Last Bronx (šifre)

Last Bronx

Submitted by: Davidson P.

Redeye can be extremely difficult to beat,but here is an easier way.
Pick a person who you are very good with and before you start put the 
match limit to 1.Now when you are fighting Redeye try hard to keep him 
on the ground because if he gets you in a throw he won't give you 
another chance to attack.And if you manage to survive his attack,you 
are still in danger because redeye strikes fast,hard,and continusly. 

Alternate weapons:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

Highlight a character at the character selection screen. 
Now press Start 13 times. 
Hold that key down the last time it is pressed and press and hold Block. 
Keep both buttons held until the loading screen appears to enable extra 

One of the cool features in Last Bronx is to be able to 
iritate your opponent by taunting him but usually your 
ass get kicked before u could taunt him. 

There are two ways to taunt. Tapping repeatedly on the 
guard button is one way (the frustrating way) or you 
could do this (when facing left):

down, down+left, left and start button.

Color select
Just hold start when selecting the character.

Hidden character
To use Redeye, finish the game with hardest 
difficulty in pc mode. Redeye will apear when you press
up in the character select screen. 

Special message ?
When a character finishes the game there will be short
replays of the character with the people he wasted. Press
and hold any butt

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