Might & Magic 9 (šifre)

Might & Magic 9

Submitted by: conner54 

Unlimited items:
When entering the locked door on the Isle of Ashes, 
open the chest to the right, just inside the door. 
Do not click on the book -- this will take you to the 
next part of the game. Instead, go back through the 
door and enter the Verhoffin Ruins. Do not enter the 
doors. You are not strong enough to kill the skeletons 
in there. While in here, go down the hall and around the 
corner to the end and open the chest. Take everything 
and leave. Go back to the now opened door and look at 
the chest. It should now be closed. Re-open it and take 
everything. Go back to the ruins, leave ruins, go back 
to chest, and the chest will be closed again. Keep going 
backwards and forwards collecting items from same chest. 
Note: This was done with the v1.2 patch of the game. 

Unlimited artifacts:
Go to Thjorgard Training Hall. Fall down the chandelier 
and go west. Break the crate where the black chest is 
located and get the artifact. Leave through the door with 
all the lizards and return. A different powerful artifact 
will be there every time.

This is hex cheat so use a hex editor. 
First save the game and open your saved game using 
hex editor. There are two files for saves, you need 
to open one with extension of HDR (i.e. joker.hdr) 

1. Health & Mana: If your max health is 40, then look 
for e8 00 00 28. Now, if you want max health to be 296, 
change it to e8 00 00 28 01. Your current health is after 
3 pairs of 00s after your health. That is, if your spell 
point is 40, then it's e8 00 00 28 00 00 00 28 and last 28 
is your mana. Your max mana is again located after 3 pairs 
of 00s from your current mana. 

2. Your Stats: If your first two stats are 1 1 then look 
for 01 00 00 00 00 01. Other stats are located after 4 
pairs of 00s. 

3. Weapons: It's located right after your stats. 
The order of weapons are blade, cudgel, bow, spear, 
thrown, unarmed combat. The space between weapons are 3 
pairs of 00s. For example, if your weapons are blade & 
cudgel, then hex would be the first 01 00 00 00 01 after 
your stat. If your weapon is cudgel & bow then your hex 
would be 00 00 00 00 01 00 00 00 01 

4. Defense: It's right after weapons and it's located 
after 3 pairs of 00s from last weapon (unarmed combat) 
The order is armor, dodge & shield. The spacing between 
them is 3 pairs of 00s. (i.e., if your armor and dodge 
are 1 & 1, then hex is 01 00 00 00 01) 

5. Magic: It's located after 3 pairs of 00s from last 
defense (shield). The order is Elemental, Dark, Light & 
Spirit. The spacing between them is 3 pairs of 00s. 

6. Specialty: Again it's located after 3 pairs of 00s 
from last magic(spirit). The order is ArmsMaster, 
DisarmTrap, Merchant, Perception, Item Repair, Identify 
Item, Identify Monster, Body Building, Learning & Meditation. 
The spacing between them is 3 pairs of 00s.

Defeating Kluso:
First, enter the house through the broken window after the climbing the stairs. 
Open the door and go forward. Ignore the sleeping guards. Open door directly in 
front Keep on going forward until you see the baron, then run right, then forward. 
Next, turn left and jump down on top of the bookshelf. Once there, you are 
invincible unless you go down or duck. Use your ranged attacks on the baron 
and all his guards that are in sight. They have no ranged weapons and you can 
keep attacking the baron until he dies. This may take at least five minutes, 
as you are still relatively weak when compared to him. After you have killed 
all the alarmed guards, go down and get all the goods (sacks). Finally, exit 
this room through the door to the left of the bookshelf. Shoot the single guard 
there and kill him. Escape the house through the front door.

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