Gothic II: Night of the Raven (walkthrough)

Quickstart for Gothic II: Night of the Raven, also known as Gothic II Gold.
Published: December 10, 2005

Platform: PC
Release date: 2005 (English) (2003 in German)
Publisher: JoWood Productions Software AG
Guide version: 1.01

Both Gothic II (G2) and Gothic II: Night of the Raven (G2NotR) are great games
partly because they are quite challenging without being overly complex.  But
their difficulty can also be a major turn-off, and it can be confusing to know
which quests should be done in what order.  It was for me, anyway, and a guide
such as this would have been appreciated, also since G2 and G2NotR are such
high freedom, non-linear games.  And I found G2NotR to be even more difficult
than G2, with more key decisions needing to be made, especially for training
skills.  Thus I’m writing this what-I-call quickstart guide to get your
character off to a fast start so that the game will be more enjoyable.

Your character will become very strong and be using an extremely good weapon
faster than you’d thought possible.  I will focus on suggesting an order of
events – which quests to do, where to go, etc.  My method is to get the easiest
XPs first, building up skill as much as possible before taking on the more
difficult enemies.  I also try to do the game in as little real time and game
time as possible.  This is not a full walkthrough of all the quests, since
those can be found already, however all pertinent information will be given,
including chest combos.  So this quickstart is actually a kind of walkthrough
for how to optimise the beginning part of the game.  I’ve played G2 for about
100 hrs, and G2NotR for about 175 hrs.

This guide should be useful for newbie’s as well as people who have played
before.  Most of this guide is useful for all three character lines if close
combat weapons is your thing.  Halfway through the guide, I focus on the
Militia and Mercenary lines.  If you prefer to train DEX and use bows or ranged
weapons, this guide will be of slightly less use.


1.0 Overview of goals and philosophy
2.0 The quickstart guide
2.1 Quests galore
2.2 Exploring the countryside
2.3 Joining a faction
2.4 Jharkendar, the Add-on world
3.0 Most useful general tips
4.0 Training and levelling up
5.0 How to install the English patch over the German version of NotR

1.0 Overview of goals and philosophy
This overview outlines the game path I suggest so that you "ramp-up" the power
of your character as quickly as possible, getting the easier XPs first and
getting the best weapons possible very quickly, in order to maximise the fun
and minimize the need to re-load.  I believe offence (STR) should be ramped-up
first, so that you can use a good sword ASAP, and deal more damage to the smart
enemies.  I prefer 2-Handed swords because of their superior reach (30+ percent
more, allowing you to clip the enemies from a safe distance) and superior
damage (comparing the best Chapter 2 weapons, the 2H Dragonslicer does 46% more
damage than the 1H Orc Slayer), but you could choose the 1H instead (then you
can save training your STR skill by 30 points compared to this guides
recommendation, theoretically saving 6 levels, to be able to use a damn good 1-
Hander).  I think the close combat weapons are very adequate.  They have always
served me well against all enemy types, and I never use ranged (although maybe
I should someday?).  DEX training is saved until much later in the game since
you get the most points for pick pocketing (if you want to) in Ch5 and 6.  The
pick locks skill is learned relatively late, because you don’t need it in the
beginning of the game, but you do need for the add-on world (to get tablets
from chests).  In terms of training skills, I believe the fastest way to ramp-
up is:

1 Train STR to 22 (to allow use of Rod’s 2H sword for first part of the game)
2 Learn skin animals (selling skins gets lots of cash)
3 Train 2H to 34% (to get Cord’s approval for joining the Merc’s)
4 Train STR to 66 or so (at least 60, so you can use the Dragonslicer 2H sword
in early Chapter 2)
5 Learn how to make the Elixir of Strength potion, and collect all Dragon roots
6 Learn Ancient Language levels 1-2 (then read the STR and life tablets)
7 Instigate the start of Ch2 (to get Zuris’s STR potion and Lutero’s book).  
Now you can use the Heavy 2-Hander sword!
8 Learn Ancient Language level 3 (consume life tablets)
9 Learn picklocks skill
10 Start improving your 2H skill (eventually get it to 64% or so)
11 Learn how to make the Elixir of Life potion

The main goals for the game, why and what you need to achieve them are:
-Leather armour – for increased protection – need 250 gold (gp)
-Get blessed by Daron the Fire Mage – increase HPs by 85 – need 1000 gp
-Pray at shrine each day – increase HPs – need 50 gp/day
-Rod’s 2 Hander – excellent weapon at start – need 2 levels (base 22 STR, plus
ring + belt)
-Thieves quests – results in STR +10 amulet – need to properly complete 3
quests OR: Forget the thieves quests and buy the amulet from Erol for 1000 gp.
-Train 2H skill to 34% – adequate melee skill for the game beginning, and can
complete Cord’s quest.
-Complete a huge number of quests around Khorinis City, then around the Farms,
followed by exploration of the countryside.
-Get a Light 2-Hander and Paladin’s 2-Hander – good starting weapons – need STR
75 & 80 and 750 gp
-Train base STR to at least 64 – to be able to use better weapons, including
the Dragonslicer 2H sword in mid Ch2
-After STR is trained to 64+, pray at the Shrines for STR, eat Thekla’s stews,
eat 25 apples, get STR potion from ship, get STR tip from Erol – increase STR
by 8+.  I also recommend training STR one more level, too.
-Learn how to make the Elixir of Strength – increase STR by 27 – need 9 Dragon
roots and 2 more levels
-Get an Orchish War sword – good mid-game weapon – kill an Orc Elite (by
-Join a faction – to get better armour – save your game first
-Instigate Chapter 2 – to get STR potion from Zuris and 2-Hand bonus book from
Lutero – talk to Lord Hagen; need 6000 gold
-Learn language levels 1-3 – can read stone tablets – need 3 more levels
-Learn pick locks – so you can get the stone tablets that are in chests
-Go to the castle in valley of Mines – get better armour and belt of STR
-Get all STR tablets from the Jharkendar add-on world – to increase STR, which
is more damage, to at least 160
-Get the Dragonslicer 2H sword just before getting 160 STR, then use it!  Even
though your 2H skill might be only 39%, I reckon you are now unstoppable and
ready to kick some serious butt!
-Train 2H up to 64% or so – to improve damage – need level 25
-Collect and read the 2H stone tablets – increases 2H by 20%
-Optional: if you want to pickpocket, train DEX to 34 – to be able to
eventually reach 120 DEX, enough to pickpocket everyone – need 3 more levels
-Consume all DEX potions, eat Goblin berries, read DEX stone tablets
-Learn pick pocketing – you get good XPs when pick pocketing in Ch4 or Ch5 –
need 1 more level

This routine will enable the use the following:
-Rod’s 2-Hander (Ch 1 day2, level 3)
-Rough 2-Hander (Ch1, day4 11:00, level 9, 7 hrs real-time)
-Light 2-Hander (Ch1, day4 20:00, level 10, 8 hrs real-time)
-Paladin’s 2-Hander (Ch1, day5, 06:00, level 11)
-Orcish War sword (Ch1, day6 14:00, level 14, 12.5 hrs real-time)
-Heavy 2-Hander (Ch2, day8 08:00, 15 hrs real-time)
-Scimitar (Ch2, about 19 hrs real-time)
-And finally the awesome Dragonslicer (Ch2, about 24 hrs real-time!)

