Men of Valor (šifre)

Men of Valor

Save Game Cheat:
Submitted by: Andy Roo

Go into save folder in men of valor. Double click on a savegame.
Find the line which reads;
Health=67(the actual figure here will vary).

Simply change it to anywhere between 100 - 100000.
You now last a lot longer before you die but you are not invincible.

Rushing the hill:
Submitted by: conner54

When you are rushing the hill under the easy difficulty setting, 
just rush up the right side. If you try to kill everyone first it 
will not work -- they just keep appearing.

Note: The VC appear on both sides after eliminating the first two 
turret bunkers -- rushing up the right side does not work under the 
normal or hard difficulty settings. Instead, stay prone and crawl 
up the middle. The turrets cannot see you, and neither can the VC 
because they are being suppressed by the rest of your platoon.

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