Deimos Rising (šifre)

Deimos Rising

Submitted by: conner54      
While playing, press the [`] key to activate the console. 
First type the code "SUPERMUNKI" and press enter to activate c
heat mode. Then type any of the following codes: 

Code              Result
SHADOWS         - Toggle Game Shadows 
PLAYER          - Access Player State Commands 
LIMITFPS        - Toggle Max Framerate 
FUNDS           - Add Money 
SCORE           - Add Points 
SHIELDS         - Add Shields 
MULT            - Bonus Multiplayer 
ACCURACY        - Accuracy at 100% 
LIFE            - Extra Life 
ALLLEVELS       - Access All Levels 
GAMETIME        - Show Game Time 
VERSION         - Show Game Version 
INTEGRITY       - Show Data Integrity 
MEMORY          - Display Memory 
LOGMEM          - Log Memory 
DISPLAYACCURACY - Ground Enemy Destruction Stats

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