2.0 The quickstart guide
This is not a complete walkthrough, just a skeletal guide to get you off in the
right direction, and to enable you to ramp-up the power of your character ASAP.
There are detailed walkthroughs for each quest and for the entire game at
gamefaqs, among other places.  I recommend that you download from the Internet
a good map showing the location of herbs and tablets, for example from: or or

I will use the following abbreviations:
(Q) = get a quest (sometimes you must exhaust all dialog options!)
(f.) = finalize a quest (usually by conversing with a NPC)
NPC = non-player character
XPs = experience points
LPs = learning points
gp = gold pieces
STR = strength, DEX = dexterity, 2H = 2-handed sword skill
STR 54 (72) = base strength level is 54, but total strength is 72 including
wearable items such as rings, belt and amulet.
40/30/130 = damage/strength required to use/range (or reach) of the sword
Lev/lev = level
d1, 18:30 = day 1, time (I will use the 24 hr clock system)

2.1 Quests galore
You should complete many relatively basic quests in the beginning before
exploring the countryside.

Xardas’ Tower
Talk to Xardas (Q).  Run to the far bookstand and read it just after completing
the conversation, then talk to him once more, and get the XPs from the second
bookstand.  Press the button on the right side of the fireplace to access the
chest in Xardas’ room.  Get the stone tablet from his table.  Loot the upstairs
of the tower and read the bookstands.  Jump down from the top floor, and go
around the back of the tower for more loot.  Loot the first floor.  Wear the +5
STR belt.  Equip the Heavy branch.

Road from Xardas to Lobart’s Farm
Leave the path and loot around the backside of the lake.  Optionally, loot the
cave area beside the lake.  You don’t need to go into the valley below.  Loot
the ledge area to the right of Cavalorn.  Return to the path, and continue down
to the single bandit (Q).  Go back up the path to Cavalorn (Q – kill bandits).
Get the Spiked club and letter from the bandit.  Equip the club.

Lobart’s Farm
Talk to Maleth (Q, f.).  Pick 20 turnips from field.  Get 2 satchels of gold
from the barn and 1 from the stone circle.  Get also the Healing Root and
Goblin Berry just past the stone circle.  Talk to Lobart (Q, f.).  Go to Hilda
(f., Q).  Talk to Vino (give wine). Go to Canthar (buy pan).  Give pan to
Hilda.  Buy the clothes from Lobart for 30 gp.  Go down to near the city gates.
Meet Greg and give him the clothes.

Getting in the city – run, climb and jump
This way into the city nets you 500 XPs, but I advise you to go quickly (so
that you can converse with Daron the Fire Mage before 20:10 to get 85 XPs!).  
When facing the city gates (ideally no later than 16:30-45), turn to the left,
and run though the forest area, past the Bloodflies, Wolves, Shadowbeast and
Orc, then turn right and keep running until the Orc stops chasing you.  You
will have to run past a rock wall on your left.  Go back to the "start" of the
rock wall, get the loot by the big rock, and then climb up the narrow sloped
section of the rock wall near its start.  Walk along the top of the wall all
the way, and carefully jump down to the hut and beach.  You made it in!

Khorinis – welcome to the city
Loot the first couple beach huts and at the end of the pier, including 2 old
coins (next to the cliff).  Go through the rock "tunnel" and go left onto the
beach.  Talk to Farim (Q), leave the beach and jump up on the nearby ledge and
talk to Martin, then return to Farim again (f.).  Walk along the dockside into
the harbour area of Khorinis and talk to Lares for 500 XP (he’s standing
overlooking the harbour).  Ideally, it should be no later than 18:40.  Continue
down the harbour, up a ramp to a grassy area.  Climb around some of the harbour
building roofs and get the loot, including a couple satchels of gold.  Go back
to the grassy area and go up the stairs.  Get the gold satchel on the barrel.  
Walk around the Barracks, down the stairs, walk through town, take a right
through the "building tunnel" and go back down towards the harbour.  Go into
the first house on the left, and borrow 200 gold from Lehmar.

Khorinis – meeting up with Pablo
Note: if one of the guards in the mid-town area, Pablo, asks you about bandits,
just deny it.  (You save much money later by doing so.)

Khorinis – mid town
Go back up to the mid town area (where the merchants are), and talk to Thorben
(Q) who is likely sitting on a bench, just over form the blacksmith Harad, who
is likely hammering away.  Quickly go one building down the street and cross
over to Matteo the merchant, and sell basically all you stuff (except the
honey!) including your herbs/plants (you can buy them back later!) so that you
have at least 1050 gold.  Keep up the pace!  Don’t forget to empty the gold
satchels by clicking on them in your inventory.  Now, go back through the
"building tunnel" and go slightly right to Vatras the priest, ask for his
blessing, and get healed.  Now go to the left of Vatras, into the city
marketplace, and find Daron the Fire Mage, but you must do this before 20:10,
before he retires in his house (right by the marketplace).  If it’s later than
that, you might be able to get his attention by stepping in the house so that
he steps closer to the door as he gets mad at you.  Then talk to him from the
doorway.  Anyway, get Daron’s blessing, then get blessed 20 additional times at
50 gold each, to get an additional 85 HPs, a milestone!  You also get 1 LP,
some XPs and 2 mana points.  Now you should be at Level 2, so TRAIN 2H to 28%
(keep the extra LPs till later) with Wulfgar in the Barracks (must be done
before 21:00).

Getting the leather armour (Barracks/Militia)
If you don’t have 250 gold for the armour from Matteo, there is a gold satchel
in the militia area in the smith’s room.  The smith’s room also has weapons to
be taken (do this after 21:00).  Now go buy the leather armour from Matteo the
Merchant.  You are now armoured to take on some enemies!

Khorinis – mid town
Get the quest from Matteo, and then talk to Gritta in the house by Thorben.  
Read the bookstand in her house.  Finalize Thorben’s quest.  Go back to Matteo
(f.) and pay him the 100 gp if you have it, otherwise wait till later.  Go back
to Gritta (f.) for a bottle of wine.  With your leather armour on, go to the
main city gate (the south gate) and go out, then in, letting the guards talk to
you (this is so the east gate guards will let you in again).  Talk to Lothar.
Go back though the "tunnel," talk to Constantino in the small room in the
"tunnel" (Q).  Talk to Vatras (f.x2; Qx2), give him the letter, and get 2 more
quests (missing people; bandits weapons) by pretty much exhausting all "add-on"
conversation topics.  Take the wisp and sell it for 240 gp.  Talk to Abuyin by
the tobacco pipes (near the barracks) and pay for a prophecy. (If it’s too
late, you can find Abuyin in the hotel, which is just around the corner from
his tobacco pipes).  Now leave town through the east city gate (by the Barracks
and marketplace).  Time for some action!  You should be near or at Lev3.

Road to Akil’s Farm
Leave through the east gate, and kill the first wolf (I usually take cover
behind the stump as I swing).  Now don’t explore too much yet – we’ll do that
later.  Right now, we must get to the Tavern before 6:00 (6 am).  Keep to the
left area (in with the trees), which rises slightly.  You can loot the first
part of the cave.  Jump up once you are at the top of the incline, climbing up
to a flat narrow area.  Pick up the rings and stuff lying around the skeleton.
Wear the +3 STR ring.  Follow the ledge, which ends with 2 rats.  Keep going
straight, following the road, and talk to Akil near the pathway to his farm
house.  Only talk to him once – we’ll be back later to help him!  You can also
get the Goblin Berry by the tree at the back of Akil’s house.

