MiG Alley (šifre)

MiG Alley

One way to recover from a spin is to throttle down the 
engine then turn the rudder in the opposite direction 
of the spin. Eventually, your aircraft should level out, 
provided you have enough airspace to execute the maneuver. 
At this point, you should throttle up the engine, remain 
in level flight for several seconds to boost your airspeed, 
then seek out your next target. Of course, you can always 
recover from a spin by cheating--just press Ctrl-S. 

Remember that prop-driven planes fly at much slower speeds 
than jets, which means they can often out-maneuver a jet in 
a turning battle. Instead of turning with the prop-driven 
plane, your best course of action is to throttle up, egress 
out of the battle area, and then set up for your next attack 

Submitted by RickHH

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