Lost Empire: Immortals v1.03 Beta Patch

Lost Empire: Immortals v1.03 Beta Patch Iz Paradox Interactive nam stiže novi beta patch za Lost Empire: Immortals. Beta donosi dosta ispravki, ali treba napomenuti da će se finalna verzija patcha (sa dodatnim ispravkama) pojaviti do kraja nedelje. Zakrpa se može skinuti preko ingame autoupdatea. Izmene koje v1.03 beta verzija donosi možete pročitati u nastavku teksta.




We will be releasing patch 1.0.3 BETA this wednesday (19/03).

We have decided to release the patch as an open beta so that we can get it thoroughly tested as fast as possible.
The final version will be released sometime next week when we are confident that it is working as indented.

Below is a list of improvements we have done so far, we will continue to update it until release:

– Added version number to front menu.
– Fixed small issue with government description in empire window
– Fixed an issue with the Plasma Blasters shots rotating when they should not.
– Save Games got corrupted if ordering a new ship and then deleting the design before the ship was complete. (This is no longer possible)
– If no ships were build of a design but one or more had already started construction, you could still change design at no cost.
– Leader education was not working as intended. Education will now be slower and it is now a viable option to assign a leader to a position immediately. He will slowly increase his primary and secondary stats. However he will not increase his other stats, so his versatility is limited.
– Living ships triton race special was now working correctly. In addition the science was unclear as to the amount repaired. It is now 3% + 1% per level
– Minor Races will no longer actively intercept players they have not made contact with. Neither will they intercept players who's standing towards them is Alliance.
– Minor Races should no longer demand resources, give gifts, attack systems all within 2-3 turns. Rather they should be spread out more evenly.
– Reduced font size of story heading int the story window. Some of the German text was too long.
– Fixed German translation error (Inhabitable: Unbewohnbar -> Bewohnbar)
– Improved Video player resource usage.
– Added an option to disable in game videos, for those with performance or compatibility problems. (We will improve the player itself too, but it might not make it into this patch so we added this option temporarily)
– Resized a lot of videos to a smaller and more graphics card friendly sizes. (No noticeable loss of quality)
– In the system overview window: Planetary Defense Strength has been removed. Corruption percentage has been added.
– It is now possible to see a list of non-colonized systems in the system overview window.
– Performance when viewing the starmap improved.
– Performance during turn calculations greatly improved.
– Corruption for mineral income was applied twice for the info shown in the System Panel, though the bug was cosmetic an the correct amount was used during turn calculations.
– Corruption for the 2nd. capital was not applying government bonuses correctly.
– When loading a game with a ground battle, the game could crash.
– On some system configurations the game would slow down a lot whenever a battle had been fought.
– The diplomatic and spy action windows are now modal and can no longer crash the game under certain circumstances.
– Sometimes troops were lost in space battles even though no ships were lost.

– When a fleet is on intercept, it could sometimes invade your own systems
– When toggling Health bars, damage etc. in the battleview, the choice is now remembered for future battles.

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