Brave Soul (walktrough)

Brave soul 
Table of Contents

1. Characters

2. New Game Settings

3. The Endings

4. The Missions

5. Extras, Secrets & Mentionables

6. Item List

7. Art Room List

8. Contact Info

1. Characters

Theres already a character intro in the manual so i'll keep this short. Equip
your characters as you see fit, i just listed how i normally equipment mine.

Rudy: A swordman. Thats you, the big intro needed really.
Suggested Equipement...
Weapon: The Fastest or Light Saber or Excalibur
Armor: Dragon Plate
Boots: Wing Boots
Special: Assault Bracer
Rings and accessories of your choosing.

Shell: Your dragon, spits fire, uses health potions...thats about it. Can only
wear a Bracelet and two accessories. Shell is always in your party.
Suggested Equipment...
Special: Mars Bracelet
Etc1&2: Two accessories of your choosing.

Alicia: A white mage. The most importent party member for you to have. She has
a couple of attacks but mostly uses healing and support magic. Get her
ending first so she can learn Resurrection. Besides her you are the
only one that can revive a downed character. No other party members can
use Elixirs but you.
Special Ability: Can read most stone tablets that the Hero can't.
Dislikes: Traps
Suggested Equipment...
Weapon: Sacred Rod
Armor: Goddess Shawl
Boots: Speed or Wing Boots
Special: Rune Cloak
Rings: Angel Ring and Haste Ring
Etc1&2: Angel Talisman and one more accessory.

Caroll: A black mage. Has a arsenal of spells but like Alicia she has no
physcal attacks.
Special Ability: Can open doors locked with magic and read some stone tablets.
Dislikes: Undead
Suggested Equipment...
Weapon: Shining Orb
Armor: Goddess Shawl
Boots: Hell's High-Heels
Special: Rune Cloak
Rings: Haste Ring x2
Etc1&2: Angel Talisman and one more accessory.

Marin: A lancer. She uses physcal attacks and also spirit magic. She will
summon a army of cute little spirit elementals to help with battles.
She has three peices of Cat Equipment that by themselves offer little
but when all three are equiped give a great bonus to stats.
Special Ability: Can speak to fairies.
Dislikes: Anything complicated
Suggested Equipment...
Weapon: Gungnir or Holy Lance
Armor: Dragon Scale
Boots: Cat's Slippers
Special: Clear Spiritual Stone or Elven King's Stone
Rings: Haste Ring x2
Etc1&2: Cat Punch and Cat Ear Band

Ruby: A thief. She throws knives and summons Golems or a mirror of herself to
help in battle. If she gets surrounded she'll teleport to safety. And
she's the only one in the whole lot that isn't a virgin. I guess no one
gets laid in this world. =^_^=
Special Ability: Can disable traps and open some locked doors.
Dislikes: Nobles
Suggested Equipment...
Weapon: Super Star
Armor: Reflector
Boots: Hell's High Heels
Special: Rune Earring
Rings: Haste Rings x2
Etc1&2: Angel Talisman and one more accessory.

Karen: A gunner. She's a odd one, shoots a strange collection of objects at
enemys. Has a high Luck stat.
Special Ability: Can search garbage piles for items.
Dislikes: Nobles
Suggested Equipment...
Weapon: Gorgeous Crystal or Holy Crystal
Armor: Goddess Shawl
Boots: Hell's High-Heels
Special: Royal Tiara or Rainbow Tiara
Rings: Haste Rings x2
Etc1&2: Angel Talisman and one more accessory.

Clare: A swordman. She is the female verison of the Hero and the best attack
character to have in your party. She uses physcal attacks and magic
attacks. She also has the best ending in the game. I normally save her
ending for last. ^_^
Suggested Equipment...
Weapon: Moonlight
Armor: Memorial Dress or Rune Plate
Boots: Hell's High-Heels
Special: Assault Bracer
Rings: Memorial Ring and Haste Ring
Etc1&2: Angel Talisman and one more accessory.

2. New Game Settings

In my expierence unlocking new settings can be VERY buggy. You can follow the
path i do normally or go your own way. Unfortunally nether are guaranteed so i
wish you the best.

One thing that was brought to my attention by Benoit at the Peach Princess BBS
is that unlocking new setting is based on a combination of the difficulty you
play and which girl you end the game with. I haven't determined if the ending
vs difficulty is randomly generated or not.
One other thing to note. In this buggy example i was playing SUPER/NOVICE and
got Marin's ending. After the credits finished i clicked Game Start to see that
EXPERT was not unlocked. I then loaded the game to my save right before
fighting the Dark Lord and went through it again and still no new setting!? I
loaded that same save a third time, beat him and let the credits roll and this
time when i clicked Game Start EXPERT was availible. Why and how? no idea! Just
something you should keep in mind to try if it doesn't unlock the new setting.

Also be sure to level up appropriately for the difficulty you'll be playing, if
you think the enemys are too strong then go back to your previous game and
level up more.

When you play for the first time your options are limited to three game
Difficulty: Easy Normal Hard
You're only at level 15 when you start which is pretty wimpy. I would suggest
the Easy setting or Normal if your a seasoned gamer. And go for Alicia's
ending. She has some great spells that will get unlocked. Most important of
the lot, Resurrection.

When you beat the game once you get four new options. (plus the in-game map)
Difficulty: Weak Super
Weak is the same as Easy but with double exp points.
Super the enemys are stronger then Hard but you get triple exp points and they
drop more items.
Experience: Rookie Novice
Rookie you start off at level 1.
Novice you start off at half the level you were at the end of your last game.
I normally play Weak/Novice at this point for the double exp.

When you beat the game the second time you should get one new option.
Difficulty: Special
Special the enemys are much more stronger then any of the past difficulties but
you get ten times the exp and they drop even more items.
I normally play Super/Novice at this point for the triple exp.

When you beat the game the third time HOPEFULLY you get one new option. If not
try the reload and refight Dark Lord strategy a few times. Don't interrupt the
credits till they're done.
Experience: Expert
Expert you start off at the level you ended the last game with.
I normally play Special/Expert at this point for the 10x exp.

Now at this point the chances of you unlocking the next three difficultys are
slim. Actually i truly believe it won't happen. No matter how many times you
reload and refight the Dark Lord.
Its my theory...just a theory mind you, i have no proof but i have done a LOT
of testing...that the game wants you to have a certain amount of endings
unlocked at this point. Now you should have played 4 endings at this point if
you followed my path. You need 2 more in my experience. What i've done is play
Special/Expert again going after another girl, before you get her first H-scene
save your game!! That will be your ticket for the 'no girl' ending. As long as
you don't sleep with her you can still get the 'no girl' ending. Now run your
ass through the Minstrel Ruins real quick and stomp the Dark Lord to get the
'no girl' ending. When the credits are done go back to your pre-H-scene saved
game and go for whatever girl ending you were shooting for.

Play both endings and finely the following should be unlocked....
Difficulty: Wander Nightmare Crazy
Wander seems to be similar to Special difficulty. You still get ten times the
exp but it says you get more items. Enemys might be stronger then Special?
Donno, i skip to Nightmare.
Nightmare you get 25x the exp and lots of items. Of course the enemys are mad
Crazy.... its just what its called. You get 100x exp but the enemys.... x_x
Now at this point you should have one more ending to get and two more settings
to unlock.
I normally play Nightmare/Expert at this point for the 25x exp and LOTS of

Finely once you beat the game this time you unlock the last two settings...
Items: Peasant Wealthy
Peasent you start off with your normal equipment.
Wealthy you start off with all the money and items you cleared the last game
with. That includes items you and your party had equiped at the end game too.

