Might & Magic 8 – Day of the Destroyer (šifre)

Might & Magic 8 - Day of the Destroyer

Submitted by: kumayl hassan
E-mail: goldiman2002@yahoo.com

The town in which you start there is there the pirates 
are attacking they fight with the lizards let them fight 
when they fight gather there money.
In the abandonded temple bring the serpent men to the
adjacent walls this will slow them down allow you to kill 
them easily at the way where the walls step down when you 
jump on them,dont try to jump at them just push the buttons 
on the side walls this will bring down some stairs to climb .

the Obelisk Quest:
Go to Murmurwoods and wait until June 24. Between 5 a.m. 
and 9 a.m. look for the Unicorn King. Take the key from 
him and return to Ravenshore. Then, find the fenced in area.

Note: That you must have gone and collected all the Obelisk 
information first before going to Murmur Woods or the Unicorn 
King will not be there.

Immediately pay to have the Bow skill taught to all party members 
who can learn it. Next, buy them all bows; large volleys of arrows 
cut your opponents to ribbons.

Keep backing up away from your enemies as you fire off spells and 
arrows. This will allow you to get many shots off before they close 
the gap and enter melee.

One trick for beating overwhelming odds in dungeons is to hit the 
Combat button before entering the dungeon. This way, in Combat mode, 
you'll enter the dungeon with the action paused. Take a look around, 
kill a few enemies, and turn and exit the dungeon when you're hurt 
or out of manna.

Submitted by: P

Kill yourself when you are on the obalisk quest and when you restart, 
you will have infinate health and money!

Push 'TAB' then enter nwccoconuts and you will getinfinate gold!!!

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