Links Extreme (šifre)

Links Extreme

Tip 1: 
When playing Poison, Link Extreme's premier 
single-player mode, go for the low score rather 
than veering off track for the kill. This will keep 
you teeing off last, so that you can drive for the 
hole and inflict a lot of damage with just a single 

Tip 2: 
Extreme's mouse swing, the power stroke, does 
not factor in the tempo of the backswing. Therefore, 
take your time in bringing your club back and leave 
it there for a moment to get things lined up before 
you swing forward. Also, releasing for snap just a 
fraction of a second after you've begun your downstroke 
is far better than waiting until the meter actually 
passes by the snap point. We don't know why it works 
best this way, but it does. 

Tip 3: 
In deathmatch mode, get on to the green as soon 
as possible. From here, you'll be able to smack that 
exploding ball farther and with more accuracy than 
from the fairway.

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