To the Tavern
Follow the road upwards towards a small bridge.  Instead of crossing, turn left
just before the bridge, go through the trees, and then jump down.  Once down on
the "lower" road, kill the Molerats and gather all the loot by the broken
wagon, and loot the nearby cave.  Continue up the road to the Tavern.

The time now must be between 22:00 and 06:00 or so, when Rukhar is sitting
outside the Tavern on the bench.  Talk to Rukhar (Q) about the drinking game,
make a bet, go into the Tavern, empty his chest and put a bottle of water in.  
There is water on the tavern tables, if needed.  We’ll be back!

Pray near the Tavern
Take the road that you passed just before getting to the tavern.  Kill a rat
near the Statue of Innos, and then stand in front of the Statue of Innos.  Save
your game.  Now pray for 50 gold, and get the +2 HPs (save the +1 STR until
after training STR to at least 64).

Road to Onar’s Farm
Now we want to get to the Mercenary’s area unscathed.  When leaving from the
Tavern door, go right, and then turn left at the next road, which leads to
Onar’s Farm.  Near the intersection are two trees with a Goblin berry near
them.  Run all the way down the path past the lake (we’ll be stronger and have
a good weapon very soon, so don’t bother fighting the creatures).  By-pass the
guys at the cabin/outpost, which is just after the lake, but do get the Dragon
root from the stump behind the cabin.  Walk North across the field, toward the
stone circle, and collect the herbs there.  Walk past the circle and talk to
Balthasar (Q, f. bandits) with his sheep.  Now walk back towards the stone
circle and then turn to the left, and keep walking until you are in Onar’s
Farm.  Talk to Sentenza, the bully standing on the road at the entrance to
Onar’s, only if you have 50 gold (otherwise just avoid him and Raoul for now by
entering the camp a bit North).

Onar’s Farm (Mercenary camp)
By now you should be at level 3.  TRAIN STR to 22 with Torlof, the guy at the
entrance to the large house, which gives you 30 STR with your ring and belt on.
If he’s not outside, he is in the house up the right ramp.

Talk to Lee (Q, water mages) who is in the house, and then get a quest from
Torlof about fighting the Militia.  Sell your two old coins to Wasili (also in
the house).  Next, we need a good starting weapon from Rod, who is either
sleeping in the big house, or standing outside near the smith.  Challenge him
that you can handle his sword (need 30 STR), take his sword, and then beat him
up.  Don’t return the sword yet.  Now you have an excellent early 2H sword,
Rod’s 2-Hander (40/30/130), which is a milestone!  You will be getting a lot of
mileage from his weapon.

Near Onar’s Farm
Loot inside and around the small "chapel" and graveyard "church" buildings
located just North of Onar’s, and get the old stone tablet.  Two buttons on
either side of the inside of the church will move the tomb.  Go down and get
the King’s Sorrel in an enclave to the left at the bottom of the "stairs."  Now
get out of there.

If you are feeling saucy, you can actually fight Dar, the smoking guy, while
you are here.  The trick is to whack him, then let him chase you to the nearby
burnt-out buildings (near the windmill), specifically the first one where the
back wall is low enough to jump over.  As he is chasing you (don’t let him get
too close or too far behind you), run to the back wall and jump over it.  Turn
quickly, and focus on Dar as he’s running up to the wall.  Then start swinging
you weapon which is able to hit him through (or just over) the wall, but Dar is
unable to retaliate!  If he runs away to the left, just stand at the corner of
the low wall, save the game, and then reload to get him running back at you.  
Eventually you will knock him down, then take his possessions, then talk to
Cipher (Q, f.) who is either near Torlof, or in the bunk area of the Mercs.  It
now should be no later than d2 12:00.

Meet Pepe the Sheppard just South of Onar’s.  Fight the Young wolves at the
nearby camp, loot the camp, and then finalize the quest with Pepe.  Just north
of Pepe is a rock outcrop near two Field raiders.  At the base of the outcrop
is some treasure.  Leave Onar’s Farm taking the road back to the Tavern.  (Note
for those who have played before: do not go to the bandit camp yet!  You will
get more points from Greg by waiting.)

Near the Tavern
Run back towards the Tavern, still avoiding fights, but try to get the Goblin
berry by the cave entrance.  After coming up the hill just before the Tavern,
take the road to the right.  Talk to Dragomir (Q) at the camp just up the road.
Loot the camp.  (Note: you now have enough skins to finalize Bosper’s quest!)
Go back towards the Tavern, past the Statue of Innos, then continue down the
path until reaching a small temple (with Isgaroth) to your left.  Get the old
stone tablet.  Now backtrack to the Tavern, and then go down towards the
Khorinis city gate.  Talk with Erol by tavern, and give him your 3 stone
tablets.  (Note: don’t get his STR bonus yet!)  You get more XPs this way than
by returning them to Vatras, and he now has good wares to offer later on.

Khorinis – mid town
Go in and get healed by Vatras.  Talk to Zuris (in the Marketplace) about
potions and herbs.

Around Khorinis
Go slightly to the left of the city gate, to the end of the ditch and get the
Dragonroot herb.  Following the wall and just around the corner is a cave.  
Kill the rat in the cave, and grab the Orc weapon on the ground (you don’t need
to clear the cave).

Khorinis – mid town
Talk to Constantino (f. herbs), Harad (f. give weapon, f. get approval), and
Canthar (Q).  Talk to Sarah in the Marketplace (plant letter, buy +20 HP ring
for 200 gold and equip it!).  TRAIN 2H to 34% (first to 29%, then 5 more to
34%; save the other LPs till later) with Wulfgar.  Talk to Andre and fink on

Khorinis – harbour
Go down to the harbour pub, and fight Moe.  Go into the Pub and talk to Khardif
about work, then Nagur (Q).  I recommend doing Nagur’s quest ASAP, since you
must wait 24hrs for him to finalize it once you give him the package.  Go talk
to Alrik (Q sword) behind the warehouse building (just below the Barracks).

Khorinis – mid town
Now talk with Baltram (Q), who is either in the Marketplace or hotel.  Leave
town through the east gate (other quests could be done, but we want to get the
package from Akil returned to Nagur ASAP).

Path to Akil’s Farm
Talk to Mike, who is standing just outside the east city gate, and tell him
about the Mercenaries on Akil’s farm.  He will clear the path up to the farm,
giving you the XPs.  Get the King’s Sorrel near the stump when the road takes a
left turn.  Watch the battle at Akil’s or try to get the last hit in for easy
XPs.  No matter what, grab Engardo’s Rough 2-Hander sword from the ground
before anyone else picks it up – that is your next weapon.  Now talk to Akil
(f., get package, missing people), Randolph (Q) and Mike (f.).  Now run up to
the Tavern and talk to Rukhar (Q).  

Erol – a choice to make
I recommend that you sell nearly everything with Orlan so you have 1000 gp to
buy the STR amulet from Erol, who is now located at the cabin/outpost just down
the road.  (You can buy back from Orlan the Sorrels, Dragonroots, etc. later).
Buying the amulet now saves you from having to wait to get one from the
Thieves.  But it’s your choice.

It’s likely time to Pray day3 for 2 HPs.  At any rate, return to Randolph (Q).
The drinking game will conclude at midnight tomorrow.

