Ghost Online (walkthrough)

Ghost Online

Ghost Online            GGG     OOO
Beginner's Guide       G       O   O
Made by Streak         G  GG   O   O
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1. Introduction (intr)
2. What is Ghost Online? (wigo)
3. Downloading and installing the game (ditg)
4. Creating an account (caac)
5. Character Creation (chcr)
6. Tutorial (tuto)
7. Interface (intf)
8. Controls (cntr)
9. Class Summary (clsu)
10. Sealed equipment (seeq)
11. Skills of a Peasant (soap)
12. Fishing (fish)
13. PvP (pvsp)
14. Sites to help you (sthy)
15. Conclusion and thanks (cath)
16. Version History (vehi)
17. Planned Updates (plup)


1. Introduction (intr)

Hey there. This guide is for the MMORPG, Ghost Online. It's a beginner's guide 
that will cover the basics of the game, such as controls, the various menus, 
class summeries, and more. I hope this guide helps you, as the world of Ghost 
Online rather daunting at times.
This guide is made by me, Streak. If you wish to use it on your site, or have
a suggestion, please contact me first, preferably by e-mail. My e-mail is 
streakxd (at) googlemail (dot) com.


2. What is Ghost Online? (wigo)

Ghost Online is a platform MMORPG. In this, you can be 3 classes (Warrior,
assassin and taoist) that all feature a variety of weapons. From Swords to 
Claws to Fans, you'll find that every class is a very different experience.
Ghost Online also features an odd army of monsters, which range from
small fireballs to massive monkey lords.
As a fast-paced game, you'll find yourself jumping high from building to 
building, and even up huge mountain-like areas. You'll most probably jump over
serval enemies at once, then unleash a killing blow from behind.
Why don't you go download and play now, it's free! You can find the official
site here. 
go (dot) gameflier (dot) com (dot) my


3. Downloading and installing the game (ditg)

At the official site, click the 'Download GO' button at the top.
A box should show up asking you to 'Open', 'Save' or 'Cancel'. (May vary from
browser.) I recommend choosing 'Save', as it is quite large. (148.8MB)

Here are the system requirements.

Operating System: Window 98/ME/2000Pro/XP 

CPU: Celeron 500MHz and above and other compatible system 

Memory: At least 256MB RAM and above 

Disc Space: At least 300MB and above free space 

Display Resolution: 640x480 and above 

Display Card: Supports DirectX 8.1 and above with 3D acceleration and 100% 
system compatibility 

Controls: Keyboard/Mouse 

Internet Capabilities: Cable, ADSL or VDSL modem

After it is complete, double click the installer and follow the simple steps,
after that is complete, enjoy!


4. Creating an account (caac)

This is quite confusing to some, so here's a guide.

On the site, click 'Join GO'. This is right above the download button. Kinda 
looks like Jom GO. =O

Once you click it, you'll be taken to iPoint. Click 'I am not a member and I
don't have a game ID'. Now read through the member's agreement and click agree.
You'll be taken to a form.

Website member ID: This is the ID to sign into the SITE. (Not the game) The 
                   text box is not broken. Click CHECK ID to enter it.

Password: Should be between 4-6 alphanumeric characters. It's case-sensitive, 
          so make sure the caps lock is off.

Full Name: No more than 40 characters.

NRIC no. : This is for Malaysians. If you are not Malaysian, enter your 
           passport number. However, this means certain event and prizes are 
           not avalible to you. 

Gender: Well, you're either male or female, right?

Address: This is to contact you for prizes. If your Non-Malaysian, then this 
         isn't important.

Contact No. : Same as address.

Moblie Phone no. : This is optional.

In the next page, everything up to DOB is optional.

Year of Birth: Yeah.

E-mail: I think this has to be real.

You'll now be asked to confirm everything. Check everything is correct and 
press confirm at the bottom.

The registration will be successful. Now click 'Game ID application' and from 
the drop down list select 'GO'

The form is pretty much the same. Once done, you'll be able to sign into the 
world of Ghost Online!


5. Character Creation (chcr)

Windowed mode is useful for people who like to minimize alot.
High resolution shows more around you than low resolution. 

Firstly, you'll be able to select a channel. Channel 1 is the most popular
channel, and is where people go to open their personal shops.
I recommend a less popular channel, 2-9. 10 is used for guild wars.

Select 'Create a character' from the top left corner and you'll be taken to a
screen so you can customize your character's look. You can change hair, eyes,
gender, outfit and weapon. 

There are three weapons. Sword, claw, and staff.
Sword and claw are pretty much the same, so pick whichever you want.
Staff has less attack power, but more magic power. But the only offensive magic
you'll get as a Peasent is Palm Force. Only get the staff if you're going down 
a magician's path, otherwise, a claw or sword will do.

The outfit's all have the same defence, and have no difference except colour.
Once you've chosen a look, he or she will need a name. You can choose your name
in the box on the top right. Press the button next to it to check if it's

Now let's enter the game...


