Master of Orion 1 (šifre)

Master of Orion 1

More money:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

Goto dos and type:

E 7514 40 4B 4C 00

Submitted by Indra Permata Dinda

Press ALT + MOOLA  - 100 BC more                               
Press ALT + GALAXY - show the hole map with all the 
                     spaceships visible

Get 100bc:
At any Planet screen, hold Alt and type moola.

See everything:
Hold Alt and type galaxy in game play for the galaxy to be revealed. 

Cool glitch:
Build a ship with a single MISSILE (NOT torpedoes or scatter 
packs) and one of the extras that knock out armor (i.e., Neutron
Stream Projector). Make this ship FAST and TOUGH. In combat, 
turn off your missiles, move in close to the enemy ships (within 2
spaces). Fire your weapons at a group of ships, then click on WAIT. 
Pray that your ship(s) survive the counterattack (if any). 
If you survive, you get to go again. Trick is, your extra 
weapons are STILL AVAILABLE. Keep using the extra weapon, 
then click on
wait, and fire, and wait, and fire, and wait. (You get the idea.) 
The enemy will have NO opportunity to return fire and will helplessly
Note: This glitch is only definite for the Mac; I have no 
information on it (one way or the other) for any other platform.

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