Doom – Collector’s Edition (šifre)

Doom - Collector's Edition

During play, type the codes with the keyboard.
You don't need to hit [Enter] after the code.
After entering, a message should be displayed at the 
top of the screen telling which cheat mode was activated. 

Code         Result
iddqd      - Degreelessness mode (God mode)
idkfa      - Very Happy Ammo (full ammo, 200% armor, all weapons)
idspispopd - No clipping (you can walk through walls)
idbehold   - Displays menu (followed by S, V, I, R, A, or L)
idclev     - Warp  (add episode and level number)
idmypos    - Displays your coordinates in hex
idchoppers - Gives you the chain saw
iddt       - Toggles Automap between normal, full,  and full with objects 
             (enter when looking at the Automap)

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