Escape The Bomb (šifre)

Escape The Bomb

Submitted by: RM

Go to the dresser. Get the green screwdriver, the cup and the cross. Click on the 
base of the dresser while zoomed in and get the red screwdriver. Go to the normal 
screen and click on the left side of the dresser. Get the grey key. Go to the clock 
and click on the side. Get the key and the battery. Open the lock on the desk with 
the code "1225". Get the scissors. Go to the calendar. Go to the last page and click 
again to reveal a panel. Use the red screwdriver to open it and use the grey key. 
Get the lighter. Go to the computer and type in "C36926510QT4420" to get access. 
Go to safe mode setting. Go to safe mode 2. Say "Yes" and cut the yellow wire with 
the scissors. Pick the lighter. Go to the about item. Click on the top of the lighter 
then click the wheel. This will light it. Use it on the smoke detector and wait three 
minutes. Firemen will save you.

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