Next, follow the path going down from Akil’s Farm (west) and keep to the left
near the rock cliff.  Go slightly forward into the forest, and there will be a
bandit cave.  Kill the bandits, the get the fish from the chest in the cave.
Click on the fish in your inventory, and read the stinking note by clicking on
it.  Now return back to the East gate.

Khorinis – Harbour
Firstly, give the package from Akil’s to Nagur in the Harbour pub (should be
able to do this before 02:00 day3).  I recommend doing this task ASAP because
you have to wait about 24 hrs before he pays you for the shipment.  The next
task is killing (waiting) 24 hours until you get to meet the Thieves and sneak
a +10 STR amulet, unless you’ve bought it from Erol already.

Khorinis – mid town
Now is probably a good time to join a merchant, and I recommend Bosper (Q, f.,
get approval, LEARN SKIN ANIMALS) since you will get much money for selling
skins to him.  This assumes that you learn how to skin animals, though.

Before 3:30 (am), visit Ignaz the alchemist.  He is located down the hill
behind Matteo’s store.  Get Ignaz’s quest and he gives you an oblivion spell
scroll.  Before 4:10, stand by the barrel near the back corner of Bosper’s
shop.  This is where you will beat-up the hated Valentino.  He leaves Coragon’s
pub at 4:00, so be ready.  Also select the oblivion spell in you inventory and
right click on it (it’s now "number 4").  Beat Valentino (no one should notice
if you are in the correct spot behind Bosper’s), loot his body, then press the
"4" key, then use the spell on Valentino just after he stands up (by pressing
the "focus" key (shift) and the action key "up arrow").  Check that no one saw
you by going out, then back in through the city gates.  If all is OK, they will
not say "..thieves like you.." when you approach.  Now go tell Regis (he’s in
the pub) that you beat up Valentino, and then talk with Coragon (f.).  Also
finalize the quest with Ignaz.  And, if the time is between 5:00 and approx.
6:30, go to the barracks and get a 1H bonus from Wulfgar.

Talk to Canthar (f.) who is now in the Marketplace.  Talk to then Jora (Q),
then Rengaru, who are in/near the marketplace, or in the hotel sleeping.  Chase
Rengaru around the Barracks, and let him off the hook by saying "..get lost.."
in the end.  (Note:  I recommend being on the good side of the Thieves so that
the thieves don’t try to kill you when you eventually meet them, which is a
major bonus because they are very good fighters.  To do that, don’t turn-in
Halvor, Canthar, Rengaru or Nagur to Andre at the Barracks.)  Go back to Jora
(f., get Alrik’s sword for free).  Also talk to Hakon (f., missing).

Khorinis – many quests
There are a lot of small tasks that now need completing, which could help you
kill time while you are waiting to meet the Thieves:

-Make honey tobacco (at Constantino’s alchemists bench) and sell it to Abuyin.
Also mix a dark mushroom and a swampweed with apple tobacco if possible.
-Go near Lehmar and the smoker Meldor, and fight them by letting them chase you
towards Alwin’s sheep pen.  Run quickly around the sheep pen fence, and focus
on them as they approach, then start swinging.  It’s a tough fight, but you can
do it.  Loot Lehmar’s body and read his ledger (the book). Talk to Thorben
about Lehmar’s ledger.  Buy it back from him.  Now, go through the "tunnel" and
go straight into the pub and talk to Coragon about the ledger, and get his
quest.  From him, you get his special beer – drink it now for extra HPs!  Buy
back the ledger, go to the hotel, and give it to Hanna.  She gives you a bag.
Open it, and there’s a "small key" in it (to be used later).
-Talk to Alwin (Q), beat-up the hammering guy Fellan, talk to him, then talk to
Alwin (f.).  Note: if others see you do that, beat them up too.  Then pay the
small fine at Andre in the Barracks, and all is well again!
-Talk to Jack (Q) and Lares (Quest about relief, get ring).
-Talk to Garvell (Q, missing), Kardiff (missing), then Bromor (missing), Halvor
(Give him the fishy letter, cut him a deal, and get his free fish.  You’ve now
completed the 3 quests that will allow you to be on the Thieves good side,
which gets you more XPs than by not being on their side (I think), and finally
Martin (Q) and Farim (at the dockside down towards the ship).
-Jump into the water at the harbour at swim up the coast to the "first beach."
Meet Skip (Q), and then go back to Baltram in the Marketplace (or hotel).
-Fight Alrik (and even his 3 buddies) between 12:00 and 17:00.  Then return his
-Talk to Vatras (f., missing)
-Talk to Rangar and get info from him by giving him 3 pints of beer.  Then talk
to Garvell and tell him the news.
-Now return to Skip, and finally back to Baltram (f.)  That sure wastes a lot
of time!
-With your aquamarine ring on, talk to Baltram (Q – Lares relief).
-You might be able to sneak Marie’s golden plate now (you don’t need the sneak
skill to get it).  It’s in a chest in the barracks near the fireplace.
-Pay any fines with Andre before doing the next quest or leaving the city gates
-Go hunting with Bartok, who normally stands across from Abuyin’s tobacco
pipes.  You can optimize the hunting trip by drawing-in the snappers (by the
city wall in the "corner") toward Bartok at the start of the hunt, and you can
beat him up as he is fighting the Orc in the last battle (300 XPs!).  Just
start hitting him as soon as he stops to fight the Orc.  You can also clear the
rest of that area of forest.
-Lastly in the harbour, go to the warehouse (the last building on the
waterfront just before the ramp to the Barracks), beat up the guard, take his
key, and then loot the chests.  It’s a tough fight, but you can do it if you
start from on the top of the boxes, and swing like mad!

Khorinis – harbour (getting into the Thieves guild)
I recommend meeting the thieves later in the game, since I recommend buying the
+10 STR amulet from Erol.  Thus, you don’t really need to visit the thieves
now.  If you really want to meet the thieves, see the tips near the end of this

Preparing to leave Khorinis
Many quests are now done, and it’s nearly time to leave the city for a while:
-Go back to Cavalorn (f.).  Go back to the cave near the pond by Xardas and go
all the way down into the valley and meet Lester.
-On your way back consider beating-up the 4 farmers at Lobart’s farm.
-Sell your loot in town.  You could easily have 3200 gp now.
-Buy apples if you haven’t already, from Regis and Coragon.

Akil’s Farm
Leave town by the East gate by the marketplace.  Go to Akils’ farm and talk to
Egill and Ehnem (Q).  Try to get the last blow in for some easy XPs.  You can
beat them and Akil with no consequence.

Near the Tavern
-It might be time to PRAY (day4) for +2 HP.
-Buy the Light 2-Hander from Orlan at the Tavern (for later use!)

To Onar’s Farm
Run to the cabin by the lake.  Buy the Elixer of Life for 1500 gp from Erol

Onar’s Farm
Give the weed tobacco to Dar.  Give the package to Cipher (f.).  Return the
golden plate to Maria (up the left ramp in the house) for 200 XPs, if you stole
it from the Militia in Khorinis.  Buy the 2 apples from Elena.  