3. The Endings

One of the very few areas i did not discover on my own is the events and
endings. I wasn't going to add them due to that, but this walkthrough would be
rather incomplete without them. So know that all the credit for the endings and
all the events information goes to Noirbo from the Peach Princess BBS.
Know this, i have no way of contacting Noirbo to request permission to use the
info provided in his post. I dumbed it down to give just needed info to get the
endings. I will immediately remove this section at Noirbo's request if he/she
contacts me and asks that i do so.

Ending 0 Brave Soul
Secret pointless ending. See my notes in the Losers' Paradise section for info.

Ending 1 At the End Roads of Fate
The no girl ending. Leave the ladys be and you'll get it.

Ending 2 - A New Bond (Alicia)
1. Souvenia - Peeping
2. Souvenia - Drinking
3. Souvenia - 1st Date
4. Souvenia - Cafe
5. Estamine - Alicia's History
6. Minstrel - Alicia's House
7. Soleil - Rudy's Dad
8. Souvenia - 2nd Date
9. Souvenia - Together at Last
10. anywhere - 1st H-scene
11. anywhere - 2nd H-scene (choose one option)
12. anywhere - 3rd H-scene (choose the other option)

Ending 3 - Fights are Proof of Love (Caroll)
1. Souvania - Cards
2. Souvania - Dare Contest
3. Minstrel - Anti-Male Spell
4. Estamine - Race
5. Souvania - Monster Battle
6. Soleil - Hot Springs
7. Souvania - Best Couple Contest
8. Souvania - Possession
9. Souvenia - Together at Last
10. anywhere - 1st H-scene
11. anywhere - 2nd H-scene

Ending 4 - The Stranded Couple (Marin)
1. Estamine - Hide-n-Seek
2. Souvenia - Cat Rescue
3. Soleil - Laugh Mountain
4. Minstrel - New Friend
5. Estamine - Hot Springs
6. Estamine - Pi Pi Sickness
7. Estamine - Kiss...sorta
8. Estamine - Rudy becomes a Dumbass
9. Estamine - 1st H-scene
10. anywhere - 2nd H-scene

Ending 5 - The Veiled Red Rose (Ruby)
1. Minstrel - Massage
2. Minstrel - Thief
3. Estamine - Orphanage
4. Souvenia - Copycat
5. Soleil - Ex-Partner
6. Minstrel - Vine Lady (woo hoo!!)
7. Minstrel - Maiden's Prayer
8. Minstrel - Rudy's Dilemma (must be a S-rank Hunter for this event)
9. Minstrel - 1st H-scene
10. anywhere - 2nd H-scene

Ending 6 - Endless Journey (Karen)
1. Estamine - Dishwasher
2. Soleil - Farmer
3. Minstrel - Maid
4. Soleil - Buried Treasure
5. Souvenia - Lovesick
6. Minstrel - 1st H-scene
7. anywhere - 2nd H-scene

Ending 7 - The Smile of a Goddess (Clare)
This one is a lil more complex.
1. Stay in a Inn and talk to Shell, you'll get a event where Rudy gets sick.
You need this event or you won't get the ending.
2. After the 'Duel of Fate' forced mission you need to do the Ancient Capital
Mystery mission right away to get Clare. Remember, Alicia must be in your
party or no Clare. I suggest you get her as soon as possible, you will have
very few missions left to earn love points with her.
3. Soleil - Q&A
4. Souvenia - Buy one for her <--- choose this
5. Souvenia - Take her for some fun <--- choose this
6. Estamine - Dragon
7. Minstrel - 1st H-scene
8. anywhere - 2nd H-scene

4. The Missions

When Jim gives you a mission if your not paying attention you might forget the
location he told you to go to so i've included them here.
Days Availible is how long the mission will be availible for you to take. Time
passes while you're in dungeons or doing forced missions. It gives the game
replay value cause you cannot do every mission in one playthrough. Btw, the
"Days Availible" is not perfect, but damn close.
Some party members dislike certain things about missions and won't go. If you
choose a mission and lose a party member there might be another waiting to
replace her. I've listed both per mission.
The rest explains itself.

The Fateful Man (tutorial mission)
Location: Souvenia - Souvenia Mountain
Nothing to it. You'll meet and fight Cobden for the first time, just hack away.

The Magician Girl (tutorial mission)
Location: Souvenia - Southern Ruins
Levels: 6
Again, nothing to it. B4 button puzzle, run down to B5 and go north a bit to
see what buttons to step on. The button pressed will fill in the holes. Figure
it out. You'll meet, rescue and get insulted by Caroll for the first time.

Cat Monsters (tutorial mission)
Location: Estamine - Estamine Harbor
After the scene talk to Catgirl again, she'll tell you to get Catnip. It not
availible to buy unless you talk to her. Go to the Market and buy Catnip.
Return to the Harbor and kill the Monster Cat. Catgirl introduces herself as

Precious Treasure (tutorial mission)
This one was annoying first time through. The hints suck.
First got to the Souvenia Bar and talk to everyone for some vague hints.
Ok he's buried with his treasure in his hometown Soleil with a view of the sea.
Now go to the Soleil Bar and talk to everyone till someone mentions a Ocarina.
Go to the Soleil Market and buy the Ocarina from the music merchant.
Now from what everybody said it sounds like you just bought his treasure.
Location: Soleil - Mt. Soleil
Levels: 6
Head to the top of the mountain, you'll play the Ocarina to open the cave door.
We learn that Alicia isn't good around traps and we meet and fondle Ruby for
the first time.

Retrieve the Ancient Scroll
Days Availible: 2
Location: Soleil - Ancient Scroll Ruins
Caroll shows up
Levels: 4
On B3 take the top right stairs down and step on a button to open a door.

It was already torn.
Shell: ................
Alicia: ................
Caroll: (Only we know the truth anyway.)
Karen: ................

I'm sorry, i accidentally tore it...
Alicia: We're very sorry.
Caroll: He wouldn't have known if you'd kept your mouth shut...
Karen: We didn't mean to.

Collect Bad-Tasting Food
Days Availible: 3
Location: Souvenia - Souvenia Client's House
Karen shows up
You need Orge Meat, Small Fish, Vegetables and Catnip. You have Catnip already,
if you need the other items go fight at the Monster Battle in Souvania.

Refuse the offer
Alicia: Bu-but...
Caroll: Phew...
Marin: We're not going to eat it?
Ruby: Good.
Karen: What's so bad about eating it?

Accept the offer
Alicia: Yes, it really did. We shouldn't judge by its name or the way it looks.
I'm glad i tried it.
Caroll: It's good, but i don't feel happy for some reason.
Marin: That was good, meow!
Ruby: Well, i learned something new today.
Karen: Now you know that you shouldn't judge food until you've tasted it!

Get the Magic Flute
Days Availible: 2
Location: Souvenia - Flute Ruins
Ruby shows up
Levels: 4
Treasure: Hell's High Heels on B2. Ruby required to open door to chest.

I don't care if you don't believe us.
(no reward, keep flute, sell it.)
Alicia: That was a little harsh...
Caroll: You're right, i guess.
Marin: You shouldn't distrust other people for no reason.
Ruby: I agree with what you said...
Karen: Master, you were a little rude to him...