6. Tutorial (tuto)

Upon entering the game, you'll get a small intro, which explains some backstory
to the character you're about to control.

You'll get a sacred-y looking character to control. The tutorial is pretty 
self-explainatory, just go through it. Don't worry, you can't die.
Also, you can run. Just press Z.


7. Interface (intf)

I'll try my hand at some ASCII art here.

|    1   |               |         |
|________|               |    8    |
|                        |         |
|      ___               |_________|
|     /                           |
|     |TREE                        |
|     ___/    O     7             |
|      | |    -|-                  |
|                                  |
|                                  |
|      _________________           |
|     |                  |         |
|2____|        4         |_________|

Good enough. Ok, I'll go through each window and it's function.

1. Character Status Bar

This contains bars related to your character such as Hp, Sp and Rage.

Here is a closer look at it.

|     |__________B_________|
|  A  |__________C_________|
|     |____________________|

A is the sealed equipment that the purple souls are currently being stored in.
B is your HP, if this reaches zero, you'll die.
C is your SP, if you have none of this, you can't perform any skills, like run.
D is your rage bar. This can be filled with red souls.

Your level is also contained here, right next to the sealed equipment icon.

2. Active Skills

Any activated skills, like run, or meditate, will be displayed here when they
are on.

3. Quick slot

The quick slot is a quick way to use skills or items in your inventory. I 
recommend using the first two slots for attack skills.

4. Chat and tip box

As with most online games, you can communicate with your fellow players.
To begin typing, press enter and type your text. Then hit enter again. If you
only want to be heard by a specific player, then type the users name in the
small box next to the text box and select 1:1 on the yellow text next to it.
Other options here are 'Party' and 'Guild'.

5. Menu bar

The buttons contained here bring up various windows when clicked on. Roll the
cursor over them to see what each does.

6. Quick slot 2 and GO shop button

This contains two more quickslot buttons that are usually for red and blue
potions. It also has a button to take you to the GO shop. (Section coming soon)

7. Game

The game is displayed here.

8. Mini-map

This mini-map contains a rough map of the area you are in. The yellow dot is
you, red dots are other players and orange dots are other players in your 
party. Blue shining spots are portals to towns while red ones take to a monster
filled area. Note that any hidden portals are not displayed here. Clicking the
plus sign will make the mini map larger, usually showing the entire area you 
are in. Pressing M will get rid of it.

And that's the interface! =D


8. Controls (cntr)

The most important part of any game.

Arrow keys - Move
Up - Jump
Down - Block
Space Bar - Melee Attack
Ctrl - Pick up/absorb souls
Enter - Chat

Z, X, C, V, B, N - Hot keys 1
Del, End - Hot keys 2
Print Screen - Screenshot
F2 to F8 - Various Facial Expressions
S - Stats
D - Skills
Q - Quests
W - World Map
E - Emotion
I - Items/Equipment
F - Friend/Message/Party/Guild Screen
H - Personal Store (Only in market)
M - Mini map toggle
Esc - Settings

Only avalible with pet.

A - Pet Hot Key
P - Pet status
[ - Previous command
] - Next command

Also, holding Ctrl and jumping will allow you to high jump. Ctrl + blocking 
allows you to jump down to the platform under you.

You can jump with run activated to jump farther.


9. Class Summary (clsu)

If you're having trouble finding the map with the job instructor, remember to
open the world map (W). Rolling over the dots shows the maps name, which I've
mentioned below.

The Warrior

Warrior's are just like what they are in every MMO, powerful strength, lacking 
in the intelligence department. If you like getting close to an enemy with a
sword or blade, then you'll enjoy this class. This class is also a good choice
for newbies.

To become a warrior, you have to get to level 10, then visit the Warrior Master
who can be found at Sentosa Plains 1. Which is west of Sentosa.

Swords are faster than blades, and sword skills seem to focus on multi-attacks.

Blades, however, are more powerful.
Blades are more costly than swords.

The Assassin

Assassins are the fastest of the lot. They'll be dodging their enemies, all the
while attacking them with a star or stabbing them with a dagger. You choose.

To advance to an assassin, simply level to 10 then visit the Assassin Master at
Sentosa Plains 6, which is east of Sentosa.

Assassins specialise in gloves or daggers.

Gloves are ranged, so you'll probably get hit less. They have to be supplied
with stars to be of use though.

Daggers are melee weapons, and, well, their skills and weapons just look 

The Taoist

What's a Taoist, you say? Why, it's this game's Magician! =D

Taoists are equipped with the best spells, and can either burn or freeze those
who oppose them. They can equip Fans or staffs.

Want to be a Taoist? Then get your butt down to Klang Valley 2 and visit 
Gren...I mean the Magician Master. And not Grendal The Really Old.

Fans have more Magic attack than staffs. So your spells will hurt more.

Staffs hit harder physically, but have a slighty less magic attack.