Now you likely are ready to train STR with Torlof.  TRAIN STR to 34 (first to
29, then to 34) giving you a total of 52 STR with the belt, ring and amulet on.
From now on, all your learning points will go towards STR until reaching a base
level of at least 60 (I recommend 66), at which time you don’t need to train
STR anymore, and can begin eating and drinking STR enhancing things, as well as
praying for STR once a day.  You will be at base 63 STR at level 11 (seems so
far away!).  Just come back to Torlof for training whenever you have LPs.  
Needless to say, don’t join a Faction until you’ve reached your STR target
level because Torlof only trains Merceneries and non-faction members.  Switch
over to the Rough 2-Hander as soon as you reach STR of 70 (base STR of 52),
then the Light 2-Hander at 75, and finally the Paladin’s 2-Hander at 80.  These
are my weapons of choice because of the good reach.  And they do the job quite
well!  (Note: if you’d rather use 1-Handers – and I don’t since they are less
fun – you only actually need to train your STR to 34, since the bonuses in Ch2
will eventually give you 134 STR, and 130 is enough for the best 1H weapon, the
Orc Slayer.)  You want to time your game so that you have the Light 2-Hander
just when STR reaches 75 (it’s located in a cave at the NE part of the map, or
can be bought at the Tavern, which you likely have done already), and then the
Paladin’s 2-Hander at STR of 80 (located in a cave just South of the Tavern, by
a graveyard).

Now it’s time to get sneaky.  The way to easily beat-up the Merc’s for XPs is
to whack one of them, then let them chase you to the burnt-out building just
north of the camp.  Then you jump over the lower wall of building 1, turn
quickly, and then swing wildly at them when they are in focus (like I described
above with Dar).  If you skip this sneaky way of beating the Mercs, you will
have to get the approximately 8000 XPs from somewhere else, which will take at
least 1-1/4 hrs of real time.

To do at the Merc’s:
-Beat-up Bullco, then talk to Thekla (Q).
-Complete Thekla’s quest by visiting Sagitta when you need healing.  If you
need healing, clear the Blood flies and Wolves from behind Sekob’s farm (start
by the campfire), clearing a route straight back and then slightly to the right
to Sagitta’s cave.  Watch out for the nearly impossible Wargs.  Her chest
combo’s are R: RLLR, L: LLRR.  Note: I’ll give chest combo’s in case you did
decide to learn pick-locks already.
-Talk to Pepe (f. Bullco, Q), kill the 4 Wolves, then talk to Pepe again (f.).
-Talk to Cord (Q, f.)
-Talk to Lee about the Circle of Water, then annoy Cord before fighting him by
asking him about the Ring of Water, then about his weapon and armour.
-Buy the Heavy 2-Hander sword from Khaled before fighting him (he loses his
inventory; you will use the sword later on).
-Return Rod’s sword (f.) when you’re able to use the Rough 2-Hander.
-On the path just before Onar’s is a mercenary (Fester).  Just south of him is
a rock outcrop with a small cave with 3 Field raiders.  Kill the Field raiders,
then talk to Fester (Q).  Accept his hunting quest.  Beat up Fester after you
reach the end of the cave together.  Make sure you get the Elixer of Dexterity
from the cave (don’t use it yet, though!).
-Don’t forget Buster and his friend at the "outpost" cabin by the small lake
towards the Tavern.  Try to get a tree between you and the Merc for protection
while fighting.  
-When you have beat-up all the Merc’s, finalize Jarvis’s quest.

You can of course also mix-in other quests if you’re bored of beating-up the
Merc’s, which are described next.

Behind Sekob’s Farm (just North of Onar’s Farm)
Clear around Sagitta’s cave, using her to heal.  Fight the Bandits to the right
after leaving Sagitta’s cave.  Chest combo’s are R: RRLRL, L: LRR.  Get the
letter (read it) and Bromor’s bowl/dish.

Sekob’s Farm
Meet Bronko on the road (pay 5 gold), talk to the kid who is sawing (Q, ask for
50 gold), beat-up Bronco, talk to him, then talk to the kid again (f.).

Greg at the Tavern
Clear the creatures up to the Tavern.  Remember to clear the creatures near the
tavern (not the bandits at the bridge) before finalizing the drinking game with
Orlan.  Get the Paladin’s 2-Hander from a cave just South of the Tavern, by a
graveyard.  Talk to Greg and follow him down to the cave.  Clear the cave, and
dig the "X."  Talk to Greg (f.), then swim out onto the island in the lake, and
dig the "X."

After training STR to over 60
This is indeed a milestone!  As soon as your STR is trained to over 60 (to
exactly 63 if you have followed my advice until now), you’re ready to start
praying each day for STR at a Statue of Innos.  This should occur on day 5.  
Eat the 2 Thekla’s stews, eat 25 apples if you have them, and get Erol’s STR
tip.  I also recommend using the next level (12) also for training STR.  Do so
before your STR reaches 87, while 1 STR point still costs only 3 LPs, since
training cost increases when your level is 90.

From Onar’s to Bengar’s Farm
Return the package to Thekla (f.) for 300 XPs, if you haven’t done so already.
After training STR if possible, walk around the rock outcrop by Fester and
fight the Field raiders.  Pick-up the tablets and fight all the way to the
Lurkers near a very small pond.  Keep left and go into a small clearing with
Scavengers.  Fight the bandits and talk to Elvrich in the tent (Q, f., then
tell him to go back to the city).  The chest combo’s are: R: LLRRRL;L: LRLRRL.
Near the tent, by some trees, is an "X" which needs digging-up.

Go up the stairs to the "high pastures" where the Bengar’s Farm is located.  
There is an "X" up here near the pond with a waterfall, and another behind
Bengar’s barn.  Talk to Bengar (Q) then fight the 2 Militia (tough fight – try
to use a tree for protection).  Talk to Bengar (f.).  Exhaust all conversation
topics and hopefully you can command him that Balthasar is to use the pasture.
The game never allows me to do so, however, so I end up having to visit Bengar
at a later time.

Onar’s farm
On your way back to Torlof, talk first with Greg (f.).  Speak with Torlof (f.),
then Lee, then Onar, then Maria and then Onar again.  At this point you are
ready to join the Mercenaries with Lee, but I recommend completing much, much
more of the game before joining a faction, and save you game just before doing
so.  This way you can reload the save game and play the different factions.

Sekob’s Farm – beating-up farmers
It’s possible to beat-up farmers with no consequence.  The advantage is you
with get at least 2200 XPs and about 9 apples.  The trick is to hit them once,
let them "settle down", then repeat until they fall.

If necessary, talk to Balthasar once more.  Talk again to Bengar, and then tell
Balthasar he may go to Bengar’s pastures (f.).

2.2 Exploring the country side
An incredible number of quests are now finished and you are ready to face the
wilderness with your decent weapon and decent amount of HPs!  We will also
collect tablets, King’s sorrels and Dragonroots, which I may or may not
explicitly mention, so keep a look out.  You will likely be at level 12 by now,
which means you are using the Paladin’s 2-Hander, which helps a lot!

From Onar’s/Sekob’s to the Black Troll/Grimbald
Go north from the farm areas.  When looking at Sagitta’s cave, go towards left
and veer upwards to the road.  Turn right, and clear the road to the top of the
hill.  Get the Dragonroot on the rock at the top of the hill in the gravel
area.  Continue along the road (avoid the pyramid/ruins area – we’ll be back!)
until you see a lake.  Turn right and get the tablet in the grass/tree area.  
Continue through a rock arch. Turn right and clear the cave.  At the end of the
cave is a King’s sorrel.  After that, walk up the incline.  Get the weapon
embedded on the bridge post.  Cross the bridge and carefully kill the Snappers
(while standing on the bridge).  Keep right and get the Goblin berry and
tablets.  Get the Aloe plant that looks like a Dragonroot, just before the
Black troll.  Kill the Black troll.  Here’s the trick:  notice there is so much
space between his body and arm that you can fit through.  Run towards him and
go to his backside while his arms are raised.  Take some whacks as he’s
turning.  Just before he’s finished turning, run between his arm and body, go
behind his back and take some more whacks while he turns again.  You can
usually get 3 hits in before you need to run around him.  Eventually he will
fall for 1000 XPs!