I don't need the money, you can have the flute anyway.
(no reward, no flute.)
Alicia: This is the real one. Please believe us...
Caroll: We just worked for free? Are you an idiot?
Marin: We worked for free, meow...
Ruby: ................(mad)
Karen: I don't think this is the way is should work...

I don't need the money, but i'm going to keep the flute.
(no reward, keep flute, sell it.)
Alicia: Um, that's a bit...
Caroll: We'll make more money by selling it.
Marin: I want to play that flute, meow!
Ruby: That sounds like a better idea.
Karen: Master, i want to play the flute!

Recover a Lost Item
Days Availible: 1
Location: Souvenia - Lost Forest
Marin shows up
Gold sword <--- fail mission, get nothing.

Siver sword <--- fail mission, get nothing.

Normal sword <--- correct answer! With Marin in your party she answers for
you and gets a Clear Spiritual Stone, a great item for her.

All of them <--- fail mission, You get Sword of Desire. It turns exp points
into money. It can be bought in the Staff Room, not worth
failing for.

Fateful Encounter (forced mission)
Location: Souvenia - Souvenia Hill
Nothing it it, meet Cobden again for some amusing dialog. He wants to fight,
just hack away again.

Get a Magic Book
Days Availible: 3
Location: Estamine - Spellbook Ruins
Levels: 3
Traps: no Alicia. Caroll shows up.
Treasure: Haste Ring on B2. Caroll required to open door to the chest.
If you have Ruby in your party she'll disable the traps.

No, i can't
Caroll: That should be obvious.
Marin: Why aren't you giving it away if you don't need it, meow?
Ruby: The world's not that easy kid.
Karen: Everyone must overcome various trials.

Yes, i do
Caroll: What's the point of the trials then?
Marin: Way to go, meow!
Ruby: ................(mad)
Karen: I don't think you should've done that...

Elimate the Goblin Gang
Days Availible: 1
Location: Soleil - Goblin's Hideout
Nobles: no Ruby, no Karen. Marin shows up
Levels: 4

Where's the 'Thank you'?
Alicia: Well, that's true but...
Caroll: I don't feel sorry for him at all.
Marin: Yeah, meow.

I'm sorry.
Alicia: We're sorry it took a long time to get here...
Caroll: Just because you're paying us doesn't give you the right to have that
Marin: We tried our best here, meow.

Find a Special Stone
Days Availible: 1
Location: Souvenia - Western Ruins
Alicia shows up.
Levels: 4
Only Alicia can read the thingie on B4. Step on them in this order 4 2 3 1.
Treasure: Observing Ring on B3. In the last room that has the stone on B4,
theres a chest in the top right corner with Glass High-Heels. Get
those before opening the chest with the stone in it.

Listen to it.
Alicia: But we don't have permission...
Caroll: I'm curious as to what's inside too.
Marin: You sure it's okay, meow?
Ruby: You're breaking the trust of the client here.
Karen: The stone's not going to disintegrate or anything if we listen to

Don't listen to it.
Alicia: We don't have permission after all.
Caroll: What?! Let's listen!
Marin: We're not going to listen, meow? That's good.
Ruby: You're right not to listen.
Karen: But still... Aren't you curious what's inside?

Get the Golden Bone
Days Availible: 3
Location: Souvenia - Souvenia Clients House
Talk to the Client.
Location: Soleil - Golden Bone Cave
Undead: no Caroll. Alicia shows up.
Treasure: If you have Marin in your party she can talk to the fairys on B4 for
a Sacred Talisman. You can exploit this by equiping the Talisman and
talking to the fairys again for another. They can also restore your
health if its low.

That was a bitter lesson in life.
Alicia: Well, that's true...
Marin: That's right, meow.
Ruby: I thought getting a wish granted was a long-shot.
Karen: So there are no miracles after all...

What did you wish for?
Alicia: I would help him if it was something i could do...
Marin: I'm interested too, meow.
Ruby: I wish i knew too.
Karen: I want to know too.

It was all for nothing.
Alicia: That's a little harsh...
Marin: What do you mean by that?
Ruby: Is that suppoed to be a joke?
Karen: That was the Golden Bone...

Find the Hidden Treasure
Days Availible: 2
Traps: no Alicia. Ruby shows up. If Ruby is in your party she'll disable
the traps.
Treasure: Only Ruby can open the door on B2, has her Iron Golem skill is in the

Give the gold nugget to the client.
Caroll: Won't we get more money by selling it?
Marin: Meow!
Ruby: I wish we didn't have to though.
Karen: Okay!

Take the gold nugget and ditch the contract. <--- fail mission
Caroll: It'll be more profitable for us this way.
Marin: I thought we were supposed to bring it back, meow?
Ruby: I don't think that is a good idea. Trust is very important.
Karen: But then we failed in our mission.

Fateful Volunteer (forced mission)
Location: Souvenia - Souvenia Clinic
Blah blah blah...get a new mission and challenged by Cobden.
New Location: Souvenia - Souvenia Mountain
We've been here before back at the first tutorial mission. When you enter the
third doorway into the mountain, there will be two exits. Do not take the
'This way to Estamine' or you'll be back out on the main map. Go through the
closed door on the right.

Protect a Merchant 1
Days Availible: 1
Location: Souvenia - Souvenia Old Market
Sounds complicated: no Marin

Take the request
Alicia: That's true, but...
Caroll: I really don't like that train of thought.
Ruby: ................(disappointed)
Karen: Master... (disappointed)

Cancel the request <--- fail mission
Alicia: Uh, are you sure?
Caroll: Yeah, i don't want to be guarding a guy like him.
Ruby: I'm not going to vote against it, but you'd better be prepared for our
rank being lowered.
Karen: How could you give in so easily

Scare the client
Alicia: That's one case solved.
Caroll: Do you really think he'll change his ways?
Ruby: We're protecting all sorts of people.
Karen: Master, you're so cool...

Investigate a Unopenable Door
Days Availible: 2
Location: Estamine - Shore Ruins
Karen shows up. Shes the only one that can open the door btw, but you can't
fail the mission if you don't happen to have her with you.
Levels: 6
Treasure: B6 garbage pile. If Karen is with you when you search it she will
find the Royal Tiara.
Boss: B5 Theres a Big-Ass Fish. Attack as you see fit.

Dive into the hole
Alicia: Mr. Swordsman, stop putting yourself in danger.
Caroll: Aww, too bad. I wanted to find out what was on the other side.
Marin: It closed.
Ruby: Don't be so reckless.
Karen: I wish we could've followed them.

Don't follow
Alicia: It's a good thing that hole disappeared.
Caroll: I wish we could've seen what was in the other side.
Marin: What a weird hole, meow.
Ruby: I wonder what that was...
Karen: We should've gone too!

Recover the Dark Lord Statue
Location: Minstrel - Cave of the Dead
Dark Lord Lover: no Alicia, no Caroll, no Ruby, no Marin, no Karen.
Shell/Clare is the only one that'll go with you though i doubt she wants to.
Levels: 9
Theres really no point in taking this mission. Theres no treasure or anything
special. I suppose you could use this mission to clear your party members.

Saving Lost Children
Days Availible: 1
Location: Souvenia; Haunted House
Undead: no Caroll. Marin shows up.
Treasure: B2 theres a painting that Ruby can find a chest behind with the
Rune Earrings.

