Mech Style Game (šifre)

Mech Style Game 

Keep moving. You are in a twelve meter (or larger) 
tall metal monstrosity, if you are standing still, 
it would take a blind man facing the wrong way to 
miss you. So mobility is necessary, keep moving or 
you will die quickly. Also most mechs are capable of 
a torso twist, a twist that let's you bring your upper 
torso and arm weapons into play without changing your 
direction of movement. Most people overlook the value 
of these movements. It allows the player to fire upon 
targets that may not lie in the path to your mission 
objective. In addition it allows for some maneuvers 
that would be otherwise impossible (such as the famed 
Circle of Death: a pair or more of mechs turn their 
torsos 90 degrees in the same direction and run around 
a target firing). It also makes a player harder to hit, 
but it also makes aiming slightly more difficult. 
Manage your weapons wisely. Energy weapons are usually 
unlimited so do not worry too much about accuracy with 
them. Energy weapons are an effective mix of power to 
heat/power drain ratio, especially considering that 
they are unlimited. Ballistic weapons are a different 
thing altogether. They usually are effective at longer 
ranges, cause a much lower amount of heat/power drain 
but they do have an ammo limitation, you can only fire 
the weapon as long as you have ammunition for it. But, 
even with this limitation, they are still extremely 
effective due to the fact that they can cause a lot of 
damage in a short amount of time. But one does need to 
be very accurate and one must try not to take too much 
damage, when an ammo driven mech starts taking large 
amounts of damage, there is the possibility of ammo 
explosion. And when there is an ammo explosion there 
is the possibility of fracticide (when the explosion of 
one piece of ammo causes the detonation of another piece 
of ammo, and that piece of ammunition then causes the 
explosion of others and so on). 
If the game you are playing gives you the option, be 
sure to design your mechs intelligently. In a game where 
you can effectively blast off parts of your target, your 
body parts can be blown off too. Usually the first parts 
ot be destroyed are the arms, and with the arms go whatever 
weapons happened to be located in the arms at that time. 
To avoid losing your primary weapons, do not place them 
in a location that is easily destroyed. Ammo weapons are 
slightly different. You want to place them near the 
outskirts of the mech. When ammo explodes it causes flash 
damage to whatever parts and components are around it. 
So do not place ammo in the head where an ammo explosion 
will kill you. 
Take the time to aim. With smaller and lighter mechs it 
does not make much of a difference. Those mechs cannot 
take much damage anywhere and a few shots can take them 
out. But with the larger mechs, those who have the heavy 
armor and can take a lot of punishment you need to direct 
your fire to vulnerable locations to avoid the hour long 
pounding on an assault mech trying to pound through the armor. 
Take advantage of opponent's weaknesses. If you are in a 
faster and more maneuverable, if lighter armed and armored 
mech, than you opponent, run circles around him, make it 
difficult to connect with any of his weapons. Most of the 
time if you are in something lighter and you are engaged 
with something heavier, it is very common for the heavy to 
carry weapons that can destroy you with just a few hits. 
The opposite is also true: do not let your opponent run 
circles around you, it could be a diversion to distract 
you from the heavy guns that are coming up from the rear 
that are planning to pulverize you into something that 
looks like metallic grape jelly. 
Never be afraid to change you tactics. The tactics for a 
light, fast mech will not work for a larger, heavily armed 
monster mech. The same applies for different types of the 
same weight class. A large, heavy medium range mech will 
need to be piloted differently than the large, heavy long 
range mech that has a lack of close range weapons. 
Always know when to throw the book out the window. While 
in most of the situations the usual rules of combat will 
suffice to bring you victory if you are skilled enough, 
there will always be occasions when the rules of combat 
will only get you killed. Game designers always love to 
throw in missions that test your inventiveness and make 
you break out of your set ways.

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