4 Full and watch your speed. It will rapidly 
increase and go over 100. Be careful, as your turning speed 
is decreased the faster you race.

Submitted by: Jeson

To make funny big head in this game, in to the main menu type  : bigheads
To have a new bike with golden wheel, In to the user name type : hondaisace
To have a new bike, in to the main menu just type              : kcussedocruoy

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