You were scared, weren't you? But you are safe, now.
Alicia: They were so frightened...
Marin: No need to worry anymore, meow.
Ruby: Maybe this was a good experience for them...
Karen: It's a good thing they're safe.

Don't cause your parents any trouble!
Alicia: You don't have to yell at them...
Marin: Oniichan, you're so mean, meow...
Ruby: ...there's something odd about that statement when you say it.
Karen: Yes, your parent were all worried about you...

Don't cry about this, be strong!
Alicia: They're still kids...
Marin: I doubt that's possible, meow.
Ruby: Boys should be stronger then this.
Karen: This is nothing?

Find the Missing Toy
Days Availible: 3
Location: Minstrel - Minstrel Client's House
Nobles: no Ruby, no Karen.
Talk to the maids for hints. Its not hard, figure it out.

Nice hobby.
Alicia: ................
Caroll: Really...
Marin: I don't think it's any good at all, meow.

He's still only a kid. (but you better not do it again)
Alicia: I think so too.
Caroll: Be a little harsher if you're going to say something like that.
Marin: Yeah, meow. Stop doing it, meow.

He is one spoiled kid.
Alicia: That's a little...
Caroll: Yeah, isn't that also part of your job?
Marin: Upbringing is important, meow.

Fateful Tournament (forced mission)
Location: Estamine - Estamine Tournament
Levels: 5
Treasure: Recovery Ring, If you win of course.
On every level talk to the guy in orange at the top of the stairs for a riddle.
Everything can be searched BUT if you make 3 wrong searches you lose. Btw, the
chests you see on each floor doesn't have any treasure. They're all easy accept
one clue is vague. Here are the answers.
2F: SW room, search the Chair.
3F: SW room, search the Bookcase.
4F: SW room, search the Plant. (it has no shadow)
5F: Top right on the map, search the Chest (box)

Recover the Body of the Mage
Days Availible: 2
Location: Souvania; Magician's Cave.
Traps: no Alicia. Marin shows up. Ruby can disable the annoying traps.
Levels: 7

Take him back.
Caroll: That's what our job is.
Marin: But it says he wants to rest here, meow...
Ruby: It's probably better for the family this way.
Karen: I would perfer to leave him here.

Leave him there.
Caroll: But then we're not carrying out our contract.
Marin: That's good, meow.
Ruby: The feelings of the person who's passed away is important, but so is the
person who's left behind.
Karen: Please rest in peace...

Find the Crystal
Days Availible: 2
Location: Soleil - Crystal Cave
Caroll shows up.
Levels: 7
On B4 if you have Marin in your party she'll step on the Trap on the floor but
it just drops you to the next floor so its kinda pointless i think.

Deal! <--- fail mission
Shell: ................
Alicia: But we promised someone else...
Caroll: It's a good deal, but...
Marin: Are you sure, meow?
Ruby: It's not good to distroy the trust people have in a Hunter.
Karen: Master, don't give in to the temptation of money...

I'm not selling it.
Alicia: I'm sorry, but we promised to give it to someone else.
Caroll: Now is this a good idea or a bad idea...
Marin: That item shop owner's going to be sad if we don't give it to him, meow.
Ruby: It's going to be a pain if we don't fulfill our contract.
Karen: We promised it to someone else already.

Check on the Old Man living in the Ancient Ruins
Days Availible: 3
Location: Minstrel; Ancient City Ruins
Ruby shows up.
Levels: 6
Treasure: Alicia required to read the thingie and open a portal to two chests
containing Goddess Robe and a Healing Cloak on B4. From the treasure
room theres a portal that will take you to the bottom floor.
Boss: Giant Green Bubble on B5, attack from a distance. It can't hurt you
unless you get close. Take warning, when it dies it'll explode into about
20 or 30 small Green Bubbles, kill them quick or get out of the middle of
them if your not super strong or super fast. You can skip it completely
by taking the Alicia route but i perfer the exp.
Trade with the old man: Roc Bird's meat = Life Talisman
Sea Serpent's Egg = Wiseman Talisman
Top Grade Vegetables = Angel Talisman
Beef = Angel Ring
Vegetables = Gold Nugget
You have to return to make the trade, i suggest you wait till you have no
missions you want to take. Going back in the dungeon can move time forward
a little.

Fateful Labyrinth (forced mission)
Location: Soleil - Mt. Soleil Cave
Levels: 10
Another hair growth search for Jim. Cobden shows up for more amusing dialog.
Once you reach B10 theres a thingie to read with a hint to what button to step
on to open the door. You don't need Alicia in your party to read it. You only
have two chances to screw up or Cobden will get the prize and you fail and Jim
gets pissed and demotes you to D-rank.
Step on the 'x'
x o o o o

Find Material for a Novelist
Days Availible: 2
Location: Souvania - Souvania Client's House
Undead and sounds complicated: no Caroll, no Marin. Karen shows up.
Talk to the Client to open the dungeon location.
Location: Estamine - Shore Cavern
Treasure: Alicia required to read the thingie on B3. Takes you to a chest on B6
that contains a Blessed Cape. From there is a portal that'll take you
to the bottom floor with the Boss.
Boss: Giant Crab on B8. I normally just melee it if i have a fast sword. It
shoots fire at you so you can dodge it from a distance. Attack as you see

Give us more money.
Shell: ................
Alicia: Um, that's a bit...
Ruby: You do have a point, but...
Karen: Master, you're so cheap...!

I can't understand this guy's mind.
Alicia: Well, he's not necessarily writing of our adventures.
Ruby: Yeah...
Karen: I wonder what's going to happen to that adventure story?

What about the adventure novel?
Alicia: Well, if he got some other good ideas out of it, it's all okay,
isn't it?
Ruby: Maybe he forgot all about it?
Karen: Exactly! I really tried hard to get into the book myself...

Find a Person's First Love
Days Availible: 3
Location: Souvenia - Souvenia Client's House
Alicia shows up.
Talk to the Client then go to the Souvenia Bar and talk to everybody.
Next go to the Estamine Bar and talk to everybody.
Finely go to the Soleil Bar and talk to the 'First Love'. Return to the Client.

I found a guy who was your first love.
Alicia: ................
Caroll: No point in hiding it from him, after all.
Marin: She wasn't a girl, meow.
Ruby: It's better then not knowing the truth, i guess.
Karen: P-please take this calmly...

I couldn't find the girl you were looking for.
Alicia: Try not to stress over it though...
Caroll: It's a bit obvious by how you emphasized the word 'girl' like that...
Marin: She wasn't there, meow.
Ruby: That's one way of saying it.
Karen: Wouldn't it be better to just tell the truth?

Sorry, i couldn't find the person.
Alicia: You didn't want to sully his memories of her.
Caroll: But we did find the guy that he had a crush on...
Marin: We found him, meow.
Ruby: You should've just told him the truth.
Karen: They do say that it's sometimes better to lie...

Dice Dungeon 1 (forced mission)
Location: Souvenia - Dice Dungeon
Levels: 20
Treasure: B7 Gungnir (spear). B17 Justice (rapier)
If and when you get to B20 remember to read the thingie before leaving. This
dungeon has taken me one min to twenty mins to complete before. The monsters
respawn when you revisit a level btw.

Recover Artwork
Days Availible: 1
Location: Estamine; Mansion Ruins
Ruby shows up.
Levels: 4
Treasure: Caroll required to unlock door on 3F. Chest has her Haste skill.
Boss: Robot on 4F. Attack from a distance so you can dodge its bullets. It has
a high defense but really low health. Good exp.

