Lords of Magic (šifre)

Lords of Magic

Increase defence rating:
Submitted by: Radon

Worth trying if you're playing as a mage. Conquer the Great 
Temple of Life, and take the magical staff that boosts defence 
rating from within. Put that staff in the inventory and the 
other in your hand. Switch the staffs (drag one to replace the 
other) and your defence rating will go up by two points!
Switch them back, and the defence rating will go up another 
two points. In just a few minutes your mage's defence rating 
will go from 4 to 300! This works on all kinds of mages and 
makes them literally invulnerable. 
It doesn't work on warriors though.

CNTL  (Control - backslash) 
brings up the cheat dialog 
-- then type:

- gives you 200 gold, crystal and ale.

- gives 1000 movement points to the selected party.

- gives you a dragon!

- grants you all spell knowledge, and gives 1000 
  mana to the selected party.

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