From Grimbald to the Sun Circle
Continue along to Grimbald, who is grateful the troll is dead.  Continue
straight along a path that eventually slopes downward into a thickly forested
area with a stone circle, the Sun Circle.  There lies Dragomir’s crossbow.  
Just north of the circle is a life tablet.  Now backtrack to Grimbald.

Near Grimbald
Turn right and go down the slope.  Slightly further is a cave that starts with
a rat.  Return back to the pyramid/ruins.

I don’t recommend fighting the creatures in this area yet, but there are
tablets at the tops of the pyramids.

Back to Sagitta
Pray for STR if it’s now day6.  On your way back to Sagitta’s, go over the hill
just across from the exit path by the small pyramid.  Go up the hill, turn
right, continue, then turn left and jump down the various levels.  You will
eventually be beside the river.  Collect the potions and stone tablet.  Return
to Sagitta (f., give Aloe) and LEARN BREW POTIONS, the first level of healing
potions for 1 LP, only if you’ve finished training STR.

South of Onar’s Farm
Meet Grom (Q, give him a ham, milk, and some other food) south of Onar’s Farm.
Grom’s chest combos are LRRL and LRLRL.  Kill the 2 Trolls (using the trick
mentioned above) and get the King’s sorrel and tablet.  Also get the Dragonroot
on the stump near Grom.  You can even beat-up Grom for some good XPs.

Since you’ve finalized Greg’s quest, now is a good time to visit the Bandits
(on the cliff above Grom).  Talk to Dexter (f.) but don’t fight him.  To get
the most XPs possible by killing the bandits, I recommend climbing to the roof
of the cabin (near the entrance to the bandits), then draw a bow or X-bow and
point it at a bandit.  This should get them mad, and eventually they will try
to kill you.  Fortunately, they aren’t all able to climb to the roof at once,
and Greg also has trouble killing many of them, so you can end-up getting 2100
XPs here.  You should also now have 25 more apples to eat, getting another STR
+1 bonus!  Talk to Greg again.

Near Onar’s Farm
Go up from Grom and keep right.  Clear the cave that is full of Goblins.  The
front chest combo is LRRLLL, and in the rear: R: LRRLL, L: RLRRLR.

Collecting the last 3 Dragonroots
Return Dragomir’s X-bow (near the Tavern) and even beat him up.  Buy-back the
Dragonroot/King’s sorrel you might have sold earlier to Orlan at the Tavern.  
Now you should be nearing level 14, and are thus ready to learn how to make STR
potions!  You now need to collect the last 3 Dragonroots and a total of 9
King’s sorrels.  I recommend using a speed potion to run ASAP to the stone
circle (get the 2 King’s sorrels – one at the circle, one at the base of a
nearby tree – and the stone tablet on the ground, and kill the 2 Goblin’s), and
then go into the cave (near the Stone Circle) with the locked gate and use the
Molerat grease on the winch (400 XPs!).  Next, grab the Dragonroot from a tree
bottom (just down the road from the circle near the rock outcrop), and then run
across the North part of the map and into the forest to quickly grab the
Dragonroot on the tree at eye level (between 2 rock outcrops).  Creatures will
chase you, so you need to know exactly where to run to, otherwise you will be
killed.  Sneak the final Dragonroot from the backside of the Lighthouse.  Don’t
attempt to fight the bandits yet, though.  There is also a King’s sorrel in the
area, above the Shadowbeast’s cave.

Khorinis City
Buy any Dragonroots/King’s sorrels you might have sold to Matteo.  Now you can
learn the Elixir of Strength from Constantino!  Make and drink 9 of them!  
Finalize quests by talking to Vatras, Thorben, Bromor, and Martin.  Now I
recommend you sneak onto the Paladin’s ship by climbing the crane, and jumping
down.  Then run into the ships lower area, sneak the STR potion, and run out of
there ASAP!  You might need a speed potion, but it shouldn’t be necessary.  
Your STR should now be at 121.

Getting the Orcish Warsword
It might be day7, so pray for STR.  Now walk back to the lighthouse, and
attempt to beat-up the bandits.  Running inside to the stairs might help.  
Leave the lighthouse and walk straight up the road until you meet Niclas.  You
can beat him up.  There’s also a King’s sorrel at the top of the hill.  Kill
the 2 Scavengers near Niclas (you could beat him up), and then jump carefully
down the cliff there.  You should end-up down near the bandit’s cave.  Just to
the North is an Orc Elite with an Orcish Warsword, which I recommend getting.
To kill the Orc, let him chase you, run around behind a large tree stump, and
then bring him down since he usually can’t get around the stump!  I was using
the Orcish Warsword after 12-1/2 hrs of real-time, with 122 STR.

Khorinis City
Visit Fernando (f.) in jail in the barracks.  Go down to the harbour and
finalize Jack.  Go into the pub, talk to Nagur f.), Kardiff, and then meet
Atilla (get key, kill) behind Halvor’s fish shop.

Thieves’ guild
You could now go to the thieves’ guild if you want to.  The only thing to do
there right now is: kill the rats near the entrance; kill Ramirez for 400 XPs;
get a quest from Cassia.

Harbour blitz
I now recommend beating-up everyone in the harbour.  You don’t get penalized,
but you will get at least 4000 easy XPs, and at least 16 apples!

The next goal is to learn Ancient Language levels 1-2.  I suggest:
-Get the STR I tablet from the cave in the valley just west of Khorinis.  Kill
the Wargs in the valley by using a stump or fallen tree as protection.
-Kill the Orc in the cave near the east city gate.  Use the teleport stone.
-Fight the bandits on the bridge near the Tavern (chest combo RLLRRRL).
-Clear the ledge that is through the trees between the bandits and Tavern.  
There is also a small cave with a chest (combo RLLRRL).
-Talk to Orlan in the Tavern about the teleport stones (wear aquamarine ring).
-Use the teleport stone just south of the Tavern.

You are now at the Water Mages, and can learn Ancient Language levels 1-2 from
Myxir!  (That is, if you have 15 LPs, which you will if you beat-up all the
farmers and harbour people as I recommended.)  First talk to Saturas and
Riordian.  If you need extra XPs, clear around the Pyramid, and around Bengar’s
farm.  The cave near the pyramid has a Life I tablet.  You should now have 7
Life I, 3 Life II, and a STR I tablet to read now.  I had 431 HPs and 126 STR
at this point.

Now get the STR II tablet behind Onar’s house.  On your way to Onar’s, you
could try to kill the 2 Shadowbeasts that are in a cave near the small river.

2.3 Joining a Faction
Now you can join a faction!  Save the game before doing so.  I usually choose
the Militia, but this time I will try the Mercenaries.  You will be kicking
butt no matter which faction you choose!

I had 20 apples at this point, so I decided to kill 5 farmers at Onar’s farm,
because getting +1 STR is worth the penalty!  That takes you up to +3 STR bonus
from apples so far.