Solve a Relationship Problem
Days Availible: 2
Location: Souvenia - Souvenia Client's House
Small reward: no Ruby. Karen shows up.
Speak to the Client then go to...
New Location: Soleil - Monastery
Levels: 5
Go up five levels and talk to the Priest in the Monastery. Now walk ALL THE WAY
back (ugh) the way you came and go into the town of Soleil to Girlfriends's
Home. Report back to the client. Just a note, you can't enter the two closed
doors in the Monastery.

She married another man.
Alicia: I-isn't that a little too harsh...?
Caroll: There's no point in pitying him.
Marin: She's living with some guy, meow!
Karen: I think you could be a little more understanding...

The distance was an invisible obstacle.
Alicia: I'm sure you'll find a new love...
Caroll: The truth is always the best, don't you think?
Marin: Talk about beating around the bush, meow.
Karen: You can find someone else better!

Duel of Fate (forced mission)
Location: Soleil - Soleil Valley
Levels: 3
When you arrive if you check your map you'll see a single red dot at the top of
the mountain, that's your goal. Trail 2 has two doors, take the top left door
leading outside and go up two inclines to confront Cobden. You are fighting
alone so if you are weak watch your health. Hack away.
Fight 2! *ding* Possessed Cobden is much stronger but you get more exp. ^_^

Ok once you're back on the main map you can go to the Library and talk to the
guy there to get into the back room. Read all the bookcases and you open up two
new locations.
Minstrel - Ancient Capital: Clare awaits. See below.
Minstrel - Ministrel Ruins: Last one. End Game. Don't go there till you've done
everything you what to do.

Ancient Capital Mystery (optional mission)
Location: Minstrel - Ancient Capital
Alicia required. You can't complete the mission without her.
Levels: 11
This mission becomes availible by reading a bookcase in the locked section of
the Souvenia Library. You can get a new party member by completing it. Keep in
mind that this location doesn't go away so you can do it at any time or not do
it at all. But if you're going for Clare's ending i suggest you do it asap.
Take warning, tough monsters. If you're struggling to get through other
missions level up before trying this one.

Colosseum Battle (optional mission)
Location: Estamine - Estamine Colosseum
Prize: 10000G
You can take or refuse this mission, doesn't matter. Win two fights, thats it.

Search the Dragon's Lair
Days Availible: 3
Location: Ministrel - Dragon's Lair
Ruby shows up
Levels: 10
Treasure: B2 garbage pile . Karen is required to be in your party to find a
Gatling Crystal in the garbage.

Take it away
Clare: ................(sad)
Alicia: Don't you think that leaving it alone is...
Caroll: How much do you think it'll sell for?
Marin: I don't think that's such a good idea, meow.
Ruby: A mountain of treasure indeed.
Karen: Ummm, i'm not so sure about this.

Leave it
Clare: ................(happy)
Alicia: You're right.
Caroll: But we could've made so much money...
Marin: I hope it hatches soon, meow.
Ruby: It's such a waste.
Karen: I wonder what kind of dragon it is?

Protect a Merchant 2
Days Availible: 1
Location: Souvenia - Souvenia Old Market
Sounds complicated: no Marin. Alicia shows up.

Wait a little more.
Think about the situation. <---choose this!
Go to the Bar in Souvenia and talk to the people.
Go to the Bar in Soleil and talk to the people.
New Location: Soleil - Bandit's Hideout
Levels: 7
Treasure: B7 Same room as the caged merchant and the gang leader. To save
yourself a trip all the way back. When the fight starts run to the
top-left and grab the Gorgeous Crystal from the chest and then kill
the monsters.

I've come to save the merchant.
I've come to steal your treasure. <---choose this!
Clare: In order to deceive the enemy you must first deceive your allies.
Alicia: Mr. Swordsman, you're so great!
Caroll: So you can use your head after all.
Ruby: Hehe, that was a pretty good ruse.
Karen: So that's what it was. I thought that you were...

Hunter Master G (forced mission)
Location: Souvenia - Souvenia Bulletin Board
Learn a new skill for Rudy, Star Blade. You'll keep this skill when you start a
new game.
Treasure: Oricon Sword. Dropped when you beat the Boss.
Boss: Gale. You'll be fighting alone and his attacks are the same as Rudys so
be stronger then him and watch your health.
Depending on how many missions you did and how fast depends on if you get this
mission or not. Try to do as many missions as possible in the shortest amount
of time and you should get it.

Find Food for a First-Class Restaurant
Days Availible: 2
Location: Ministrel - Ministrel Client's House
Mixing different grade ingredients doesn't fail the mission but i haven't
bothered listing the responses of the girls here.
Talk to the fat guy then talk to each one of the cooks and decide what
ingredient to give them.

'Top Grade Ingredients'
Clare: They say that no one can win against true devotion as the seasoning.
Alicia: Yes, you have to put your love into whatever you're making.
Caroll: All this for a group of people who can't appreciate this taste...
Marin: I want to taste it too, meow...
Ruby: All that for the nobles...what a waste.
Karen: Aahhh, i want to eat it too.

'Common Ingrediants'
Clare: No praises, no complaints...
Alicia: Eating what you know best may be the best thing to do.
Caroll: Well...
Marin: I've eaten stuff like this before, meow.
Ruby: Go with whatever's safe...
Karen: It'll be a pretty common meal...

'Crappy Ingredients'
Clare: You shouldn't have anyone eat that...
Alicia: That's so...mean.
Caroll: That's good enough for them!
Marin: It doesn't look good, meow...
Ruby: I doubt they tasted anything like this before.
Karen: That's so mean.

Recover an Orb
Days Availible: 2
Location: Estamine - Ancient Temple
Caroll shows up.
Caroll required to read the thingies. They provide instructions on what stairs
to take but so do i.
Levels: 9
If Caroll is in your party you can get a good orb for her here. But you knew
that by now.
B1 = NE stairs
B3 = SE stairs
B5 = SW stairs
B7 = NW stairs

Take one for yourself
Clare: ................
Alicia: But...
Caroll: Yeah!
Marin: We're just sharing, that's all.
Ruby: I mind either way.
Karen: We still fulfill our contract if we take one!

Give both to the client
Clare: That's the right thing to do.
Alicia: That's a good idea.
Caroll: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I want a powerful orb too!
Marin: We're giving it all away, meow.
Ruby: I don't mind either way.
Karen: The client only asked for one...

Dice Dungeon 2 (optional mission)
Location: Souvenia - Dice Dungeon
Levels: 20
Treasure: Same as the first time if you didn't get them before unless you
never made S-rank. If not you suck! Har har!
This time theres some weirdo that claims he's really lucky and will roll the
dice for you. Your choice to let him or not, i think he sucks. He sends you
to battle levels a lot.
Get to B20 and talk to Mr. Dice. He'll give you the Dice Dungeon Book.

End Game
Just a note, once you enter this dungeon most of the games locations become
unavailible, you can still save in the Inn.
Location: Ministrel - Ministrel Ruins
This location becomes availible by reading a bookcase in the locked section of
the Souvenia Library.
Levels: 15
On B14 theres a button that will open a warp gate to take you back to B1. I'd
suggest you use it a go to a Inn and save before the Boss fight.
Boss: B15 Dark Lord. I'm not going to offer a strategy here, just fight him as
you see fit. But i will suggest that when he summons other monsters to help
him, kill them off right away. You don't want to end up getting outnumbered or
have your party being chased or getting killed off. You want everybody
attacking him and healing you. He's got a lot of health so stay on him and keep
a eye on your own health and your party members. He ends.
Congrats, now do it again. =^_^=

5. Extras, Secrets & Mentionables

All these are availible on your first playthrough unless i note otherwise.

