Madden NFL 2001 (šifre)

Madden NFL 2001

Submitted by: Mike
When you are on defense, run back all the way to the 
field goal post and tackle it. This should allow you 
to slide around the field on the ground.

Submitted by: rickHH
When playing defense, always watch for motion and audibles. 
When in doubt, have your secondary drop into pass protection 
and cover the run yourself. 

Make sure you mix up your offensive play calling. If it's 
third and long, call a draw out of the shotgun if you have 
a good running back. 

If none of your receivers are open, throw the ball away. 
Taking a sack is the last thing you want to do. 

Update by: rontu

Enter one of the following codes to activate the hidden teams. The codes are entered at the "Secret Codes" option under "Settings": Code Result --------------------- Lionpower '57 Lions Goldrush '57 49ers Jollygreen '58 Giants Stables '58 Colts Getem '62 Texans Therewasaman '62 Oilers Megiveyou '66 Chiefs Champs '66 Packers Whoshotjr '66 Cowboys Blitzer '67 Rams Snowplow '67 Packers Tundra '67 Cowboys Heidi '68 Raiders Shocker '68 Colts Tvtimeout '68 Jets Nofluke '69 Chiefs MNF '70 Browns Overtime '71 Cheifs Lucky '72 Steelers Perfect '72 Dolphins Airshow '72 Colts Steelcurtain '74 Steelers Purple '75 Vikings Hailmary '75 Cowboys Dynasty '78 Steelers Holy '78 Raiders Roller '78 Chargers Comeback '79 Cowboys Ironman '81 Chargers Thecatch '81 49ers Tigers '81 Bengals Mummies KINGTUT Nochance '81 Cowboys Dantheman '84 Dolphins Upset '85 Bears Blowout '85 Patriots Flyaway '85 Falcons Shocker '68 Colts Thedrive '86 Broncos Wideright '90 Bills Neonlights '91 Falcons Comebackkid '92 Bills Notagain '93 Bills Charge '94 Chargers Defense '96 Panthers Almost '96 Packers Missedchance '98 Vikings Noluck '98 Packers The catchtwo '98 49ers Inthegame EA Sports madden84 1984 All Madden Team MAD1985 1985 ALL Madden Team 86madden 1986 All Madden Team 1987MAD 1987 ALL Madden Team madden88 1988 All Madden Team 90madden 1990 All Madden Team madden92 1992 All Madden Team 94madden 1994 All Madden Team madden96 1996 All Madden Team 98madden 1998 All Madden Team

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