If you joined the Mercenaries, talk to Raoul (Q).  Now go back to Khorinis.

If you want to join the Militia, go to Khorinis and talk with Andre at the
barracks.  Do a few basic quests, and then report back to him.

Khorinis City – starting Chapter 2
After joining, go talk to Lord Hagen in the Upper town and give him the letter.
While up there, take the apple from the first house, and give your homemade
mushroom tobacco to the Gardener.

The next goals are to get the STR elixir from Zuris, and the +5% sword skill
book from Lutero.  These guys are accessible only from 08:00 til about 20:00,
so you might need to sleep to let time pass.  To do after instigating Ch2:
-Talk to Lord Hagen about the Valley of Mines.
-Tell the news to Garvell.
-Buy oblivion spells from Ignaz (you could do this later).
-Talk to Vatras (Q, f.)
-Buy-back the hide of a Black troll if you sold it to Bosper.
-Get a prophecy from Abuyin.
-Get the STR potion from Zuris.  Buy also the sleep spell, some potions, and
red drops pepper (for a quest much later in Ch2).
-Buy the oblivion spells, sleep spells, and Double Blocks book from Lutero (Q)
– read it now for +5% 2H skill!  (Note: you could save this until later, but I
prefer to use the extra skill percentage NOW, rather than waiting many real-
time hours.)

Pray for STR on day 8.  You can now use the Heavy 2-hander sword!  This is
indeed a milestone!  I used about 15 hours real-time to this point.  The rest
of this guide is not as detailed since you are now able to really dominate.

Getting XPs to be able to Learn the Language level 3
The next goals are to learn the Ancient Language level 3, followed by learning
to picklocks.  The suggested next steps are:
-Beat the bandits at the Lighthouse.  It helps to fight from the inside stairs
-Clear the Northeast cliff area to the east of the Lighthouse.
-Visit the Water Mages and learn the language level 3 from Myxir, allowing you
to read the Life III tablets!
-Clear around the pyramids.
-Buy the Sorrel from Sagitta.  Buy also potions.
-Give the Troll hide to Raoul for 500 XPs.  Beat him up and take-back the hide.
-Clear out behind Onar’s farm, including the cave of Goblins.
-Pray for STR (day9).
-Clear out around Bengar’s farm.
-Talk to Isgaroth (Q) by the Monastery.  Buy the sleep spells and the +30 HP
ring if you like.

Khorinis City
-Talk to Vatras (f., choose the Sorrel!)
-Learn picklocks from Thorben (10 LP, 200 gp).
-Talk to Jack (f.) and Lares (f., talk about Mages).
-Optional:  You could also clear the island to the West of the harbour (while
there, get the Statue of Innos and return it to Edda, who is behind Ignaz’s
store), and the third beach up the coast.  The combo of the Island chests is
RLLRRRL.  The third beach is RLLRRLLLRRR.
-Go to the first room in the Thieves.  Open the chest (combo RRLLR) which has
Coragon’s silver and Bosper’s bow.
-Optionally, you could do more at the Thieves, but it’s not necessary.
-Return the bow and silver (drink Coragon’s special brew for +3 HPs).

Joining the Water Mages
Lares told you about a meeting in the Tavern, so go there and attend the
meeting.  Now you can decide to either continue the Mages quests, or take a
side trip to the Valley of Mines.  Keep in mind that crossing to the add-on
world Jharkendar takes minimum 36 hours.  Also, crossing to the Valley of Mines
sometimes resets the clock back to midnight (0:00).  At either rate, the
following things should now be performed:

-Go to the Castle in Valley of Mines and buy the +10 STR belt from Sengrath.
Take the "short-cut" path (through the tunnels) rather than fighting the Orcs
(very difficult, will do later!).  The first chest combo is LRRL; the second is
RLRL.  The third chest (by the bridge in Valley) has combo RLR.
-At the castle, buy the medium armour from Engor for 2500 gp, if you joined the
Militia.  In the rooms about Garond, get the key on the table in the first room
up the left ramp.  Then use the key on the third door down the hall.  Get the
Bloodfly Venom scroll and read it (necessary for a later quest).
-In the Valley of Mines, get also the easy-to-access Life I & II tablets.

Back at Khorinis:
-You could get the Life III tablet from the cave near the Bandits camp south of
Onar’s farm.  But those Skeletons are tough fighters!
-Train 2H if you level up.
-In Khorinis City, you could beat-up Peck (in the Brothel or Barracks), take
the key, and then open the Tower near Gritta & Thorben.  Inside the Tower is
Joe, and you get 400 XPs!  Pay your 50 gp fine to Andre if you beat-up Peck,

-Talk with Vatras (f.)
-Go with Lares to the Water Mages.  He’s still in the Harbour of Khorinis.
-The combo of the large pyramid is RLLRRRL.  The Orc Slayer is here.  The small
pyramid is LRLRLR.
-With your Water Mages ring on, talk to Saturas.
-Talk to Nefarius (Q) and get the key from Meridion.
-Get the amulet pieces from the stone circles, so the Water mages can make the
key to the Add-on world.  You should already have 2 amulet pieces; the last one
is at the stone circle back at Lobart’s farm.  Talk to Cavalorn, press the 3
buttons, talk to Cavalorn again, and then go to Lord Hagen.
-Talk to Cavalorn again (f.), who is now sitting near Vatras.
-Return to Nefarius at the Mages.  The ring making ceremony should now start.
-Get the ring from Saturas, and open the portal, if you dare!

2.4 Jharkendar, the Add-on world
-Go to the Add-on world, Jharkendar, and focus on getting the STR tablets ASAP
Fight the creatures, which are relatively easy since you now have the Heavy 2-
Hander.  I’m not writing any detail about the Jharkendar quests since they
seemed pretty straight forward, and your character is very beefed-up so nothing
will get in your way!
-Do the quests so you can join the Pirates.
-Optional, but recommended: beat-up Henry at the front gate of the Pirates and
take his Scimitar (145/145/130).  He never seems to want to train my 2H skill,
so you may as well beat him.  Once you have this weapon, you are basically
-Do the quests so you get the bandit armour.
-Generally, TRAIN your 2H skill up to 64%, then use the 2H stone tablets.  You
might want to train your 2H up to 90%, which is more than enough to finish the
-Get the Dragonslicer 2H sword from Khorinis, just before getting your STR to
160.  It’s located in a cave between the Sun circle and Grimbald.
-Go to the Bandits and do more quests.  Buy the +5 STR Ring from Huno.  Talk to
the guy making stew for +1 STR.  Make the Hammer snaps for the cook for +1 STR
(go to the alchemist in the Pirate camp to make it for you).  You should be
able to use the Dragonslicer now!  It’s probably the best weapon in the game,
and you can easily finish the game with it.
-Do the quests that enable you access to the temple Raven is hiding in so you
can get the +6 STR tablet.