Extra Characters
Clare - You can get her towards the end of the game. See Ancient Capital
Mystery mission for more info.
Karen - She becomes availible after you've beat the game once.

Beginner's Mark
Credit for most of this info goes to Benoit at the Peach Princess BBS.
I've never gotten the Beginner's Mark in any of my playthroughs so i had to get
this info elsewhere. If the Hero dies three times during a playthrough the
Beginner's Mark will show up in your inventory. According to Benoit it does the
"It upps all the stats, but reduces EXP gained. The closer you get to LV 50,
the less it upps your stats. At LV 50, it stops upping stats."
You cannot sell it and i believe it is always in your inventory for the
difficulty level you receaved it in. Also it seems you only receave it in the
following difficulties. Easy, Normal, Hard and Weak.
All this is hearsay and hasn't been tested or experienced for myself.

Black Market
Go to the Bar in Estamine and talk to the customer that wants to talk about
customs. Select 'Yes' to hear about it and it'll open a new location.
Location: Estamine - Estamine Black Market
Talk to the Merchant at the bottom of the screen for access to his goods.
Nothing too special in my opinion.

Dr. RareItem
If you go to the Harbor in Estamine theres a sailor that will tell you about
Dr. RareItem who is in the Inn of that town. He's there weather you talk to the
sailor or not but thats how i found him.
Location: Estamine - Estamine Inn
He's located on 2F of the Inn. Theres only three items he'll discuss if you
have them in your inventory but not equiped.
Becoming Hero Cast (get from the Friendship Ruins)
Sword of Desire (thanks to Nameless Mofo at Peach Princess BBS for the info)
Master Kubo's Pot (get from the Staff Room*)
The Pot is a pointless item, he tells you to sell it but i've seen no effect if
you have it or not. I believe its a easter egg.

Backy the Fickle Beefer (umm okay)
As you successfully complete missions Jim will raise your Hunter rank.
Location: Ministrel - Ministrel Pub
Go talk to Backy while you are at each rank to open a new location.
C-rank - Growth Cave
B-rank - Friendship Ruins
A-rank - Colloseum Backdoor
S-rank - *see below*

Location: Estamine - Growth Cave
Not much to it, you fight respawning Bubbles. They offer little exp and are
hard to hit on lower levels. Just leave when you've had enough.

Location: Estamine - Friendship Ruins
Treasure: Becoming Hero Cast
Levels: 4
A interesting dungeon. Your goal is the Treasure on the last floor. You won't
be warped out to the main map like when you complete most dungeons, you'll have
to walk back to the beginning.

Location: Estamine - Collosium Backdoor
Here you can fight different species of monsters. A great place to level up,
get equipment and get seeds and fruit. Be sure to save prior to trying some of
monster sets availible incase you take on a set too strong for your level.
My suggestions.....
Ogre Set - The Green Ogre gives 2500exp on normal difficulties and sometimes
drops a good weapon. Good for leveling up.
Knight Set - The Knights drop good equipment, some of the best equipment in the
game in fact. You can also get Angel Talismans.
Werecat Set - Monster Cats seem to drop seeds and fruit more then other
monsters. Good for boosting your stats. They also drop cat equipment for Marin.
I've also seen them rarely drop Hell's High-Heels and The Fastest sword that i
use for Rudy. A nice find if you're on your first playthrough and don't have
access to the Staff Room* to buy the sword.
Slop Set - The Vampire will also drop fruit and rarely you might get a Haste
Ring but since theres only one Vampire vs the four Monster Cats if your looking
for fruit stick with the Cats.

S-rank - Once you've completed all the missions you can for Jim and he's
telling you that you have other stuff to do go talk to Backy and return and see
Jim again. He'll be wearing a wig. A easter egg i suppose.

Staff Room
You have to have beat the game once for this location to be availible.
Location: Ministrel - Border
Talk to the middle guard and answer 'Yes' to access the Staff Room.
This is a really cool section of the game, talk to everyone for inside info
about the game etc.. I'll just be pointing out a few things you shouldn't miss.

Staff Quarters B1:
In the top left cormer is a shadow walking around. Talk to it and answer 'Yes'
to its question to add Losers' Paradise location to the main map.

Once Losers' Paradise is on the map talk to the Zombie walking around and he'll
mention having a sister that looks like the girl that sells matches in the
Market in Souvenia. Go to the Souvenia Market and look for a girl next to a
cart and buy 99 matches from her. Return to the Zombie and he'll activate all
the Warp Gates in Losers' Paradise.

The Bartender sells a LOT of stuff. More then any other merchant in the game.
He also sells The Fastest sword for Rudy. ^_^

Staff Quarters 2F:
Someone will give you Master Kubo's Pot. I believe this to be a easter egg and
the item has no real purpose.
Someone will mention the Beginner's Mark, see that section for details.
Someone who is the character designer for the game will give you a web address
of their personal homepage but sadly when i checked the link it didn't work. I
was hoping for some more graphics of the characters of the game.
What a disappointment.
Someone mentions that there is 228 items in the game. I have listed them all so
see the Items List section.
They also mention the Giant Beetle. See Dragon's Lair Revisited for info.

Dragon's Lair Revisited
After you complete the mission if you return ALL THE WAY to the bottom floor
there is the Giant Beetle that was mentioned in the Staff Room*. It does
nothing but sit there but your party will attack it automatically. It has a
buttload of health but if you hack away it'll die after a bit.
Its pretty pointless in my opinion, it doesn't offer any great amount of exp
and if you're lucky it might drop a fruit.
What i thought was odd was if you have the "Cursor Hint" set to ON in the
configuration screen once it dies and you run the mouse over the dead Beetle
the Talk option is shown. I brought Marin with me to see if she could talk to
it but nothing so i believe its just a game bug.
Overall the Giant Beetle is just another pointless easter egg in the game.
Probably something one of the creators made and wanted in the game.

Ministrel Slums
Location: Ministrel - Ministrel Slums
These losers will take money from you and provide info in return. I didn't find
their info very helpful so i'll rip them off and post it here.
Loser 1:
10g - Goblins often have rotten vegetables, vegetables and ripe vegetables.
100g - There is a man by the name 'Mister Dice'. I can't say where he is or
what he's doing though.
1000g - When the princess runs away from the castle, the border guards will be
changed. If you talk to them, they will take you to a special place.
(ok, that one was somewhat helpful.)
Loser 2:
10g - Once you defeat Ogres, they make good eating.
100g - There is a guy called Backy here in town. He gives information only to
Hunters. What type of information he gives varies by the Hunter's rank.
Especially if the Hunter is of S-rank. He gives information when the
Hunter completes all requests.
1000g - Somewhere in this world there is am eternal dungeon. Within, you won't
be able to go to the next level until you beat all the enemies on the
current first.

Losers' Paradise
101 floors of monster goodness. You have to beat the game once to be able to
access this dungeon. You wouldn't want to try it without a map anyway.

