Monopoly Deluxe (šifre)

Monopoly Deluxe

Cheats Version - I:
Author: Hari krishna N.

I am playing this game for the 3rd or 4th time. So this I am writing the 
first version of the cheats. Later I will write more ...

Money cheat:
Start the game. Choose yourself as the first player, that means your turn 
is first. Roll the dice and go to the position and save the game and ofcourse 
you should remember the file name ;-). Close the game. Open the file in any 
Hex editor(I use XVI32). Then go to the off-set "00000061" & "00000061" and 
change the numbers to "FF" in both. Save the file and close the editor. 
Start the game again and open this file: Now you have more than $65K.

Enjoy ... and see you!!!

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