Dirt Track Racing (šifre)

Dirt Track Racing

Even practice sessions cost you money when you're in 
Career mode. So why not save your career and head on 
over to Quick Race? Here, you can practice and race 
to your heart's content at any circuit you like without 
incurring entry fees and damage repair costs. 

AI opponents tend to gravitate to the extreme outside 
line at each track, even down the straightaways. This 
leaves you a ton of room down the inside, with very 
little traffic. And, because corners are best handled by 
holding that very same inside line, you may never have to 
get involved in all the crashing and bashing. 

You can spend all your money on upgrading to new and 
improved parts, but a proper setup costs nothing and offers 
even better performance. Veterans of Papyrus's NASCAR Racing 
series will find they can use much the same sort of setup 
here, while rookies should keep in mind that their car works 
best when set up for left turns. 

Using an opponent's car to help you slow down in a turn is 
perfectly legal and definitely recommended. Granted, you 
won't get a particularly fast time by driving this way all 
the time, but if you keep the traffic to your outside, 
you'll always have that outlet when the situation warrants it.

Get 1 Million: 
In career mode type in MEGASAXON for the name click 
continue the screen will stat there you can rename it 
the click continue again and you should have a $1,000,000!!! 

Infinite money:
In the menu type if_money and you will get infinity money

Easy money:
To get easy money, simply go to the options screen and turn 
off the damage, when you enter an event and win money, you 
dont have to pay for damage so you can save up $10,000 to 
get a late model very fast. (warning to the inexperienced 
player, the late models are insanely fast!)

Submitted by: RickHH

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