To unlock Losers' Paradise go to the bar area of the Staff Room* and look for a
'shadow' in the top left corner. Answer "Yes" to the shadow's question and the
location will appear on your map. One thing to note about this dungeon, every
level with a multiple of 5 has a Memo that is added to the Memo section of your
Camp Screen. I suggest you collect all 20 of them for some interesting back
story. Plus they help with a puzzle on the last floor.

Every 10 floors, after you beat the Boss for that floor will be three doorways.
The top left door leads to a Warp Gate that you can't use. When you warp from a
lower "10" floor you will appear at that location.
Example, say you've gotten as far as level 51 and you went out to save, if you
go into the Warp Gate on B11 it'll take you to B20. Go to B21 and the Warp Gate
takes you to B30 and so on..etc..

The top middle door has a button on the floor that activates two different Warp
Gates. One so you can get back to the floor your on and another leading
outside. So its safe to go save after stepping on the button cause you can get
back to your location. The Warp Gate leading outside will be on the following
floor to the top right. Theres also a one-way stairway leading down to the
following floor.

The top right door has the Memo for that floor. Don't forget to get it!!

Remember, if you go out to save you can use the Warp Gates to get back to the
last Boss floor you finished since the Warp Gate will move you forward every 10
floors. BUT you do have to fight the Bosses again to open the door to get to
the next floor. No biggie, save every 10 floors to be safe, fight the Bosses
for the exp. You never know what can happen, puter could crash, power goes out
etc... You don't wanna lose 10+ levels of monster carnage and have to do it
over again.

Last thing, starting on B11 and from there on, you have to kill all the
monsters on the floor to open the door to the next level. Use your Map ofton as
if thats not obvious and i'd suggest using The Fastest sword for Rudy. These
levels are huge! You don't want to be walking at a snails pace. You want your
Move Speed maxed out. The max is 119. You'll thank me later. ^_^ The Fastest
can be bought from the Bartender in the Staff Room*.

Location: Ministrel - Losers' Paradise
Levels: 101
Treasure: B11 Holy Crystal - Karen
B21 Super Star - Ruby
B31 Dragon Plate - Rudy
B41 Holy Lance - Marin
B51 Rockslide Talisman - Rudy
B61 Shining Orb - Caroll
B71 Moonlight - Clare
B81 Sacred Rod - Alicia
B91 Excalibur - Rudy
I offer no strategies for Boss fights cause everybody plays different. I'll
just tell you what they do.
Boss: B10 Giant Green Bubble - You've seen this one before on a prior mission.
When it dies it explodes into a bunch of little Green Bubbles.
B20 Winged Demon - You've seen weaker verisons of it before. It'll start
summoning more Demon brothers to help it out unless you can kill it
B30 Giant Crab - You've seen this one before on a prior mission. It
shoots fire projectiles at you but not much else.
B40 Big-Ass Fish - Easy prey.
B50 Purple Starfish - Shoots lightning streams. More easy prey.
B60 Robot - You've seen this one on a prior mission. Shoots stupid little
bullets at you. It doesn't have much health so its not a hard fight.
B70 Robot Cat - Almost the same as the prior Robot Boss. Shoots stupid
little bullets at you. Has even less health then the Robot but gives
more exp then any of the Bosses. Throw on the Becoming Hero Cast
armor to double the exp bonus. ^_^
B80 Magical Doll - Uses random magic attacks but they're not too
damaging. Has a high defence and a lot of health and uses spells to
boost his stats and defence.
B90 Senpai - Donno who this guy is supposed to be, perhaps a cameo from a
different game. Has a lot of health but weak defence. Attacks with a
short knife.
B100 Some Guy - As you can see i'm not sure who this is supposed to be.
He has a arsenal of spells and summons monsters to fight with him.
Also has a lot of health. I would suggest you kill off any monsters
he summons so you don't get outnumbered.
Don't take this fight too lightly.

You should have 20 Memos now. Just to make sure you didn't miss any heres a
reference of what they are.
Memos: Drama Chaos Emblem 1-15
Bloody Heros Legend 1 & 2
The Heros 1
Rag 1 & 2

B101 Puzzle: You're supposed to read the Memos to determine the order that the
Heros died and click the statues in that order. Once you've
entered correctly you automatically go meet the last Boss. I hope
you saved your game, this isn't a easy fight.
Puzzle solution: Borgnine, GilGai, Lambult, Hardin, Shell, Minstrel, Carbine.

B101 Boss: Carbine - This guy has new and exciting ways to hand your ass to
you. The toughest Boss in the game. He has the same moves as you and is
way fast and hits hard. He also uses a lot of magic when he's not
thrashing you with his sword. Be sure to keep Alicia alive so she can keep
you alive. Don't have Alicia in your party?? Well then you are a dumbass.
If you are overleveled for the difficulty you're playing or have pumped up
your stats with Seeds and Fruit then you might not have too hard a time
with him. On higher difficulties, Special and above, you'd better gobble
up lots of Fruit....or else.

Few more notes about this dungeon. There is a way to activate all the Warp
Gates without going through the entire dungeon but you won't be able to collect
all the Memos so i'd suggest you do it once at least. See the Staff Room*
section for the info.
There is a hidden and in my opinion pointless ending availible here too.
"Ending 0 Brave Soul"
It offers no different graphics just some extra dialog so if you want to see it
do the following. Now that you've defeated Carbine go out and save your game.
That way if your persuring a different ending you can reload and continue from
there. You have to leave the dungeon anyway. Now make your way back to B101 and
enter the room again. No more fighting, you'll talk to someone a little and
theres your secret pointless ending. Its like three lines of dialog and thats
it. I first found it on accident, the credits started rolling i thought the
game broke or something.
Btw, B91 thru B99 is the best place to level up in the entire game.

6. Items List

It took two playthroughs to do it but i collected every item in the game using
the Wealthy option. One item i did not have in my inventory is the Beginner's
Mark. I'll list them here in the order that they show up in my inventory.

1. Heal Potion 19. Beef 37. Dull Sword
2. Magic Potion 20. Roc Bird Meat 38. Short Sword
3. Elixir 21. Small Fish 39. Long Sword
4. Power Seed 22. Fish 40. Loon Sword
5. Spirit Seed 23. Sea Serpent's Egg 41. Buster Sword
6. Will Seed 24. Rotten Vegetables 42. Sword of Desire
7. Smart Seed 25. Vegetables 43. Knight Sword
8. Pro Seed 26. Ripe Vegetables 44. Katana
9. Magic Seed 27. Ocarina 45. Elven Sword
10. Lucky Seed 28. Catnip 46. Fire Sword
11. Power Fruit 29. Magic Flute 47. White Sword
12. Spirit Fruit 30. Golden Nugget 48. Dark Sword
13. Will Fruit 31. Match 49. Speed Sword
14. Smart Fruit 32. Letter of Duel 50. Icing Blade
15. Pro Fruit 33. Seal Pot 51. Sacred Sword
16. Magic Fruit 34. Ankh of the Blessed 52. Magical Sword
17. Lucky Fruit 35. Dragon's Egg 53. Lightning Sword
18. Orge Meat 36. Dice Dungeon Book 54. Sword of Gaia