Staffs and Fans have different spells. It's best to choose one type and master
it's spells, rather than trying to use both.

Choose what you like, because none are better than the other. So don't ask.


10. Sealed Equipment (seeq)

What's that box next to my HP?!
Why, that's a great little thing known as a Sealed Box. If you put your mouse 
over it, it'll tell you how filled up it is.

You can raise this number by collecting purple souls, which you can find from
all enemies.

Of course, there's more than boxes, there's mirrors, necklaces, rings, and 
many more. Unfortunatly, there's no sealed kitchen sink. That'd be awesome.

What do they do, oh wise one?!
Well, I'll tell you.
Once you fill them up, you can use them to upgrade your weapons and armor.

Take them down to a Storebook Keeper, who can be found in almost every city.
From his shop, buy the scroll that matches your full sealed equip.
Now, talk to him again and select soul fusion.

          |   |

     ___         ___
    |   |       |   |
    |___|       |___|

          |   |

In the top box, place your sealed equipment. In the middle left box, place your
scroll you just bought. In the middle right, place the equipment you wish to 
upgrade. Now press confirm. Once it's done you'll (hopefully) have a better
weapon/armor! It'll appear in the bottom box.

Here's a list of the equipment and there effects and success rate.
Name        Armor Up    Weapon Up    Success Rate

Box            +2          +1            100%
Ring           +4          +2             90%
Necklace       +6          +3             80%
Mirror         +8          +4             70%
Beads          +10         +5             60%
Talisman       +12         +6             50%
Gourd          +14         +7             40%
Orb            +16         +8             30%
Stone          +18         +9             20%
Charm          +20         +10            10%

Note that your sealed equipment and scroll will disappear after the fusion.

You can find the sealed equips from enemies, and from some shops.


11. Skills of a Peasent (soap)

Haha. The shortcut is soap.
Peasents have some the most important skills in the game. And everyone gets 
them. Here's a list of the skills.

High Jump
This allows you to jump much higher than the regular jump.
Raising this makes your character jump even higher. It'll need 4 SP at max.
To do it, Hold Ctrl and jump with UP.

You can move faster than the walk with this.
Raising it makes you go even faster. The MP cost will rise with the level.
To use it, assign the skill to a key, press the key, and you'll run when you

You can rest to raise HP and SP over a certain amount of time.
Raising it will make you gain even more HP/SP over time.
To use it, assign it to a key, and press the key.
To deactivate it, press the key again, or simply move.

Palm Force
Fire a beam from your hand to hit the enemy.
Raising it raises the damage and MP cost

And that's all, don't neglect raising these. I'd recommend getting High jump
to at least level 6. This is quite vital to go through some places.


12. Fishing (fish)

Yup, you can fish in this game!
But it's not that exciting. Most people just fish then minimize the window.

How do I fish?
That's easy, you'll need some money. I recommend 10k at least. Don't worry,
you'll earn it all back.
Check the world map and go to the place above the blue dot near Sungai Wang.
You should see Sungai Guide. Ignore him and go through the blue portal next
to him.

Talk to the NPC here and buy a rod and 30 of the best bait. Trust me, better
bait means more money.

Now equip the rod and go to one of the four blue portals. These are the only 
places you can fish. Once you're in the map, press the attack button (default
space bar) to cast your rod.

Then you wait.

I don't have a list of fish and their selling prices yet, but if it's level 1,
it'll sell for alot. If it's 10, it's not that good.

This is a great way to make money if you've just started.


13. PvP (pvsp)

That's Player versus Player. To do this you'll need to:

- Be at least level 10
- Have a class

Once you meet those requriments, go to another player (who also meets the 
requiriments) and right click them. You'll get a menu, click the bottom button,
and if the other plyer agrees, you're in!

During the fight, note that...

- You can't see anybody else except your opponent
- You can't heal through potions
- The assassin's invisiblity skill cannot be used

Use your SP wisely, you can't get it back.
Oh, and there's a time limit.

You can PvP anywhere, but doing it in town means you can run without an SP

PvP is simply for fun, and the only reward is the feeling that you are better
than the other guy.
Or worse.


14. Sites to help you (sthy)
It's a forum where you can go to ask questions.

If you find any others, email me.

The official GO site has some useful info though, so visit them.


15. Conclusion and thanks (cath)

So, now that you know what's going on around you, you can go level up and kill
stuff for no reason at all!

I'd like to thank:
The Academy
Anamaguna, they're awesome. (
GameFAQs, for guiding me through all my gaming troubles. (
And ME. Go ME.


16. Version History (vehi)

v. 1.0 - All planned sections completed
v. 1.1 - Updates to game added. Few grammar mistakes fixed.


17. Planned updates

v. 1.2 - Mining section. Fish prices.
v. 1.3 - Mining items and prices.
v. 1.4 - GO Shop section.
v. 1.5 - Equip list


Made by Streak
streakxd (at) googlemail (dot) com
GO name - TheSpeedy

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