What to do next:
-Clear the entire addon world (easy!).
-TRAIN your 2H skill as high as you want.  Up to 64% is more than enough.  Then
read the 2H tablets for 20% more skill, and then train your 2H some more, up to
90% if you want.
-Sell your old coins to Wasili at Onar’s farm.  You can use the Sleep spell on
him to take the coins back, and re-sell.  You can also draw your weapon, let
him chase you outside to the north of Onar’s, beat him up, take the coins, use
the Oblivion spell, take the coins back, and re-sell.  You can usually get 18
Oblivion spell scrolls and 5 Sleep spells before starting Ch3.
-Use LPs up to train STR even more, up to 200!!!
-Go to Valley of Mines and do Garond’s quest.  While there, kill as many or as
few Orcs as you want.  If you don’t kill some Orcs now, there will be a huge
number later!
-Instigate Ch3 by crossing back into Khorinis with the letter from Garond.
-Get the Dragonroot from Sagitta, the Sorrel from Constantino, and make a
strength potion!
-Optional:  When you’re ready, TRAIN DEX to 34, then eat the Goblin berries and
read the tablets.  Eventually, including the DEX boosting amulet, belt and
rings, you will have 120 DEX, enough to pickpocket anyone.
– Optional:  LEARN Pickpocketing.  Pickpocket everyone during Ch4 and 5.

And that’s how I think you optimally ramp-up your character and complete the
game as fast as possible!

Khorinis – harbour (getting into the Thieves guild)
Here are my old notes about meeting and joining the thieves guild.  You can
actually skip all this if you decided to buy the +10 STR amulet from Erol.  You
can learn sneaking from the Pirates, and lock picking from several people
including Thorben.

Once 24 hrs has passed since giving the package to Nagur, talk to him in the
pub (f.) and then talk to the bartender Kardiff.  He tells you of someone that
wants to meet you behind Halvor’s fish store.  Go there, meet Attila (get key,
and even fight him with no consequence or perhaps a 50 gp fine), then tak a
short swim to the Thieves hideout.  It’s just to the right of the ramp in the
harbour area.  Once there, click on the door to get in.

Take the first left and kill the rats.  Follow the sewer around until you meet
Jesper.  Follow him to Cassia (join thieves, get quest).  LEARN PICKLOCKS for
10 LPs from Ramirez and LEARN SNEAK for 5 LPs from Jesper.  Now kill Jesper
(it’s a tough fight – run away, drink some potions, then attack again) and take
his key (rusty door key).  Leave Cassia’s room, go right, then right again and
use the key on the wooden door.  Inside is a chest with some goodies, including
a DEX potion (don’t drink until much later!) and the awesome +10 STR amulet
(wear it now!).  The chest combo is RRRLRRRLRLRLRRLLLRRL.  The chest combo’s
for the last room in the thieves area are: back R: LLLR, back L: RRRLLR, front:
LRRRLL.  The combo for Cassia’s chest is LRLLRR.

Now go back to the entrance of the thieves.  The first room with the rats has a
chest with combo RRLLR and contains Bosper’s bow and Coragon’s silver inside.
Return Bosper’s bow.  Steal Constantino’s ring (chest combo LRRLR).  Return
Coragons silver and drink more of his special brew for extra HPs!

On your way back to the Thieves hideout, enter the house beside the pub on the
harbour front, sneak (change to "sneak mode" by pressing "X") a map form the
chest (combo LLRRLR), and then return to Cassia (f., Q).

3.0 Most useful general tips
I think these are some of the most useful things to know about the game:
-Try to get a stump or tree between you and difficult enemies – enemies
sometimes have trouble getting around them.
-I believe damage done to enemies with swords is more or less = (weapon
damage)+(your STR)-(enemy’s armour rating), modified by your weapon skill
percentage, so it should be obvious to train-up your STR ASAP!
-Ramp-up skills (STR) to enable the usage of the best weapons before improving
skills that enable you to use the weapon well (2H).
-Stay away from the tough enemies early in the game – you will get enough XPs
from reasonable enemies and quests.  And you will aquire more suitable weapons
and armour to defeat the tough critters later.
-You will have more than enough gold in the game, so you don’t need to pick-up
every herb in sight.
-You can beat-up all the people in the harbour area, and the farmers at/on
Bengar’s/Sekob’s/Onar’s fields without consequence (except a fine of perhaps
few hundred gold) for thousands of XPs and many apples.
-You can kill all the Merceneries at Onar’s farm for XPs without consequence,
except for Cord (annoy him first).  Get them to chase you to the burned-out
buildings near the windmill.  Jump over the short wall of building 1, turn
quickly, and attack them as they approach the wall.  You can hit them
through/over the short wall without retaliation.
-Consume stat-boosting potions, stone tablets, etc, after first training the
stat up. I.e. train STR to 60+ before reading the tablets, drinking potions,
-It’s sometimes import to exhaust all conversation topics to make sure you get
all the quests (especially Vatras to get the Bandit weapon quest, and Lares to
get the Relief quest).

4.0 Training and levelling up
I think you should ramp-up strength first, to have the most fun in the game.
But you also need certain misc. skills.  Then ramp-up the 2H weapon skill.

Level Typical day What to train
01    Day1        2H (to 20)
02    Day1        2H (to 28 only)
03    Day1        STR with Torlof to 22
04    Day2,1300   2H (+1, then +5 to 34%); SKIN ANIMALS from Bosper (5 LP)
05                STR (+2, then +5) to 29 STR
06                STR (+5 first, then rest) to 38 STR
07    Day3,1730   STR
08    Day4,0500   STR
09    Day4,1100   STR – use Rough 2-Hander!
10    Day4,1900   STR
11    Day5,0530   STR to 63.  Now eat stews & apples, Erol tip, Pray for STR
12    Day5,1500   STR
13    Day6,0300   Learn heal potion level 1 (1 LP)
14    Day6,1500   ELIXER OF STRENGTH (from Constantino; make 9!) (20 LP)
15-7  Day7,0300   ANCIENT LANGUAGE level 1 2 and 3 on Day8, 1700. (5/10/15 LP)
18    Day9,0300   PICKLOCKS from Thorben (10 LP)
19                2H
20                2H
21                2H
22                2H
23                2H to 64.  Now read the 2H tablets, to max 84.
24                2H (+3 pct), and Take Stinger (1 LP)
25                2H (+3 pct)
26                Healing potions level 2-3 (8 LP)

Next, learn the Elixer of Life potion.  Then make 6 Elixers of Life for 120
extra HPs!  After that, you can continue training STR up to 200!  You should
start training DEX near then end of Ch4 if you want to be able to pickpocket
people in Ch5.  You need to train DEX to about 34 (though 31 might be enough?),
then consume the goblin berries, drink the potions and read the stone tablets.
You will then have at least 120 DEX when wearing the amulet, belt and rings.

5.0 How to install the English patch over the German version of NotR

1 Install your preferred English version of G2: 1.31 UK or 1.32 US.

2 Copy the German Gothic 2 executable, gothic2_130_de.exe, to the directory of
the English version of G2 (see below), then launch it not with double click,
but from the command line, in this way:

gothic2_130_de.exe /X

This allows you to extract from the installation archive only the files you
need. In this case, only the file: gothic2.exe, which is to be copied into the
folder gothic2/system, replacing the existing gothic2.exe.

It might not be easy to find that file, and the 2 files below. Try or do a Google search for that file.

3 Install the addon from the CD-ROM to the English G2 directory.  Point to the
gothic2 directory.

4 Apply the addon patch 2.6, g2ADDON-2_6.exe, from the gothic2 directory.

5 Apply the translation mod, g2att-g2notr_v1.0.exe, from the gothic2 directory.
Point to the gothic2 directory.

6 Run the GothicStarter.exe program from the System subfolder.  Once started,
you can choose if you want to run the original German Gothic II Die Nacht des
Raben game, the G2aTT-DNdR ETM, or any other Gothic II mod you have installed.


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