55. Titan Sword 73. Wooden Staff 91. Corsesca
56. The Fastest 74. White Staff 92. Glaive
57. Oricon Sword 75. Magic Staff 93. Heavy Spear
58. Muramasa 76. Cane 94. Lightning Spear
59. Light Saber 77. Wizard Rod 95. Magical Spear
60. Excalibur 78. Blessed Staff 96. Beast Killer
61. Foil 79. Dark Rod 97. Gungnir
62. Rapier 80. Sacred Rod 98. Holy Lance
63. Epee 81. Orb 99. Throwing Knife
64. Silver Rapier 82. White Orb 100. Throwing Dagger
65. Estoc 83. Mars Orb 101. Cross Shuriken
66. Royal Rapier 84. Melcrystal Orb 102. Magic Dagger
67. Flash Raper 85. Tole Orb 103. Quick Needle
68. Lightning Rapier 86. Venus Orb 104. Kumu
69. Will Rapier 87. Moon Orb 105. Octashuriken
70. Sylphid 88. Satan Orb 106. Moon Night
71. Justice 89. Shining Orb 107. Phoenix
72. Moonlight 90. Short Spear 108. Super Star

109. Crystal 127. Ring Mail 145. Greaves
110. Fire Crystal 128. Scale Mail 146. Iron Gatas
111. Freezing Crystal 129. Magical Leather 147. Speed Boots
112. Guided Crystal 130. Breast Plate 148. Gold Gatas
113. Lightning Crystal 131. Light Plate 149. Cat's Slippers
114. Gatling Crystal 132. Fullplate Mail 150. Wing Boots
115. Shadow Crystal 132. Kacchu 151. Hell's High-Heels
116. Holy Crystal 134. Shadow Leather 152. Glass High-Heels
117. Gorgeous Crystal 135. Silver Plate 153. Leather Gloves
118. Traveller's Clothes 136. Becoming Hero Cast 154. Guard Gloves
119. Royal Dress 137. Magical Plate 155. Bracer
120. Memorial Dress 138. Reflector 156. Gauntlet
121. Swimsuit 139. Dragon Scale 157. Silver Gauntlet
122. Robe 140. Rune Plate 158. Magical Bracer
123. Magical Robe 141. Dragon Plate 159. Assault Bracer
124. Goddess Shawl 142. Shoes 160. Final Guard
125. Blessed Cape 143. Boots 161. Bracelet
126. Leather Cape 144. High-Heels 162. Magical Bracelet

163. Mars Bracelet 181. Tiara 199. Recovery Talisman
164. Cloak 182. Rainbow Tiara 200. Life Talisman
165. Resist Cloak 183. Royal Tiara 201. Wiseman Talisman
166. Magical Cloak 184. Necklace 202. Angel Talisman
167. Invisible Cloak 185. Silver Necklace 203. Power Ring
168. Rune Cloak 186. Pendant 204. Shield Ring
169. Healing Cloak 187. Crab's Foot 205. Magic Ring
170. Red Spirit Stone 188. Cursed Hairband 206. Power Ring 1+
171. Blue Spirit Stone 189. Speed Limit Talisman 207. Shield Ring 1+
172. Yellow Spiritual Stone 190. Rockslide Talisman 208. Magic Ring 1+
173. White Spiritual Stone 191. Cat Ear Band 209. Power Ring 2+
174. Clear Spiritual Stone 192. Cat Punch 210. Shield Ring 2+
175. Elven King's Stone 193. Fire Talisman 211. Magic Ring 2+
176. Red Earring 194. Ice Talisman 212. Recovery Ring
177. Star Pierce 195. Lightning Talisman 213. Angel Ring
178. Moon Pierce 196. Sacred Talisman 214. Haste Ring
179. Rune Earring 197. Power Talisman 215. Observing Ring
180. Hairpin 198. Magic Talisman 216. Light Ring

217. Memorial Ring
218. Master Kubo's Pot
219. Goldfish Feed
220. Sparrow's Tears
221. Aquamarine
222. Topaz
223. Amethyst
224. Emerald
225. Ruby
226. Sapphire
227. Diamond.
228. Beginner's Mark

7. Art Room List
This is rather redundant in my opinion but for some reason it seems people miss
pictures from the game so i'm listing them all here. I'll be using the
references i use in The Endings section for the girls events so cross-reference
that section.

Page 1.
Row 1.
1. Alicia - Together at Last
2. Alicia - 1st H-scene
3. Alicia - 1st H-scene
4 .Alicia - 1st H-scene
5. Alicia - 2nd H-scene (choose one option)
6. Alicia - 3rd H-scene (choose the other option)
Row 2.
7. Alicia - 3rd H-scene (choose the other option)
8. Caroll - 1st H-scene
9. Caroll - 1st H-scene
10. Caroll - 1st H-scene
11. Caroll - 2nd H-scene
12. Caroll - 2nd H-scene
Row 3.
13. Caroll - 2nd H-scene
14. Caroll - 2nd H-scene
15. Marin - 1st H-scene
16. Marin - 1st H-scene
17. Marin - 1st H-scene
18. Marin - 1st H-scene
Row 4.
19. Marin - 2nd H-scene
20. Marin - 2nd H-scene
21. Marin - 2nd H-scene
22. Ruby - 1st H-scene
23. Ruby - 1st H-scene
24. Ruby - 1st H-scene
Row 5.
25. Ruby - 2nd H-scene
26. Ruby - 2nd H-scene
27. Ruby - 2nd H-scene
28. Karen - 1st H-scene
29. Karen - 1st H-scene
30. Karen - 1st H-scene

Page 2.
Row 1.
31. Karen - 2nd H-scene
32. Karen - 2nd H-scene
33. Karen - 2nd H-scene
34. Clare - 1st H-scene
35. Clare - 1st H-scene
36. Clare - 1st H-scene
Row 2.
37. Clare - 2nd H-scene
38. Clare - 2nd H-scene
39. Clare - 2nd H-scene
40. Clare - 2nd H-scene
41. Alicia - Default game graphic
42. Alicia - Peeping
Row 3.
43. Alicia - Peeping
44. Alicia - 2nd Date
45. Alicia - Together at Last
46. Alicia - Together at Last
47. Alicia - Alicia's Ending
48. Caroll - Default game graphic
Row 4.
49. Caroll - Monster Battle
50. Caroll - Anti-Male Spell
51. Caroll - Hot Springs
52. Caroll - Hot Springs
53. Caroll - Hot Springs
54. Caroll - Best Couple Contest
Row 5.
55. Caroll - Together at Last
56. Caroll - Caroll's Ending
57. Marin - Default game graphic
58. Marin - Hot Springs
59. Marin - Kiss...sorta
60. Marin - 1st H-scene

Page 3.
Row 1.
61. Marin - 1st H-scene
62. Marin - Marin's Ending
63. Ruby - Default game graphic
64. Ruby - Massage
65. Ruby - Vine Lady
66. Ruby - Vine Lady
Row 2.
67. Ruby - Vine Lady
68. Ruby - Vine Lady
69. Ruby - 1st H-scene
70. Ruby - Ruby's Ending
71. Karen - Receive graphic after beating the game once after the credits.
72. Karen - Second game default game graphic
Row 3.
73. Karen - Second game default game graphic
74. Karen - Dishwasher
75. Karen - Buried Treasure
76. Karen - Karen's Ending
77. Goddess - Default game graphic
78. Goddess - Default game graphic
Row 4.
79. Goddess - Rudy gets sick
80. Clare - Ancient Capital Mystery mission
81. Clare - Ancient Capital Mystery mission
82. Clare - Dragon
83. Clare - Dragon
84. Clare - Dragon
Row 5.
85. Clare - 1st H-scene
86. Clare - Clare's Ending
87. Cobden - Ending 1

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